The Knack Story


The path to One Bag Life began three years ago during a weekend trip to Costa Rica. On every leg of the trip, Knack founder and CEO Chad Mellen found himself struggling with his duffel bag filled with clothes, his backpack filled with work gear, his phone in one hand and an ever-present cup of coffee in the other.  At first, he thought he needed more hands. Then, he realized he needed a better way to carry everything. When he got home, he began to understand that he wasn’t the only person dealing with the headaches of a two-bag life. He saw lots of people struggling at airports, train stations and subway stops. Walking around the city, it seemed like everyone was juggling two bags. Just like he experienced in Costa Rica, it was obvious: all of these other two-baggers were weighed down by their loads.

After looking for a bag to solve his problem, he discovered one didn’t exist. It was then he got together with friends from TUMI, The North Face, Coach and eBags and spent more than two years researching, designing, prototyping and testing. Together, they created the perfect One Bag Life solution.


Carrying two or more bags can be cumbersome, uncomfortable and frequently requires costly check-in for air travel. Day bags are too small for multi-day trips; multi-day bags are not suited for business gear and are too big for everyday use. Most millennials on-the-go struggle with two or more bags as the make their way through airports, train stations, and in and out of cars. Every day, commuting professionals carry two bags: one for the gym and another for the office or for the many activities they pack into each day.


Knack Packs do the work of both a business backpack and a travel bag by combining the hands-free convenience and organization of a business backpack with the the easy-packing functionality and capacity suitcase. Knack Packs combine thoughtful business organization for daily use with a hidden compartment that expands to create an additional five inches of packing space. There’s a place for everything for work, play, and travel. This unique system eliminates any need to repack technology or add a second bag for clothing.

Knack’s proprietary research revealed that the most desired attributes in overnight bags are that they meet airplane carry-on standards, are lightweight, easy to carry, and safely store technology. Ease of packing and unpacking, along with the ability to use both hands while carrying the bag, were also high priorities.

Leaving home and needing only one bag is the essence of One Bag Life. It’s about streamlining and having everything you needed to move about freely, quickly, efficiently. It’s about being stylish at work and highly functional for life on the go. It’s about being hands free for phones or coffee or nothing at all.


We believe if everyone left their home more often, the world would be a better place.

Excursions unlock new experiences and create connections that help us understand each other a bit more. Knack Packs make it easier to get out and experience the world.