We are so thankful for every single nurse and medical professional risking their lives to keep us safe. We would also like to thank all of the family and friends supporting their favorite nurses out there. The messages you sent to us were powerful and your support of them is phenomenal. We were so moved by the stories we wanted to share with the world. Below are all of the nominations submitted.

Abbi J
Abbi is a young girl making her way through college and is earning some money nursing and learning her trade at Reid hospital in Richmond, Indiana. This young woman doesn't have her nursing degree just yet so I hope she qualifies as she has worked the covid-19 wing for several weeks now helping take care of the ill. Abbi will soon be my step daughter and never have I ever met someone with more drive, responsibility, and love she is a beacon of hope for many and my hero, I love this young woman as if she were my own.
Abby P
Abby is the most compassionate person I have ever met, never hesitating to help others both in and out of her hospital. Abby has been on the frontlines of the COVID pandemic, and has always given nothing but the best care to her patients. The world is a much better place with Abby in it!
Abigail L
I work at on of the most know organizations in the world that employees over 20,000 people and I have worked there since 2003. So, I have seen and worked with a lot of nurses. But Abby is a very special one because she cares for patients as if they were her family. When I first meet Abby she introduced herself to me and stated we are in this together and if you need help please let me know so we can ensure we give our all to the patients on the unit. I was impressed because not everyone has the same vision about care but she does. In addition, the doctors that work on the Leukemia unit feel comfortable with Abby. On my unit the inpatient doctors change every month and I noticed that they love to see Abby on the unit. The main reason is that they trust her and know that she has the best interest of the patients. So she will round with the doctors,and make sure that she understands the needs of every patient on a 24 bed unit. She encourages the nurses to make rounds with the doctors to be on the same page. I love how she loves her job and every during this pandemic Abby is a nurse always has a defining moment in her career that is inspired by Florence Nightingale and her career is aligned with that same characteristic, conviction and vision.
Abigail P
Abigail is working at a Covid only hospital in Louisiana. She is working a lot of OT while taking care of Covid patients. She is so kind and loves to help others. I just want her to have something special. She makes a difference everyday and I just wanted her to know someone appreciates her and all she does to help others get well.
Adam c
Adam is the best nurse ever. He never ask why he just jumps in and helps. Always there to ensure the patients care is done and completed. Great team spirit and keeps the day moving forward with smiles and laughs.
Adam D
ER nurse at Touro Hospital in NO,LA.. My nephew cared for one of the first Caronavirus patients in New Orleans. He tested positive, thankfully recovered and promptly returned to work. That is what I call true dedication!
Adrianna B
Adrianna is very special and is my hero! She works 12 hour shifts as a Pediatric Oncology nurse at a hospital in NJ. She works tirelessly taking care of the tiniest patients and volunteers to work on Covid floors. When she is not at work she checks in all of her patients, she truly has a heart of gold! Adrianna does all this while attending grad school to become a Pediatric Nurse Practioner.
Adrianne A
My wife is a dedicated RN in an ICU she has been working countless hours since February taking care of the COVID patients. When she does get a day off she self quarantines in a spare bedroom and usually just sleeps due to exhaustion. We have seen many co-workers, as I also work in the hospital, make excuses not to come to work and take advantage of the extra covid sick pay that the hospital has allotted. All while she has continued to work extra shifts and longer hours.
Adrienne R
I work with Adrienne in the Medicine ICU at UNC Hospitals. She works 60 hours a week on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic with a smile on her face and never a single complaint. When she is not working, she is completing schoolwork to get her Bachelors Degree. Adrienne was also recently left by her husband and could really use something to make her smile!
Adrienne H
Adrienne is my wife and is an absolute rockstar badass! She served in the military as a medic and currently works as a nurse just outside of Ft. Knox.
Aileen L
Aileen works in NYC in the emergency room. She has an infant at home and she is doing both jobs she is phenomenal !!!
Ajlana V
She is very hard working and caring. Works at two different hospitals one of which has very limited resources and PPE however she still continues to try her hardest to help as many patients as she can. Also she is my sister and has always been there for me no matter what.
