Product & Fit Information About Your Knack Backpack & Packing Cube

How do you expand the Knack backpack packing section?


One of the best things about your expandable Knack laptop backpack and packing cube is we’ve hidden the expansion functionality to keep the bag's look clean and streamlined.

For our backpacks, you’ll find a hidden zipper beneath the rain flap that runs around the bag. Simply flip back this flap and unzip the zipper to expand the travel compartment and you will gain an extra 5” of packing space.  


How do I know what size Knack backpack is best for me?


It depends on how you plan to use your Knack. For everyday use, if you carry a few books to every day for work (including a laptop up to 15”) and you want to travel for a night or two away, go for the medium. The large works best if you are taller and/or need to carry around more stuff for various everyday activities (including a laptop up to 17”) or if you expect to use it for trips that last 2-4 days.  

Rest assured that Knack expandable laptop backpacks and packing cubes are built with ergonomics and style in mind, no matter what size you choose.


What does water-resistant mean?


We construct our Knack bags with a water-resistant fabric and a reverse-coil zipper to keep your stuff dry during light rain or brief rain showers. Neither the backpacks or packing cubes are waterproof, so please don’t jump in the pool or go white water rafting with your Knack bag!


When will you release new colors and styles?


We’re always working on new colors/styles to add to the Knack line-up. We often post surveys and would love your feedback on what you’d like to see.


The airline is making me check my Knack. What do I do with the shoulder straps?


There’s a stealth pocket at the top of the back of the backpack. Unclip the shoulder straps, tuck them inside this pocket and zip it up. We built your Knack to handle any luggage carousel in the world.