A backpack and a carry-on for business travel

Sarah Shannon is a marketing manager who travels over 100 days a year. Michael Hughes is an insurance broker who travels 25 times a year. We talked to them about their experiences using Knack for business travel.


Sarah and Michael hate checking bags. "It was very convenient!" said Sarah. "It was quite freeing not to carry something. I was happy I didn’t have to take that extra step of going to the carousel and wait for my bag."

Michael was surprised by how much he was able to pack. "I wasn’t sure if it would be large enough for a 4-day trip, but everything fit absolutely perfectly and there was room to spare. It’s actually a piece of luggage in addition to a backpack."

Michael brought his gaming console, 15” laptop, two pairs of sunglasses, two phones, outfits for five days.

Michael owns a large grey Knack Travel Backpack, and Sarah went for the medium sized green Knack Backpack.

Large Knack Pack packing capacity

The comfort factor is critical for people like Sarah and Michael who travel for business so often. "The weight is distributed evenly so you don’t feel it all on your shoulders. It makes it very easy to carry" said Sarah. Michael agreed: "The straps are very comfortable. And aesthetically, the pack is very pleasing."

When it comes to business travel, why choose between the capacity of a carry-on or the comfort of a backpack when you can have both? Welcome to the #onebaglife