When we started Knack, we focused on creating backpacks that freed people from carrying multiple bags at the same time. Since our launch, we’ve heard from hundreds of people who love our concept of One Bag Life® and who also give us great feedback on how we are doing. Their honest comments help us to continue creating game-changing products and customer service. Because we find reviews from Knackpackers to be so helpful, we thought we would share them with you as you think about whether One Bag Living is right for you.

Expandable Backpack Reviews

Series 1: Large Expandable Knack Pack Product Reviews from Verified Customers

Customer Reviews

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The Knackpack is a wonderful investment piece. Super comfortable, holds so much stuff, lots of co...

Very well made, looks terrific, the inside bright fabric makes it easy to find things and it's very comfortable. Loved mine so much I bought one for my husband for Christmas.

Michael Barry
Standard e-commerce experience

The back pack is well made and has great fit and function with the expandability.

Danielle Rosa
This bag looks great, can't wait to use on my trip

Got this for a trip to portugal and it was perfect. Love all the compartments, helped things keep very organized

Mark Oldach
All went well. The package wasn't here when informed that it was. Turns out the neighbor had it a...

A pocket for every purpose provides a way through your pack without unpacking the whole darned thing. It’s space and weight efficient. It allows me to use for work—traveling or a day at work. Great weekender. . Exceeded my expectations.

T.B. (Denver, US)
Great bag for back to the office!

I love this bag for more than just travel!
My company has implemented a flexible work schedule which means I am in the office a few days a week and home for the rest. However along with the flexible work they have also added desk sharing called hoteling. This means that I no longer have a permanent desk to work at and I will need to reserve my desk for the days that I am in the office. This is where the Knack bag comes in. I am now having to carry a mobile office in my bag. Not only do I bring my laptop for work as well as a tech pouch for all the various dongles and power cords that laptop needs. I also bring my own keyboard and mouse. Since keyboards and a mouse get pretty gross anyway not to mention the risk of germs spreading, so having my own just makes things a lot more sanitary. The bag also holds my water bottle, my lunch and my shoes (I wear street shoes to and from work because the winter weather will ruin a pair of dress shoes quickly). The bag handles all of this without having to expand it. So if I need to bring a sweater or gym gear for after work I can just expand my bag and fit whatever else I need. In one bag! I see so many people ,especially women, carrying multiple bags into the office it is amazing that they don't have shoulder issues. I also really enjoy that I am hands free with the backpack because I can then open doors for others or pick up a coffee on the way in without dropping anything. With my Knack bag I know I have everything that I need for a successful day at work and with the professional look of the bag I don't feel like a school kid who walked into the wrong building. When I purchased this bag I had visions of traveling with it and it works really well for that but it has so much more versatility that just travel. I'm really happy with this bag and I'm so glad that I have it as my mobile office.

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