Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Knack, our products, or our policies? This is where we answer frequently asked questions.

We've organized our FAQs into the following helpful pages:

Here you will find answers to questions regarding all the features in our Knack Packs, from the newest additions to the tried and true details that make a Knack a Knack.

We answer your questions about the sizes of Knack Packs we offer and how to pick the right size for you and your trip.

We answer all your questions about the fabrics we use in making our Knack Pack. These questions range from water resistance, to durability, manufacturing, and cleaning.

We answer all your questions regarding the Knack 30 Day Trial Period, the durability of our products, and how we build in quality to every Knack bag.

Here we answer everything from payment methods we accept, to canceling your order, tracking your order, and getting Knack Gift Cards.

We answer all your questions regarding shipping including timing, cost, international shipping, and weekend deliveries.  

We answer your questions on returning and exchanging your knack Pack (including Knack bags you received as a gift).

We answer questions regarding giving Knack as a corporate gift and partnering with Knack as an affiliate.

We answer questions about where Knack products are made, our commitment to ensuring employees are treated fairly and our Prop 65 and REACH compliance.