When we started Knack, we focused on creating backpacks that freed people from carrying multiple bags at the same time. Since our launch, we’ve heard from hundreds of people who love our concept of One Bag Life™ and who also give us great feedback on how we are doing. Their honest comments help us to continue creating game-changing products and customer service. Because we find reviews from Knackpackers to be so helpful, we thought we would share them with you as you think about whether One Bag Living is right for you.

Medium Expandable Pack

Customer Reviews

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Greatest backpack! It REALLY enables a "one bag life"

Brilliant back pack. Light enough. Super durable. Very compact and comfortable for everyday use, super roomy when expanded. It really enables a "on bag life". This summer I went to Tuscany, Italy, for a week and I only brought my black, medium Knack backpack. I really enjoyed to be able to carry everything in just one bag... hands free. Even when completely full it's very comfortable on the shoulders. And it is plenty of pockets. So many pockets, indeed: you can store everything, from smallest to biggest items, and immediately find what you are looking for. Awesome. In particular I love the possibility to hide the water bottle in the special zippered compartement (which I used for the water bottle this summer and I'm goind to use to store an umbrella during cold months). This is what I was able to put inside the medium backpack (expanded): 7 Lacoste, 7 T-shirts, 7 pants, 7 socks, 1 trousers, two swimsuits, 1 bermuda, 2 shirts, 1 pajamas, 1 medium toiletry bag, 1 iPad, 1 kindle, 1 TomTom car GPS, 2 mobiles, all the cables and battery chargers, 1 Hobonichi mega weeks, my small kit for calligraphy (...yes, I'm learning some calligraphic alphabets), 1 Knack black water bottle (btw, it is a really a good bottle: beautiful design, very good quality material, keeps liquid fresh for many hours), 2 earbuds, 1 Cord Mojo DAC, 1 small bag (15x10x3 cm) containing small items I always bring with me (pen, sd card reader, a battery pack, foldable shopper bag, kleenex, etc), 1 book, travel papers, keys, some snacks and few other things. It is amazing how many things it can contain.
I daily use it without paying too much care to it and after two monts it seems just unpacked. It resisted also to many "ferocious" attacks of my two cats!
I am supremely satisfied by my Knack pack. I do prefer it to any other backpack I own (some of wich are very very good products indeed). Best purchase of the year! Recommended without any doubt or hesitation.

One Bag to Rule Them All

I was guilty of buying (and returning) bag after bag looking for the right combination of features and organization. All that stopped when I purchased my Knack. It has room for everything I need to take it from the office, to the road, to the hotel, to the field, and back again. Very impressed with the build quality and materials. I'm looking forward to using my Knack as my mobile office and wardrobe for years to come.

Medium Backpack Was Ideal

Finishing up a 4 day trip to Utah. Medium cube worked perfect. Also my medium backpack was ideal for a long weekend get away. Unpacked at hotel and used it for hikes in Bryce National Park.

Loving it!

My knack bag is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I’ve used it on several long weekend trips and it’s the only bag I need. The design is impeccable, with pockets galore. I’m truly amazed by how much it holds. Bravo!

Bag Addict Approved

As someone who is generally addicted to buying new backpacks way more often than anyone should, I gotta say, I'm very pleased with this Knack bag. Originally bought my bag to use for commuting to and from work on the bike. Now I use it for everything. Camping, weekend trips, and everything in between. Super comfortable and not too big for daily use. Definitely think I can embrace the One Bag Life with this one.

virtually perfect

there are thousands of backpacks out there, but this design is virtually perfect if you need to carry a change of clothes with your other stuff. not an inch wasted. my 1 wish is for an upgrade on the fabric used to make the bag. a more supple ballistic nylon would make it totally perfect. great color selection.

The ALMOST perfect bag for the business traveler - can't wait for version 2.0!

SUMMARY: Received the Knack Bag and have now taken two trips with it. This is the nearly perfect bag for a business traveler trying to lead the #onebaglife . I gave it 5 stars because it comes close, but I really think it's about a 4.7. With a couple of minor improvements, I think perfection is in reach.

PROS: Expansion on this bag is unequaled in the market today - and believe me, I've been looking! It gives you the range to go from a svelte daily bag (17L) to an overnighter or a bag capable of toting your laptop AND your camera gear (31L). There's lots of great organization pockets and I really like the divider in the sunglass pocket so you can fit a few other items in without scratching your glasses. The water bottle pocket has a zip flap that looks great but also helps hold larger water bottles securely (like my 18oz or 26oz YETI Rambler). The bottom pocket, which seemed strangely placed, is actually great for stashing an umbrella and lint brush. The top handle is comfortable and nicely padded, and the back panels are also nicely padded. Finally, the spacious main compartment holds a LOT of daily gear. But, unlike many business backpacks, they added some nice organizing pockets in the front and rear of this compartment to held keep loose items more conveniently at hand.

CONS: As I said in my Summary, there are just a few small areas where this bag falls short. The most obvious missing feature, is a luggage pass through strap on the back for travelers who carry a pack and wheeled carry on. The top handle is great, but I wish they included a side handle for when you want to carry it briefcase-style. The laptop compartment could use a removable padding block on the bottom. The iconic front pocket with dual zippers is a little weird. The capacity and organization is great, but I'd prefer a simple U-shaped flap with dual zippers.

