Introducing: The Series 2 Knack Pack

This year, we’ve been busily working on an assortment of new products.  We’ve released new Knack accessories (the Compressible Shoe Bag and the Knack TSA-Approved Lock), our Holiday Limited Edition Knack Pack and the Series 2 Knack Pack.

While we don’t want to play favorites, we’re pretty stoked about the Series 2 Knack Pack.  Today, we want to share a bit about the design process and how the Series 2 differs from the Knack Pack we all love and use.

Release of Series 2 Medium Sized Backpack

Incorporating Your Feedback 

At Knack, we love getting design feedback from Knackpackers (like you!) with photos of what you’re packing in your laptop backpack as well as various packing hacks you’ve discovered.  In design meetings, we go over your emails, reviews and Facebook comments to develop new products and push the envelope.

In past emails from Knackpackers, we’ve seen a few consistent requests, like:

  • Side handle for easy carry when you don’t want to use backpack straps
  • Easy-access, hidden pocket for money, passport, credit cards, etc.
  • “Lockability” for all main compartments for enhanced security
  • Ability to travel anywhere in the world by putting the Knack Pack on

And, while we haven’t quite figured out the last one, we did incorporate the first three requests in our new expandable laptop backpack collection, Series 2.

Expandable Laptop Backpack that Locks

What’s Different about the Series 2?

One of the key changes in the Series 2 Knack Pack Expandable Backpack is the reimagined front organization compartment. We completely redesigned the front triangle organization pocket in Series 1 and expanded it to fit even more things that you want to access quickly.  And, we made the Series 2 organization compartment lockable if you are concerned about security.  Simply attach any travel lock through the compartment’s zipper sliders (of course, we think using the Knack TSA-Approved Cable Lock is your best option!).

Organized Knack Pack Expandable Laptop Backpack

Is Series 2 Better Than Series 1?

Is your first child better than your second child? That’s kind of how we think of our collections.  One is not better than the other, they’re just different.  We designed Series 2 for Knackpackers who want more of their organization inside the bag instead of in discrete pockets accessed from outside the bag.  Because of this approach, Series 2 offers additional ways to secure your belongings.  But regardless of the differences, both collections share the same patent-pending ability to use your everyday bag as something more - a gym bag, a travel bag, a diaper bag, etc, - without having to unpack the things you carry every day.  So, just like its older sibling, Series 2 helps you live a One Bag Life.   

Check out all the Series 2 of our Expandable Laptop Backpack features.

Expandable Laptop Backpack


If you’re still not sure which collection to get, our customer support team is always available to help you out.  Team members regularly chat with Knack founders and the Design Team so they can answer any and all questions!  Email or send us a DM on Instagram to chat!

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