Alan L
I'm proud of Alan for the way he is working his ass off during this pandemic.
Albert G
Albert is a special person, has been a traveling nurse for the past couple of years where needed but Covid brought him where he's needed most, home, to take care of his hometown and relatives. They're all heroes, the likes that most of us will never fully understand.
Alejandra G
Alejandra lives outside Mexico City and works on a populous neighborhood called Ecatepec, where COVID-19 has hit very hard. She is working double or even triple shifts to support all incoming cases.
Alemawung A
I am an ICU nurse working on the cardiac unit . It has really been stressful as confronting the first global pandemic of our lifetime. There are new policies or protocol every other minute and it's hard to keep up with. In addition to that, it's difficult caring for patients while worrying about getting sick ourselves. Despite all these, we are still thriving.
Alena L
Alena has been working frontline in a busy ICU since the start of covid. But at the beginning she was a clinical technician finishing her nursing degree. She finished top in her class and was devastated when the long anticipated pinning ceremony was canceled. Not letting that slow her down she quickly passed her NCLEX, officially becoming a registered nurse. Without hesitation she began working on the same ICU as a bedside nurse. Her hard work and endless compassion amaze me everyday.
Alex A
Alex worked at Apex Recovery as an Addiction Nurse and he is an awesome nurse & outstanding individual. Alex is motivated to learn and is currently back in school at SFSU to pursue his MD license. Alex is kind, caring & compassionate. He is friendly, approachable & has a positive attitude.
Alex M
He's taking everything in stride during this unprecedented time and has helped out with the COVID-19 Incident Command when needed.
Alexandra L
She is hardworking! Always has been! She does work on a Covid unit. This pandemic has been difficult for her as to be expected there is a lot of anxiety and fear that surrounds her on a daily basis. She puts everything into what she does everyday.
Alexandra R
My wife is an awesome nurse! She worked for hospice for years and helped a lot of families over the years. She is now working as a case manager and am not really sure exactly what she does, but I know she does it with great caring and respect for her patients and coworkers
Alexandriah P
She has a heart of gold. We live in Ohio and she was willing to volunteer to go to New York, but was unable to because it would leave her own facility short staffed.
Alexia V
traveling nurse
Alexis D
Alexis is a new grad ER nurse. We went to school together and now we have the privilege of working together. Alexis is one of the most selfless people I know and she always goes above and beyond for everyone in her life, patients included. She works her butt off and she's already being assigned special roles at work because she's so good at what she does.
Alexis b
I am nominating my wife Alexis Baerman. She is a registered nurse in Michigan work long and difficult shifts at work. She loves her job and caring for patients. It makes her so happy to see people's help improve.
Ali A
Ali is an ICU nurse with his doctorate degree. He goes above and beyond to treat his patients and is working on the frontlines every day during these tough days. Ali was orphaned at a young age and with resilience he made it to a field where he can help others on a daily basis. He is a father of three (one being a newborn) And his compassion for his patients is incredible.
alice m
My sister is a single mother and works at the local hospital. She's been working long hours and doing her best to keep her family sane and safe the past few months. She doesn't get a lot of recognition or time to herself, but she goes out of her way to make her friends and coworkers happy. She bakes them cookies, brings them silly gifts, and tried to keep the mood at work light and as fun as possible considering the current situation
Alicia P
Alicia Pratt is a 20 year nurse that is the most dedicated and caring person I know.
Alicia M
Alicia has spent a great part of her career as a nurse in cardio-vascular ICUs. She was a key member of the staff at the Mayo Clinic in Florida prior to moving to Denver 2 years ago. As soon as Alicia became aware of the current pandemic, she chose to use her talents by offering to travel wherever she was needed to care for the sickest of the sick. She has just finished an assignment in a COVID 19 ICU in a community hospital in the Los Angeles area. For her tremendous courage, skill, sacrifices, and bravery I would like to nominate her to be one of your selections to win a Knack Pack. As I write this, Alicia is exploring where help is needed so that she can continue to be of service. I am hopeful that she can be recognized for her tremendous generosity. Thank you for your consideration.
