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In a previous post, we shared tips for packing an organized Knack Pack.  In this post, we’ve gone a step further and shared what each team member puts in each compartment or pocket.

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How to Pack the Front Triangle Pocket

The front triangle pocket is our most unique looking pocket, and it’s meant to provide easy access to things you use often. For the Knack 2.0, we added RFID fabric and deeper pockets for business cards. Here’s what we put in it:

  • “I keep my car keys, wallet and phone in this pocket.”  -Zeke
  • I call this pocket my ‘catch all pocket.’ I have eye drops, asprin, loose change, hand sanitizer (yes, I’m a germaphobe), carmex, glasses cleaner, pen and some allergy medicine.” -Keith
  • “Pens, business cards, receipts, car keys, change. This is really my 'dump' pocket.” -Chad
How to pack an organized Knack Pack

Packing the Sunglasses Pocket (Top Pocket)

The top pocket was designed to hold sunglasses, and uses fleece lining to keep your sunglasses from getting scratched.  Here’s how we pack it:

  • “I used to lose my phone all of the time when I traveled, but this pocket has been a game changer!  I put my phone, sunglasses and lipstick in this pocket.” -Brianne
  • “I always have my wallet, keys or sometimes headphones in this pocket. This is my favorite pocket for daily use and travel.”  -Keith
  • “My Canon M50 camera with the 22mm lens, which fits perfectly and produces professional results.”  -Zeke

Medium Knack Pack in Leather

What to Pack in the Main Compartment?

The Knack Pack’s main compartment has two zip pockets, where you can keep track of smaller objects. Our special mesh makes it easy to always see all the things you stuff into the pockets. There’s also protective fleece-lined pocket to keep your tablet or laptop safe and sound.

Here’s how we keep it organized:

  • “Living in the northeast, I have a lot of winter gear.  I pack my umbrella, gloves, hat and some granola bars in this pocket.  Each interior mesh pocket has its “job” one for wallet, lip balm, Kleenex, other pocket for receipts, keys, parking garage tickets, etc.I can see what I have easily.  ” -Rachel
  • “In the mesh pockets I have some extender cords, band aids, and thumb drives. In the main compartment I typically pack a lightweight jacket or sweater.”
  • “I bring my camera just about everywhere with me, so this is where I stash all of my gear.  I keep the camera bag in the main compartment, and I put memory cards, cords, etc in one of the mesh pockets.  The other mesh pocket has various toiletry items.” -Brianne

Al Andrei Albay packing his Knack Pack in Savile Gray

How Much Can You Fit in the Expandable Luggage Compartment?

The Knack Backpack works as both an everyday carry bag, as well as a carryon backpack for travel.  The expandable luggage compartment can be unzipped and expanded when you need it, and compressed when you don’t!

Each size of the Knack Pack holds a different amount of clothing, so we’ve put together a handy comparison chart here.

Here’s how much Knack team members can fit in their Knack Pack:

  • “I travel a lot with my Large Sized Knack Backpack.  I can fit about 5 outfits in it.” -Zeke
  • “I have packed 3 outfits in my Medium Knack Pack.  I pack a pair of flats and wear my running shoes to save space.  For 3-4 day trips I usually end up packing my dop kit in the main compartment with my curling iron.” -Rachel
  • “I can typically fit 2-3 outfits in my Medium Sized Knack Backpack. If I pack shoes, I get about two outfits, if I don’t pack shoes, I can fit three.”  -Keith
  • “Yes, I travel with my Medium Sized Knack Leather Backpack  as my primary travel bag all the time. The most I fit in the back was three complete changes of summer clothes.”  -Chad

How to pack your Knack Pack backpack

Where Do You Pack Your Headphones?

Losing and forgetting headphones is such a pain!  Having a specific spot to put them is key to keeping track of them.  Here’s where we pack ours:

  • “I have the Bose noise cancelling bluetooth headphones, which I keep in the mesh pocket in the main compartment.”  -Zeke
  • “ I’m old school and have the standard Apple headphones with wires. I’ll typically pack them on the inside mesh compartment for easy access. Sometimes I’ll use the top pocket.”  -Keith
  • “I have in-ear cordless noise-cancelling headphones that I keep in a pouch in the front bottom pocket.  They never leave that pocket.” -Chad
  • “I use my headphones a LOT, so I keep my Airpods in the top pocket with my sunglasses for easy access.”

Packing headphones in the Knack Pack professional backpack

Packing Your Knack Pack

There’s no “right way” to pack your Knack Pack Backpack, and we hope that this post has given you a few ideas on how to live a better #OneBagLife.  Be sure to join us on Instagram for more packing tips and Knackpacker photos!