We are so thankful for every single nurse and medical professional risking their lives to keep us safe. We would also like to thank all of the family and friends supporting their favorite nurses out there. The messages you sent to us were powerful and your support of them is phenomenal. We were so moved by the stories we wanted to share with the world. Below are all of the nominations submitted.

Abbi J
Abbi is a young girl making her way through college and is earning some money nursing and learning her trade at Reid hospital in Richmond, Indiana. This young woman doesn't have her nursing degree just yet so I hope she qualifies as she has worked the covid-19 wing for several weeks now helping take care of the ill. Abbi will soon be my step daughter and never have I ever met someone with more drive, responsibility, and love she is a beacon of hope for many and my hero, I love this young woman as if she were my own.
Abby P
Abby is the most compassionate person I have ever met, never hesitating to help others both in and out of her hospital. Abby has been on the frontlines of the COVID pandemic, and has always given nothing but the best care to her patients. The world is a much better place with Abby in it!
Abigail L
I work at on of the most know organizations in the world that employees over 20,000 people and I have worked there since 2003. So, I have seen and worked with a lot of nurses. But Abby is a very special one because she cares for patients as if they were her family. When I first meet Abby she introduced herself to me and stated we are in this together and if you need help please let me know so we can ensure we give our all to the patients on the unit. I was impressed because not everyone has the same vision about care but she does. In addition, the doctors that work on the Leukemia unit feel comfortable with Abby. On my unit the inpatient doctors change every month and I noticed that they love to see Abby on the unit. The main reason is that they trust her and know that she has the best interest of the patients. So she will round with the doctors,and make sure that she understands the needs of every patient on a 24 bed unit. She encourages the nurses to make rounds with the doctors to be on the same page. I love how she loves her job and every during this pandemic Abby is a nurse always has a defining moment in her career that is inspired by Florence Nightingale and her career is aligned with that same characteristic, conviction and vision.
Abigail P
Abigail is working at a Covid only hospital in Louisiana. She is working a lot of OT while taking care of Covid patients. She is so kind and loves to help others. I just want her to have something special. She makes a difference everyday and I just wanted her to know someone appreciates her and all she does to help others get well.
Adam c
Adam is the best nurse ever. He never ask why he just jumps in and helps. Always there to ensure the patients care is done and completed. Great team spirit and keeps the day moving forward with smiles and laughs.
Adam D
ER nurse at Touro Hospital in NO,LA.. My nephew cared for one of the first Caronavirus patients in New Orleans. He tested positive, thankfully recovered and promptly returned to work. That is what I call true dedication!
Adrianna B
Adrianna is very special and is my hero! She works 12 hour shifts as a Pediatric Oncology nurse at a hospital in NJ. She works tirelessly taking care of the tiniest patients and volunteers to work on Covid floors. When she is not at work she checks in all of her patients, she truly has a heart of gold! Adrianna does all this while attending grad school to become a Pediatric Nurse Practioner.
Adrianne A
My wife is a dedicated RN in an ICU she has been working countless hours since February taking care of the COVID patients. When she does get a day off she self quarantines in a spare bedroom and usually just sleeps due to exhaustion. We have seen many co-workers, as I also work in the hospital, make excuses not to come to work and take advantage of the extra covid sick pay that the hospital has allotted. All while she has continued to work extra shifts and longer hours.
Adrienne R
I work with Adrienne in the Medicine ICU at UNC Hospitals. She works 60 hours a week on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic with a smile on her face and never a single complaint. When she is not working, she is completing schoolwork to get her Bachelors Degree. Adrienne was also recently left by her husband and could really use something to make her smile!
Adrienne H
Adrienne is my wife and is an absolute rockstar badass! She served in the military as a medic and currently works as a nurse just outside of Ft. Knox.
Aileen L
Aileen works in NYC in the emergency room. She has an infant at home and she is doing both jobs she is phenomenal !!!
Ajlana V
She is very hard working and caring. Works at two different hospitals one of which has very limited resources and PPE however she still continues to try her hardest to help as many patients as she can. Also she is my sister and has always been there for me no matter what.
Alan L
I'm proud of Alan for the way he is working his ass off during this pandemic.
Albert G
Albert is a special person, has been a traveling nurse for the past couple of years where needed but Covid brought him where he's needed most, home, to take care of his hometown and relatives. They're all heroes, the likes that most of us will never fully understand.
Alejandra G
Alejandra lives outside Mexico City and works on a populous neighborhood called Ecatepec, where COVID-19 has hit very hard. She is working double or even triple shifts to support all incoming cases.
Alemawung A
I am an ICU nurse working on the cardiac unit . It has really been stressful as confronting the first global pandemic of our lifetime. There are new policies or protocol every other minute and it's hard to keep up with. In addition to that, it's difficult caring for patients while worrying about getting sick ourselves. Despite all these, we are still thriving.
Alena L
Alena has been working frontline in a busy ICU since the start of covid. But at the beginning she was a clinical technician finishing her nursing degree. She finished top in her class and was devastated when the long anticipated pinning ceremony was canceled. Not letting that slow her down she quickly passed her NCLEX, officially becoming a registered nurse. Without hesitation she began working on the same ICU as a bedside nurse. Her hard work and endless compassion amaze me everyday.
Alex A
Alex worked at Apex Recovery as an Addiction Nurse and he is an awesome nurse & outstanding individual. Alex is motivated to learn and is currently back in school at SFSU to pursue his MD license. Alex is kind, caring & compassionate. He is friendly, approachable & has a positive attitude.
Alex M
He's taking everything in stride during this unprecedented time and has helped out with the COVID-19 Incident Command when needed.
Alexandra L
She is hardworking! Always has been! She does work on a Covid unit. This pandemic has been difficult for her as to be expected there is a lot of anxiety and fear that surrounds her on a daily basis. She puts everything into what she does everyday.
Alexandra R
My wife is an awesome nurse! She worked for hospice for years and helped a lot of families over the years. She is now working as a case manager and am not really sure exactly what she does, but I know she does it with great caring and respect for her patients and coworkers
Alexandriah P
She has a heart of gold. We live in Ohio and she was willing to volunteer to go to New York, but was unable to because it would leave her own facility short staffed.
Alexia V
traveling nurse
Alexis D
Alexis is a new grad ER nurse. We went to school together and now we have the privilege of working together. Alexis is one of the most selfless people I know and she always goes above and beyond for everyone in her life, patients included. She works her butt off and she's already being assigned special roles at work because she's so good at what she does.
Alexis b
I am nominating my wife Alexis Baerman. She is a registered nurse in Michigan work long and difficult shifts at work. She loves her job and caring for patients. It makes her so happy to see people's help improve.
Ali A
Ali is an ICU nurse with his doctorate degree. He goes above and beyond to treat his patients and is working on the frontlines every day during these tough days. Ali was orphaned at a young age and with resilience he made it to a field where he can help others on a daily basis. He is a father of three (one being a newborn) And his compassion for his patients is incredible.
alice m
My sister is a single mother and works at the local hospital. She's been working long hours and doing her best to keep her family sane and safe the past few months. She doesn't get a lot of recognition or time to herself, but she goes out of her way to make her friends and coworkers happy. She bakes them cookies, brings them silly gifts, and tried to keep the mood at work light and as fun as possible considering the current situation
Alicia P
Alicia Pratt is a 20 year nurse that is the most dedicated and caring person I know.
Alicia M
Alicia has spent a great part of her career as a nurse in cardio-vascular ICUs. She was a key member of the staff at the Mayo Clinic in Florida prior to moving to Denver 2 years ago. As soon as Alicia became aware of the current pandemic, she chose to use her talents by offering to travel wherever she was needed to care for the sickest of the sick. She has just finished an assignment in a COVID 19 ICU in a community hospital in the Los Angeles area. For her tremendous courage, skill, sacrifices, and bravery I would like to nominate her to be one of your selections to win a Knack Pack. As I write this, Alicia is exploring where help is needed so that she can continue to be of service. I am hopeful that she can be recognized for her tremendous generosity. Thank you for your consideration.
Alicia M
She's my sister. Since the COVID19 crisis began, my sis was taking some time off to focus on her advance degree.. As an ICU nurse, she could've stayed in school to seek her advance degree, but instead she chose to join the fight, while also dialing down her school hours. I even suggested that going to school now would be a good thing for the sake of her safety. In particular, I was disturbed by my perception of how some within the Healthcare industry wasn't fighting for their front line staff . Instead she followed her heart and put her self in harms way. While I fear for her, I wasn't going to stop her. She was going to save lives. In my book, she's a hero.
Alicia M
Alicia knows that a positive spirit is if more than half the battle for a timely recovery. Whenever feeling down and out she is the first to remind to think positive and be optimistic. These have been challenging times and she has been a consistent ray of sunshine. Thank you and you deserve to win and to continue to make a difference in the lives of others
Alicia B
My wife is a Registered Nurse working during COVID crisis at a Surgey Center.
Alison P
Alison is my sister a nurse working at Beth Israel in Boston.
Allen b
Caring and loving cardiac RN
Allison A
Allison is battling the frontlines in our hospitals as a nurse, while her fiance is deployed battling the front lines for our country.
Allison D
My nominee is not only an amazing nurse but also my amazing wife! She has worked in many different areas of nursing and was most recently in adolescent mental health before transferring to working in a pediatric ICU. She strives to be the best nurse she can be and has really brought a passion to her work. She loves to take care of the children she works with and often refers to them as her kiddos! It's amazing to see how much she truly cares and loves them! It makes me so proud to see her working hard to make a difference in people's lives and I'm proud to say she's my wife!
Allison M
Allison works with children undergoing Bone Marrow Transplants.
Alma S
She's always going above and beyond to help patients and coworkers. As a case manager often working from home or following up even after hours.
Alonzo L
He is the best ER nurse I have ever met. Strong nurse with a big heart. He is also a good mentor to me and has supported me to advance my career endlessly.
Alora A
The nurse I'm nominating is my big sister, Alora. She is a transplant nurse at Mayo Clinic where she works non stop helping patients and their families through the pressure and difficulty of the long journey of transplant. She always puts her patient's needs first even going head to head with the doctors when they need a reminder of the life they are caring for. On top of all that she's also a mother to three bright and outgoing children who depend on her for every little need in their lives and rightly so. She's a wonderful sister, a stellar mom, and a truly fantastic nurse!
Alyssa B
Alyssa is an amazing nurse for Children's Hospital. She goes above and beyond to take care of her patients. She also helps her family whenever they need. She is veey loving and caring.
Alyssa R
At risk herself because of immune system issues, three kids at home, one a T1D and one with Autism and a husband who is also a nurse and works in a hospital. She still goes to work in the ICU because all her coworkers have families too. Selfless devotion to her family and community with little regard for her safety. We would be a better world if we had more of her.
Alyssa K
My sister in law Alyssa works as a Neuro ICU nurse in Wisconsin. She has been dedicated to the job for the past two years since graduation working graveyard shifts. She is in the front lines in the most infected areas in our state.
Alyssa Y
This is my wife, she's always so willing to help out and constantly gives her all to her patients. No nurse cares more about everyone she takes care of - and their families - than Alyssa does.
Alyza S
Not only is she one of my best friend's wife, she is kind, loving and full of love! She puts a lot of care and effort into her job. Getting her a Knackpack would definitely show some appreciation for what she's done and continues to do during these hard times!
Amairah y
Since this whole covid pandemic she has spent tireless effort caring for patients and working 16hr shifts 6days out of the week..she barely seen her children and other loved ones and is deserving of any award
Amanda B
Amanda helps covid + patients who are intubated and need the utmost of care. She makes sure that they are well-oxygenated on the ventilator, that their vitals are stable, from heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen, temperature, to their respiratory rate. She maintains their vitals by helping to titrate vital medications from narcotics and sedatives for pain and sedation and to make sure they are comfortable. She also paralyzes patients to make sure that they are synchronous with the vent settings. Most of the pertinent signs and symptoms dealing with covid, includes difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, high temperature, and organ failure. She does all she can to maintain the human body functioning at the max peak efficiency, especially since they are usually very sedated and/or in a coma-like state. It's a very fine line, tedious, and nerve-wracking work, making sure that patients are receiving just the right amount of medications to keep them alive and trying to provide the necessary care that these kinds of patients need. She is truly a hero!
Amanda S
Amanda was going to nursing school while pregnant, had the baby and returned to finish her dream. She is now an LPN in a nursing home and loves helping others. She has all the qualities of a dedicated nurse being determined, compassionate and kind.
Amanda R
She is a nurse practitioner on a triage unit for labor and delivery. She has been in contact with many covid positive patients who are scared for themselves and their babies.
She is the charge nurse in the Medical ICU working 7days on/7 days off 12 hour shifts. She has helped take care of COVID positive pts and all others that are admitted to the ICU.
Amanda F
Amanda M
ED nurse for 15 years. Very dedicated to her patients and loves her job and family
Amanda B
Amanda is a compassionate and caring nurse who always puts her patients first. She has made such a positive impact as a nurse to her patients and community.
Amber S
She is a mom of 8 and works hard as a nurse. This would make her day!
Amber S
Amber is my mother. She is the most strong, independent, courageous woman I know. I grew up watching my mother work full time, go to nursing school full time while raising me as a single mother. She has taught me so much about life and raised me to have the same heart as her. Covid has not phased her negatively, if anything, she has become stronger and more optimistic that we will overcome this pandemic.
Amber H
Amber has been working in the Adult ER at Lincoln Hospital and very much on "the front line." She's been working incredibly long hours and has been witness to some scary and heart breaking COVID-19 cases. I have known Amber for over 20 years and she has always been a warrior during a time of crisis or illness.
Amy A
Her passion for our residents is amazing .. goes above and beyond to make sure her aids and family of residents feel comfortable and safe during this epidemic.
Amy K
My wife has been a nurse for 10 years now. She still remains a nurse during the pandemic and she is pregnant with our second child. This would be a really nice gift and I know she deserves more. Thank you for the consideration.
Amy R
Amy is my amazing wife and mother of our two kids who has been caring for our community as a ER nurse. She works 12 hour days and still takes care of our family and home.
Amy E
I have had the pleasure of working alongside Amy. She has been my mentor and a dear friend that has truly made nursing wonderful career. I chose working on the unit I am because she was my charge nurse, leading any event in controlled chaos. Now she is our nurse manager, during the covid times. This is a truly exceptional nurse.
Amy S
I nominate my mom. She is a great nurse and works hard everyday through this pandemic to keep patients safe and healthy and also help heal the ones in need.
Amy M
My aunt is a nurse. She very recently has shown symptoms of COVID-19 and is quarantined and getting tested now. I think a knack pack would cheer her up in this difficult time.
Amy G
Amy is a nurse practitioner working in urgent care. Prior to the Covid 19 crisis, she saw almost 40 patients a day. Since that time her workload has increased, including staffing a newly-created respiratory clinic, and taking part in the virus response steering committee. Amy works hard, maintains calm, steady professionalism, and makes time to check on her friends. She is an awesome friend and community member. Amy also serves as a director on the foundation board of our local library.
Amy M
Amy is an ICU nurse in Chicago. She has 4 kids and a police officer husband. After successfully recovering from COVID-19, she has gone back to work caring for others.
ana C
Life is short! I never thought that I will be experiencing a global pandemic in my lifetime. We were not prepared for this. My hero has been a nurse for 28 years and this has been the scariest and saddest part of her entire career. We are fighting an invisible enemy and it's taking so much lives. Now I find myself thinking that our lives are fragile. She has been saving lives for so long and she deserves more. To me she is not only a nurse ,but a miracle worker as well. Because everyday she works she makes us proud.
Ana R
This past week was the hardest for Ana. Due too exposure for COVID-19 she had to be isolated from her 1 year old. She has too isolate away from him in order to prevent any exposure to him and keep him safe. This was the hardest week not only for her but for her son. She did this to help COVID-19 patients and her family.
Andrea P
I started a new job at the VA just as the COVID 19 pandemic started. There are so many unknowns starting a new job but even more so when a GLOBAL pandemic is happening. She has been so supportive and a great teacher. She is so deserving!
Andrea b
Andrea works in a local community Emergency room. She is always willing to help in whatever situation arises. Her top priority to give great patient care while caring for the patient's family as well.
Andrea C
She is a mother to seven children and every day she goes to work risking her life to save lives. To me that is a hero!
Andrea M
Nurse at Rhode Island hospital for 10+ years. Husband also works there as physicians assistant. Mother to precious daughter Seeseeâ working in her department and covering for others
Andrew M
Andrew is a nurse fighting on the front lines of the Covid pandemic. Every shift he is sent to a different covid floor, never complaining and always willing to help and care for the sick.
Angela S
Angela & I have worked together for 23 years at the Cleveland Clinic she is a spectacular Nurse. She is always willing to help others & is a great resource.
Angela B
She is an amazing person who is traveling to the areas in need of critical care and puts her heart and soul into caring for her patients :)
Angela C
She is a nurse who has been working tirelessly during this crisis, she also was infected with COVID and has recovered and went right back to the frontlines! She is a dedicated and special nurse and mother of 3 boys...
Angela D
Angela is a Critical Care RN at Mercy - St. Louis working on the COVID Unit as a primary RN with direct patient care
Angela F
Works hard! Put herself thru nursing school working full time. She works for hospice which takes someone compassionate and caring. She loves animals and her family.
My sister is a critical care nurse working in a level one trauma hospital in the Midwest. She has always carried a heart for helping the vulnerable and the voiceless, and it is still true to this day. She is currently working in an intensive care unit caring for COVID patients and has been working nonstop to try to provide comfort and healing to her patients. With chaos happening in the world, she has tried her best to help boost the morale of her team through little acts like snacks and treats. The hospital is a scary place to be right now, but there's no place she would rather be.
Angelie B
She is an ICU CoViD19 Nurse fighting this pandemic since day1.
Angelie B
Has been caring for the COVID19 patients since day1 and still fighting the disease together with other health heroes in the frontline.
Angi S
Has been helping with curb side testing for Covid 19 and also with calling people back with their results.
Anit M
Very caring and compassionate.
Ann M
Ann Marie is an exceptional nurse. She is an oncology research nurse who has been redeployed to the bedside to care for oncology patients during this pandemic. When she is finished with work she goes home to take care of her two-year old until her husband wakes up and works during the night as a meteorologist. This change in work schedule has not been easy and she has adapted to this new normal with ease and grace.
Ann T
Traveler that works her butt off to support the patients in the COVID corner of the ER.
Ann d
She worked tirelessly to becoming an ER Nurse Manager and helped develop protocols for sexually assaulted victims; improved the flow of the ER and helped other nurses advance all while also helping on deck with bedside patient care. She leads by example and enjoys making continual improvement.
Ann M
She went to work everyday. Neve backed down. Went when she had no idea what she was walking into. Went even though she did not know what she was bringing home.
Anna P
She's a hardworking nurse on the front lines . COVID's been tough times for all but especially her. Her wedding (our wedding) got postponed due to the pandemic. We had hoped to move in together in April and end our long distance relationship for once. Now that we've postponed the wedding, long distance travel still continues and I think a nice backpack will help her commute efficiently!
Annamma J
AJ is a hard working nurse who serves the best for her patients. She is giving and selfless taking risks each and every day. She is committed to make a great impact to those around her and ensuring lives are touched through respect and compassion. It takes a special person like her to be a nurse.
Anne G
She works so hard to better other people's lives! She sacrifices herself to be there for people in need.
Anne T
Ever since this pandemic hit, Anne has been at it non stop putting in a 100 or more hours a week. She has stepped in and picked up the slack when others could not work due to illness or have quit for various reasons. She has sacrificed by staying away from her family and being with those who can't be with theirs, sometimes to the end. She, like others, have taken on more than ever could be imagined and are meeting the challenge. She does this without complaint and with a smile on her face. She is a hero!
Annie H
Annie is one of the best nurses I know, her heart is clearly seen with the smile that she wears everyday. She radiates with happiness and compassion in everything she puts her heart into. The patient's lives that she enters are very lucky to have a nurse like Annie. She is a team player and I am very fortunate to call Annie not only my coworker but also my friend.
Anthony B
working hard daily in Covid unit of ICU at Marian hospital
Anthony B
Works tirelessly in the ICU to help help those with the corona virus. He is a true hero.