Alicia M
She's my sister. Since the COVID19 crisis began, my sis was taking some time off to focus on her advance degree.. As an ICU nurse, she could've stayed in school to seek her advance degree, but instead she chose to join the fight, while also dialing down her school hours. I even suggested that going to school now would be a good thing for the sake of her safety. In particular, I was disturbed by my perception of how some within the Healthcare industry wasn't fighting for their front line staff . Instead she followed her heart and put her self in harms way. While I fear for her, I wasn't going to stop her. She was going to save lives. In my book, she's a hero.
Alicia M
Alicia knows that a positive spirit is if more than half the battle for a timely recovery. Whenever feeling down and out she is the first to remind to think positive and be optimistic. These have been challenging times and she has been a consistent ray of sunshine. Thank you and you deserve to win and to continue to make a difference in the lives of others
Alicia B
My wife is a Registered Nurse working during COVID crisis at a Surgey Center.
Alison P
Alison is my sister a nurse working at Beth Israel in Boston.
Allen b
Caring and loving cardiac RN
Allison A
Allison is battling the frontlines in our hospitals as a nurse, while her fiance is deployed battling the front lines for our country.
Allison D
My nominee is not only an amazing nurse but also my amazing wife! She has worked in many different areas of nursing and was most recently in adolescent mental health before transferring to working in a pediatric ICU. She strives to be the best nurse she can be and has really brought a passion to her work. She loves to take care of the children she works with and often refers to them as her kiddos! It's amazing to see how much she truly cares and loves them! It makes me so proud to see her working hard to make a difference in people's lives and I'm proud to say she's my wife!
Allison M
Allison works with children undergoing Bone Marrow Transplants.
Alma S
She's always going above and beyond to help patients and coworkers. As a case manager often working from home or following up even after hours.
Alonzo L
He is the best ER nurse I have ever met. Strong nurse with a big heart. He is also a good mentor to me and has supported me to advance my career endlessly.
Alora A
The nurse I'm nominating is my big sister, Alora. She is a transplant nurse at Mayo Clinic where she works non stop helping patients and their families through the pressure and difficulty of the long journey of transplant. She always puts her patient's needs first even going head to head with the doctors when they need a reminder of the life they are caring for. On top of all that she's also a mother to three bright and outgoing children who depend on her for every little need in their lives and rightly so. She's a wonderful sister, a stellar mom, and a truly fantastic nurse!
Alyssa B
Alyssa is an amazing nurse for Children's Hospital. She goes above and beyond to take care of her patients. She also helps her family whenever they need. She is veey loving and caring.
Alyssa R
At risk herself because of immune system issues, three kids at home, one a T1D and one with Autism and a husband who is also a nurse and works in a hospital. She still goes to work in the ICU because all her coworkers have families too. Selfless devotion to her family and community with little regard for her safety. We would be a better world if we had more of her.
Alyssa K
My sister in law Alyssa works as a Neuro ICU nurse in Wisconsin. She has been dedicated to the job for the past two years since graduation working graveyard shifts. She is in the front lines in the most infected areas in our state.
Alyssa Y
This is my wife, she's always so willing to help out and constantly gives her all to her patients. No nurse cares more about everyone she takes care of - and their families - than Alyssa does.
Alyza S
Not only is she one of my best friend's wife, she is kind, loving and full of love! She puts a lot of care and effort into her job. Getting her a Knackpack would definitely show some appreciation for what she's done and continues to do during these hard times!
Amairah y
Since this whole covid pandemic she has spent tireless effort caring for patients and working 16hr shifts 6days out of the week..she barely seen her children and other loved ones and is deserving of any award
Amanda B
Amanda helps covid + patients who are intubated and need the utmost of care. She makes sure that they are well-oxygenated on the ventilator, that their vitals are stable, from heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen, temperature, to their respiratory rate. She maintains their vitals by helping to titrate vital medications from narcotics and sedatives for pain and sedation and to make sure they are comfortable. She also paralyzes patients to make sure that they are synchronous with the vent settings. Most of the pertinent signs and symptoms dealing with covid, includes difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, high temperature, and organ failure. She does all she can to maintain the human body functioning at the max peak efficiency, especially since they are usually very sedated and/or in a coma-like state. It's a very fine line, tedious, and nerve-wracking work, making sure that patients are receiving just the right amount of medications to keep them alive and trying to provide the necessary care that these kinds of patients need. She is truly a hero!
