The Best Laptop Backpack for Professional Women

Professional women need a laptop backpack for work that can keep up with their on-the-go schedules. And as we return to the office, the gym, our favorite coffee shops, and social events, laptop backpacks should be able to accommodate the growing list of things that busy working women have to bring with them.

As an awesome laptop backpack for professional women, Knack keeps all the contents of the backpack safe and organized - which in turn makes their hectic days a little easier. This week, we’re reviewing how some professional female Knackpackers use their Knacks to manage their dynamic lifestyles.

Knack Pack for working women

A Professional Women's Backpack with a Laptop Compartment

Of all the tech that we have to carry around with us, laptops are the MVPs. This is why Knack designed a suspended and padded laptop sleeve that keeps this important piece of equipment in place and protected. 

For Lucy - a law student, disability activist, and wheelchair user -  Knack’s padded laptop compartment keeps her computer safe even with rough use. The robustness of the sleeve is extra valuable for Lucy when she hangs her Knack off of the back of her wheelchair. Lucy says that her Knack “holds up well despite being thrown in trunks, bounced on the subway, and stuffed to bursting.” With its suspended bottom, laptops are protected on all sides from any unplanned drops.

The Knack team put a lot of thought into the laptop compartment, which resulted in another unique feature: a zipped side-opening to keep laptops more easily accessible. Commuters who ride the train or the bus love being able to effortlessly pull out and stow their laptops on their rides to work. 

Which size Knack do you need for your laptop?

The best women's backpack with a laptop sleeve

The Best Women's Backpack for Working on the Road

With the booming remote work environment, many professional women now have the option to work from anywhere. While mobile work is an adventure, it also comes with challenges. For instance, remote work means that you have to bring all of your work gear with you. 

But Shay - a software engineer consultant who loves to travel and often works on the road - proves that it is possible to haul even an oversize mobile office. Shay sometimes has to carry up to four laptops with her, and she does it all in a Medium Knack. As a bonus, the expandable suitcase compartment can be used to “pack 2-3 changes of clothes or 2-3 extra electronic devices.” 

For digital nomads and other professional women that work on the road, Knack Pack replaces two bags with just one. The expandable suitcase compartment in the Small and Medium Knacks adds 12 liters of space, while the expandable suitcase compartment in the Large Knack adds a whopping 16 liters of space. 

As Knackpacker Samantha says,I’ve been looking for an expandable hybrid bag for years and I found it! I travel for work and needed a place for a few days worth of clothes + a safe spot for laptops and hard drives. This is perfect for my work trips. When zipped up and compact it’s perfect for a day bag and working at a coffee shop.”

Knack pack for working on the road

A Laptop Backpack for Working Moms

Working moms often have to carry two bags - one for themselves, and one for their kids. But for Dr. Jena - a physical therapist, mom of four, and a fitness blogger - two bags meant that she couldn’t have two hands free. With Knack, Dr. Jena was able to finally retire her diaper bag, as the separate compartments in her Knack gave her “a diaper bag and a gym bag smashed together in one.”

The deep pockets even leave room for “mommy space.” In her review, Dr. Jena noted that “this bag decreases my stress in venturing out of the house because everything I need is organized and readily accessible within a split second.” 

With thoughtfully designed pockets, Knack makes it super easy to stay organized. For busy working moms, there’s no better feeling than reaching into a bag and pulling out exactly what they need. 

“Mom pack. I love this bag! As a mom with two kids, it’s the perfect bag. It works for everyday use, plus I can keep my rock climbing gear in it. I am able to keep my business, personal, and kids’ stuff separate and organized. This pack is a life support. It keeps my car clean as well! I am no longer carrying a purse, bag, and stuff in my arms.” - Jennifer P.

A Professional Women's Backpack for Business Travel

Because the Knack team has always worked remotely, we empathize with the needs of business travelers - and we designed Knack Packs accordingly. According to professional women, Knack satisfies three of the most important features of a great business travel backpack:

1) Convenience when traveling. You should be able to use the bag as a carry-on.

2) Aesthetics. The backpack needs to look great in a professional setting. 

3) Comfort. The backpack should distribute weight evenly.

As a marketing manager who travels for work thirty percent of the year, Sarah Shannon appreciates a bag that meets these three criteria better than anybody. Sarah used to have to check a bag and bring a carry-on, but her Knack lets her bring everything she needs for multi-day business trips right onto the plane. And when Sarah goes into new offices, the streamlined and understated look of her Knack means that she doesn’t have to carry a separate business backpack. 

But Sarah’s favorite aspect of her Knack is the comfort. The weight distribution takes the pressure off of her shoulders, which “makes it a lot easier to carry.” With padded shoulder straps, a padded back panel, and compartments that make sure weight isn’t concentrated in one spot, you can carry a lot of stuff and feel good doing it. And the backpack itself is lightweight; the Large Knack weighs just over 3 pounds (just a little more than three Grande coffees)!

women's backpack for business travel

With Mother’s Day coming up, we are celebrating all of the hardworking moms and professional women in our lives. And we’re especially pleased that our laptop backpacks play a role in the exciting work that these women are doing. Check out all of our Knack Packs, and give the gift of a One Bag Life for Mother’s Day.

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