April C
My nominee is my mom. She is currently a travel RN and works with Covid -19 patients. She rarely thinks of herself and always puts the needs of others before her own. She currently is having some reactions to something related to this horrible virus, but continues to work long and stressful hours caring for these patients. I nominate my mom because I think she is deserving of the Knack Pack to help when she is traveling.
April M
My wife has continued to work and fight Covid-19 despite having asthma.
April W
29 weeks pregnant going to work and caring for COVID and non-COVID patient's.
April C
She truly is genuinely and caring for everyone
Aquiles R
Aquiles is a great nurse that is currently serving a COVID unit. He is always goes above and beyond for his patients and coworkers on his unit.
Archie E
Nurse Eustaquio is always serving his patients with passion. He is a team player, he is always there for everyone.
armaan d
they're literally the most fabulous nurse ever! please look at his instagram: deepfriedpaki he is on the front lines every day, he has not had a day off in over 2 months
Arwen W
An amazing RN who has been tirelessly focusing to help battle in treating COVID-19 patients. She takes extra shifts and even when not her rotation to help treat patients. Always stay positive and keeps a smile for her patients and those around her.
Ashleigh S
Fully consumed by caring for patients she still finds the time to call her Mom every day.
Ashley D
Ashley,to most who know her, has the ability to spread joy and comfort to all she comes across.On her first day of life her calm presence was felt by all as nurses worked feverishly to keep her twin sister stable after birth. Ashley was destined for the medical field early on. Through elementary school to high school her love a science poured out in ever aspect of her education. She continues that love of science working as a nurse practitioner in a COVID-19 clinic. Working long shifts and traveling often at a great distance, there has never been a complaint or regret uttered from Ashley. She is fearless in the face of adversity and calming in the presence of disaster. She will always be the first called by many to help them maneuver through a crisis. We are blessed to know this angel on earth who has positively touched so many lives.
Ashley D
Ashley has taken things in stride during this unprecedented time and has been flexible to her patients needs. She continues to care for patients via telehealth.
Ashley H
Ashely is Travel RN who just got married on May 1st, to her Travel RN husband, Joe. Ashley works in the Emergency Department -so front lines- and is always happy and helpful. Who better to receive a Knack Bag than a Travel Nurse!?!
Ashley H
She has been working nights for the designated COVID-19 unit for our entire area. She is the only one on nights that did not contract COVID because of her due diligence and hard work. She's been there for patients who did not survive and there to communicate between patients and loved ones for the last time. She is physically and emotionally exhausted but is still working hard for the patients she care for.
Asma R
She works at COVID designated unit at DC VA Medical Center serving nation's veterans.
Assem T
Nurse on frontline workin on covid unit
Amazing nurse in ER, she is Frontline nurse during our time of need. She has gone above and beyond for our facility.
Currently working as a RN in behavioral health and Public Health, directly serving patients and public.
Azzaria F
Hello!! My name is azzaria, and I am nominating myself. Right now, life is evertremly hard for me and people like me. I am a clinical specialist in. MN. Cases rise daily. We are understaffed and underappreciated. I continue to do what i do because i love my job and love to help others. I have been putting myself aside for months now and have lost touch with proper self care. I am eating quick and fast foods, loosing sleep and running myself dry for everyone but I wouldn't change it for the world.
Bailey S
From her quiet home in Georgia with her newlywed husband she shares with the military, Bailey left for a cause. She went to New York for a contracted nurse and severed the community where the largest need was. She worked with passion, hope, and most of all tremendous joy at the thought that she was providing for a need. This girl is so sweet and so amazing.
Bailie C
Bailie is helping people in a different way than most nurses. Bailie is a psychiatric nurse practitioner who is helping people who are struggling mentally and emotionally with the current situation. She helps find the right combination of medicine and therapy to get people feeling their best and does it all via telehealth so the patients never have to leave their homes.
Barbara y
She hardworking and very dedicated to her work.
Barbara M
Barbara is a dialysis RN ..
Barbara M
They are 66 and still working as a floor nurse providing direct patient care
Barbara i
Wonderful nurse and mother. Working in the ED during this pandemic. Contracted COVID had to stay at a hotel Have not had physical contact with her 4 year old in over a month in fear of getting him sick. Single mother that loves what she does cares for her patients and is a wonderful human being.
Barbara S
Barbara is an amazing nurse she works in hospice and is constantly around gravely ill and dying patients the care that she gives is absolutely amazing and gives our patients peace during this time of transition
Barbara K
Mrs. Kafader is the school nurse at Friendship Junior High. Not only does she deal with the regular bandaid fixes that a typical day might have, she also helps several students with chronic medical needs. My daughter is a Type 1 Diabetic and has had Mrs. Kafader to rely on for the last 3 years to get her through school days, school activities, and sports. Mrs. Kafader goes out of her way to reach out to us during days, gives advice, follows up, and always has a cheerful disposition. She never seems like she has a bad day. Since the pandemic and the school closing, we know we won't be able to enjoy some final time with our wonderful school nurse, so a lasting gift she can enjoy would be special. School nurses do so much for our school and community.
Bassema K
Bassema Karaki has been working in the front line at the Beaumont Hospital in Michigan. As one may know Michigan saw one of the highest rises of COVID patients in the last month. She has been working diligently, towards the patients even after the hospital is facing a shortage of PPEs. In addition, Bassema is an expectant mother where she not only put herself at risk but also of the new kid in order to carry out her responsibility during this dire situation.
Becky H
Nominee name- Becky Hesselroth Registered Nurse, ER Nurse for Allina Health I am nominating my Mom, Becky who is an ER nurse that is working the front lines during this Covid-19 pandemic. My mom is dedicated to her patients and goes to work despite the fear of working the front lines. She has to wear 2 masks, face shield, hair cover, goggles and a sweaty gown, this makes her sweaty and claustrophobic. She is scared to bring the virus home to our family. My Mom and Dad are homeschooling 3 of us, myself and my 2 siblings while we are out of school. My mom is still maintaining the house, cooking, groceries and everyday requirements of life. She has been under a lot of stress and I hope she gets a nomination reward and is selected. Thank you, Megan C.
Becky H
She is so caring and so special never gives up.
Beka W
She is a wonderful nurse and deserves to be pampered! She works so hard for her patients every day!
Belen B
Belen is a young lady, nurse, friend, daughter, during this difficult times; she has been a strong nurse, willing to help others in need. Balancing her life, full time job in the ICU and makes time for friends, always checking on them to make sure they are okay.
Belva S
Goes above and beyond. Even when she is not well. Compassionate and caring.
takes care of mentally ill which is my brother
Bernice L
Bernice is the absolute kindest soul. She selflessly gives everything to her patients as well as her friends and family. Always puts herself after others, She’s generous, thoughtful and kind. She’s basically the best.
Beth S
Beth has been a nurse for 20 plus years. Working with various individuals including strokes, orthopedics, and brain injuries including a broad base of ages including pediatrics and geriatrics. Beth has always been an overachiever and goal driven. She loves nursing and serving others
Beth P
Beth is the hardest working woman I know! She has worked as RN in several different capacities over 40 years and when met with adversity she has risen to the occasion without hesitation. She is a true hero who you would want on your team.
Beth H
My Mom is originally from the Philippines. At the age of 18 she moved to Chicago, Illinois to go to nursing school. During nursing school she got married, had a child (me) and graduated. She is still a nurse today and is the CEO of a Home Health Company in Hawaii called Prime Care Hawaii. I am so proud of my mom and the hard work she has done as a nurse.
Bethann G
Bethann is devoted to the profession. She has a true gift with Geriatric patients/Alzheimer patients. I have watched her sit by patients and tell them how special they are. She is patient and kind.
Betty Q
She has been helping Mom's bring new babies into the world for 25 years and does it with empathy and amazing skill.
Betty W
Compassionate and dedicated nurse working with elderly people in nursing home.
Beverly Y
Always does the best for patients!
Beverly W
She is above and beyond amazing. Very attentive to the patients nd coworkers.
Binitha G
She has been going above and beyond with caring for patients in the hospital. She never says that she is busy even when jugging between patients . And also after she gets home on her day’s off she goes around in her community helping out the older generation by monitoring their temperatures. Let me tell you, she just gave birth in the month of January.
Bobbie J
My nominee is my wife. Not only did she become a nurse but she did it while working a full time job and being a mother. Did I mention she did it after being out of school for 20 years?
Bogdana G
She works in the hospital everyday to save lives and risks her life to make sure everyone is healthy and safe.
Brady B
Brady is an incredible person, nurse, and friend. He selflessly left his family in NC to fight the front lines at a COVID19 specific ICU unit in Houston, TX. He has been working overtime each and every week to care for his patients, no matter how debilitating is has been mentally on him and his coworkers. He also tragically lost his Father in the midst of being away from his family and loved ones. I cannot possibly think of a more deserving RN, friend, or human to nominate. Thank you for helping nurses!
Brandi B
I’m nominating my wife, who serves as a Nurse Manager. Not only does she work tirelessly to keep her staff protected, she goes the extra mile by rounding on every patient in her unit every day to ensure they are getting excellent care. She inspires each life she touches just by being her. In her 18 year career at our hospital, she has cared for countless patients and through her work as an Educator and Nurse Manager, her reach extends far beyond the patients she’s had. My wife speaks out in support of nurses and nursing support staff and stands her ground, even in the toughest situations. She sacrifices daily for her role and she deserves a reward for it!
Brandy H
Brandy has been working long tiring hours as an ICU Nurse within our Covid ICU Department and is in direct contact with positive cases every day she works. She never complains and is always willing to work extra hours or shifts where needed. She's an example of a Nurse that goes above & beyond for her patients and her co-workers. She sets a good example to fellow co-workers and displays true caring work ethics.
Brandy R
Brandy is a former burn nurse at Riley Children's Hospital and is currently the Bloomington High School Nurse in town, Bloomington, IN. Brandy is so dedicated to the safety, care, and mental well-being of her students (and our daughters as she is our neighbor) that it is hard to imagine what her typical day at work is like...dealing with everything from drug addition, child abuse, neglect, emergency care, and being a trusted 'mom' to so many who need her day-in and day-out. She is absolutely committed to being there, present, for her students at any hour and we have witnessed time and again the toll it takes on her own well-being as she's an advocated for students and children who have no one else to turn to at home.
Breanne K
She is always steady, smiling, team player and always willing to teach and learn. She is a True Nurse.
brenda j
she is very hard working loved by all her staff she is always there for them she always is helping someone
I’ve been with my fiancé for almost 8 years now and she’s always loved being a nurse. Watching her come home lately with her face marked up and watching her take down her scrubs and wipe everything down before she comes has been amazing and eye opening. I already knew she was amazing but watching her now I truly know what a great person she is caring for everyone and anyone. She deserves this just like any and every nurse.
Brenda D
She cares about her patients. She will contact your doctor if you run out of medicine and you can't get the refill. She will even stay longer if you just need someone to talk to.
Brianne G
This is her first year working as a nurse and her floor was one of the first at her hospital to turn into a covid unit.
Bridget K
My wife has stepped up and picked up extra shifts as well as taking on the Charge nurse role to help her department out. She always is willing to step up and help wherever needed.
Bridget O
she's been redeployed 4 times during the pandemic. Is currently in her hospitals covid icu unit currently. Working 12 hour shifts
Brina B
My Significant Other Brina Bobik Is A Float Nurse Who Primarily Floats To Covid-19 Positive Patient Floors. She’s Spend Long Days and Nights Supporting Patents and Family’s As She Could In Their Times Of Need. She’s Picked Up Extra Days/Shifts To Help Fill Gaps In Schedule So That Our Community and Hospital Have What They Need. She Loves Her Job,Her Community, And Her Family. She Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve and Selflessly Puts Herself At Risk Each And Everyday To Fight For Our Community. Thank You! We Love You Brina!
Brittany D
She works hard everyday as a nurse and shows so much love to others, she deserves it back!
Brittney S
She has been working in a long term car facility for 16 years. Once covid got in her building she has been working with covid. She ended up getting covid her self being out sick for two week and now is back working with her patients.
Brittney f
My sister is an ER nurse and has been offering to work her unit’s outdoor covid tent the past few months! She is putting her safety at risk to help keep her staff and community safe :)
Brook P
Brook has shown such dedication and pride about being in the role of nursing. She goes out of her way to help not only her patients and coworkers, but also anyone who had been effected by the current pandemic. She has shown me that nurses truly are heros
Brooke A
She is a very caring person and always takes care of others.
Brooke B
Frontline Nurse , her patients love her
Brooklynn B
This nurse is working frontline in a busy emergency room in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She always puts her patients first and is an extremely smart and caring nurse. She truly is deserving for all the hard work she puts in everyday.
Caitlin R
She my daughter working in an ICU COVID unit in NJ, and I'm just real proud
Caitlin M
Caitlin has been an RN at Berkshire Place Nursing Center for five years, recently she was promoted to Assistant Director of Nurses. During this pandemic, she has been thrust onto the front lines of fighting this disease due to her Supervisor, the Director of Nurse being infected by the Coronavirus. Caitlin has stepped up in dramatic fashion, playing all roles from CNA to Floor Nurse. Working over night and weekends has become second nature for Caitlin. No one deserves more recognition in the Long Term Care field, than Caitlin Marabello.
Caitlin M
Caitlin has been an RN at Berkshire Place Nursing Center for five years, recently she was promoted to Assistant Director of Nurses. During this pandemic, she has been thrust onto the front lines of fighting this disease due to her Supervisor, the Director of Nurse being infected by the Coronavirus. Caitlin has stepped up in dramatic fashion, playing all roles from CNA to Floor Nurse. Working over night and weekends has become second nature for Caitlin. No one deserves more recognition in the Long Term Care field, than Caitlin Marabello.
Caitlyn L
My hero through this pandemic is my daughter, Caitlyn. As a child she was often ill and her dream has always been to be a nurse in a pediatric hospital. In January her dream came true and she started working as a RN in a pediatric hospital. When the pandemic hit she volunteered to transfer to an adult hospital and work on the Covid floor. She works 12 hour shifts wearing a mask the whole time. She is emotionally and physically exhausted yet her only complaint is “I wish I could do more” she does all she can to provide compassionate care to each patient, they are all scared and so alone. I can’t imagine the burden she carries. It’s one thing to care for patients but it goes to a whole different level when you help them FaceTime with their families saying goodbye; and their families beg her to love them and do everything for them. After each shift she still calls her grandparents to check in on them as she knows they are so lonely. I admire her love, dedication and compassion more than I can ever say and wish I could be more like her. This is why my daughter is my hero.
Caiza N
Caiza has been working almost everyday to help care for patients with COVID 19. When I asked her why she wanted to be on the frontlines, her answer was, “it is my calling no matter how scary and life threatening it is.”
Callie A
She works doing infusions for MS patients and organ transplant patients. She is raising a newborn baby girl while working as her husband finishes medical residency. She also worked full-time supporting him during medical school. She switched from being a cardiac nurse to an infusion nurse to help her sister (my wife) after an MS Diagnosis. She always works to take care of her patients with selfless devotion to their care above her own needs. She is truly a deserving person of reward and acknowledgment for her hard work.
Cambria F
My wife is a Respiratory Therapist and while most health workers that get recognized are nurses, respiratory therapists are very much like nurses dealing with the overwhelming amount of current covid infected clients. What's more if that she is willing to risk herself by going to work and even heading to the hospital on her days off when they are short staffed.
Candace c
She deserves something nice. She puts everyone else ahead of herself always. even more so during covid 19
Cara j
My mom is an ER nurse and works hard everyday treat and caring for suspected and actual COVID 19 patients
Carl L
Carl is an extraordinary nurse. He goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure his patients receive the upmost level of care. He is a team player, always willing to lend an extra hand to his fellow coworkers.
Carolina K
Carolina is an APRN working long hours tracking and ensuring that the nurses and doctors that are exposed to Covid 19 at our hospital are take care of. She ensures that they get the required texting done and she follows up with them to monitor their symptoms and disease progression.
Caron c
She works through her own pain to help others feel their best!
Carrieanne R
Carrie is very caring and compassionate icu Rn. She has been lots of extra shifts right now
Casey B
My mom became a nurse at 48 and she is selfless and always puts others needs ahead of hers.
Casey P
My wife, Casey, is truly nothing short of an inspiration. We are both Registered Nurses on the frontlines dealing with COVID-19, but Casey is the real hero here. During her shifts, she cares for multiple COVID (+) patients and provides them with the best possible care. She is so selfless and caring that she works extra hours to ensure that all of the patients are receiving the best care possible. Then, once she has completed her 13 hour shift at the hospital, she comes home to our two boys, under the age of two. Casey is the epitome of a dedicated, caring professional. As a fellow Registered Nurse, I can both sympathize and empathize with her and the tireless hours that we put in, to make sure that our community is cared for. I would love nothing more than to be able to tell her that she gets to have a little getaway and escape the madness. Casey is extremely inspiring, and truly someone that I look up to every day.
Casey P
She gets up every morning to make sure our two young kids have everything they need for the day before leaving the house for her 12 hour shift. She is constantly carrying 3-4 bags with her to make sure she has everything she needs for the day. This bag would allow her to only have to carry one.
Catherine P
Catherine is a nurse working on the designated covid unit at her hospital. She works hard with everything she does and always puts her patients first. She never asks for anything in return. She’s a wonderful nurse and deserves some recognition!
Catherine D
Catherine is an ER nurse at North Shore University Hospital on Long Island. Not only has she been working the frontlines during the pandemic but is also in nurse practitioner school.
Catherine F
I’m a Crisis care LPN with hospice. I love helping my pt’s get comfortable enough to pass on with dignity and grace and love being with the family to help them understand what’s going on.
Catherine V
Being a nurse is her passion. Even the corona virus outbreak did not stop her. Truly a dedicated and wonderful nurse. Thank you!
Catherine R
Cat has been a nurse for 4 years, Taking after her mom who is also a front line COVID nurse (they even went to the same college). My proudest and most frightening moment of her career was when she told me she would be taking care of COVID patents. I am a retired NYPD 911 responder. Cat was young when the towers fell, but she reminded me of how proud she was of me and wanted to make me that proud in turn. Well, I am, she is a true warrior. I'd like to say I had a part in raising such a strong, confident, capable and independent women, but I think she takes after her mom a lot.
Cathleen P
My wife Cathleen and I just celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary(April 24). Unfortunately we weren’t able to do anything special to celebrate. Cathleen has been an RN at NYU Winthrop for 24 years. Loving mother of three children and one of whom is attending Quinnipiac university for nursing.
Cathy v
Hardworking mother of 5 taking care of adults with disabilities.
Catrinah V
She is very kind and passionate in her job. She never hesitate to help in anyway she can
Celine-Ann S
Celine is a critical care nurse who has dealt with sick COVID patients during this pandemic. She has come home later than usual because she wants to provide the most care. She has been experiencing recent anxiety due to the stressors of this crisis, but she stills goes to work with a smile on her face.
Chad A
Right before quarantine was instated in Louisiana I was let go from my job and my husband began to work 5-6 days a week, most days for 14 hours, in a COVID ICU. He did this not only because he is an incredible Nurse and was happy to fulfill his duty as a first responder, but because he wanted to make sure our household wasn't disrupted with me being out of work. He has handled everything thrown at him during this time with grace, compassion and resilience. I would love to be able to gift him with a new backpack (he is still using the same one he had in highschool) that he can go to work with proudly knowing that he is appreciated and loved.
Chad J
Chad is my son and works night shift taking care of Covid patients primarily since his unit was designated for those types of patients. He has not been able to see his friends or family for almost 2 months and lives alone during this epidemic. His birthday is also May 13 and I was hoping this could be a way to show our gratitude for all he is doing and always does for others.
Char B
My Aunt Char got her nursing degree when she was a single mom of 4 at the age of 40. She also travels for mission trips at least twice a year. She is a hard worker at a busy trauma hospital in Indiana. Besides being an amazing nurse and mom, she’s also an awesome grandma!
Charina L
I nominate Charina Lee because she deserve to be gifted with something in return for her dedication in her work. She goes beyond the call of duty, missing most of her mealtime in order to be with her patients. She gives the best service that any patient would ever ask for. She works tirelessly and without a doubt loves her profession or what she would say "her calling". She may not been given the right commendation by her employer but she always give all out her service to her patients.
