Knack Quality and Assurance

What is the 30-day satisfaction guarantee?

We gladly offer a 30-day trial period with your Knack product. If you're not satisfied by day 30, you can return your Knack for free with no questions asked, even if you've traveled around the world with it. For U.S. customers, head over to Returns to complete your return. For international customers, please go to International Returns for further instructions. Please note return shipping costs are only covered for U.S. shipments.  

For customers outside the U.S., please email us at with any quality issues or concerns you may have with your order.

(Please note, we reserve the right to change this policy at any time.)

do your knack packs or packing cubes have a warranty?

We stand behind the quality of our products. If you have any issues with either your expandable laptop backpack, packing cube or accessory after your 30-day trial period, please let us know. We will review each request and make it right if we feel your bag didn’t perform as it was designed to.

how do you ensure the quality of your product, when it's made overseas?

Not only did we test our prototypes and samples to ensure they met and surpassed all industry standard quality tests, we have Knack staff present during manufacturing to ensure the quality of production. Knack also does a full Quality review of all finished goods to make sure no production issues were missed. While the Knack team may not work under one roof, we do work together to bring you a product we are proud of and that is built to last.

how durable is a knack backpack and packing cube?

Every Knack product, whether a Large laptop backpack or Small packing cube was tested repeatedly during development. We put each bag through over thirty challenges that measure things like tear strength, puncture strength, abrasion resistance, color fastness, toxicity, seam-burst strength, zipper pull failure and handle jerk resistance. Basically, we’ve got you covered.