Congratulations! First, for having such an awesome friend and second, for deciding to start living a One Bag Life®. To take advantage of your awesome friend’s gift to you, follow the simple instructions below when you buy your Knack Pack.

Step 1: Add one item from this page to your shopping cart (do not enter the item from the Accessories tab in the Main Menu).

Step 2: Next, add a Series 1: Small, Series 1: Medium, Series 1: Medium Leather, Series 1: Large, Series 2: Sling, Series 2: Medium, or Series 2: Large Bag to your shopping cart.

Step 3: When you check out, enter the code on your “Share the Love” Card in the “Gift card or coupon” field in your shopping cart and click “apply.”

Step 4: Complete your purchase and you’ll receive the gift you selected for free.

Step 5: Get your Knack Pack and start living a One Bag Life!

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Large Compressible Shoe Bag Organizer Cube Knack
Knack Insulated Bottle water bottle Knack
Knack TSA-Approved Lock
Zip Cord Pouch
Medium Compressible Shoe Bag Knack
Sold Out
Large Cube Expanded
Large Expanding Packing Cube (Discontinued) V1.0
Regular price $25 Sale price $12.50
Sternum Strap sternum strap Knack
Medium Laundry Bag
Knack Pack Drawstring Cover and Laundry Bag-Large
Sold Out
Small Laundry Bag
Waist Strap Luggage Accessories Knack Savile Gray
Waist Strap
Savile Gray
Knack Green Seas Travel Candle
Large Compressible Shoe Bag/Cubes Travel Set shoe bag Knack
Sold Out
Medium Compressible Shoe Bag/Cubes Travel Set shoe bag Knack

Please note that your “Share the Love” code is good for only one gift. Once it is used, it cannot be used again. Also, if you clear your cookies before you purchase your Knack Pack, you will need to come to this page and start the process again to get your free gift.