Charity W
Charity is an excellent nurse. She keeps up with the medical needs and mental health needs of our psychiatric patients. She remains calm during a crisis. She is always great to work with and I can count on her to have my back when things get hairy!
Charles A
Charles is a nurse at UNC Hospitals. He is currently in his 1st year serving as a nurse.
Charmaine is an extraordinary nurse. He goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure his patients receive the upmost level of care. He is a team player, always willing to lend an extra hand to his fellow coworkers.
Chelsea m
Chelsea is an amazing nurse. She selfless, compassionate and is extremely dedicated. She is always striving for self improvement by continuing to increase her knowledge and involves herself in community. Chelsea is a great leader, team player and always an inspiration !
Chelsea P
She's the best.
Cherise S
A new mother and hard working registered nurse devoted to both her family and her patients. This would be an awesome Mother’s Day gift.
Cheryl H
Cheryl has a heart of gold. She truly cares for her patients and coworkers. She goes out of her way to help her patients and colleagues. Her caring and no nonsense attitude is amazing.
Cheryl P
A high school nurse with the patience of a saint. She is compassionate and there for the students and the faculty as well. She always updates her skills and stays informed. Cheryl truly to be awarded this accolade.
Chris F
Chris works hard every day and puts her patients ahead of her own needs. She is always caring and goes way above and beyond the call of duty. she does all this while raising two girls.
Christi M
Christi works with me on a COVID positive unit and has displayed adversity and positivity working in less than ideal conditions and directly exposing herself and her family. Not only is she a true team player and helps out the rest of us but she takes care of her patients with compassion and treats them with respect, so that they don’t feel scared during their hospital stay away from their families. She is truly my hero and keeps me going! She deserves this!
Christi M
Christi works with me on a COVID positive unit and has displayed adversity and positivity working in less than ideal conditions and directly exposing herself and her family. Not only is she a true team player and helps out the rest of us but she takes care of her patients with compassion and treats them with respect, so that they don’t feel scared during their hospital stay away from their families. She is truly my hero and keeps me going! She deserves this!
Christina J
Christina is a nurse at trump pavilion Jamaica hospital. She is great and has two children !!
Christina B
Christina is a nurse at our local hospital. She is also a mom of a 2 1/2 yr old disabled child. She is that huge-hearted nurse that still cries leaving work every day over her patients. She had to leave her baby with her mom because of her fear of passing Covid to the baby. And within that same week had contracted the virus herself. She works hard and is so dedicated to her patients. She has a heart of gold and was truly born to do her was written in her heart. She is truly deserving of great things.
Christina S
I am an oncology nurse who volunteered to go to the covid units about two months ago and have been there since.
Christina R
This nurse is my wife and she has been a nurse for 19 years at a local hospital and has just gone through being hospitalized with covid-19 and pneumonia!! She has always taken such good care of all her patients and us and I would like to take care of her and bring her some happiness!!
Christina L
She is a dedicated caring nurse in many ways. She not only goes to work but cares for her grandmother at home. She makes sure she super cleans all the time to keep everyone safe. She makes sure to check in on loved ones to make sure everyone is staying sane. She could use some surprise gifts to keep her spirits up and running for all of us.
Christina M
She puts everyone before herself and has been committed to helping our patients who struggle with addiction for the past 15 years. She’s the most dedicated, hard working, and selfless person I’ve met and deserves the best recognized!
Christine M
Being of retirement age she still serves and cares for her pediatric patients.
Christine A
She is my mom and she is an emergency room nurse working on the frontline during this pandemic.
Christine M
She’s had gone above and beyond during this pandemic whether it’s been treating patients on an all covid floor at Beth Israel hospital in Boston or trying to make friends and families birthdays still special. She’s been buying gifts for co workers and friends to make sure they are staying positive during this time.
Christopher J
He is a front line ICU COVID nurse. Daily he cares for these patients with passion. Proud to be a Part of this fight!
Chrystie A
She is an amazing nurse working on the front lines with sick children.
Cindy B
She is one of the kindness hardworking nurses I have ever met. She goes above and beyond what the expectations of the job description are. Fun to work with and all the resisents love her.
Cindy F
This is my wife, she is a nurse manager in a local jail who has worked tirelessly to keep greater than 140 inmates safe during this quarantine! She also has an autoimmune disorder so has been very diligent with trying to keep herself as well as us as healthy as she can!
Cindy Y
Cindy has been in the forefront of the current pandemic in LA and never fails to help people. She is full of grit and compassion for others.
Claudia R
Claudia is a Director of Nursing that goes above and beyond for her patients and her team. She is always pleasant and approachable. Claudia understands the importance of having strict Infection Control protocols in an outpatient setting. I love working with Claudia.
Colby A
She has been an absolute rockstar working at Mass General Hospital as a nurse. She was floated to the COVID positive floor and didn't conplain once. She's been selfless in this crazy time.
Colin O
At first, he wanted to be an English teacher. He enjoyed teaching, connecting with people, and having an intentional impact on people’s lives. After some soul searching he figured out Nursing was the call for him. He’s been able to be intentional and impactful since graduation by working in the ER at Forrest General in Hattiesburg, Ms.
Colleen H
Colleen is a critical care nurse working in a busy hospital in Milwaukee. I am her coworker and we are caring for covid positive patients every day. She is constantly picking up extra as we are short staffed with the influx of critically ill patients. I believe she has worked nine 12 hour shifts in a row. Over 100 hours in less than 2 weeks. Staying away from her family because of her exposure. Not only is she there to care for patients she is always a support to the nurses around her.
Colleen A
She’s been through so much, and still comes out strong as ever. She has so much love for those around her and fights for her peers, patients and family with no hesitation. I look up to her and her strength and honesty.
Colleen A
She is a figure to follow in the nursing and medical industry as she puts the patients needs before anything else but also is a family woman. She is caring and level-headed. A trait all nurses should have.
Colleen C
Always there when you need her and she truly cares about what she does.
Colleen A
She holds herself and her profession to a higher standard. If there is an issue she will look out for her other nurses even if that means putting herself into the crosshairs. She fought to get more PPE at her nursing home and she was fired because of it
Colton S
Colton worked as a nurse in ICU for many years then went on to finish his training as a CRNA. He is now a Nurse Anesesthesist. He has worked very hard to get to this point. H ed deserves this gift.
Cori H
Cori is a Mother of 4 who works full time and is in nursing school to a NP. She has been a nurse in Emergency Medicine for the past 6 years and has been a nurse for 10. She has been working on the front line and advocating for patients that need to be tested for COVID. She has been financially supporting us during this time as I have been furloughed from work. She is a very compassionate, caring and knowledgeable nurse.
Corinne T
Corinne is my wife and an unbelievable NICU nurse. She is the hardest worker I know and her dedication to her patients is inspiring. We love you so much and THANK YOU!!
Corrin T
Corrin is an ER/ICU Float RN and has been working for 8 years, she dedicated to her profession and loves what she does. During this time more so than before this would be a great surprise/present for her to receive and would be greatly appreciated- THANK YOU.
Corrine S
I nominate Corrine Stowe for all the hard work she does at the Miriam hospital. Whether caring for COVID patients or helping plan for the next influx of patients, Corrine does it all! We appreciate her and all the other first responders out there! Not all heroes wear capes.
Courtney D
My wife cures cancer, pandemic or not! She’s a nurse and she’s my hero!
Cristine R
Cristine is an ICU nurse at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring Md. she's treating numerous Covid patients every day she's on. due to supply shortages, she's had to make her own masks and even borrowed her son's goggles from putting together models to wear to work. she's intrepid though and has been volunteering for extra shifts, despite numerous colleagues who have become positive with the virus. she's working in a war zone every day.
Crystal A
My wife has been a nurse for 7 years and a nurse practitioner for the last 2 of those 7 years. During this unprecedented time, she has continued to work full time taking care of high risk cardiovascular and heart transplant patients as well as attending to our two daughters. The days she works, she's out the door before any of us are awake, carefully watching everything she does or touches at work and then comes home, cleans everything furiously to be a part of our family. What these healthcare workers are doing in these times is what many of us would never do and they do it without question. Never have I been prouder to call her my wife and mother of my children.
Cyla C
She may be tough outside, but very tender-hearted. Especially to her dear patients!
Cynthia G
She is the epitome Of caring and always puts her patients first.
" "
Cynthia B
Cynthia is the head nurse for a group of schools that span from pre-k thru 12th grade. It includes four campuses and 2700 students, faculty, and staff; every day. She and the two other nurses coordinate all nursing and health activities, including health education, lice screening, vaccines, medicine disbursal, allergic reactions, injury, and a myriad of other visits and interactions. Despite all this, she maintains a cheery disposition both with the students, the parents and fellow employees.
Cyrena E
Cyrena is one exceptional Registered Nurse she goes above and beyond for her patience every single shift. Cyrena Escobar is very loving and caring and it never goes unnoticed. Always happy and willing to help anywhere it’s needed..
Daesha P
Mother of 3! Still sticking to her duty to fight against the corona! She is a travel nurses assistant as well!!! Travels to places who are in dyer need of help due to the shortage of staff.
Daisy S
She is a CVOR travel nurse that works with covid patients on ECMO.
Hard working during the coronavirus. Making sure everyone is clean and protected.
Dan S
Dan is such a great Medical Nurse GI Tech who always goes Above and beyond for his patients with the biggest smile especially during this Covid19 Pandemic. He is such a great blessing and would be great to win a free Knackbags. Thank you for everything you Do Dan Gods Bless you and all the Nurses and essentials workers?‡?‡
Dana H
Dana has been a wonderful frontline worker for several years. She’s a devoted Christian to help people out and she said this is one of the worst things she would have though of to happen in the world but she’s so glad to be helping out several people.
Danica D
my daughter is a wonderful very caring nurse. been working double since this pandemic started. a nurse with a heart of gold. she definitely deserves this.
Daniel L
Amazing caring husband and nurse. Cares for children and mentally ill adults
Daniella M
Danielle is the most compassionate nurse I have ever met. She has taken care of patients of all ages.
Danielle R
Danielle is an Critical care nurse working a covid positive unit. She is so caring and it shows in how she cares for her patients.
Danielle B
Danielle works in the ICU with the most critical care patients. She has volunteered at two additional hospitals to help in this time of need. She is now working everyday, including at a Veterans Hospital. In the crisis she has run towards the need and the sick while the rest of us shelter in place. Her heart is one of the biggest I know! We are lucky to have her in our world!
Danielle L
My wife works full time night shift as an Assistant Nurse Manager on a very busy Telemetry and Medical-Surgical Unit, now with a Covid-19 Unit to manage as well. She also works bedside along with the nurses on the unit providing much needed care during this unprecedented time. In addition to all of the hours she puts in at the hospital, she is also pursuing her Master's of Science in Nursing in Leadership and Management. I would love for her to be selected to win a Knack!
Danielle W
I nominate my niece, Danielle Wiebelhaus in Oregon, because she is a bright ray of sunshine to all who meet her. Her caring light shines in everything she does - even in the darkest days for others. She has been working hard on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic like the sun heating the earth. She is tired and needs rest but keeps going to help save lives on a daily basis. Please bless Danielle and let her know that many appreciate everything she is doing for her patients, co-workers and staff at her hospital.
Danny Y
He's the most giving, kind, loves to cheer everyone up that would do what he can to help another kinda nurse and person.
Daphne N
Daphne has a warm welcome smile and helps everyone on the NICU in Inova Fairfax Hospital. Her personal commitment to her career ?-️ has made it an amazing thing to watch when a family is doing well enough to go home. They all feel like they may return if they need anything. Almost as if the huge campus is her personal home.
Darleen P
Darleen is my coworker who works in the operating room. She works hard and has helped contribute to working more weekends to cover shifts for people with kids. She helps as a resource for Covid cases for surgery. She is such a big team player and loves to travel. I know she would really love receiving this! Thank you!
Darleen D
She is tirelessly working with newborns who are born to covid possitive moms. She is helping the moms to cope with these difficult times.
Darrel K
Darrel is an ER nurse at Northeast Georgia Medical Center located in Braselton, GA. He just graduated last Summer and started working in October. Little did he know that he would be literally putting his life on the line for COVID-19 patients only a few months later. While the rest of the world quarantines and stays home, he fulfills his duty and lives out his calling both each day at work and when he comes home to his family. Last week during nurses week, he was recognized and awarded the “Golden Diaper” award at his hospital. This is given to the most outstanding New Nurse in the hospital, think of it as like the rookie of the year. Darrel has shown the utmost care, compassion, and courage toward those who need it most.
He is an ICU Nurse that works in a dedicated coronavirus unit. He never complains about his work. He believes in compassion to all people. In his free time he encourages others who have been negatively impacted by COVID.
Davida H
DavidA is dedicatedand efficient. She is caring, compassionate and competent. A natural life saver.
Dawn T
I’m a nurse working on the frontline in labor and delivery with moms and newborns during this pandemic. I just wanted to do something for myself and nominated myself for this.
Daylene B
I am nominating my sister who is a RN Nurse in Wyoming! She isn't just my sister, she is such a caring soul! Ive watched my sister work in a nursing home environment for years before she moved and took a job at the hospital in Wyoming! It takes a special person to love, care, provide healthcare be a friend and all of her patients are family to her! I know this is a scary time for the entire healthcare community, first responders, etc I’m lucky I have the best nurse and I get to call her my sister!!!
Deana L
She goes above and beyond, works extra hours and stays at work when needed meaning that she works 16hour shifts. She loves what she does and works very hard to make her patients safe and happy. She works directly with covid-19 patients and puts everyone else above herself.
Deanna L
My partner in life. She is working in an emergency room and a covid emergency room. She researches how to keep herself, her team, and her family safe. She found donations for faceshields her team needed. And she is doing this while finishing her Masters Degree online.
Deanna H
My mom has been in healthcare all of my 34yrs. She has worked as a CNA, earned her LPN and continued on to RN. She took the last 2yrs off as a much needed break but chose to return to nursing during the COVID-19 pandemic. She could have easily continued to stay at home and watch but she chose to step forward towards uncertainty for the people, and people she has never served before. She is now a nurse at her local correction facility in Columbus, OH helping to care for the forgotten population. I hope you'll choose my mom because she has certainly deserved the right to be honored. Thank you!
Deanna R
Deanna is the most selfless nurse that I know. She is a mother of three girls, a wife to her high school sweetheart, a Grammy and someone who has been a nurse in our small town for many years. When the covid first broke out she was the first to volunteer to put herself out in the community and treat these patients from their own home, risking exposure of herself. If anyone deserves to be recognized for their countless hours of service in their community it should be her.
Deanna S
Deanna graduates from Duquesne University this weekend and is currently working with the Allegheny Health System, working 2-3 days per week and finishing her schooling. After graduation, she has accepted and will begin her new employment with Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh in the emergency department on June 8th. Proud dad to say the least!
DeAnne M
She is amazing. She works daily and tirelessly because she loves her job and loves to save lives, despite her own, and despite not being able to be with her family and children.
Deb D
Ms Duncan is forging her own medical care for metastatic breast cancer to car for. High risk patients including covid19. She is also delivering meals to seniors
Deb teaches psychiatric nursing full-time, sharing the breadth and depth of her considerable knowledge and experience with clarity and humor. She volunteers with the Red Cross, showing up to comfort and provide for people facing catastrophic losses. On a personal level, Deb loves to travel, bike and swim. I can just picture that Knack Pack carrying her into her next adventure. She is someone I am lucky to call my friend.
Debbie S
Debbie is one of the hardest working nurses I have ever met, and I am proud to work with her. She has been working 7 days a week, sometimes 20hr/day to establish care in the Pennsylvania Covid-19 medical unit at two state correction facilities, including Huntingdon, PA which is a known "hot spot." Debbie is working hard to make sure that her staff/nurses are safe and are provided with essential PPE and a comfortable environment following each shift. I never realized the amount of time/efforts she has put into her position/role as a nurse until I started helping with her tasks so that she can focus on nursing and providing care for others. Debbie is an inspiration, and a great role model for what we should expect from a healthcare provider; compassion and quality patient care overall.
This nominee is also my mother. My mother was diagnosed with lupus many years ago and she also suffers with the fibromyalgia, migraines headaches and a severely degenerative spine. My mother has made sacrifices for many other people for a long time. When the pandemic began, the business that she works for shutdown. Partially, shut down. My mother requested to be able to go in to open the door to help those who needed help with good vision in eyewear. She did not think so much of her own health. My mother sacrificed her health to take care of others so they could be safe and see well. She designed a curbside pick up for Patients to be able to pick up their eye glasses and have them fitted. . She was able to dispense all but 4 pair of prescription eyewear to her Patients during the Pandemic. This enabled each of the Patients to see and also be safe during this pandemic. My mother's heart is to take care of others. Her Passion is to ensure the health and safety and excellent vision of each Patient that she provides service and care of. She has worked for Key-Whitman Eye Center for over 18 years. When my father passed away my mother maintained her employment with this company and was able to provide for my brother and for myself. My brother was a person who had a disease called Soto's Syndrome. He was like a giant and was in and out of the different Doctors. My brothers school clothes each year usually cost right at $1,000.00 each year. He wore clothes from mens big and tall stores when he was in elementary through High School. My mother struggled financially but she so provided for us she provided food clothing shelter and love. She loves us and loves every Patient she is blessed to work with at her work. She is loving and caring and kind and puts herself before others. She spreads herself out so thin but everyone gets a great piece of her and we are all blessed for it. I do hope that you might be able to bless my mom with one of your amazing packs!
Denise W
I am an emergency department nurse. I come in every day, every season to care for and protect those in my charge. I am there for the first breath and the last breath of many, while willingly caring for every bump, bruise, and injury in between. I help comfort those after receiving bad news and help rejoice in those that have just gotten good news. I stand for those who cannot and I fight for those trying to quit. It is a calling and a mission and I do it daily without question.
Denise v
Always giving her best
Denise S
Denise is my mother. She is the strongest woman I know. She works in labor and delivery. She has been a nurse for over 30 years. Her job is extraordinarily stressful to begin with, something imshe has always handled with a smile and wisdom beyond my own imagination. As if the pressure wasn't already immense, this pandemic has completely changed the way New parents bring their children into the world. My mother goes beyond the call of duty and is there for these people, even through the layers of PPE now required. She travels for her job, 40 minutes every day. She packs her scrubs into a plastic bag and returns them there after her shift in attempts to protect us, her own family, when she arrives home. I think this bag would mean the world to her.
Denise s
My cousin is a special nurse to me, she's a hospice nurse. she's also a army veteran and very deserving . She put herself thru school while maintaining a home and raising 4 children.
Dennis T
He’s my husband, a nurse like me. We are both frontliners ?• What makes him special is the fact that he takes care of his coworker who were afflicted with covid19 by cooking and delivering food to their houses.
Derrien is normally a Burn ICU nurse. She has volunteered to work night shift on one of her hospitals many COVID units!
Desiree Q
She is caring and always goes above and beyond to take care of her patients!
Destani F
I nominate my Mom. She returned back to work when COVID-19 was on the rise so some of the senior Registered Nurses could stay home.
Devon T
Devon has dedicated himself to fighting for patients diagnosed with COVID 19 by volunteering to work on our hospital’s designated COVID unit. By volunteering, Devon helps reduce the number of nurses being subjected to the virus, and minimizes exposure of his fellow nurses with compromised health conditions. He is truly a hero in this pandemic. His courage deserves recognition.
Diane D
Diane is one of, if not THE, hardest working nurse I know. She is always willing to lend a helping hand, both for her patients & co-workers. She is a true leader and I know I can go to her with questions at any time. And if she doesn't know the answer, she will work to find it. No matter how difficult the task, she will work to complete it. Diane could have retired within the last two years, but she loves what she does so much that she remains a bedside nurse today, even when our unit was turned into the designated COVID19 unit for our hospital. She deserves special recognition for what she does, and if she is selected to receive a Knack Pack, she'll be able to enjoy it both now and in whatever adventure awaits for her once she retires. :)
Diane T
Diane is a long time ED RN in our Level 1 Trauma Center here in Pittsburgh. I’m the Director of Emergency Services here. Diane is amazing at work and at home. She’s brilliant at work and has 5 kids, all home from school, 3 dogs and 2 cats. On top of her work here in our Covid-19 environment, her husband and one of her daughters had Covid-19. Her daughter is now in the program to donate plasma. So she worked here and was an amazing care-giver to her ill husband and daughter! My gosh this woman deserves a Knack!!!
dianna l
i nominate my self because i stay stron and self motivated even when care for covid residents in this time ,at time i dont feel reconized
Digle j
My brother works in Cancer hospital providing care to cancer patients with evidence and theory with our knowledge of patients and make important decisions with and for patients and families at the point of care. Research and practice are not separate but integrated. I am happy he is part of social service in this unprecedented times...