Amanda S
Amanda was going to nursing school while pregnant, had the baby and returned to finish her dream. She is now an LPN in a nursing home and loves helping others. She has all the qualities of a dedicated nurse being determined, compassionate and kind.
Amanda R
She is a nurse practitioner on a triage unit for labor and delivery. She has been in contact with many covid positive patients who are scared for themselves and their babies.
She is the charge nurse in the Medical ICU working 7days on/7 days off 12 hour shifts. She has helped take care of COVID positive pts and all others that are admitted to the ICU.
Amanda F
Amanda M
ED nurse for 15 years. Very dedicated to her patients and loves her job and family
Amanda B
Amanda is a compassionate and caring nurse who always puts her patients first. She has made such a positive impact as a nurse to her patients and community.
Amber S
She is a mom of 8 and works hard as a nurse. This would make her day!
Amber S
Amber is my mother. She is the most strong, independent, courageous woman I know. I grew up watching my mother work full time, go to nursing school full time while raising me as a single mother. She has taught me so much about life and raised me to have the same heart as her. Covid has not phased her negatively, if anything, she has become stronger and more optimistic that we will overcome this pandemic.
Amber H
Amber has been working in the Adult ER at Lincoln Hospital and very much on "the front line." She's been working incredibly long hours and has been witness to some scary and heart breaking COVID-19 cases. I have known Amber for over 20 years and she has always been a warrior during a time of crisis or illness.
Amy A
Her passion for our residents is amazing .. goes above and beyond to make sure her aids and family of residents feel comfortable and safe during this epidemic.
Amy K
My wife has been a nurse for 10 years now. She still remains a nurse during the pandemic and she is pregnant with our second child. This would be a really nice gift and I know she deserves more. Thank you for the consideration.
Amy R
Amy is my amazing wife and mother of our two kids who has been caring for our community as a ER nurse. She works 12 hour days and still takes care of our family and home.
Amy E
I have had the pleasure of working alongside Amy. She has been my mentor and a dear friend that has truly made nursing wonderful career. I chose working on the unit I am because she was my charge nurse, leading any event in controlled chaos. Now she is our nurse manager, during the covid times. This is a truly exceptional nurse.
Amy S
I nominate my mom. She is a great nurse and works hard everyday through this pandemic to keep patients safe and healthy and also help heal the ones in need.
Amy M
My aunt is a nurse. She very recently has shown symptoms of COVID-19 and is quarantined and getting tested now. I think a knack pack would cheer her up in this difficult time.
Amy G
Amy is a nurse practitioner working in urgent care. Prior to the Covid 19 crisis, she saw almost 40 patients a day. Since that time her workload has increased, including staffing a newly-created respiratory clinic, and taking part in the virus response steering committee. Amy works hard, maintains calm, steady professionalism, and makes time to check on her friends. She is an awesome friend and community member. Amy also serves as a director on the foundation board of our local library.
Amy M
Amy is an ICU nurse in Chicago. She has 4 kids and a police officer husband. After successfully recovering from COVID-19, she has gone back to work caring for others.
ana C
Life is short! I never thought that I will be experiencing a global pandemic in my lifetime. We were not prepared for this. My hero has been a nurse for 28 years and this has been the scariest and saddest part of her entire career. We are fighting an invisible enemy and it's taking so much lives. Now I find myself thinking that our lives are fragile. She has been saving lives for so long and she deserves more. To me she is not only a nurse ,but a miracle worker as well. Because everyday she works she makes us proud.
Ana R
This past week was the hardest for Ana. Due too exposure for COVID-19 she had to be isolated from her 1 year old. She has too isolate away from him in order to prevent any exposure to him and keep him safe. This was the hardest week not only for her but for her son. She did this to help COVID-19 patients and her family.
Andrea P
I started a new job at the VA just as the COVID 19 pandemic started. There are so many unknowns starting a new job but even more so when a GLOBAL pandemic is happening. She has been so supportive and a great teacher. She is so deserving!
