The Best Professional Laptop Backpack for Women

Professional women who have dynamic lives and busy days need a backpack that’s as functional as it is stylish. This blog delves into the innovative design elements and thoughtful features that make Knack Pack a game-changing laptop backpack for professional women.

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best professional laptop backpack

If you’re a modern, professional woman who juggles a busy schedule - days packed with travel from the office, to the gym, to meet-ups with friends, and often without a single stop at home - being able to carry everything you need with ease and confidence becomes essential to help maintain your sanity as well as to make your day as easy as possible.

After years of listening to professional women reach out about their needs, we wanted to share our ideas on why the right backpack (particularly a Knack Pack) makes the perfect everyday work bag for working women and the things to look for:

  • Why Professional Women Need a Professional Backpack
  • Comfort is Key
  • Look for Organization and Safety Features
  • Choose a Stylish Professional Backpack
  • The Best Working Women’s Backpack for a Work-Life Balance


    Why Professional Women Need a Professional Backpack

    Let’s face it; a purse isn’t going to hold your laptop, multiple changes of clothes, and the millions of other odds-and-ends you need every day. And while a gym bag or a traditional backpack may have the capacity, do they really look professional enough to bring to the office? And are you really comfortable with keeping your laptop next to your dirty gym clothes, or leak-prone water bottle? 

    In today’s fast-paced work world, a professional laptop backpack, like the Knack Pack, is a game-changing accessory. It allows a working woman to carry everything she needs in just one bag, keep it all organized, and look good at the same time. Designed with the professional woman in mind, Knack Packs are stylish multipurpose bags with an organized main compartment and a separate, expandable travel compartment that lets you navigate your day with efficiency, confidence, and undeniable style. 

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    How We Made Knack the Ultimate Professional Backpack for Women

    best professional laptop backpack for women

    Comfortable, Hands-Free Ease

    The beauty of any backpack is that it lets you move effortlessly, multitask efficiently, and tackle ambitious goals with two hands free, and without having to constantly adjust straps or switch shoulders. But the immensely annoying fact of most professional women’s backpacks is that they often prioritize style over comfort, and discomfort is nearly as much of a burden as having your hands full. We think you should have it all: both style and comfort.

    Comfortable Carry for Everyday

    Knack Packs feature comfort-cool, memory foam back panels and padded, ergonomically-designed S-curve straps with an adjustable, removable sternum strap.. These back straps not only hit a woman’s body correctly, they also help distribute weight evenly to prevent shoulder strain. And with lots of internal organization - which we’ll dive into next - you can fully optimize the weight distribution of what you’re carrying without having to readjust your straps constantly. Knack’s internal pockets allow you to keep your heavier items closer to your back and hips, which improves balance and stability, and works with your body mechanics to maintain a neutral and injury-free posture. 

    “Even loaded - and I just recently had the bag loaded and then some on a work trip - it was comfortable to carry, especially with the removable chest strap.” - M.D. 

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    So if you find yourself on one of those long, standing-room only subway rides, and your Knack fully-loaded with multiple laptops and an extra change of clothes, you’ll have no problem standing comfortably with a Starbucks in one hand and the other hand free to grasp the rail when the train comes to a sudden stop. 

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    Comfortable Carry for Travel

    Because the Knack team has always worked remotely, we empathize with the needs of business travelers - and we designed Knack Packs accordingly. The same features that make a Knack Pack a comfortable everyday carry for working women also make it a comfortable travel carry.  

    As a marketing manager who travels for work thirty percent of the year, Sarah Shannon appreciates a bag that lets her haul all of her stuff comfortably in just one bag. She used to have to check a bag and bring a carry-on, but with her Knack’s expandable suitcase compartment, she can bring it all directly on to the plane.

    Her Knack's ability to distribute weight comfortably takes the pressure of multiple laptops off of her shoulders, which “makes it a lot easier to carry. “ And the backpack itself is lightweight; the Large Knack weighs just over 3 pounds (just a little more than three Grande coffees)!

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    An Organized and Safe Professional Backpack

    Many bags are designed like a shapeless sack - they might have a single divided pocket, but that’s not enough to keep your laptop, wallet, phone, key fob, makeup, and everything else in easily-access order.

    A Knack Pack is like a well-structured toolbox, with each pocket representing a dedicated compartment for specific items. With a padded, laptop compartment, a quick-access pocket for sunglasses and phones, a hidden external water bottle pocket, a hidden, expandable suitcase compartment, and lots more, Knack Packs have storage for all of your belongings. No more chaotic rummaging through a bug black hole to find that one thing you need! 

    Click here to see all of Knack’s amazing pockets. 