Djuan S
He assess patients/workerss at NASA Space Center. He also retired as a Captain in the Army Corp nurse. He has done several tours in Iraqi.
dominique c
she traveled to NYC to fight COVID on the flight lines and has been their for days!
Ms. Chen is a registered nurse who works at labor room and delivery at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn which is the epicenter of the pandemic. She provides emotional support to all the laboring mothers and family members who are anxious and scared during this difficult time.
Donna D
Thank you for being on the front lines of care. Thank you for your kindness, dedication and healing touch. Thank you for always putting your patients first no matter how grueling your day. I thank you for providing an empathetic ear and compassionate hand when a life-changing diagnosis is delivered. I thank you for being a rock
Donna C
My mother has been a CNA for over 25 years while raising my brother and myself without any help. Working in a nursing home has allowed her to become extremely close to her patients. She truly loves and cares for each and everyone of them. Over the years I have watched her come home excited because someone has improved and cry over those who have passed. When I was a young child she would take me with her on her days off to visit with those who had no one else.
Donna P
My mom is 67 years old today and after 48 years of being a nurse she is now fighting the biggest challenge of her health care career, Covid-19. While most her age are isolating at home, she’s in the front lines trying to help others facing this silent enemy. She is the hardest worker I know and am so proud to call her my mom.
Working very hard to treat COVID patients
Dylan M
My wife is a hard working full-time ICU nurse. Her unit was converted to a COVID-19 unit for the pandemic. She also is going to school for her nurse practitioner degree and she does it all with a smile on her face, even during a pandemic. She is truly inspiring to me!
Ederlinda Q
She is the most patient, caring, and loving nurse for over 40 years. She is modest, humble, selfless, thoughtful and deserves every good thing in this world.
Edlyn L
She is a special caring mom who has 2 kids and 1 husband she buys me one the children Food,snacks and things we want her to buy. After she is taking care of the Covid-19 patients. She is a special working mom.
Edward H
He is an amazing leader of our nurse anesthesia team During the COVID- -19 pandemic. He has made sure we are all prepared and safe at the hospital serving all of western NC.
Edward z
He’s been a Registered Nurse for 10 years and is currently working in an Emergency Department in Tampa. He is working 12-hour night shifts and has worked with many COVID+ patients over the past month. He has slept in the garage multiple days in attempt to not risk infection to our 3-year-old son.
Elanny is an extraordinary nurse. He goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure his patients receive the upmost level of care. He is a team player, always willing to lend an extra hand to his fellow coworkers.
Elisa D
She is a hardworking mom and Operating Room nurse, who was displaced due to COVID-19. So she had to work as a COVID-19 swab nurse for the last 7 weeks regardless of the high risk situation. She goes above and beyond to make every patient feel important and safe.
Elizabeth T
I am a frontline worker. I have health conditions but I still choose to go to work and do my job. My facility currently has covid and we are loosing patients left and right.
Elizabeth S
Elizabeth is a front line nurse room in the emergency department in a rural hospital. Day in and day out she works hard to make sure each of her patients get the care and compassion they need. She is a wonderful nurse that goes above and beyond to take make everyone feel safe and comfortable!
Elizabeth L
My wife is an amazing nurse. She is currently working 3 jobs, 1 at a hospital and 2 different pediatric home health agencies. She never stops. She used to be just a medical surgical nurse now she goes all over the hospital wherever she is needed and added on the 2 pediatric jobs because there is a huge home healthcare need. She never stops.
Elizabeth C
Has been a nurse for 17 years and has worked in the ICU for 13 years. She is CCRN certifird and has a passion for precepting and mentoring new nurses. Outside of work, Beth is involved in animal rescue, medical mission work, and hiking
Elizabeth D
She is over 7 months pregnant and still on the front lines every day. She loves what she does and continues to give the best care possible even during these trying times. She inspires me every day to give it my all and to never stop caring.
Ellen S
Ellen is an awesome nurse midwife who has dedicated her career to working in underserved communities of color. She cares for the total person, regardless of background. She shares her wisdom with those who are young and old and also helps to shape the next generation of nurses.
Elyse W
Elyse is a dedicated RN stationed on a rehab floor at our local hospital. Her companion and dedication during this time of high teens stress is comforting. Thank you for considering.
Emilia Z
She's such a hard worker!! She truly exemplifies the values of a nurse- she’s kind, sweet, caring and so intelligent!
Emilia Z
She is a very kind person, and will help you when needed. She is also very determined and very responsable!
Emily S
My sister has been a traveling pediatric nurse for 14 years. She has recently settled in Boise, Idaho near me and my family. I am also a nurse a throughout this COVID 19 pandemic I have also went through a separation and divorce. Emily has been an amazing asset to St. Luke's in Boise, she's an incredible nurse keeping her kiddos feeling safe and secure during all this chaos and fear, and has been an incredible sister, aunt, and friend to me and my kids. I would love for her to receive something special to let her know how much she is appreciated and loved.
Emily is an outstanding critical care nurse. Always putting smiles on her patients faces. I know winning a Knackbag would delight her!
Emily R
Emily is a caring and compassionate nurse on the adult oncology unit at Hershey Medical Center. She has been at the bedside with dying patients and their families transitioning them to hospice. in January she lost her Pappap (my dad) and I got to see her nursing skills in action and helped all of us with his transition into inpatient hospice.
Emily R
My wife has been an er trauma nurse for almost 20 years. While pregnant with our twins my wife worked charge during the initial Ebola out breaks in the us. After the birth of our youngest child I suffered a cardiac arrest and my wife saved me. She has continued to work in the hospital and take care of the rest of our family.
Emma k
I am a RN and a dog momma! I work on a trauma/covid floor primarily and float all over the hospital.
Emma I
Emma is a 72 year old nurse who works hard every day. She stays over if needed. She goes above and beyond for her residents. She is the most caring and selfless person I have ever met.
Emmanuel P
He is a nurse anesthetist at the University of Miami. He intubates patients and gives anesthesia to those patients needing an operation, whether they are infected with the coronavirus or not. I admire his selfless, untiring, and compassionate service to his patients, putting his life at risk in the midst of this most challenging time we are living in right now dealing with the fatal pandemic.
Emogene J
nominating self for exceptional services provided during the 30 years of nursing service. Continued dedication in serving the community through oncology and black nurses association.
Enisa is the most compassionate nurse that Lutheran general has. She considers her patients and their families as her own. She always go above and beyond for every patient she takes care of. During this covid pandemic she has been a vital part of the intensive care unit. She doesn’t just bring joy to the patients but to every one around her. She makes working during these hard times a little easier with her amazing attitude. I think she is more than deserving of a knack pack!
Enrique R
He is a registered nurse that works both in the hospital setting and a county jail taking care of Covid patients. He has restlessly been working both jobs, exposing himself on a daily basis, and risking his own health for the health of others. Despite the high levels of stress he has been experiencing at work, he continues to go to work with positivity and hopefulness.
Erica N
Erica is a registered nurse at Golisano Restorative Neurology & Rehabilitation. She has worked here as a nurse for about 3 years and works tirelessly to make sure her patients are well cared for and feel comfortable in these uncertain times. Now, more than ever, patients are scared and feel concerned about having no family at the bedside. Erica makes sure to put the patient's and their family's minds at ease.
Erica D
She's good at listening whenever a resident needs someone, and knows what she's doing and when it needs to be done
Erika S
Erika works exceptionally hard for her patients with a caring and competent bedside manner.
Erika R
Erika is a nurse in the cardiac ICU in a hospital in Washington. She has been selfless in her efforts to care for her patients, even distancing herself from her own family to be able to continue to work safely. She is one of the best people I know and she deserves to be recognized for it.
Erin C
Erin is a float nurse working on the COVID unit at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital. She has been picking up extra hour and still maintains a positive attitude and shows up with a smile on her face.
Erin L
She is my nursing work wife!
Erin S
Erin works tirelessly and without complaint. Is always ready and willing to help no matter how busy she is. Her focus is on quality patient care and helps guide our team to promote that goal.
Erin S
Erin is a nurse on a COVID-19 designated floor in Scranton, PA. The Washington Post did a story highlighting the situation many nurses at the hospital Erin works. The lack of support and protective equipment is appalling (see link.. Beyond this, Erin's husband is a correction's office at a federal prison in Waymart, PA. This prison had been doing pretty well as far as COVID cases were concerned, but, due to a shortage of staff at other federal hospitals around the country, Erin's husband was mandated to a prison in Brooklyn NY for 3 to 4 weeks. On top of this, Erin and her husband Jason have a 4 month old child. So this front line working nurse not only doesn't have the basic equipment necessary to keep her safe, but now she is dealing with raising a 4-month old child alone for the next several weeks. Erin is my sister and I can tell you I rarely, if ever, hear her complain, but this situation is ridiculous. I'll do anything I can to try to put a smile on her face. I've bragged about how much I love my Knack bag and would love to be able to put a smile on her face by turning this unbelievably challenging situation into at least something she can smile about.
Erin L
Erun lives to be a nurse!
Eryn J
The unbelievable Eryn is an ICU nurse at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles an epicenter of covid-19 And at 32 years old shouldn't have to deal with death on a daily basis. It's crushing her spirit. She is the MOST caring compassionate person to EVERYONE, and an awesome nurse who always goes the extra mile for hetlr patients (with patience haha) and is one of the loveliest people I've ever met in my life. She cared for my father when he was dying in the hospice and rubbed lotion all over him while he was on morphine and had no idea but that's who she is. She is and well deserving of much more than just a knack pack during this health crisis. (Although it IS a great thing you're doing)
hard working nurse
Esther F
My mom has been deployed at her hospital working directly with COVID 19 patients. She makes me so proud everyday - she doesn't complain ever.
Esther D
I nominate esther for her hard work. A hard working mother of a beautiful 4 year old daughter. She works a hard and having her little be watch my neighborhood friends is not easy. She is always for any problems that come her way and will not take No for an answer.
Eszel T
Eszel is a nurse at Mt. Sinai hospital in NYC. She works in the maternity ward where all the patients are COVID-19 and pregnant. She drives 1 and 1/2hrs back and forth to work each day and when she gets home, she stays away from her own family for fear of putting them at risk. I feel she is a healthcare hero and deserves a shot at being selected for your nice prize!
Eugenia R
I want to nominate my daughter. She is an ICU Nurse risking her own life to take care of her critically ill patients during this pandemic. She is working tiring long hours and extra shifts at her hospital. Eugenia is the most caring and compassionate person and she is definitely deserving of this.
Eve l
Eve is an icu nurse In NH battling covid on the front lines away from her 5 children. She is smart, compassionate and a team player. One of the best nurses I’ve had the pleasure to know!
Fathiya H
She works hard on the weekends to get patients the care they need, pre , intra and post operatively. Always a patient advocate, which is so important when they can’t advocate for themselves.
Flavian is my mom working tirelessly at the ICU of Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital with critically ill Covid 19 patients. This is a stressful time for her and us as a family. We are very proud of her for all she is doing for us and to the community.
Florence L
She is a very caring nurse.
Floricel G
Transfusion Safety Officer of UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center. This one woman TSO is on the front lines in the pathology department of UCLA, 5 days a week, and 2 days at another health facility. That is 7 days a week. The demand for her role during this COVID19 pandemic has motivated her to work harder than ever. I cannot believe her willingness and strength to love and care for others first, before herself.
Fran V
She is working tirelessly fighting to keep Covid19 out of our nursing home! She is saving 100s of peoples lives and risking her own. Our population is at the most risk and she works hard protecting all the granny’s and Grappys day in and day out!
Francis M
Francis is a wonderful nurse and gives outstanding care to his patients. He is a traveling med/surg nurse and is currently working a Covid unit in Philly. He lives out of suitcase when traveling and I know he would love to win this. Thanks for the chance!
G. C
This is my sister. She became an RN and then decided to go further and became an NP. She has worked long days and hours for many years. She has been in the ER since she started, but has worked as a flight nurse as well as in the clinic setting. She is still currently in the ER and isn't able to be around alot of family due to the # of positive cases their facility had received. She is a great nurse who always puts her patients first and cares deeply about others.
Gabriela P
Gabriela is an amazing person with a big heart, she goes above and beyond for every patient every night.
Gabriella V
she is a hard working women. Who leaves her 3 month old son every morning to help those in need. She is working long hours
Gayle S
Gayle has spent her life caring for others. As a nurse she cared for her dying mother and sister, she kept caring for her patients and somehow she still smiles and brings joy to others. She now works in a SNF among the most high risk for Covid. Again, she goes to work every day and shares her joy with those who can not have their family do to Covid. She has patients that she has cared for years ago (when we lived in Las Vegas) who reach out to her still so many years later. She is our hero !!
Genevieve G
Behavioral health nurse
Georgina S
In NYC she has spearheaded the nyc hotel isolation program on the ground, supporting staff and patients
Geraldine O
My sister is an awesome RN who works on the designated COVID-19 unit at UCLA. She looks out for her patients as well as her coworkers during this pandemic. She is thoughtful and kind. I think she deserves a little pick me up and I think she would love a KNACKBAG!
Geselle C
She's my wife and recently she tested positive for COVID while helping her team in the hospital. She's a nurse. She fought through the virus and now she's back to work again to help and serve her patients
Giana R
I am nominating my wife because of her courage and strength in taking care of the most vulnerable patients during this pandemic. Week after week, she battles COVID-19, without hesitation. When the world runs away from this virus, she runs toward it and fights it to the best of her abilities. She stands up for her patients especially for those who cannot speak for themselves. She is the a true inspiration to me and my children. I am so honored to call her my wife. And this is why I nominate her!
Gina S
She is a registered nurse/case management for a home care agency. She still visits her patients daily to make sure the patients have vital equipment, medications and emergency plans in order for them to live healthy lives. Gina risks her life going to her patients houses because she loves what she does. She is a great example for everyone including myself and my sister who are both nurses as well
Gina M
Gina is such a caring snd loving nurse at CVICU.
Gisenia V
She is a Home Care nurse working tirelessly day in and day out to prevent the most vulnerable population (the elderly) from being hospitalized.
Glenn E
First of all Glenn is my loveable, funny, and fabulous husband. Secondly, he is an EP nurse in one of the busiest hospitals here in NYC. When he wasn't working on his unit he supplemented other units. He definitely deserves this bag.
Gloria M
Gloria has been working extremely hard over the recent weeks. When not on the front lines of the children’s hospital she is on the front lines of drive thru testing facilities! She is and has been acting selflessly to make sure we can stay safe! I don’t know how she or any other person in the healthcare industry do it.
Gloria M
Gloria has been working extremely hard over the recent weeks. When not on the front lines of the children’s hospital she is on the front lines of drive thru testing facilities! She is and has been acting selflessly to make sure we can stay safe! I don’t know how she or any other person in the healthcare industry do it.
Grace s
Grace works tirelessly for 20 yrs as an RN. Giving her all everyday. She has been working with covid and no covid patients as needed without complaint. Her relief is usually travel. So that is on hold. But she will make full use of a knack pack if available. I am a nurse also who has worked with her. She is a superstar among her peers.
Grace L
This nurse has been working tirelessly on an all covid unit. She has not once complained and continues to give every patient the highest quality of care possible. An amazing nurse doing her best to help people.
Graciel T
She goes beyond her call of duty for one of our State's most impacted communities and does so with willingness and compassion. She is one of the strongest people I know.
Gretchen R
I nominate myself because I am a mother of four, a wife, a nurse and do an amazing job juggling them all per my husband. May 2019 I started travel nursing that takes me away from my family even more, I needed change. I have been an emergency department nurse for a little over four years. I love my job I love being a nurse I love being a mom and I love being a wife to my amazing husband who supports me through all of this. Even before travel nursing I was always on the go I stand to eat most all of my meals I hardly ever sit. I thank you knack bags for giving me this opportunity and I feel that I might get chosen. Thank you again for doing this for us Nurses.
Gwin S
She has been working during the coronavirus with a small baby at home
Haley J
As long as I have known her she has always tried to help everyone. During this she has tried so hard to help others understand all aspects of this illness and how to protect themselves. She has a huge heart.
Hannah H
My wife, Hannah, is an ICU RN in New Orleans, LA who has been working tirelessly during the COVID-19 pandemic. She has poured her heart and soul into the care she has been providing to her patients, working 72+ hours a week. Not only has she gone above and beyond for her patients, she does so for her family as well. She has kept us afloat during the economic crisis we have experienced secondary to the COVID crisis. She is my hero and deserves the world.
Haydee A
She is an amazing nurse, mother, wife and daughter who is deserving of all the wonderful things. She is hardworking, compassionate, caring and nurturing at home and at work. We owe her and all the frontline workers all the thanks and love we can give them.
Hayley G
She works full time nights as a Nicu nurse and then comes home to take care of her 2 year old and 3 year old boys.
Heather R
Not only does she work as a full time clinic nurse, she also works as a AEMT and a part time nurse at a local ICF/ID. She is the most selfless person I know. She never expects a thank you. She does it all because she has a heart of gold. She never meets a stranger.
Heather T
Heather is a very compassionate and dedicated RN on a surgical oncology unit. She has always known this is her passion from a young age and she was able to reach her goal right out of college. During this tough time, every unit in the hospital has been faced with certain difficulties. At our hospital, the COVID units needed staffing and Heather was floated to help this unit. She deserves a KnackPack because she has been working tirelessly between both units.
Heather L
Been working to help COVID patients since the start of pandemic, deserve a nice present!
Heather H
she is a great nurse and deserves the world
Heather M
Heather has been a nurse for eight years but has worked tirelessly against this pandemic since the beginning. I have had the pleasure of working along side of her, and watching as she has been quarantined away from her family. She would never actually nominate herself for anything so I decided to do it for her. Thank you so much for your consideration!
Heather C
Heather works as a frontline nurse and stepped in when other healthcare workers became infected with COVID-19 by working extra shifts and covering for those nurses working night shift for weeks to care for patients and support her coworkers
Heather E
My daughter volunteered 6 weeks ago to leave her home in Atlanta, GA and respond to the crisis in NYC. She has worked every single night. She is my hero and will continue to help others in need for as long as she can. She also loves to travel so I believe she will love this bag.
Heather M
She is a mother of 4 that has such a devotion to helping her patients get back to their families. During the pandemic, she has risen to the challenge of performing outside of her usual job scope into performing inter facility transports for both adult and pediatric patients instead of her usual requirement of only pediatric transport. She’s been researching what has been the most beneficial treatment because she wants to help improve the outcome of her patients.
Heather C
Works hard in NICU during this pandemic.
Heather M
Heather is an amazing nurse and teacher. As a member of the NICU leadership team, she leads with her heart. She is kind, patient, and so smart. At the bedside, she makes every parent feel included and valued. She knows they know their baby the best. And of course, her scalp PIV skills are not to be dismissed. Heather is amazing and so deserving of this.
Hedy R
My Aunt is very special to me. She is always there to talk to about anything and she gives me advice on everything. She is like my sister that I never had. She was there when I needed her the most for our mom. She always checks on me , even though, we don't see each other. she's a loving person and she always thinks of people. I love her sooo very MUCH!!!
Helen M
Hardworking & dedicated nurse
Helen R
My mother is the most positive person that I know. Despite her patient's illnesses and fears, she continues to provide hope and excellent care for them during this pandemic. I am so proud to call her my Mom.
Helen V
Helen is an RN working on the frontline. Single mother working extra hours and days to assist in the war against COVID 19 in New York.
Hemali P
She works as a RN in fight against COVID-19. She has a few months old baby at home, but she selflessly works to protect and care for others at work. She always jumps in to help other coworkers. I have never heard her complain about any of it. True Hero- doesn't brag nor complain about anything such as no PPE while caring for patients.
