About Knack

Where are Knack products made?

After designing and developing our Knack Pack expandable backpacks, the most important decision we made was finding a partner to help us produce our bags. While we needed a manufacturer who shared our commitment to providing a high quality product at a fair price, it was also important to us to find a partner who “did things right”. After working with four factories in the US, four in Asia and one in the Dominican Republic, we found our current manufacturing partners in Asia and started to produce Knack products in their new facilities.

What is the knack commitment to ensuring that the peole who make knack bags are treated well?

First, we ensured that the facility where Knack bags are made was audited by a number of independent social compliance auditors in the areas of adherence to labor laws, wage and hour legislation, health and safety regulations, quality improvement systems and environmental regulation compliance. Our manufacturing partner’s facility received a recent workplace conditions assessment Achievement Award from Intertek, one of the largest independent social compliance audit firms in the world. The facility also currently achieved an Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series 18001 certification from the BSI Group. Finally, Knack staff makes many visits each month to our production partner’s facility (we practically lived there during our first production run) so we see first-hand their relationship with their employees and their community.

is knack compliant with prop 65 and reach?

We contracted with an independent testing facility to test all of the products we make to ensure that they are compliant with California Prop 65 and EU REACH requirements.