    A Laptop Backpack with Internal Organization

    Working moms are a group of professional women who really appreciate Knack’s organization. They often have to carry two bags - one for themselves, and one for their kids. And if they actually manage to fit it all into one bag, it can feel a little, well, unprofessional to have to dig through diapers in order to reach the laptop charger that has inevitably settled at the bottom of the bag. 

    Best professional laptop backpack for women

    With Knack, Dr. Jena - a physical therapist, mom of four, and a fitness blogger - was able to retire her diaper bag, as the separate compartments in her Knack gave her "a diaper bag and gym bag smashed together in one.” 

    Knack’s deep pockets leave room for “mommy space.” In her review, Dr. Jena noted that “this bag decreases my stress in venturing out of the house because everything I need is organized and readily accessible within a split second.” 

    With thoughtfully-designed pockets, Knack makes it super easy to stay organized. For busy working moms, there’s no better feeling than reaching into a bag and pulling out exactly what they need. 

    “Mom pack. I love this bag! As a mom with two kids, it’s the perfect bag. It works for everyday use, plus I can keep my rock climbing gear in it. I am able to keep my business, personal, and kids’ stuff separate and organized. This pack is a life support. It keeps my car clean as well! I am no longer carrying a purse, bag, and stuff in my arms.” - Jennifer P.

    A Professional Backpack with a Compartment to Protect Your Laptop

    You don’t want the safety of your laptop (especially if it’s company property) to become a nagging concern, which is why we designed Knack Pack with a separate, padded laptop compartment that can be easily accessed at all times. 

    best laptop backpack for women

    For Lucy - a law student, disability activist, and wheelchair user -  Knack’s padded laptop compartment keeps her computer safe even with rough use. The protection ability of the compartment is extra valuable for Lucy when she hangs her Knack off of the back of her wheelchair. Lucy says that her Knack “holds up well despite being thrown in trunks, bounced on the subway, and stuffed to bursting.” With its suspended bottom, laptops are protected on all sides from any unplanned drops.

    The Knack team put a lot of thought into the laptop compartment, which resulted in another unique feature: a zipped side-opening to keep laptops more easily accessible. Commuters who ride the train or the bus can effortlessly pull out and stow their laptops on their rides to work. 

    Which size Knack do you need for your laptop?

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    A Professional Women’s Backpack with Safety Features

    Speaking of safety, your other belongings obviously matter too. Knack Packs include additional safety features that protect all of your valuable possessions, including:

        • An Anti-RFID skimming organization pocket, which shields your credit cards, passports, and other RFID-enabled devices from potential electronic pickpocketing in this increasingly digital world. 
        • A lockable main compartment zipper provides an additional layer of security, deterring any unauthorized access to your belongings. This feature is especially useful in crowded spaces and during travel.
        • Strategically-placed hidden pockets in the Series 2 Knack Packs provide a secure spot for hiding important identification, cash, small pieces of jewelry, and other small but critical things. 
        • An antimicrobial lining adds a hygienic touch by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, and keeping your bag - and belongings - fresh. Which is particularly useful when you’ve got used gym clothes in tow.


    A Stylish Professional Laptop Backpack

    best laptop backpack for professional women

    When you sit down with your colleagues or clients, it’s important to feel confident and make a professional impression. But if you walk into a meeting with a backpack that resembles that of a college student or hiker, with dangling zippers and straps, your backpack will become the center of attention.

    The understated and streamlined aesthetic of the Knack Pack keeps the focus on you, so that you can showcase your genuine capabilities and talents, without worrying that your bag overwhelming your colleague’s impression. Here’s how our design team made sure that Knack Packs look great in the boardroom:

    Sleek and streamlined design

    The minimalist exterior with professional, suiting-inspired fabrics is also water-resistant and stain-resistant, so it’ll look good even after running through a downpour. Top-of-the-line hardware, from reverse double coil YKK® zippers to Duraflex® buckles will hold up to wear and tear. 

    After work, your Knack Pack will also look good at happy hour hangouts, so they’ve got your back when you need to transition from the boardroom to meetups with friends.

    “Great product, well made, strong and with the right compartments for clothes, personal items and a 15in laptop. It’s perfect for me and my needs and the style and design beat any other. This will be my forever backpack. Thank you knack!!!” -Cristina D.


    The Best Working Women’s Backpack For a Work-Life Balance

    It’s this ability to easily transition from work to play to travel that makes Knack Pack the best laptop backpack for professional women. Click here to compare all Knack Packs and decide which is the best fit for you. 

    We’d love to hear your take on what to look for in a professional laptop backpack or if you think we missed anything. You can reach out to us at Also, please tag @knackbags and use #knackbags on social media when you take your Knack on your journeys!

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