Hilda O
Tirelessly working and taking care of its affected by COVID 19 in her hospital unit dedicated for COVID. She also donates her free time making masks and head cover for her family and co-workers.
Holly W
This is my wife. She is the most compassionate, patient first nurse I know. She has made it a point to be involved and lead on multiple committees for patient advocacy and co-worker advocacy. She also teaches multiple classes monthly for new parents.
Howard W
have been working 6 days a week between 2 hospitals, and 2 nursing homes since the start of the pandemic.
Illen A
My nominee is an amazing nurse. She is kind and caring. She comes from an immigrant background, so her childhood wasn’t the greatest but she’s managed to get herself through school and become this amazing nurse. She really cares for her patients and their needs. She also takes the time to speak with family members, especially during this hard time when families aren’t able to visit their loved one at the hospitals. Illen’s unit has now turned into the main covid 19 unit and even though it can be difficult she still had a smile on her face and loving her job!
Imelda T
My sister is a nursing supervisor normally in an outpatient ambulatory surgery facility that is now a labor & delivery unit as well as a Covid unit. She supervises a team of frontliners, working 12 hours or more each day! Yes
Ivette S
My wife is my hero. She’s an RN that has faced many challenges during COVID19 while working at one of the highest acuity hospitals in NJ during the outbreak. I’ve witnessed her tireless efforts in going above and beyond her duties to try and help as many people as possible despite her fears and uncertain working conditions during this pandemic. She is and will forever be My HERO.
Jaci K
I am nominating my wife. She has been a nurse for over 30 years. Her specialty is pediatrics. She loves what she does and it shows in the care that she gives not only at home with our family but also her patients/families. Her coworkers enjoy her sense of humor, her always willing ability to help, and her dedication to her patients.
Jackie C
Jackie is a registered nurse that loves helping others and is very devoted in her profession.
Jackson W
Jackson is a hospice nurse that has been providing compassionate care to patients and their families during the pandemic. His compassion and caring is beyond amazing
Jacqueline M
My wife is a wonderful caring nurse working with the elderly and disabled. She loves what she does. She is also 9 weeks pregnant and still takes care of her patients despite the dangers. I am also a nurse but not half the nurse as her
Jaime M
My girlfriend, Jaime is a critical care air ambulance nurse. She and a physician pick up critically ill patients by plane with two pilots and transports them to the ER in the city. She is one of the bravest people I know and has to travel to remote communities in the middle of the night. Over the past two months there has been a dire shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). Jaime saw the urgent need for comfortable eye goggles/glasses for nurses in the ER and ICU, after many were complaining about the cuts on their noses and ears from the poor fitting eye wear. Jaime fundraised through her social media accounts and secured over 1200 goggles for her colleagues at the city's largest hospital, the Health Sciences Centre. She personally ordered the protective eyewear through a number of supplies and pleaded with them to help the healthcare staff in the city with her order. Most of the suppliers were eager to help and deliver them to Jaime in short order. She personally delivered the protective eyewear to healthcare professionals at her hospital. The smiles and joy that health care aides, nurses and physicians expressed to Jaime was remarkable. She truly made an impact into he live as of her colleagues by supplying comfortable eye wear to her coworkers so they can continue to save live ms and protect the community during this pandemic. Jaime is a kind hearted nurse that consistently goes above and beyond for her patients and community! This pandemic has also motivated her to apply for Masters of Nursing so that she can continue to invest in herself personally and professionally to help patients in her care in the future.
Jaime D
She is a labor and delivery nurse at Marin General Hospital in Kentfield, CA. She works tirelessly helping women deliver babies under the COVID circumstances. She always had a positive attitude.
Jaiveer G
He has been working many days consecutively (15days+) for 13hrs per day to help our team since we were short staffed for COVID population, he's a team player
Jakub and his fellow coworkers work tirelessly every shift to care for COVID patients. Their once-called ortho unit has now turned into the main COVID unit for the hospital. Despite everything he and his team go through, they always have a smile on their faces and try to find the silver lining in each and every day.
James C
He has been special to me every since we starting talking before he started working with me. He is a super nice guy, cares about his patients and coworkers. He seems to make everyone around him laugh, which is what we all need right now.
James B
My college roommate. The man LOVES his job but is very overwhelmed with the current status. He is a recent college grad (2019) that works at Tufts Medical as a Neuro Nurse. Just want to let him know I appreciate what he does each and everyday.
Jami F
She loves her job as a neonatal ICU nurse and looks forward to going to work and helping people, even in challenging times like these and with having a new baby of her own at home.
Jamie f
I am a 100% disabled Veteran and Jamie is my home health nurse that comes and sees me once a week, she knows when I am hurting bad from my pain or when I am having really bad days with my PTSD, Panic/Anxiety attacks and can brighten my day by the way she comes in and notices these right away and always tries to make me laugh but most of all and why I am nominating Jamie is because of how much she cares and checks up on me and for making me feel like a normal person and helping me when I need help no matter the situation! She has been an outstanding nurse especially when she goes above and beyond what she needs too. I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for her!
Jamie A
My sister-in-law Jamie served for four years as an Air Force nurse (NC) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. During this time she selflessly dedicated herself to her work and to her patients. She's always been a caretaker of our family and recently separated from the military in order to pursue a civilian nursing career. She just recently started a new job in South Carolina and a new Knack Pack would be an awesome way to celebrate her recent separation and new career choice!
Jammal H
Jammal is a RRT/RN who works nightshifts at the Med Surg Unit. Due to COVID-19, his facility halted all elective surgeries since early April. In addition to the Med Surg. unit being closed, many of the medical personnel have quitted their post during this pandemic due to the lack of PPEs and other equipment. His facility was short staffed during this time, and called on the remainder of the nurses to assist. While a lot of the medical personnel refused, he agreed to float to different units, from telemetry floor to cohort units designed for COVID patients. Although he resides in one of the major California Counties that have the most infected and deaths, he is 100% committed to his patients. With experiences he accumulated over the years as a respiratory therapist, he now also exemplifies Florence Nightingale’s model of being a responsible and compassionate nurse. He is the nurse that will take the extra time to apply additional care despite the situation. He is truly a humble man and never asks for recognition or anything in return. I just wanted to nominate him to let him know that he is very well appreciated. Thank you for your consideration and generosity in advance. In addition, thank you for supporting our healthcare professionals.
Jana M
Jana is an outstanding RN who u selfishly volunteered to leave her family and fur babies to go to NYC and work with covid 19 patients at Mt. Sinai
Jane B
My nominee is my lovely wife, Jane. She is a loving, hard working mental health nurse who has been a nurse almost 40 years now.
Janelle M
Janelle is a nurse for a nursing home. She is kind, loving and caring. Her patients are like her family. She has seen her patients die from this horrible virus
Janelle A
Janelle is an extremely hard worker. Once a stay at home order went into effect in our state she could of taken a furlough as she works in the surgical unit. Instead she told the hospital she would like to go to float pool and is available for any shift. She has done this to make a difference. She is a prime example at the hospital.
Janessa K
She is working on the frontlines & this is all hitting her very hard.
Janet W
she's is a new mom, hardworking radiologic technologist and overall good person
Janet M
My mom is a nurse in the Emergency Department at the local hospital. She also is working in the COVID tent testing potential Patients. She is currently in school to obtain her Masters degree as a Family Nurse Practioner. If anyone deserves this I feel it would be her. Thank you for all you do for the care of nurses.
Janet E
Janet works tirelessly to help staff deliver evidence based care for all patients. She works side by side with them to problem solve and creatively care for sick and lonely patients.
Janica B
The best nurse I’ve ever worked with. She takes her time with my care.
Janica B
Janica is not afraid to go above or beyond the call of duty for her patients. She’s on the frontlines and in the background playing a huge role in the care of her patients.
Janice L
Janice is my wife for 44 years and an registered nurse for 25 years. She is the mother of 5 and the grandmother of 11. She works in pre-admission testing at a local hospital. They are currently testing everyone for the Corona virus along with all the other testing. She wears a face mask and a clear shield over her face all day. She reports to work at 6:30 in the morning. She is very dedicated and one of a kind and I love her very much.
Janine M
She’s done it all: ICU/Cardio, In house occupational nursing, Liver Foundation local leader, disability claims and my very own home personal nurse. Has saved three lives with CPR at home and church. Assists friends in need.
Jasmine R
Jasmine, is an awesome worker at good shepherd long term care. (Bethlehem Campus). She is very motivated & compassionate toward the residents. She is an amazing co worker!!
Jasmine C
Jasmine is a nurse who cares for her patients as if they were her own family member. She is compassionate, lovable, and generous to name a few. She helps her coworkers when they are need whether it is during the shift or working for them. She is definitely my number 1 go to person.
Jasmine Q
I hear a lot of great compliments about her on how dedicate she is while working on her shift in the hospital. Amidst of this Covid19 pandemic on which we are currently facing. She was assign to screen people from going in and out of the hospital just to make sure everybody including both employees and patients alike are safe from this Covid19 virus. I asked her what makes her stay and continue to fight on as a License Vocational Nurse (LVN). I remember her telling me the reason why she have chosen to stay is her passion to help the people in need during this crucial times. No other words to say after that but only my highest admiration for her and outmost dedication as an LVN.
jay a
my brother is a nurse that advocates and really cares for his patients and coworkers
Jean H
She is frontline worker that works at a busy ED in the middle of New Orleans. She would love a knack to keep all her stuff in. She works really hard on nights and is fighting to keep people safe during this pandemic.
Jeff K
Jeff is currently an ER nurse at the Milwaukee VA. He has been a nurse for almost 5 years now. Prior to that, he was a navy corpsman that actually was deployed on the USS Mercy that is docked in California.
Jeffrey J
Jeff is a combat Veteran currently working the frontlines in the Chicago area during the COVID 19 Pandemic. He and his wife recently put their home on the market before all of this happened . Unfortunately, his wife is living in Texas along with their 10 year old daughter Marley while Jeff is working in Illinois. He gets up and goes to work everyday not even blinking and eye because he knows what he is doing is for a good cause. He is one selfless individual and he just wants his family together again. They are only able to see each other every 4 weeks or so. So its been hard on him living out of his friends basement without his family to come home to.
Jen J
Jen is the Swiss Army knife of nurses. She can save a Life in the ICU and turn around an hold babies in the nursery. She spends hours every day in the ICU, taking care of patients even though she is the director of the unit. She’s the nurse we all aspire to be and as a former ICU patient of hers, she is a main reason I am alive and have no permanent disability. She is a hero. Every.Single.Day both by her actions and by her example
Jenna B
She goes above and beyond for her patients. She laughs with them and cries for them. She will fight for what she knows they need.
She is an RN who works in a hospital setting who works directly with covid positive patients.
Jennifer E
My wife is an amazing nurse. She works as a clinical coordinator at our local hospital. She is in charge of running her unit at night. She is a selfless person and is the strongest woman I know. She makes sure to advocate for her fellow staff to ensure they work under the best conditions possible. When all efforts are made and things still aren’t right, she picks up the slack to ensure they have a good shift. She often comes home exhausted and still continues to help our children with their school work to make sure they do not fall behind (she is the smart one). I know this time has been difficult for her and I can only hope she gets selected to give her a pick me up for all that she does for us.
shes a hard worker loving mother an wife
Jennifer T
Amazing ICU nurse & mother. She’s a generous and kind person.
Jennifer D
My wife goes to work with the stress of being exposed to Covid19. She comes home and takes extra precautions to be sure she doesn't bring any contaminatinated things with her. While she isn't working, she is busy home schooling our children now that schools are closed.
Jennifer O
Jen has been of the only nicu nurses at her hospital to attend COVID positive mom's deliveries and provide care for their babies. She continues to risk herself and isolate herself from her family to provide care to these families.
Jennifer C
My girlfriend is a full time RN working at Mount Sinai Queens Hospital. When the pandemic hit the world by surprise; her hospital was right in the epicenter. She took care of many sick patients, seeing many of them getting intubated, some passing away, and many others recovering and being able to go back home. It has been a rough battle for her, having to deal with constant exposure to sick patients, lack of PPE, inadequate staffing, lack of support from administration, going to work in constant fear. She became sick with COVID-19 and had to be out for 2 weeks; before returning to work and fighting on the frontlines again. She is an amazing nurse and I am always in awe of the work she does.
Jennifer C
Jennifer is one of my best friends. She is a registered nurse and a single mom of 3. Her 4th baby passed away at birth 5.5 years ago and she took that tragedy and dedicated a room at her hospital in her daughter's memory to other families of angel babies. She is truly selfless and is so deserving of all the good the world has to offer. She is risking her health and safety daily to take care of her patients and comes home to care for her children with no help from their father. Her youngest has asthma and a heart murmur so she is truly afraid of contracting the virus and spreading it to her children.
Jennifer P
Jennifer is working at a Mental Health hospital during this time of Covid 19. Jennifer cares for people who have needs for the stress, fears and losses that they have experienced during this unprecedented time. Jennifer sincerely cares for all people and is a strong support that looks at the light at the end of the tunnel.
Jennifer O
My mom rocks! She is a nurse and works hard at a covid testing center and is going to school full time to be a nurse practitioner.
Jennifer M
My mother is a wonderful caring nurse. She goes above and beyond to help everyone and anyone
Jennifer D
Jennifer is a compassionate nurse that has worked endless hours helping those effected by COVID-19. She has been on the frontlines caring for very ill patients while risking her own health. Shes deserves something special :)
Jennifer G
Mother of 4, RN, and my wife. She works on step down covid unit. She has spent hours making masks, caps, and mask holder on her limited free time. Yet she takes care of me.
Jennifer r
Jen has a magical personality. Even in the time of a pandemic, she has a smile on her face for her patients
Jennifer T
Jenny is a registered nurse at Covenant Healthcare in Saginaw MI. A mom of 4 and working the frontlines and feeling scared and stressed .
This person works every day during the court 19 crisis, or every day in general before the crisis. She is a dedicated nurse to her patients. She travels to their homes when they are not allowed or able to leave. She provides them with medications to keep them healthy and insulin to keep themMedically stable. This person always picks up shifts and extra patients whenever she is asked and always helps out with the lending hand.
Jennifer N
Jennifer is a wonderful nurse. She is a resource nurse on her unit. During COVID-19 crisis, she works on different types of units, helping nurses on various floors as well as help handing out masks to workers who enter the building. She is flexible in her hours of work, dependable, reliable.
Jennifer M
This nurse is a stupendous & hard working nurse. Extremely passionate & dedicated to her chosen career field. I
Jennifer P
She’s my mom.
Jennifer D
My daughter is a brave frontliner who has never wavered in her dedication to the fight against this virus, even though she is a single mom to a daughter of her own. She is a registered nurse who provides direct patient care in a designated-Covid unit in a local community hospital. She provides care to some of the most vulnerable people of our community as if she were fighting for her own family members.
Jennifer W
A 10 year nurse and mom of 4 she has settled in her dream job of making sure birth stays a happy memory. She goes above and beyond for her patients because she genuinely loves what she does.
Jennifer T
This also just happens to be my mom. She has been a nurse for more than 30 years and has spent the majority of her career in home health. She drives hundreds of miles a day throughout Northeastern Oklahoma and takes care of those who can’t seek follow up once they leave the hospital. She always goes above and beyond caring for her patients. She is always the one her supervisors turn to when there is a difficult patient. Patients who have to return to home health always request her to be their nurse. She develops such strong relationships with her patients and truly gets to know them. While she mostly works in the office now, she still volunteers to go out and do patient care and serves as the on-call supervisor on the weekends. She works 7 days a week. When COVID-19 hit, she was the person they called to test the first suspected case of the virus in the state. She is so great at what she does and truly has a passion for helping others, even when no one else wants to travel the miles, or go to a house where the patient suffers from hoarding, or when no one else wants to treat a patient, she will go. And boy does she need a new bag that can help her organize her medical and office supplies while traveling. She’s never one to receive recognition, but she does this work because she loves it.
Jennifer M
I nominate my phenomenal friend Jennifer Melvin. She has been in the health care profession for many years. She is a true modern-day hero due to her caring, compassionate dedication to others in this time of need. She is a traveling nurse, going from homes-to-homes taking care of others that can not take care of themselves. She is also a wonderful mother of 3 children. I love her wonderful sweet spirit and her true dedication to others. This is why I nominate my friend Jennifer.
Jenny S
My wife works very hard and tirelessly during this pandemic. She is deserving of everything and more! She comes home after working night shift and is up with the girls all day without sleep. She is amazing!
Jenny L
She is a Registered Nurse dedicated to take care of her patients by providing compassionate care. She most care for the ill, vulnerable, especially the elderly who needs a lot of compassion and care
Jeremy C
Currently works at med cor as a co-Vid screener for employees and also preferred care in old Bridge New Jersey as a CNA for the rehabilitation facility
Jeryn B
She is a labor and delivery nurse that’s helping to bring babies into this world during the pandemic.
Jessica B
Jess is my wife and healthcare hero working long hours and picking up on call shifts.
Jessica B
My sister is the most dedicated nurse and mother I know. Jessica is so compassionate and selfless about every single thing she does with her patients and her own family. She deserves to win.
Jessica m
My wife is amazing
Jessica N
She is a selfless nurse to her patients and their families as well as a caring dedicated wife and mother.
Jessica B
This is not a nomination for a hero of circumstance, rather its a life long hero. Jessica's girl scout years were focused on feeding the homeless. Although a defined learning disability she spent more hours than most, studying to become a nurse. Ten years later she is a lead in the ER and handles the frontline triage/ swabbing and care of the corvid-19 patients. Last night she saw that drugs and meds could no longer help her dog of many years. The tears on her cheeks make it possible to see the rainbow in her soul
Jessica S
I am nominating my girlfriend. She's a nurse working long hours on a unit in her hospital designated for covid19 positive patients. She puts everyone before herself so I think it would be a nice surprise she didn't see coming!
Jessica A
She is an amazing nurse. She pours her heart and soul into helping her patients recovery. Her devotion shows.
Jessica T
Jessica is a young, new nurse who had just bought a new home when the pandemic hit, and I know that the intensity of get job and new stresses of being a first time home owner have been a lot. I think something like this would be great for her! She is the kind of person who is always looking out for others so I figured I could look out for her!
Jessie T
She's an amazing emergency department nurse who also is a new mom and a student in a nurse practitioner masters program. She works hard to keep our family safe and to help others in their time of need.
Jhoana M
Jhoana is one of the kindest, sweetest, funniest and hardest working nurse I know. She always puts her team and patients first, making sure that everyone is taken care of. Covid19 has had a hard impact on her and our team. She is working over time to cover shifts when staffing has been low or when patient laid has been heavy. She has hardly had any break for herself nor spend as much time with her family. I believe she deserves all the treats in the world!
Jieun L
She never loses her smile, even after a long shift at the hospital. I look at her and I know everything is gonna be ok. Also, she volunteered working in the Covid ICU although she is an OR nurse.
Jilaine V
Jilaine is a single mom who made her way through nursing school with a baby. She has won Rising Star in her first year at nursing at Hunterdon Healthcare Hospital. She gives it her all and has received numerous raves from patients. She has been in the front line working on a Covid floor as well as working in a County Jail.
Jill W
Jill works as a pediatric oncology nurse at a hospital in New Mexico. She is not only such a joy to work with but her bright and positive attitude towards the kids amazes me! She is a Rockstar and love watching her brighten kids days with her funny personality and love for her job!
Jill m
She is my clinical manager. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer during this national crisis. Her treatment was delayed due to the pandemic. She will finally be undergoing her surgery this week. She has came to work everyday to support her staff during this crisis
Jill B
She's one of Goshen Health's house supervisor and also works in the intensive care unit. She also is a substitute nurse for Bourbon schools. She's a mother of two teenage girls. She is just a rockstar of a nurse. She's sweet and caring, always going above and beyond for patients. Often house supervisors get yelled out for things that are out of their control and often go underappreciated. This would be a wonderful way to show her we all love what she does for us on the daily no matter what job she is doing.
Jill G
Jill Grimaldi, RN is an Assistant Nurse Manager of the CTICU at Saint Francis Hospital where I have worked for the past 25 years. She is a calming presence, generous with her support and sharing of her knowledge. In our busy ICU, during Healthcare's ever-changing environment, Jill has been a leader and a roll model. The nightly 7pm applause for HCWs & 1st Responders, reminds us of the importance of our work and the significance of good leadership.
