Knack Pack Features

Would you give a quick recap of the difference between the Knack Pack currently offered and the original?

Our current Knack Pack has many of the updates customers requested after using the original Knack Pack. To name just a few: we’ve added a trolley sleeve, deeper pockets, a removable sternum strap, and many more. Check out all the features here at

I can't find the zipper that expands the suitcase section of my knack pack. where is it?

The zipper pull for the expandable suitcase section sits underneath the rain flap at the bottom of the Knack Pack. We gave this zipper pull a longer cord pull, to make it easier to find. For an illustration of the zipper location go to Welcome To Your Knack.

i want to keep my valuables safe. are knack packs equipped with locking zippers?

Yes! In our newest Knack Pack, we have locking zippers on the main back pack compartment and the hidden, expandable travel compartment. With these zippers, you will be able to use metal, cord or cable locks to keep your valuables safe while you travel.

i would like a computer/business/travel backpack in a color besides black. what do you have?

Our current product line includes the following colors(selected by Knackpackers and our social media fans!): Indigo Blue, Sangria Red, Stealth Black and Savile Gray for our Medium and Small Knack Packs. The Large Knack Pack is only offered in Savile Gray and Stealth Black. Additionally, we are looking forward to dropping a few limited edition colors from time to time throughout the year. Your best bet at getting a shot at a limited edition color is to sign up to receive our emails at (early bird, worm know what you gotta do).

I know the original knack pack did not have a sleeve for a roller bag handle. Does your current version have one?

Yes! We weren’t joking when we said we reviewed all of our customers’ comments and suggestions with our design team. While Knackpackers love living a One Bag Life, sometimes they have to travel with a large rolling suitcase but still want to bring their Knack Pack with them. So now, our Small, Medium, and Large Knack Packs have a hidden trolley sleeve to slip over the handle of a roller bag and give you another way to carry your backpack. You will find more information here: Welcome To Your Knack.

now that Knack Packs have a trolley sleeve for my roller bag handle, where do i stow the shoulder straps?

All 3 sizes of the Knack Pack still have the pocket for stowing away your shoulder straps. The Large Knack Pack has a back pocket to enclose the shoulder straps. Just unhook the straps at the base of the bag and stow them in the pocket. For the Small and Medium, you can unhook the shoulder straps at the base of the bag and tuck them right into the trolley sleeve. If you would like to see how to stow your straps, check out the following page: Welcome To Your Knack.

Are Knack Packs TSA Laptop Checkpoint Friendly?

Our bags are not Laptop TSA Checkpoint Friendly. We think that undoing a simple side zip and pulling out the laptop is easier than unzipping the whole bag and opening it up. That said, we’ve had quite a few customers tell us that TSA employees love our Knack Pack and ask to see all the bells and whistles. Gotta love a bag that wins over TSA employees!

do knack packs protect my credit cards from remote reading?

Yes; rest assured that your passport and credit cards are safe. Place them in the front triangle pocket and our RFID blocking fabric protects your RFID chip cards and passport from unwanted skimming.

now that the sternum straps is removable, where do you recommend storing it when not in use?

It depends on how often you plan on using it. If you are taking it on and off pretty regularly, keep it handy: use either the front sunglass pocket or front triangle pocket. If you rarely use the sternum strap, put it in one of the main compartment’s mesh pockets. That way you know you always have it with you when you need it.

i just got a new computer. is it really going to be safe in the knack pack laptop sleeve?

Absolutely. The computer sleeve is located against the back panel of the backpack. This means on one side your computer has a memory foam cushion (night night little laptop) and on the interior side the lining has a full layer of padding. To cover you for those times you drop your bag (#%&it happens) we have added a false bottom in the computer sleeve. We’ve done the hard part. All you have to do is zip up the computer sleeve and you are good to go.

Are all your knack packs made with the 1200 denier polyester?

Glad you asked! No - we just introduced a full-grain, napa leather backpack. It is fabulous! Our luxurious napa leather is both soft and durable. At this time, it is only available in the Medium size.