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At Knack, we’re a bunch of self-professed design nerds – and we’re obsessed with pocket design.  The Knack design team was very intentional when designing each pocket in the Knack Backpack, testing different objects (cell phones, headphones, laptops, etc) to ensure that the bag functioned beautifully.

And one of our favorite things to talk about is how team members and Knackpackers organize and pack their Knack Pack.  We’ve had a few Knackpackers write in and request tips for organizing their expandable laptop backpack, so we’ve each shared our packing tips below.

White high end carryon Knack Pack backpack in Medium

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Top Packing Tips for an Organized Knack Pack Backpack

Before we talk about what we put in each pocket, we wanted to share some common mistakes people make when trying to pack an organized backpack:

Organization Tip #1:  Assign Pockets for Regular Items

Do you find yourself having to dig through a bag multiple times to make sure you have all your items?  Save time (and stress in the morning!) by packing the same thing in the same spot. Says Knack CEO, Chad Mellen, “Keep your everyday things in the same pockets whether you’re travelling or going to work.  Never move them around and they’ll always be where you need them to be.”

Photo of packed Knack Pack by @FilmsByJohnny on Instagram

Organization Tip #2:  Packing Sequence

“Start packing stuff with fixed shapes first (e.g. electronics) and then add the stuff you can bend and manipulate (e.g. clothes.),” shares Zeke. “Start with the big stuff and then add the small stuff later. Keep in mind that using space in one compartment might take away space from another one, so packing this way ensures the optimal use of space.”

@FilmsByJohnny showing how he packs his work backpack

Organization Tip #3: Packing an Organized Backpack for a Work Trip or Vacation

“Roll, roll, roll!” shares Keith Bristol.  “I roll everything and use our compressible packing cubes to save on space. If I pack shoes, I pack the lightest shoes that can compress.”

Adds Chad, “Pack the heaviest items at the bottom of the travel compartment: it’s easier on your back to carry.  I also make sure to bring the dust bag that came with my Knack Pack as a laundry bag. I always leave it stashed in one of the mesh pockets.”


Bonus Tip #4: How to Avoid Overpacking

Before I start packing, I lay all my stuff on the bed and ask myself ‘Do I really need this’” shares Zeke. “It’s tempting to bring everything you think you might need, but traveling light makes the experience so much more enjoyable. And unless you’re going to a remote location, you can always buy anything you want at your destination.”

Emily Kager shares how she packs her work bag for a weekend trip on Twitter

Get Out the Door – More Quickly

We hope that this post has given you a few ideas on how to live a better #OneBagLife.  Be sure to join us on Instagram for more packing tips and Knackpacker photos!

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