Jin Y
J. Chen has been working on the frontline since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. The unit she is working at has covid-19 patients constantly, and everyday she is working tirelessly to provide cares to her patients. J. Chen could really use some positive encouragement from Knack bags!
Jin H
As NYS is recovering from Covid-19, Jin has been part of the front line is battling the current pandemic and outbreak.
Jincy C
She's a hardworking ER nurse that continues to treat patients on the front line. She never complains and always has a positive attitude.
Jipal p
Jipal works as nurse. She studies for nurse practitioner also. She also takes care off her 6 months baby too.
Joan C
Joan Is an ER/Trauma nurse and has been on the frontlines during the Covid19 Pandemic. She served as a flight nurse in the USAF Nurse Corp and has been a nurse for over 20 years at level 1 trauma /academic centers. She's wonderful and would use the knacksack with a lot of the outdoor adventures she volunteers for with children.
Joan H
This is my mom and she is not only amazing in regards to being a great person who has always taken care of her family. She has also done everything in nursing from home health care to ER, to more recently working for FEMA on Covid Response with assignments in San Francisco and New York.
Joana A
I work at a HIV/AIDS nursing home where there are COVID cases
JoAnn E
She is an amazing co-worker who always steps up to help anyone in need. She is also a teacher and preceptor helping to bring along newer nurses and students. As a Critical Care Nurse Practitioner in a Covid ICU, she is at the forefront of supporting patients and staff affected by the pandemic.
Joanna I
I’d like to nominate Joanna who is currently working as a frontliner. She works in the emergency department of a level 1 trauma center. I was hoping she gets picked, this would be such a great opportunity to show appreciation for the hard work and dedication that she does, not just during this pandemic, but during every shift she works.
Joanna f
Joanna has been an Rn for 8 years in Phoenix Az. Recently she took a crisis assignment in california to help with covid efforts there. She is a strong and intelligent nurse and deserves something special. Also her birthday is May 14!
Jocelyn B
She is an RN that works in the urgent care and had been positive fr covid but blessed to recover from it. Now even though she had gone through alot fr this covid virus she still is eager to go back to work and take care of her patients. I believe that she deserves a reward for her braveness and service.
Jocelyn B
She is an RN that works in the urgent care and had been positive fr covid but blessed to recover from it. Now even though she had gone through alot fr this covid virus she still is eager to go back to work and take care of her patients. I believe that she deserves a reward for her braveness and service.
Joey M
He is an RN and the manager over the ortho neuro floor St Francis hospital. He goes above and beyond his job and he is always there for everybody and puts everybody else first hit the most caring and compassionate person you will ever meet
Johanna M
She has been a nurse for over 30years, working in CCU, teaching and giving support in the hospital and for family members through their illness. She has been a loving mother and grandmother which has to struggle her time with helping others and her family.
John A
John is a kind and caring nurse who is working on the covid-19 positive unit in his hospital. He never hesitated to step up to take care of this challenging patient population. He approaches everyday with a positive attitude. His fun loving approach is enjoyed by his patients and coworkers alike.
Jonathan m
Not only is he compassionate and empathetic to his patients and families but he is good honest level headed nurse. Goes out of his way to make patients and colleagues comfortable and always puts a smile on everyone’s face. He’s very articulate and is a strong advocate for patients. Please consider Jon Mack. He is very deserving of a bag.
Jonelle is an extraordinary nurse. He goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure his patients receive the upmost level of care. He is a team player, always willing to lend an extra hand to his fellow coworkers.
Jorge P
Jorge is the most genuine person that I have ever met. He is compassionate, caring and always gives his 100%. He is an ICU nurse at a local hospital. He treats each patient as if they are his own family members and advocates for them at any chance he can. Any patient would be lucky to have his as their nurse! LOVE YOU Jorge!
Jorge P
Jorge graduated from Rhode Island college in January 2020 and started his career this March at the start of the pandemic.
Jose R
He works in a special COVID unit designated for these very ill patients. He is a very caring and compassionate nurse. He gets letters from families and patients regarding how wonderful he took care of them.
Joseph H
The most dedicated RN I know. This guy is ALWAYS positive. Need a lift/turn assist? Smiles. Need help cleaning a pt? Smiles. He brings light to an otherwise dark ICU!!
Jourdan W
She is an ICU nurse managing the sickest covid patients in her hospital is a separate unit only for covid patients. She has been picking up overtime since their need for nurses has gone up over the last couple of weeks. She goes above and beyond managing these sick patients and nurturing the families who are at home worried sick for their loved ones. She always finds time to assist other nurses and she never has a complaint.
Joyce L
She is a nurse. She is hardworking and always ready to give a helping hand. The covid pandemic has placed her in the front lines and taking care of covid positive patients.
Julia G
Julia is a new mom and has returned to work during this stressful time to support her team and patients.
Julia A
Julia and I went to school together and became such great friends. She is so loving and fun going. We love to go on trips, hiking, and camping. I know she would love to have a knack bag that could accommodate all of her needs to continue doing those things.
Julie W
She is a nurse practitioner providing primary care in a small, nurse practitioner run clinic (The Carin Clinic, Arvada CO) which provides primary care for children who are uninsured or have Medicaid - no private insurance. These children are the underserved, and most vulnerable. Julie has continues to care for the youngest ones in person during the pandemic, and the older ones through telehealth.
Julie H
She has been working in 2 different Covid units, 6 nights a week since the middle of march! She doesn't complain. She is just glad to be able to help. She also hasn't seen her kids since march. She is an angel. I don't know how she does it.
Julie S
Julie is our Nurse Manager at our current swab clinic at Mayo Clinic in Rochester,MN. She has put in long hours and has been available 24/7 over the last 2 months!
Julie s
Julie is a registered nurse working every day with co-vid 19 patients. She’s dedicated to providing exceptional care and does her best to ease their fear in this difficult time. She is my hero!
Julie R
She truly cares about her patients and their families.
Julie Y
I nominate myself. I feel that I am contributing my service to the community during this crisis. I work as a telephone triage nurse. Patients are scared and lonely. I triage symptoms and education counseling.
Julie Z
RN and paramedic. Wife and Mom. Loves traveling. Working hard during COVID pandemic.
Julie N
She finished nursing school, got her RN degree all while raising 3 kids (one with bad psychological issues that sometimes require hospitalization) while working full time and caring for others. I can't think of a better person to gift a knack pack to.
Justine d
Wonderful nurse!
Kahlie B
Kahlie has been a nurse for 6 years. She has worked with people of all ages and continually does her best to help others.
Kailea A
Kailea is my daughter. She has been a nurse for 10 years. She has been traveling nurse in Washington, California and Oregon. She recently quit traveling and settled in Oregon. Her first assignment is on the COVID unit. She is a dedicated nurse working hard to save lives. As a nurse myself and her mother, I am very proud of her. Thank you.
Kaitlyn C
She is a full time night CTICU nurse at Presby hospital and casual night ER nurse at St. Clair hospital who for the past 8 weeks has had COVID patients on life support measures in her units. She volunteered to take on this difficult patient population so that coworkers that were at higher risk of contracting the disease and that felt uncomfortable taking care of them did not have to.
Very good worker
Kaleigh N
Kaleigh does an incredible job, she cares so much for her patients and keeping them safe all the time. With the pandemic going on it’s even more important to her. She’s working long hours at a nursing home facility and is dedicated to her job. Kaleigh has her co-workers backs and loves her job. She’s been in this field for 15 years now. We are so proud of her!
Karen W
She is a great nurse and a great person. She really does care for her patients.
Karen R
We are blessed to have Karen as our office triage nurse for many years. She works for Central Delaware Family Medicine in Dover, DE. She has fielded so many calls from our patients, exponentially more during this pandemic. She readily implemented a protocol for referring patients to Covid 19 testing, while making sure to follow up after, track results, arrange appointments with their physicians, and still handle record refill requests, prior authorizations, extended conversations with worried patients, bring urgent concerns to the doctors, and stay late as needed, which is often, and do all of this with a kind ear and never complains or objects. She is one of the finest nurses and people I’ve ever met and I’m extremely proud she is part of our office family!
Karen G
My sister and my heroine
Karen S
She is my mom and loves her job more than anything. Right now she and the staff around her are working hard and also learning how to do some telehealth appointments.
Karie is a NICU nurse. She works graveyard shifts each week and looks forward to seeing her tiny babies every week. Even though the NICU has been super busy and policies have been changing everyday, Karie goes to work and comes back to work with a smile no matter what burden she carries!
Karla A
She is a great nurse and team player, always positive
Katelyn G
She truly cares about each patient she sees
Katelyn V
My wife is a covid nurse at a major hospital. She is a great mom of 2 little girls and she has been on the frontlines from the start. With panic and emotional stress with the hospitals moving the nurses around and changing all the rules daily, she goes to work every shift no matter what and sometimes leaving for days. She deserves everything and she never backed down and is there for the people she cares for. Please select her as she is the most deserving person I know.
Katherine P
She is a caring and dedicated nurse who couldn't imagine doing anything else.
Katherine S
Katherine has spent countless hours away from her family to help in this crisis. Her dedication to help others has always been something she just does.
Katherine K
Katherine is a nurse anesthetist on the frontline with covid. She goes to work every day eager and willing to take care of her patients. Her determination and compassion shines bright. We are all so proud of her.
Kathleen k
Bedside RN on the frontlines working towards a BSN
Kathryn n
Katie is a cancer nurse. Trying to keep her patients safe and covid free at this time.
Kathryn J
Kathryn is a young single mom of twin girls one of which is autistic. Kathryn is an LPN who suffers from immune deficiency but suffers through her pain and works tirelessly To make sure her patients have the care and love they deserve during these terrible times. Many days she gets kept at work for multiple shifts and always keeps that beautiful smile for her co workers and patients to see. I truly believe that she was born to help these less fortunate people and we are all so proud of her.
Kathy M
Kathy is the director of emergency services at Southern Hills Hospital. Covid-19 has put so many things into a whirlwind and one of her main priorities is to keep nurses employed. Her creative staffing ideas has been a huge success to keeping us employed and I just was to show her a little appreciation with a knack bag! She deserves it and more.
Kathy M
Kathy is the director of emergency services at Southern Hills Hospital. Covid-19 has put so many things into a whirlwind and one of her main priorities is to keep nurses employed. Her creative staffing ideas has been a huge success to keeping us employed and I just was to show her a little appreciation with a knack bag! She deserves it and more.
Kathy D
She goes above and beyond for everyone and anyone. She’s willing to take care of others even if she isn’t 100% feeling well.
Kathy S
My mom has been a nurse for over 40 years and is still doing everything in her capacity to keep her patients safe in the face of danger!
Katie M
Katie is an ER nurse that has stepped up to switch from her normal unit to the ICU to take care of Covid patients.
Katie T
My daughter Katie is a cardiac ICU Nurse. Due to the Covid19 demands, her unit has been turned into a covid ICU. Katie was used to taking care of patients with heart attacks and heart transplants but now her unit and life has changed in an instant. Apart from working long 12 hour shifts on her feet (many with no breaks), she has witnessed the unimaginable. Unfortunately due to the visitor restriction in her hospital, she has been at the bedside of many dying patients while their family says goodbye to them on the speakerphone or through facetime. She has taken on many roles above and beyond her job title; she has not only been a nurse to her patients, but also a friend and more importantly a family member. This is not an easy time to be a nurse but she gets up everyday and goes to work because these patients and familes need these healthcare workers more than ever! She deserves to be nominated for being so brave and fearless.
Katie J
She’s a hard working RN that works in the covid unit. She always puts her patients first.
katie h
she cares for heart patients - and her heart patient auntie. i can call her anytime for help or advice.
Katie E
Katie takes the time to care for others, whether she's at work or at home. She takes her job seriously and truly cares for the people she works with. She also extends this care to her family, remembering what is happening in the lives of others, and making them feel heard.
Katina A
Well, nursing is a second career for me (1st Recreational Therapist) and I truly love working with people. I am currently in school to continue my nursing career, so I am a FT employee, student, mother, and caregiver to my aging parents, however, my dad just passed in March. I am a dedicated worker and build great rapport with my patients and they are more apt to following instructions given.
Katrina H
Katrina is a pediatric oncology nurse who works day in and day out to make sure her patients are treated well. She has also helped patients connect with their families via zoom during these unexpected times.
Kay T
Has been a nurse for over 37 years with over 33 years in the emergency department.
Kayla H
Kayla jumped in as a new employee at our facility in the midst of the pandemic. The unit we work on was designated as a covid unit and additionally we have floated to the designated covid ICU floor. She has jumped in with no hesitation and a great attitude while caring for our vets during this scary and uncertain time. She is an adventurer and loves the outdoors and this would be the perfect surprise for her. She truly deserves it!
Kayla M
Kayla is my nursing co-worker and she has been a strong nurse on the frontline during this pandemic. She always helps her co-workers in times of needs. She goes above and beyond on a daily basis. She is actually helping cross cover my nursing job while I telework due to being pregnant. She deserves this free pack :)
Kayla G
She is a very hard worker. She handles stress well durning this time with covid positive patients
Kayla H
My sister-in-law recently recovered from coronavirus and returned to fight on the front lines
Kaylynn H
She is a NICU nurse and takes care of the most vulnerable babies! She works hard and still finds time to take care of her own baby at home.
Kelley A
my mom is special she works withcovid patients she deserves everything
Kelley C
Kelley is an amazing warrior woman, who is most deserving of any and all laudatory recognition for her dedication and sacrifice to the calling of being a nurse. This is one bad ass Mama right here! Love love love to all Nurses everywhere -️-️-️
Kelli P
She is a charge nurse on the COVID unit at her hospital. She works the night shift and she has seen the worst of the worst these past few months.
Kelli G
My nominee is not only as amazing, selfless nurse, but she is also my mom. She puts every else before her, in her career and family. She has a true heart of gold.
Kelly C
Kelly works for the Florida Health Department in Marion County. She has had to go from zero to a thousand working in our Epi Department. She has to setup our testing and reporting and works endless hours meeting the needs of our community without a second thought!
Kelly T
My mother is the most caring and hardest working nurse. She is truly selfless. She treats every patient like they are her family member.
I've known Kelly since we were kids. We went to nursing school together and began our careers together. She embodies a nurse. Kelly has one of the biggest hearts a person could have, always putting her patients first no matter how tough it may get. She acts with integrity and truly cares down to her core. She will advocate and fight for what her patient needs until they get it, and she brightens every room she walks into. The world is a better place with her in it
Kelly A
RN on covid unit
Kelly B
Kelly is the most dedicated nurse in the world. She has been a nurse for over 28 years. She spent some time in ICU and now works in a Recovery Room. I remember when she arranged for an intubated patient to get a professional haircut. Her patients often tell her she picked the right career. And she is always praised by staff as well. It would be so cool if she won! Thank you for your time and consideration
Kelly B
Kelly has been a dedicated nurse for 28 years. She has done ICU, and is now in Recovery Room. One time she arranged for a patient on a ventilator to have a haircut. She is funny and kind. Her patients often tell her she picked the right career. This would be so cool for her. Thanks for considering, thank you!
Kelly S
Kelly is a dedicated professional that works everyday to keep patients on there meds and out of the doctors office and hospitals.
Kelly B
Kelly is a single mother who put herself through nursing school with a toddler. She currently works with sick kids and is going back to graduate school in order to help more patients. She works harder than anyone I know and deserves to be recognized. She is inspirational. She would love to have a Knack bag.
Kelsey E
She works work pediatric cardiac pays since both her brother and I have head unusual heart surgeries. She is very passionate about her work and very good at her job also.
Kelsey E
She is a pediatric cardiac ICU RN. Both her brother and dad have had cardiac surgery for unusual reasons. That's why she became a cardiac ICU RN. She's very passionate about being a nurse and caring for others.
Kelsey P
Kelsey is a very caring & dedicated nurse. She just started during the first few days of covid19 and is not afraid. She is all about helping others and providing the best care.
Kelsie N
She’s a multifaceted nurse who loves her job. She brings awareness to every aspect of the job in creative ways that really resonate with all ppl.
Kelsie W
Kelsie held different jobs in consulting and education before going back to school to become a nurse, and she's in her first year of nursing in an ICU in the Philly area. She's been an absolute rock star as her unit has taken on some COVID-19 positive patients, and she is one of the kindest people I know -- caring for her patients, family, and friends with equal love and compassion. I have gotten great use out of my Knack Pack and would love to see Kelsie win one to help keep her organized for her commute and long shifts!
Kendall S
Kendall is a ln RN who left Ohio to take a travel RN assignment in New York to care for COVID patients. Kendall is working full time while also studying to become a Nurse Practitioner
Kenneth M
He is an amazing educator making sure those working on the Frontlines are well prepared. He helped teach Covid prep classes and rounds on nursing departments daily. He fights for staff to have the education and PPE they need. He is an amazing nurse and educator.
Kenneth B
Kenneth is one of the best nurses I have ever had. He cares deeply about his patients in the ICU and he is willing to help always.
Kierstyn G
My name is Kayla, and I would like to nominate my compassionate and caring churchgoer Kierstyn. Kierstyn is an exceptional active duty Air Force nurse. She works long hours and is extremely selfless. There are many sick people getting the proper care and testing due to her long hard working hours and dedication. She has worked in Oncology for years, and now she is in the ICU night and day with the sick patients. Thank you so much for doing this for our healthcare workers. Kierstyn was just talking about how it would be easy for her to have a bag to carry her food in every day to work.
Kim S
She is the best ICU nurse. She cares about all her patients and helps new nurses learn what they need to know.
Kim Z
Kim has been a critical care nurse for 30 years now... before that she was a paramedic and respiratory therapist... she has been in the medical field helping and caring for people in need and saving lives since she was 18 yrs old... She is in her late 50's now and working harder than ever especially with the Covid19 ...She has been a travel nurse for the last 11 years now...and since she is a traveler and not full time staff she gets very little recognition for all the hard work she does... She's a great teammate for her co workers and a great advocate for her patients... with all her knowledge and years of experience her patients know they are getting the best of care.. she goes above and beyond to make sure they are getting what they need and not afraid to tell the Drs if they are doing something that is not going to be good for the patients... I just think she deserves some recognition after all these years.. She lives... breaths... and works... Nurse..
Kim L
She’s been a nurse for over 29 years! She’s worked at many levels in her nursing career , including teaching other nurses.
Kimberley E
She has been going to work with out complaint and taking care of the patients while worrying that she might be bringing home the disease to her family but it doesn't stop her from doing her job that she signed up for.
Lives the one s need care
Kimberly B
She is working in a assisted living home. The residents are really tired of not being able to see their families. She is trying to brighten their days to make them happy and feel loved.
Kimberly L
My daughter is a registered nurse on a cardiac step down unit, who also has lupus. She has chosen to continue working during this pandemic and risk her health to care for patients despite being a high risk for contraction the virus.
Kimberly G
My wife, Kimberly, is an Rn but also a certified Lactation counselor who has been volunteering her time to go into new mom’s homes during the pandemic to help mom’s with breastfeeding who have been fearful to go to the hospital or to their OBGYN offices so she can help protect the mom and the newborn babies during this time of the unknown. She’s has done this on her own time and at no cost to the new mom’s.
Kimmi L
My twin sister is a nurse on the front line right now. She has severe asthma and I have been inspired by her dedication and sacrifice. If she gets covid I’m afraid she wouldn’t make it but she has been putting forth her best in spite of this fear. Even though she does not know it all, inside I thank her everyday. Thank you for any consideration or help
Kimmie P
Kimmie is a nurse working on the front lines with COVID 19 patients. Each day at work is draining and exhausting but she brings a little more light and joy into these long work days. She works hard and fights for her patients needs along with her coworkers needs each and every day.
Kimmie W
Kimmie is an ICU nurse who is also an extraordinary mom of two, one of whom has special needs. After working with Covid 19 patients at the hospital, she takes every precaution at home to keep her family safe.
Kinmie P
Kinmie is a nurse working on the front lines with COVID 19 patients. Each day at work is draining and exhausting but she brings a little more light and joy into these long work days. She works hard and fights for her patients needs along with her coworkers needs each and every day.