Andrea b
Andrea works in a local community Emergency room. She is always willing to help in whatever situation arises. Her top priority to give great patient care while caring for the patient's family as well.
Andrea C
She is a mother to seven children and every day she goes to work risking her life to save lives. To me that is a hero!
Andrea M
Nurse at Rhode Island hospital for 10+ years. Husband also works there as physicians assistant. Mother to precious daughter Seeseeâ working in her department and covering for others
Andrew M
Andrew is a nurse fighting on the front lines of the Covid pandemic. Every shift he is sent to a different covid floor, never complaining and always willing to help and care for the sick.
Angela S
Angela & I have worked together for 23 years at the Cleveland Clinic she is a spectacular Nurse. She is always willing to help others & is a great resource.
Angela B
She is an amazing person who is traveling to the areas in need of critical care and puts her heart and soul into caring for her patients :)
Angela C
She is a nurse who has been working tirelessly during this crisis, she also was infected with COVID and has recovered and went right back to the frontlines! She is a dedicated and special nurse and mother of 3 boys...
Angela D
Angela is a Critical Care RN at Mercy - St. Louis working on the COVID Unit as a primary RN with direct patient care
Angela F
Works hard! Put herself thru nursing school working full time. She works for hospice which takes someone compassionate and caring. She loves animals and her family.
My sister is a critical care nurse working in a level one trauma hospital in the Midwest. She has always carried a heart for helping the vulnerable and the voiceless, and it is still true to this day. She is currently working in an intensive care unit caring for COVID patients and has been working nonstop to try to provide comfort and healing to her patients. With chaos happening in the world, she has tried her best to help boost the morale of her team through little acts like snacks and treats. The hospital is a scary place to be right now, but there's no place she would rather be.
Angelie B
She is an ICU CoViD19 Nurse fighting this pandemic since day1.
Angelie B
Has been caring for the COVID19 patients since day1 and still fighting the disease together with other health heroes in the frontline.
Angi S
Has been helping with curb side testing for Covid 19 and also with calling people back with their results.
Anit M
Very caring and compassionate.
Ann M
Ann Marie is an exceptional nurse. She is an oncology research nurse who has been redeployed to the bedside to care for oncology patients during this pandemic. When she is finished with work she goes home to take care of her two-year old until her husband wakes up and works during the night as a meteorologist. This change in work schedule has not been easy and she has adapted to this new normal with ease and grace.
Ann T
Traveler that works her butt off to support the patients in the COVID corner of the ER.
Ann d
She worked tirelessly to becoming an ER Nurse Manager and helped develop protocols for sexually assaulted victims; improved the flow of the ER and helped other nurses advance all while also helping on deck with bedside patient care. She leads by example and enjoys making continual improvement.
Ann M
She went to work everyday. Neve backed down. Went when she had no idea what she was walking into. Went even though she did not know what she was bringing home.
Anna P
She's a hardworking nurse on the front lines . COVID's been tough times for all but especially her. Her wedding (our wedding) got postponed due to the pandemic. We had hoped to move in together in April and end our long distance relationship for once. Now that we've postponed the wedding, long distance travel still continues and I think a nice backpack will help her commute efficiently!
Annamma J
AJ is a hard working nurse who serves the best for her patients. She is giving and selfless taking risks each and every day. She is committed to make a great impact to those around her and ensuring lives are touched through respect and compassion. It takes a special person like her to be a nurse.
Anne G
She works so hard to better other people's lives! She sacrifices herself to be there for people in need.
Anne T
Ever since this pandemic hit, Anne has been at it non stop putting in a 100 or more hours a week. She has stepped in and picked up the slack when others could not work due to illness or have quit for various reasons. She has sacrificed by staying away from her family and being with those who can't be with theirs, sometimes to the end. She, like others, have taken on more than ever could be imagined and are meeting the challenge. She does this without complaint and with a smile on her face. She is a hero!
Annie H
Annie is one of the best nurses I know, her heart is clearly seen with the smile that she wears everyday. She radiates with happiness and compassion in everything she puts her heart into. The patient's lives that she enters are very lucky to have a nurse like Annie. She is a team player and I am very fortunate to call Annie not only my coworker but also my friend.