Overall, I'll use this pack every day for now, but will gladly buy version 2.0 if it fixes most of the small issues I mentioned!

Does everything you need it to do.

Amazing bag does everything really well

Excellent bag!

I have been using the bag for the last few weeks and keep finding additional, well thought out features I did not know about or expect. Storage is excellent! Organization is excellent! Space economy is excellent!

Great Bag

Look in order to understand how much I like this bag, I bought it from Europe and Knack doesn't send it here. Meaning I had to use a service to send it. I paid 100 dollars of transportation fees + 80 dollars of duty taxes. That is more expensive than the bag itself, even then, it was worth it. This is how much I liked the bag before I bought it and still not regret it. Of course I haven't yet extensively used it, but still the materials, the design, all transmit quality. I have no doubts it will stand the test of time.

Large Expandable Pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
The bag you did not know you could not live without. Clearly the  of Bags

Short version: Order a KnackPack now and thank me later. 
Long version: I studied backpacks for six weeks before buying one. I am an avid RedOxx bag owner. I own six bags of theirs. I could not get over their backpack looking more a hiker than a minister and missionary.

I found Knack through reviews. I bought the large. I could not believe the quality or the spaciousness of the bag. 

I put it through a 12 day trip only carrying my tech. I loved it. I did not unzip the expansion section. It was perfect for plane and car and coffee shop travel. I came home; I did two, two-night trips with my suit packed. The suit did not wrinkle. It fit the overhead bin even with the expansion pack unzipped on a 900.

Great customer service by Rachel. I had two minor cosmetic concerns. She responded with grace and exceeded expectations. 

I wholeheartedly endorse this bag.

Well designed!

This Knack Pack is well put together. Everything has a place and kept very neat. At the airport two people asked me about it. I saw one other Knack Pack and it looked good .

Great bag

I thought the large size would be too big but it's actually very comfortable and fits everything

Almost perfect. Negligible downsides.

Expectations are the same as reality! The pockets and organization do their job well. It IS VERY sleek when in compressed form. The large one looks very good on a 5' 11" person, even on someone a bit shorter than that. The material is great, the look is great, the top handle is great, the capacity is great.

The triangular front pocket is a bit awkward, but still functional. The sternum strap cannot be removed, and you can end up with a lot of dangling stuff.

This bag is fantastic!

I am a flight nurse in the Air Force and take frequent overnight trips... prior to this bag, I had two choices: 1. mix clothing and equipment in one large compartment, or take two small bags; however, thanks to the Large Expandable Knack Pack I can pack a change of clothes... a spare flight suit... and all the paperwork/equipment I need to complete my mission. This is the best "flight bag" I have used!

Very happy with this bag overall as a daily carry and travel bag.

I have been extremely happy with the purchase of this bag. Love how the main and front triangle compartments fold open, giving a good visual of the contents without spilling anything. It has the feel of handing you it's contents which combined with the smooth zippers that can be used with one hand, I can get what I need blindfolded. The amount of space is perfect for my daily carry where there is just enough space for an extra sweater or jacket. The expansion gives exactly enough space for my 2 packing cubes and toiletries. I do wish the bottom compartment was big enough for a pair of shoes. I don't want to put my laptop cable there as that is a 3rd zipper then to get my laptop setup but it's too small for anything beyond a pair of flip flops.

Comfortable but the back panel gets sweaty on my bike rides to the office. The off center hip belt is also kind of annoying and just barely tightens enough for my 30" waist. Also the chest strap needs an elastic to hold the excess strap so it's not bouncing around while walking. Shoulder straps are great. The clips that hold them on are really nice and can be used to hold excess strap.

Overall I really like the look. The grey was a bit darker than expected but I like even more than the pictures. It just looks good sitting there in my room. It would be nice if it stood up on it's own but it's solid enough to lean against things really well.

Excellent hybrid travel bag

Absolutely love my Knack Pack (large). I wanted a one-bag-travel bag that can compress and used once I get to my site, and it has exceeded my expectations. The bag is made of high-quality materials, the pockets all make sense, and it has plenty of room for my work gear AND some clothes. Their packing cubes (I got two medium and one large) are also excellent and make packing/unpacking a breeze. Great bag, thoroughly enjoying it.

Great bag few improvements needed

This is one of the best backpacks I ever owned. The size of it is great and space is amazing. Few recommended things to perfect it:

- the zippers get stuck sometimes
- the back memory foam is great but gives you a sweaty back after a while of carrying.
- the front pocket with 2 zippers could have better organization as the current form limits what could be placed.

I know knack will get it fixed and my only regret is that I will have to purchase and pay for the newer version at some point.

Does everything you need it to do.

Amazing bag. Easy accessibility to everything in the bag. The expansion is great couldnt really ask for more if u just want one bag in your life

From Europe

Received my bag through Stackry, took me a bit of effort :). What I like:
- overall quality
- look of the bag, not too flashy
- laptop compartment
- small compartment on the upside of the back end
- overall placement of the compartments

What could be better:
- i really miss one "secret" compartment on the inner side of the bag (against my back) to hold wallet on phone securely
- the triangle section compartment - cant really find any use for it?