Kinmie P
Kinmie is a nurse working on the front lines with COVID 19 patients. Each day at work is draining and exhausting but she brings a little more light and joy into these long work days. She works hard and fights for her patients needs along with her coworkers needs each and every day.
Klarizza N
Klarizza originally works at kaiser medical office building, however she got deployed to Kaiser Permanente emergency department at LA. She works at night time 11:30pm-8am 5days a week and during the day she take cares of her son. She is a super nurse and super mom
Kris B
He is a nurse working in nyc. Traveling from nj to ny. He can use a new bag.
Kris L
Kris is an ER nurse that is always there to help people no matter what their problems are. During this pandemic Kris has not backed down she helps all patients and people all the time.
Krisanne D
She’s been a full time RN nurse for 30ish years and has always pursued other passions alongside her career- art, aerial arts, dance. She finished her MA in fine arts after 12 years of a credit here and a credit there, during which she was also a single Mom who always put her kids first after a tough divorce. She is unbelievably and genuinely cheerful and positive. Her energy is enthusiastic and contagious. She’s truly beautiful. She’s a smart, efficient and therapeutic nurse. (She’s also my Mom!)
Krista b
Hardworking, caring, loving, passionate, selfless, genuine, always is ready to lend a helping hand, friendly, great relationship with her patients, team player.
Kristen F
She is a hardworking woman who cares for her patients, friends, and family. She is selfless and kind. I am proud of her.
Kristen M
Kristen is the type of person who has known what she wanted to do for a living for as long as she can remember. She’s a peds er nurse and is as nurturing and loving as you can imagine, she takes care of every patient as if they were family and has this same nuturing attitude in every aspect of her life. She’s the first to step up to help anyone and everyone from her dogs (read children) Kali and Thor, to her nieces and nephews, her husband Cody and all of her friends none of us could be any luckier to have her in our lives.
Kristi C
This nurse is my Mom. She returned to school while raising three kids. She now has her license and works in a level 2 trauma center in the emergency department. She is my hero and I am so proud of her. She cares for a variety of patients everyday including Covid 19 patients. She deserves so much so this present would be great to win!
Kristin H
She came to NYC to help fight COVID
Kristin B
I want to nominate my nurse Kristin. We have worked together for almost 10years, taking care of Veterans, at the Arizona State Veterans Home in Phoenix. She is the lead nurse on our night shift. Everyone goes to her for help, and she is always willing to lend a hand. She is fast in responding to the needs of our vets, and always attempts to anticipate their needs. She is not above helping the CNA's often changing and shower the Veterans, and assisting them with whatever their need may be. She has the respect of all of her Vets and their families, they feel safe and comfortable in sharing their feelings, knowing she is always there to listen, especially during this difficult time. Our facility has been on lockdown for more than 5 weeks, which has been difficult on us all, Veterans and staff. Kristin is always happy and smiling trying to uplift the mood on our unit. She is a great nurse and truly deserves tbis during this difficult time. Thank you for all that you are doing, it doesn't go unnoticed!
Kristin M
She works at a busy hospital while raising her son by herself. She always helps others and this would be a wonderful surprise for her.
Kristina K
Kristina is a Ffrontline nurse who stepped up from her role as a step-down open heart nurse and transitioned to a tiered nurse caring for ICU patients on her floor. She provides care with compassion and has been a true hero in this fight against COVID-19.
Kristina C
Kristina has been selflessly helping other her whole life putting her needs second. Being a CCU nurse only builds upon the wonderful care she gives other around her. She is a loving wife and wonderful person who lifts others up.
Kristine D
She is helping covid positive patients every day and doing the very best she possibly can. She is tired, stressed, and scared but giving 100% every day for her patients.
Kristine S
My hero, Kristine, is a registered nurse who works in the hospital and takes care of patients diagnosed with COVID-19. Kristine is risking her own life to take care of patients who are fighting for their lives. I’m fighting for my hero, so she can travel when this pandemic is over . Kristine deserves to be chosen. Her favorite hobby is traveling, and it breaks my heart to see her not doing what she loves most. Please choose my #1 hero!
Kristine A
Amazing nurse!
Kristine S
My hero, Kristine, is a registered nurse who works in the hospital and takes care of patients diagnosed with COVID-19. Kristine is risking her own life to take care of patients who are fighting for their lives. I’m fighting for my hero, so she can travel when this pandemic is over . Kristine deserves to be chosen. Her favorite hobby is traveling, and it breaks my heart to see her not doing what she loves most. Please choose my #1 hero!
Kristine S
My hero, Kristine, is a registered nurse who works in the hospital and takes care of patients diagnosed with COVID-19. Kristine is risking her own life to take care of patients who are fighting for their lives. I’m fighting for my hero, so she can travel when this pandemic is over . Kristine deserves to be chosen. Her favorite hobby is traveling, and it breaks my heart to see her not doing what she loves most. Please choose my #1 hero!
Kristy R
She loves helping people,
Kristy S
Kristy is an Air Force wife whose hunny was deployed 7x in 5 years and she essentially raised 5 kids very close in age via their blended family. In 2014 Kristy husband retired after 25 years and she went back to school for medical assisting. Right around grad time her father was placed In hospice and she went home to North Dakota and cared for him for months until he passed. She missed her husbands retirement festivities and their youngest daughters high school graduation. The plan was to retire, move from California to Texas and start post air force work. Along the way they lived with me for 4 months as they searched for work. Driving this time one son passed away. To say things have been hard is an understatement. But as life settled Kristy decided MA wasn’t enough and at 43 she went back to school to earn her BA as a nurse. She has since graduated and is working in the COVID unit at a local Houston hospital. Nursing is hard work but to take on the challenge to start a nursing career in her 40’s and work her way from the bottom up shoes how committed and dedicated she truly is the profession. I really respect and admire her and the dedication she and her husband share for our country.
Krizia S
She is hard working and does not need the money but still goes to work to help patients with COVID. Family does not want her to work because she has one infant and one toddler at home but she is so dedicated and still reports to work to help her patients.
Krystal T
She has gone through the ranks of nursing. RN, BSN, MSN, FNP, DNP. She always pushes through in every aspect. Her patients love her as her students did when she taught nursing school. She is straight forward and kind at the same time. She would be a great person to give a nice surprise to.
Kyle D
Kyle has been a nurse for 5 years and has helped serve a variety of different patients. He currently took a position as a director at a local non-profit camp for chronically ill children. He participates in virtual camp activities to continue to provide the spirit of camp and uplift morale during these difficult times. He also has been working diligently in making sure that when camp resumes, all children will still be safe and enjoy camp to the fullest.
Kylie W
She is a frontline engineer at sentara hospital in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Harrisonburg per capita is the 6th worse place for covid-19 in the USA. She is an amassing nurse and has endured many emotions through this terrible time. She has been the only person seen by many people on their final moments and I’m so glad she could be there for them. I can’t think of know body more deserving then her and I know this gift would brighten her day! Z001zzx
Lacy c
She is working still during this COVID. She has so much compassion for what she does. She puts her patients and her family before her self .
Lael L
My sister is one of my heroes. She has been volunteering for the last several weeks in her hospital's COVID-19 unit in Houston. Plus, she also helped nurse our 87-year old grandmother in New Orleans back to health after my grandmother caught COVID and pneumonia.
Laina J
Laina cares for the body and soul of her patients. She brings a smile to their face with her spunk and compassion.
Lakeshia S
She is a really hard worker. And a real caring and loving person
LaKisha D
Although she is a single mother she has unselfishly volunteered to work on the Covid floor of her hosptial.
Lani F
She’s my mom and she’s an ER nurse overnight. She works tirelessly on the frontlines and has social distanced from me and her boyfriend for over two months now. She’s made a lot of sacrifices and I know it’s hard on her. Thank you!
Laquina B
Laquina is hard working and gives our psychiatric patients the best care possible during these difficult times. She offers comfort that is needed for those that are anxious and boundaries for those who are getting out of control, this helps calm them down.
Lara R
This is my super star wife. She’s an amazing mother, nurse and our hero. Working on the frontlines while taking care of her family and homeschooling the kids. It’s been a tough time for everyone but she loves her job and it shows!
Laresa M
She’s an oncology nurse treating very vulnerable cancer patients receiving radiation. Her patients always come first.
Laura D
Not only is she a CRNA student, but she also contracted Covid while caring for patients. After she healed up she obtained a travel assignment in NYC as an ICU nurse.
Laura C
I nominate my wife, Laura. She is a nurse anesthetist and helps to intubate patients and place them on ventilators. She puts herself at risk every day by helping our most vulnerable patients during this pandemic.
Lauren M
She is an awesome L&D nurse that works really hard caring for moms with covid!
Lauren C
Lauren has been working with Covid positive moms and their babies at Yale. She has put her own health at risk to help people who really need her. She is a true angel.
Lauren C
Fabulous nurse under pressure. Excellent clinician. Strong character and positive always. Puts families and patients first. Great team member with a wonderful smile. Always a great day when she’s at work!
LAuren y
Lauren has RA and on methotrexate and even though she could have received an exemption and worked from home during this time. She instead chose to come to work for both the patients and ED staff. She worked tirelessly to support the RNs during the countless practice updates.
Lauren K
Lauren has been in nursing since 2008 and is going back to school while working full time. She is also a mother of 2 girls. Her youngest daughter has a rare medical condition that is a daily task added to the everyday work load. The things she does on a daily basis is amazing. Working full time while in school full time and still manage to be an engaged mother.
Leah M
My mom has been working on the covid unit at her hospital since the beginning of the outbreak. She says the hardest part for her has been missing her family. She doesn't want to risk infecting us. She misses holding my 10 month old the most. I would like win a nice bag for her to take her things to work.
Leah K
Leah is an in-home nursing supervisor, and so she is not only looking after patients during this crisis, but also her fellow nurses who have to work outside the relative safety of a hospital. She cares greatly for her responsibility, now more than ever.
Leigha H
My daughter Leigha is a very special NICU nurse. She has done multiple medical mission trips to Central America with Global Brigades. She is planning a trip to Nicaragua this fall to help develop the rural areas. This will be done with a holistic view on medicine, beginning with stabilizing clean water, and providing health education to children.
Lena M
I have been working with this nurse for over 3 years and she is always there and willing to work. Has never missed a day, doesn't request time and never complains. She is in the ER so does not get recognized very often but in her spare time she loves hiking, exploring the towns she is in. I have rocked with her they AK, CA, WA, MA. And can't wait to see where her next adventure goes!
Lena M
I have been working with this nurse for over 3 years and she is always there and willing to work. Has never missed a day, doesn't request time and never complains. She is in the ER so does not get recognized very often but in her spare time she loves hiking, exploring the towns she is in. I have rocked with her they AK, CA, WA, MA. And can't wait to see where her next adventure goes!
Leon D
Leon has ALWAYS been such a hard worker with a big heart that leaves patients with full comfort when he takes care of them. Even before this pandemic he’s always worked hard to make sure he’s given his all to help the patients. He’s taken care of plenty of patients who have tested positive for COVID and have not complained. Leon have worked non stop 12hrs even done many many doubles throughout the weeks through this crisis. Even due to having an almost 1 year old son at home and being apart from his son he wants to do his part on making sure he gives his care to people who are in need.
Leslie M
Leslie is a great nurse serving COVID patients and helping them get better!
Leticia Z
During this time of taking care of covid patients she always came in to
Lexi S
Lexi has been working tirelessly on the labor and delivery floor to help deliver healthy babies and simultaneously keeping the entire family safe throughout this pandemic
Lezlie C
Lezlie is a NICU nurse and is selfless, kind, and compassionate! She takes care of vulnerable babies and works her butt off. She loves her job and being a nurse!
Lezlie C
Lezlie is an NICU nurse and on our COVID team. She is a nurse that truly goes above and beyond for her patients. She is deserving of this so that she can see how appreciated she is.
Liana V
My daughter is a nurse in NYC for Hospital for Special Surgery. When the governor stopped all elective surgeries my daughter was given the option to work at her current job or to volunteer at NY Presbyterian in the emergency room helping with covid patients. When all her coworkers stayed at her hospital she decided that she wanted to make a difference and help in the ED at NYP. I was so scared but proud of her for making that decision. It was hard but she stuck with it! I feel so lucky to have her in my life!
Liana V
My daughter is a nurse in NYC for Hospital for Special Surgery. When the governor stopped all elective surgeries my daughter was given the option to work at her current job or to volunteer at NY Presbyterian in the emergency room helping with covid patients. When all her coworkers stayed at her hospital she decided that she wanted to make a difference and help in the ED at NYP. I was so scared but proud of her for making that decision. It was hard but she stuck with it! I feel so lucky to have her in my life!
Liandria G
Nominating Lian because she has ALWAYS been such a hard worker with a big heart that leaves her patients with full comfort when she takes care of them. Even before this pandemic she’s always worked hard to make sure she’s given her all to help the patients. She’s taken care of plenty of patients who have tested positive for COVID and have not complained. She’s worked non stop 12hrs even done doubles throughout the weeks through this crisis and even due to being pregnant she’s prioritized helping others.
Libin S
My wife Libin works on the covid unit at UW Health in Madison, WI. She works extremely hard and these days wishes there is more that she can do for her patients. Libin makes cheerful and positive cards for her patients to cheer them, especially when they can not physically meet with there family and friends.
Lily E
They work hard everyday
Lily L
My sister Lily is a nurse, I'm a nurse too! We work at different hospitals but within the same healthcare system. We both have been in direct patient care of COVID-19 patient's during this pandemic but continue to support patient's and families during this time. She is the most selfless, driven individual you'll ever meet, both in her caring of others and in her dedication to her job. I am so grateful we have one another for support during this time.
Linda S
She is working tirelessly with Covid-19 patients. Some days tougher than others, but she is keeping a smile and pushing forward. She goes home to her 2 little girls everyday fearing she may unknowingly infect them. She deserves everything positive that comes her way!
Linda H
Loyal, hardworking and dedicated nurse!
Linda D
My sister, Linda, balances: 1) being a boss mom to her 8-yr old twins, Sophie and Miles 2) being a role model as an ER nurse and charge nurse extraordinaire! 3) being loving wife, sister, and daughter 4) being an awesome student and continuing her education (pursuing her nurse practitioner's degree)
Linda R
Linda is an RN currently working on a covid unit. Her floor was turned into a covid unit about two months ago so since then she has worked with covid patients every single shift. She has a young son at home and it’s been difficult for her being away from him.
Lindsay L
Lindsay is a nursing supervisor with Mount Nittany Physician Group Cardiology and Nephrology. She is a great team leader and helped during the covid 19 pandemic and get the drive through testing at the facility started. She was also able to work with just 4 staff members including herself during a mass staff quarantine in her department. Lindsay goes above and beyond for her patients and her staff! She had celebrated her staff everyday during nurses week, she constantly encourages and motivates them with words of encouragement, and she is a true team player. No job or task is beneath her. She will always rise to the occasion for her patients or to lend a hand to help a coworker. She is a wonderful leader, mentor, and supervisor! She always goes above and beyond!
Lindsey O
Single mom, in school, working the COVID unit
Lindsey B
She is an amazing RN and is working on the front lines in Pittsburgh PA. She is compassionate, caring, and always puts her patients first.
Lindsey T
my darling wife, the giver. I am so proud of her in every way. I love the life that we’ve built and if she is able to share with others even a fraction of the love we have in our home then I know that she can be a source of refreshment for those who need refuge.
He goes above and beyond. Always there to help when you need even he himself is so busy and never hesitate. Never complains and always smile.
Lisa H
Lisa tests patients for Covid and then provides counseling for them as she is in the unique position of being a psych nurse during this pandemic. She goes to work crying because she is afraid to bring this virus home to her three children. She hasn’t kissed or hugged her children in months. Still she will not abandon her patients during their greatest time of need. Kindness and empathy kill fear.
Lisa A
My mom is my hero! She works full time as a registered nurse caring for COVID patients. She hasn’t been able to see her children or grandchildren who she sees on a weekly basis. My mom is THE MOST selfless person and would do anything for anyone. She deserves this and that is why I am nominating her!
Lisa R
My nominee has been saving lives since 2018. Even though she has been a nurse for over 30 years. Now with the Coronavirus going on she does her due diligence daily at the Glastonbury Healthcare Center.
Lisa W
Where to begin. Lisa is one of the most selfless people I know. She's a pediatric oncology nurse and mom...meaning she could totally use a Knack bag. Her patients are lucky to get her by their side because she's a fighter and will not only advocate for them, but make sure they are getting the best care she can give. It's an honor to know her.
Liz is a mamabear who works 24/7 She is a health aid to her twin boys autistic sons her job is hard she is not just a healthcare worker she is a teacher to her kids a mom and all of the above
loli o
estoy un poco sorprendida pero a la vez contenta de tener la opotunidad esta vez
Lorena P
Lorena is a wonderful and caring person. She has been a nurse for many years and always does the best for her patients!
Lorena A
New grad, working 12 hour night shifts 4 - 5 days a week, on the front lines of the COVID-19 counter efforts at Kaiser Permanente. All that while raising a quarantined child at home with me, her husband.
Lori H
My sister is a very special person. She works in the hospital on the hospice unit. Everyday she has to watch people die alone because they can no longer have visitors due to this virus. She is at every patients bedside watching and praying with them helping them through this hard time. Updating family members about there status. She is a special nurse and I think my sister deserves this more than anyone.
Lorna H
Lorna is a very genuine, compassionate nurse who I work along side with on my shifts. She is a team player and has integrity and makes sure patients are being properly taken care of. She is a great asset to the Urgent Care clinic.
Lorraine C
lori works in a hospital with many Covid patients. Has 3 young girls and has to be their teacher also while continuing her own education. Every frontline worker is special but these people put their life on the line every day. It would be nice to receive something so special and feel a little more appreciated. Thank you for thinking of our frontline Angels....
Lucina P
She is my hero Like many other nurses and other medical Have risking her time and life to make people safe
Luz f
Luz is my mother, she also got infected with covid and survived, as soon as she got better she went back to work. Her life is nursing, caring for others, taking care of her family and also making sure others are taken care of. Nursing is her passion, she lives for it.
Lynn M
She come to work everyday, while hurting from her MS. She is always thinking of someone else besides herself
Madeline Y
Maddy has been involuntarily reassigned from the safety and close proximity of her workplace to a COVID positive prison housing only the positive testing male inmates from across our states prison system. Maddy has taken this reassignment with such poise and grace and never complains about the work she’s doing or the months she’ll spend away from her family despite how challenging we make it for her with our tears and dramatics as we are left heartsick without her. She’s not being paid any more money to expose herself to the virus for 12-16 hrs per day. She’s not getting travel pay or hazard pay. She’s actually forcibly now working less hours and as a result making less money in this position. Still she never complains. She is an exemplary model for what a nurse should be in these times. Selflessly making sacrifice after sacrifice. If anyone deserves this... it’s Maddy! A true American hero!
Madeline G
Madeline is on the front lines of this pandemic at Stonybrook Southampton Hospital in NY. Since it started she has never missed a day and picked up as many shifts to help ease the burden as physically possible. Never once complaining, on her days off she rally's for her patients and co-workers in any way she can. Before Covid hit she has been a part of a foundation that travels to the Dominican Republic to provide mastectomys and treatment for the poor who suffer from breast cancer. Also she is a fabulous daughter, sister, mother to her dog, god mother and friend!
Madeline O
Madeline never hesitates to put others' needs first. Her compassion is unmatched.
Maggie M
Maggie is a RN who is studying to become a nurse anesthetist. She spend the beginning of the covid crisis intubating and managing pediatric patients in the operating room. She if the definition of a nurse who is committed to her patients
Maggie T
She is a very special nurse. She is kind, caring and treats all her patients like there her own family. She is a great person and a great nurse to all.
she is a mom, a wife and a nurse
Maggie M
Maggie is a nurse warrior by day and a mom warrior by night.
Maggie F
She’s my wife! She works long hours in our city ER caring for patients; she started long before the Pandemic and she’ll be there long after! She deserved a Knack!
Mai M
Makenzie M
Makenzie is so dedicated and hardworking and constantly building others up, even when she is struggling herself. She is an inspiration.
