The Best Backpack for Multiple Laptops

Looking for the ultimate backpack to carry lots of tech? We’ve gathered insider tips from tech-heavy users about their must-have requirements for their bags. Whether you need a backpack for multiple laptops or a backpack for chargers, phones, and tablets, don’t miss out on this must-have info!

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Do you use multiple laptops and tablets? Many Knackpackers pack more than one laptop in their Knack Pack, using the different compartments and pockets to stay organized. In this blog post, we’ve shared the experience of a few Knackpackers who pack multiple laptops and devices in their Knack Pack.

  1. Software Engineer - Multiple Laptops for Different Clients
  2. Backpack for Multiple Phones & Multiple Laptops
  3. Organizing Clothes & Laptops for Business Trip
  4. Packing Multiple Laptops


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Software Engineer - Multiple Laptops for Different Clients

Shay Ravacchioli is a software engineer consultant, who works remotely and loves to travel. In a recent Instagram post, Shay shared that she often packs four (yes, FOUR!!) laptops in her Medium Knack Pack.

Here’s what she had to say:

“One of the best parts about being a remote software consultant is that I can work from anywhere in the country! I can work from my office, set up shop in a local cafe, or even travel to new cities and work out of a hotel for the week.

The downside of being a remote software consultant? Different clients often provide their own laptops, and it gets really draining (and difficult!) to fit 3-4 laptops in a bag.

Best backpack for multiple laptops


The solution? Why, The Knack Pack, of course!

Knack Bags has designed this amazing expandable backpack to help developers and other professionals like me live the #OneBagLife. It has a padded laptop compartment, a special pocket specifically for chargers and adapters, and plenty of space for all your day-to-day needs!

Plus, it has a hidden expandable compartment to turn it into the best carry-on bag imaginable- enough to pack 2-3 changes of clothes or 2-3 extra electronic devices!

Thanks to my Knack Pack, I’ll no longer have to travel with multiple laptop bags or beg my travel companions to pack one of my laptops in their carry-ons for me 🌟”

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Backpack for Multiple Phones & Multiple Laptops

Knackpacker, Dustin, shared this review of his Medium Knack Pack backpack: “I bought the medium bag for work. I can fit everything: 3 laptops, keyboard, mouse, laptop stands, all the cords, paperwork, 2 iPhones, airbus, pens, hand sanitizer and still have extra space. So happy I spoiled myself and got it!”

Thanks for the review, Dustin. (By the way, you can leave a review of your Knack products here!)

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Backpack for more than one laptop



Organizing Clothes & Laptops for Business Trip

Aleke reviewed his Medium Knack Pack backpack for business trips, sharing how it’s helped him be more organized. He packs two laptops in his Knack Pack, and is able to put all his cords in the bottom compartment. He also shared his exact packing list, saying he fit “4 Pairs of shorts, 1 pair of socks, 3 boxers, 1 Oxford shirt and 4-5 t-shirts. And still there’s room!”

Shares Aleke, “I’ve been using backpacks for over 3 decades, and I know what works with them and what’s good. And this one is good!”

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Pack multiple laptops for business trip


Packing Multiple Laptops

If you’re looking for a professional expandable backpack that can hold multiple laptops (plus all of your other stuff), then be sure to check out the Knack Pack!

"I can fit my everything: 3 laptops, keyboard, mouse, laptop stands, all the cords, paperwork, 2 iPhones, earbuds, Airbuds, pens, hand sanitizer, and still have extra space. Best bag ever." - Dustin M

How will you use your expandable backpack? We love to hear how you plan to use - or have used - your Knack Pack for work, travel, and everyday life. So share your stories and adventures with us on social media: tag @KnackBags and use the #KnackBags when you take your Knack on journeys.

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