Anthony B
working hard daily in Covid unit of ICU at Marian hospital
Anthony B
Works tirelessly in the ICU to help help those with the corona virus. He is a true hero.
April C
My nominee is my mom. She is currently a travel RN and works with Covid -19 patients. She rarely thinks of herself and always puts the needs of others before her own. She currently is having some reactions to something related to this horrible virus, but continues to work long and stressful hours caring for these patients. I nominate my mom because I think she is deserving of the Knack Pack to help when she is traveling.
April M
My wife has continued to work and fight Covid-19 despite having asthma.
April W
29 weeks pregnant going to work and caring for COVID and non-COVID patient's.
April C
She truly is genuinely and caring for everyone
Aquiles R
Aquiles is a great nurse that is currently serving a COVID unit. He is always goes above and beyond for his patients and coworkers on his unit.
Archie E
Nurse Eustaquio is always serving his patients with passion. He is a team player, he is always there for everyone.
armaan d
they're literally the most fabulous nurse ever! please look at his instagram: deepfriedpaki he is on the front lines every day, he has not had a day off in over 2 months
Arwen W
An amazing RN who has been tirelessly focusing to help battle in treating COVID-19 patients. She takes extra shifts and even when not her rotation to help treat patients. Always stay positive and keeps a smile for her patients and those around her.
Ashleigh S
Fully consumed by caring for patients she still finds the time to call her Mom every day.
Ashley D
Ashley,to most who know her, has the ability to spread joy and comfort to all she comes across.On her first day of life her calm presence was felt by all as nurses worked feverishly to keep her twin sister stable after birth. Ashley was destined for the medical field early on. Through elementary school to high school her love a science poured out in ever aspect of her education. She continues that love of science working as a nurse practitioner in a COVID-19 clinic. Working long shifts and traveling often at a great distance, there has never been a complaint or regret uttered from Ashley. She is fearless in the face of adversity and calming in the presence of disaster. She will always be the first called by many to help them maneuver through a crisis. We are blessed to know this angel on earth who has positively touched so many lives.
Ashley D
Ashley has taken things in stride during this unprecedented time and has been flexible to her patients needs. She continues to care for patients via telehealth.
Ashley H
Ashely is Travel RN who just got married on May 1st, to her Travel RN husband, Joe. Ashley works in the Emergency Department -so front lines- and is always happy and helpful. Who better to receive a Knack Bag than a Travel Nurse!?!
Ashley H
She has been working nights for the designated COVID-19 unit for our entire area. She is the only one on nights that did not contract COVID because of her due diligence and hard work. She's been there for patients who did not survive and there to communicate between patients and loved ones for the last time. She is physically and emotionally exhausted but is still working hard for the patients she care for.
Asma R
She works at COVID designated unit at DC VA Medical Center serving nation's veterans.
Assem T
Nurse on frontline workin on covid unit
Amazing nurse in ER, she is Frontline nurse during our time of need. She has gone above and beyond for our facility.
Currently working as a RN in behavioral health and Public Health, directly serving patients and public.
Azzaria F
Hello!! My name is azzaria, and I am nominating myself. Right now, life is evertremly hard for me and people like me. I am a clinical specialist in. MN. Cases rise daily. We are understaffed and underappreciated. I continue to do what i do because i love my job and love to help others. I have been putting myself aside for months now and have lost touch with proper self care. I am eating quick and fast foods, loosing sleep and running myself dry for everyone but I wouldn't change it for the world.
Bailey S
From her quiet home in Georgia with her newlywed husband she shares with the military, Bailey left for a cause. She went to New York for a contracted nurse and severed the community where the largest need was. She worked with passion, hope, and most of all tremendous joy at the thought that she was providing for a need. This girl is so sweet and so amazing.
Bailie C
Bailie is helping people in a different way than most nurses. Bailie is a psychiatric nurse practitioner who is helping people who are struggling mentally and emotionally with the current situation. She helps find the right combination of medicine and therapy to get people feeling their best and does it all via telehealth so the patients never have to leave their homes.
Barbara y
She hardworking and very dedicated to her work.
Barbara M
Barbara is a dialysis RN ..
Barbara M
They are 66 and still working as a floor nurse providing direct patient care
Barbara i
Wonderful nurse and mother. Working in the ED during this pandemic. Contracted COVID had to stay at a hotel Have not had physical contact with her 4 year old in over a month in fear of getting him sick. Single mother that loves what she does cares for her patients and is a wonderful human being.
Barbara S
Barbara is an amazing nurse she works in hospice and is constantly around gravely ill and dying patients the care that she gives is absolutely amazing and gives our patients peace during this time of transition
Barbara K
Mrs. Kafader is the school nurse at Friendship Junior High. Not only does she deal with the regular bandaid fixes that a typical day might have, she also helps several students with chronic medical needs. My daughter is a Type 1 Diabetic and has had Mrs. Kafader to rely on for the last 3 years to get her through school days, school activities, and sports. Mrs. Kafader goes out of her way to reach out to us during days, gives advice, follows up, and always has a cheerful disposition. She never seems like she has a bad day. Since the pandemic and the school closing, we know we won't be able to enjoy some final time with our wonderful school nurse, so a lasting gift she can enjoy would be special. School nurses do so much for our school and community.
Bassema K
Bassema Karaki has been working in the front line at the Beaumont Hospital in Michigan. As one may know Michigan saw one of the highest rises of COVID patients in the last month. She has been working diligently, towards the patients even after the hospital is facing a shortage of PPEs. In addition, Bassema is an expectant mother where she not only put herself at risk but also of the new kid in order to carry out her responsibility during this dire situation.
Becky H
Nominee name- Becky Hesselroth Registered Nurse, ER Nurse for Allina Health I am nominating my Mom, Becky who is an ER nurse that is working the front lines during this Covid-19 pandemic. My mom is dedicated to her patients and goes to work despite the fear of working the front lines. She has to wear 2 masks, face shield, hair cover, goggles and a sweaty gown, this makes her sweaty and claustrophobic. She is scared to bring the virus home to our family. My Mom and Dad are homeschooling 3 of us, myself and my 2 siblings while we are out of school. My mom is still maintaining the house, cooking, groceries and everyday requirements of life. She has been under a lot of stress and I hope she gets a nomination reward and is selected. Thank you, Megan C.
Becky H
She is so caring and so special never gives up.
Beka W
She is a wonderful nurse and deserves to be pampered! She works so hard for her patients every day!
Belen B
Belen is a young lady, nurse, friend, daughter, during this difficult times; she has been a strong nurse, willing to help others in need. Balancing her life, full time job in the ICU and makes time for friends, always checking on them to make sure they are okay.
Belva S
Goes above and beyond. Even when she is not well. Compassionate and caring.
takes care of mentally ill which is my brother
Bernice L
Bernice is the absolute kindest soul. She selflessly gives everything to her patients as well as her friends and family. Always puts herself after others, She’s generous, thoughtful and kind. She’s basically the best.
Beth S
Beth has been a nurse for 20 plus years. Working with various individuals including strokes, orthopedics, and brain injuries including a broad base of ages including pediatrics and geriatrics. Beth has always been an overachiever and goal driven. She loves nursing and serving others
Beth P
Beth is the hardest working woman I know! She has worked as RN in several different capacities over 40 years and when met with adversity she has risen to the occasion without hesitation. She is a true hero who you would want on your team.
Beth H
My Mom is originally from the Philippines. At the age of 18 she moved to Chicago, Illinois to go to nursing school. During nursing school she got married, had a child (me) and graduated. She is still a nurse today and is the CEO of a Home Health Company in Hawaii called Prime Care Hawaii. I am so proud of my mom and the hard work she has done as a nurse.
Bethann G
Bethann is devoted to the profession. She has a true gift with Geriatric patients/Alzheimer patients. I have watched her sit by patients and tell them how special they are. She is patient and kind.
Betty Q
She has been helping Mom's bring new babies into the world for 25 years and does it with empathy and amazing skill.
Betty W
Compassionate and dedicated nurse working with elderly people in nursing home.