Makenzie S
This is my daughter-inlaw. She works with pediatrics and is a great mother to my grandchildren! Working during this pandemic has been scary, afraid of bringing this virus home to her family but she did it anyway without hesitation
Malika B
I have worked as a nurse for 10 years. 9 years as a travel nurse. I recently worked a covid call center and was able to see the process of setting up testing for individuals. As a travel nurse, we are considered independent contractors. We go into a facility with minimum to no training and expected to function like the rest of the staff. Many nurses feel nursing is their calling and not a job. That shows in the number of nurses that are still showing up to work during covid. Thank you for honoring us.
Mamta V
My sister is Registered Nurse, she recently moved from Canada to USA to help with Covid patients. She is working at Medical city Lewisville, Texas. She is real inspiration for our family.
Mandeep k
hard working
Manilyn C
She's not only my wife but she's a nurse directly in a hotspot here in NYC. She's taking direct care of covid 19 patients. Their situation was so dire, she was part of the group of nurses selected by the four seasons to stay with them to prevent bringing home covid19 to their families. Her sacrifices are too numerous to mention but the one that misses her the most is our 16 month old baby boy who noly gets to see his mommy every weekend for the past 2 months and counting now. Not all superheroes wear capes.. some of them wear masks, gowns, gloves, and faceshields..
Manual J
Manual Jones is an RN at fransican urgent care and goes above and beyond for all his patients. He never complains about any job given, speaks to patients in a respectful manner and has excellent bedside manners.
Margaret L
Maggie works in a hospital as a float nurse in Washington state.
Maria f
This RN is very dedicated and hardworking. She is a dialysis RN. She’s a hero.
Maria B
Maria continuously visits her pediatric patients’ homes - pediatric patients with special needs, in order to not have any interruptions with their care.
Maria R
Maria spent 20 years in the Army serving our soldiers and families including being among the first units to enter Iraq in 2003. Now she works in the state prison in Austin, Texas. Those nurses working in our jail and prison systems across the country are generally overlooked for the work they do in a dangerous environment with individuals who are generally health compromised.
Maria V
Lifelong learner that loves to educate and support women through their lifespan so that they can make educated decisions over their own health and improve their overall wellbeing.
Mariam K
I nominate Mariam my fiancé. She's a front line nurse at Children's hospital of Michigan in Detroit. Her smile brightens the room and her selfless acts of working longer hours and staying positive are just a few reasons why she is so incredible! She won rookie nurse of the year, this year. Her work glows and demonstrates how essential she is. She is a warrior, a soldier and healthcare hero. Thank you to all the nurses doing their best during this pandemic.
Marian W
She is a mother, nurse and also a student. She doesn't complain about her heavy work load. She continues to go above and beyond.
Maricela B
She is a grandmother, mother, daughter, sister, and registered nurse. And fulfills all her hats with dedication and love. She is inspirational. Works hard and deserves a lot.
Marie N
She is funny, helpful and supportive.
Marie S
She cares for cardiac patients and covid patients in a hospital in Lumberton.going home late is quite normal for her for as long as she makes sure her patients are given the best quality of care they can have esp during this difficult
Marissa F
Marissa selflessly and tirelessly led the efforts in proning and positioning the sickest Covid patients. She is still doing this today while working as a leader behind the scenes. She deserves a new bag to take on a hopefully soon planned relaxing trip.
Marissa R
She's a working nurse through this pandemic
Mariya S
Mariya works on a Covid floor, her unit was the first unit that took care of Covid patients, she is often charge and provides the best care for her patients. Mariya is also often charge in addition to her own assignment, which is very tedious. She loves her job and she can’t imagine working in any other profession.
Mariya S
A charge nurse on a Covid floor her entire floor leans on to provide their patients proper care.
Mariya S
A charge nurse her entire floor leans on to provide their patients proper care.
Mark G
Mark works in a small community Emergency department. He is a hard-worker and more importantly he enjoys what he does. He is always putting every patients needs and necessities before his. He is such a team-player and just a kind-hearted individual
Mark A
He is one of the frontliners at the ER of Garfield Medical Center in Monterey PArk CA. He truly took care of those COVID19 admitting patients being at the ER working long hours from 7pm to 9am because there was not so much nurses who wants to take the graveyard shift. He works more than 10 years as an RN. He is truly a Nurse with a BIG HEART.
Marlene E
She is a hard worker and an amazing person.
Marlene A
I'm nominating my sister she has been in the front line since day one helping out putting her self and her family at risk with no regrets she love what she do
Marshal P
I’m nominating my brother who’s an RN working on the frontline. The skin on his nose is all worn down from the mask he wears. He’s been working so hard and I could not be prouder. I appreciate his sacrifice along with all the other healthcare workers.
Marva B
she is a nurse for 15 years, worked an many areas of nursing. now she is in the ED/observation. she is very hard worker, caring, resposible and go out of her way to help patients, and co workers. she is also inspiring and very encouraging to others. she is so deserving of free gift and morve
Mary G
A RN working in a NYC hospital, the epicenter of OCVID_19 pandemic. In addition to added hours and shifts, Mary is an adjunct nursing professor teaching graduating nursing students.
Mary F
Mary is both an ICU nurse and Prehospital Nurse providing the highest level of care to our community. She has lost her grandfather to COVID19.
Mary G
My Mom has been a nurse like her Mom for over 35 years. She works in Labor & Delivery and manages the Prenatal Care Center with very high risk patients. She is totally a Knack Mom, nurse, person Her son, kevin jr.
Mary H
Mary works tirelessly to support the stars and ensure that all safety measures are being adhered to. She supports fellow coworkers that are exhausted and keeps a calm demeanor when times are getting rough. Her ability y to o organize and multi task has helped the chaotic days run smoothly.
Mary G
Grace courageously volunteered for the COVID crisis unit at City of Hope. She is selfless and compassionate in caring for her patients.
Mary M
My sister Mary is a hospice nurse and one of the most hard working people in know. She is a single mother of 3 and has been working non stop during this pandemic and deserves a break! Thank you for your support during these hard times.
Mary G
She is a nurse who continues to do her work with dedication even during this Pandemic.
Mary H
She is the most genuine loving caring person I’ve ever met. My son was in the hospital for 9 months and ended up needing a trach. She would bathe him and put clothes on him every day she worked even if she wasn’t assigned to him that day. She also took care of him in the cardiac ICU during several of his open heart surgeries. She was there the night he was born and had been with us on our medical journey since. She is like family. We love her.
Mary R
She’s a cancer survivor and a mother of three working as the assistant director of nursing for an assisted living facility in an underserved community in Vermont. She is the best person I know and is the best nurse I know. She just finished her BsN in December (while working 40 hours a week) and is in the midst of pursuing her masters in nursing education. She is the most deserving person I know for this award
Mary A
She's very Thoughtfull & Symphatetic to All her Patients
She’s my daughter who is screening Pt for Covid. She is a single mother of 3 who as always been there for her family not only is she screening but she is also a Neuro tech who is running test to check for Seizures.
Matt D
Matt is my brother and an ER nurse in Santa Rosa CA. I am a new mom and my daughter is missing her uncle Matty big time, but we know his job is important and he’s helping people who need him. We FaceTime but I can tell how sad it makes him to miss his first niece’s big steps (in this case her actual steps as she started walking during shelter in place). He’s a wonderful brother and uncle, and a fantastic nurse who loves his job. I just wish we didn’t have to sacrifice the time together as a family but it’s keeping us all safer. A Knack Pack would definitely cheer him up!
Matthew D
Matt used to work in our medical office while he is RN student, He graduated last year and landed a Job at one of the Providence St Joseph Hospital in Burbank Ca. He is a hero now as he is taking care of Covid-19 patients. He is so thankful for being A nurse and we are so proud of him
Matthew I
I am Nominating my son who is a Pediatric Oncology Nurse , He has always considered being in Nursing a rewarding Career. He is very good with children , which gets his young patients through both the good & bad days of their treatments. It is during this Pandemic i really came to learn how much nurses really do for each of us. Thank you for the chance of nominating him.
Maureen G
I am a Registered Nurse at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC. Taking care of cancer patients is my passion and this patient population needs us more than ever during these scary and unknown times.
Md H
He is a Rapid Response Nurse, where he responds along with physicians to acute changes in inpatient hospitalized patients. During this pandemic, him and his team worked tireless to assess and intervene to maximize best possible outcome for the patients.
Meaghan R
Meaghan is my daughter. She works in the ER at a very busy hospital in San Diego. She is a caring and conscientious nurse. She is also the mother of almost 2 year old twin boys. She works hard and is a great mother!
Megan A
My hospital is COVID designated, so I have been working with these patients directly for about seven weeks, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I am a new grad nurse, so I was definitely thrown straight into the fire. This was not at all what I expected, but my coworkers are amazing and we are supporting each other so well. Together, we will get through this very difficult time.
Megan W
Megan has been away from her family now 5 weeks with another 5 to go. She is deployed with the Navy serving on the front lines in NYC. She selflessly volunteered to serve, risk her own health and be away from her family. She deserves it!!
Megan B
My sister is a Nurse at New York Presbyterian Hospital. She is on a cardiac critical care unit. When COVID started her wing became the primary care wing for the most sick patients. She is often assigned the ones who are the most critical. So critical that she is often assigned only one patient for her whole 12 hour shift and can hardly leave their side. She has been working non stop and it has taken a toll on her mentally and physically. She deserves something to help her get back at it. Thank you.
Megan H
She is dedicated to her patients and their health.
Megan F
Megan is hard working, dedicated, loving and caring. These are all qualities that motivated her to become a nurse. During this time I see how Megan has been able to stay strong for her patients although, at times, she may be tired or beaten down by these trying times. Megan has the ability to see the bright side of situations allowing herself to stay positive and radiate hope to others. Although this job can be tough, I know she loves helping others and I see that through her daily efforts to fight this pandemic.
megan d
Megan is a great nurse and really cares about all her patients!
Megan h
She is always smiling and goes above and beyond her job duties to make sure the patients are cared for
Megan A
I work with the community treating the mentally ill. I return home to 4 children and my son who is autistic.
Megan L
She takes care of sick kids, and helps make them better
Megan a
I’m a mom of 4 who works daily with patients with mental illness and come home to care for my special needs son
Megan R
She is a surgery nurse who was reallocated to the ICU to help with COVID patients. She willingly went to help the sickest patients. I am so proud of my daughter.
Megan C
Megan is a registered nurse who works in the emergency department and has been a nurse for eight years. She is a mother of four children, a wife, and will graduate with her Master's from Texas Tech University in June of 2020. Megan is kind, smart, hardworking, and dedicated. She comes to work on time, never misses a shift, while still providing for her family. She serves patients to live and she lives her life to serve.
Megan S
Megan is an overnight ER nurse that is on the front lines of fighting this virus. As the daughter of a police officer, she always looked at her mom as being a hero. Here she is today, being a hero to so many!
Meghan M
Meghan is a nurse practitioner at Hasbro Hospital in Providence, RI. She has been juggling the role of nurse through the Co-Vid19 times and a mom of 3 kiddos under the age of 5 years old. She is a superhero in my eyes and feel incredibly strongly that she deserves a treat. A Knack Pack would be amazing for her to use for fun trips with the kids.
Melanie S
nurse of the front line helping care for patients with COVID19, stepped in to become charge nurse of COVID19 unit. Fighting and ensuring the nurses have proper PPE. Always willing to help coworkers in need not only in the hospital setting but also outside. She Rocks!!
Melanie T
She works as a full-time nurse in the critical Care unit then takes care of her 2 kids I don't know how she does it.
Melia W
Melia is a pediatric nurse who serve the adult population during covid crisis. She truly cares for her covid positive patients. She would hold her lonely patient’s hands even though they suggest less contact with the patients. She would go home crying if one of the patients did not make it.
Melinda S
She has moved into the assisted living that she is healthcare coordinator at. She did this to keep her residents safe.
Melissa L
She risked her life frontline in NYC. She is a warrior and an advocate for all her patients. Biggest heart of any nurse.
Melissa L
She’s a true hero... works every day providing care, comfort and love to her patients with a heart of gold and passion I’ve never seen before.
Melissa S
Melissa is an amazing mother of three, a grad student working on her FNP and an RN-BSN in a long term/care assisted living facility in New York who has been working tirelessly to make sure the residents are taken care of as well as the staff, by picking up overtime shifts on top of her 40hrs just so other staff can be home with their families. She amazes me with her perseverance, she graduated with her bachelors degree in December 2019 and moved right on to her Masters, during the time she was working on her BSN she gave birth our third child, she worked full time and graduated Magna Cum Laude. She was scheduled to walk in the graduation ceremony this month, but due to the hours she’s been working and the eventual cancellation of the ceremony, she now won’t be able to. Melissa deserves so much more than what she receives, but she is happy every day to help those in need and loses much of herself in doing so. I’d love to see her receive something special for the work she has done. She is an amazing woman.
Melissa C
My wife has been working in the ICU taking care of patients who are on life support battling COVID-19. All this while home schooling our four girls and running a food pantry out of are home for those in need! She was featured on the local news and she has been a rock star during this time!
Melissa B
She is selfless and is always putting others before herself. It is such an honor to work beside such a caring, compassionate individual. Even although times are tough she always has a smile.
Melissa N
Melissa is my sister-in-law who is a Nurse Practitioner. She assists a heart surgeon in Ohio and has continued to provide support for emergency surgeries, because Ohio stopped all non-emergency procedures to conserve PPE, and still manages to coordinate childcare for her daughters so she can be on the frontlines.
Melissa J
Working the command center at jhh keeping patients safety at forefront of their mission but hers too. She works non stop and cares for her family and is the matriarch of her family. She is the most giving & person providing a smile & hope along this Covid-19 journey
Mercedes B
Good morning, My name is Jessica Puruleski and I work for Center for cosmetic and sedation dentistry. I nominate Mercedes to raise awareness for dental offices. Not many people understand that we need to stay open to insure that patients don’t have to go the the hospital to risk infection. Thank you for your time. Jessica Puruleski
Meredith f
Meredith is my manager. We are advice nurses. Meredith has the biggest heart and puts everyone before her. She has thrown us luncheons out of her own pocket to keep the morale up and is available by phone 24/7. She is keeping my spirits up during this crazy time! (:
Miare J
Miare is a neonatal nurse at Cape fear hospital in Fayetteville, NC. Miare loves to care for the babies that are assigned to her. She gives each one of them all of her attention and love. She spend time talking to them as if she is caring for a child of her own. Even after losing her own twins, she went back to work and cared for the babies on her pod. She is such a loving nurse.
Micah H
He's a Registered Nurse and a good worker with a positive attitude.
Michael P
This RN works tirelessly at VA medical center to protect our vets, people who deserve it the most.
Michael Z
He is an exceptional Interventional Radiology Nurse that always goes above and beyond. Always willing to help any colleague in need.
Michele V
Her resilience and ability to rise to the occasion has been unparalleled. She have been working extra shifts, training redeployed staff, helping with creating new workflows, floating to other units, sharing her knowledge, and protecting others.
Michelle R
RN in NJ. Hard working and deserves something nice
Michelle L
Has been nurse at Mass Gen Hosp for 36 years- she is in charge of the Covid -19 ICUs (Ellison 3/White3)-Always working overtime because she is the best! And she's my mom - who , of course, had to work Mother's Day!
Michelle J
Worlds most amazing nurse
Michelle J
My mom started out her career as a teen mother and cna. She worked tirelessly raising me and and getting her degree until she became an RN BSN. Her dedication to her work and patients is unrivaled! She’s always the first to take an extra shift, or go the extra mile advocating for her patients. She inspired me to go into the medical field myself. She deserves this knack pack and so much more!
Michelle M
Michelle has gone above and beyond to care for patients I. The epicenter of this covid crisis at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC. She has remained tough, courageous, and strong over the past months and worked harder than ever to take the very best care of her patients and provide comfort to patients and families during this time.
Michelle C
Michelle is now a CRNP. She is a single mother of 5. Michelle is a true definition of a fighter. She has experienced so many trials and tribulations in her life that you would believe one would of gave up by now. But not Michelle she has always stayed strong for her children but not only just her children. Michelle came from a family of only 3 her Mother who has passed leaving only her and sister. Well shortly after her mother passed Michelle got some news that would hinder not only her but children and nieces life’s forever. One cold October night Michelle was woken when her daughter busting in her door and she stated “MOM I THINK AUNT KIM WAS IN A CAR ACCIDENT” as soon as her daughter said that Michelle phone rang. It’s was a friend from the EMERGENCY ROOM where Michelle worked as the charge nurse. Michelle was told that she needs to get up the ER now Kimmy was in an accident. Michelle and her daughter rushed to the ER and informed the rest of the family to get there too. When Michelle entered the ER room of sister lying practically lifeless on the bed. Michelle instantly jumped and into nurse mood and took over. She started yelling for different meds and blood. Before you know it Kim was stable. But see what a lot of people who are not in the medical field don’t know is that stable doesn’t always mean good. Kim was transferred to a hospital in Pittsburgh by helicopter. Michelle her 5 kids and Kim’s 2 daughters both under the age 10 stayed there for what seemed like the longest 3 days in the world hoping and Praying over and over and over. Kim was brain dead if someone would of gave her CPR Kim would of been okay but her brain went too long without oxygen. So not only loosing her mother Michelle has lost her baby sister. She was the only one she had from her childhood. Michelle father disowned her for having 5 beautiful biracial children. Her father only lives 10 mins down the highway. Even after all the years of being let down by her father Michelle still strives to have that father daughter relationship no matter what. But through all this Michelle has never let anything hinder her from advancing in her career. Originally Michelle went to school for cosmetology which was not financially working. So she went to a trade to become a license practical nurse. Where she graduated. Michelle started working at dialysis clinic that became her second home. She loved it and her patients loved her. Still not being satisfy Michelle went back to School to obtain her RN. After that she she went for her Bachelors and graduated. After years of being an Registered Nurse Michelle went to Carlow University to obtain her CRPN nurse practitioner. Michelle’s patients love and adore her. She always ends up having a backed up Schedule because she one who listens to her patients. So one would think that would be enough schooling for all of us but no Michelle has just finished furthering her degree and now specializes in mental health. Which is where she belongs. So to some up Michelle was a small time girl who moved to a new town living in public housing on welfare and catch buses with 5 kids and worked at a pizza shop. To provide and give her children a life they and she deserve Michelle went back to school and went from and LPN to a RN to a CRPN with a masters in mental health. She is true inspiration and 5 kids and two nieces to raise on her own Michelle should show you that anyone can do anything as long they just keep going and believe in their self. Michelle has been through so much and still she impacts, Saves and changes people life everyday in so many amazing ways.
Michelle S
Shelly was my foster sister & is still my beloved sister & friend more than 35 years later. She's worked despite the accidental death of a husband ... dealing with her own heartbreak and her own physical injuries from the same accident. Before that, she worked despite a divorce AND being a wonderful single mother. Never once complaining about the never ending duties of that situation. Most recently, She's married a terrific, God fearing man. She has her own grandchildren and stepkids whome she adores. AND ... after finding out she had breast cancer, she continued to work as long as possible. She shared her zest for life and her love for The Lord, as well as her experiences (via social media) with chemo therapy, shaving her head, making signs & even dawning costumes during her individual chemotherapy appointments. Along that road, ""TEAM SHELLY"" was born and we celebrate her determination & faith necessary to beat cancer. Which, by they way, she has done! She rang the bell after her final treatment and was soon found to be cancer free. She shared photos as her beautiful hair grew back, she went back to the gym, and eventually back to caring for others as the same sweet, joyful, and dedicated professional RN she's been for so long. I couldn't be happier to say that she remains cancer free almost 2 years later and continues her care for others with a smile and an understanding heart. No one is prouder of her than I am!
Mike M
Mike is my nephew and I'm very proud of him, but especially proud right now. He's working, taking care of people and helping them heal, and stay healthy.
Ming L
Ming is a ICU RN in NYC helping kick Covid 19's ass every day . She is the hardest worker who always does everything and more for her patients, co-workers and friends She is still self isolating from family and friends and will continue to do so until it's safe. She is a true hero.
Miranda P
My wife works nights on a Medical Surgical floor, providing care to both positive and negative cases. She will come home after each shift, take her shoes off in the garage (she has ruined a pair of her shoes by washing them too many time), goes into the laundry room and puts her scrubs straight into the washer and goes immediately to the shower before telling me and my daughter good morning. She is a dedicated nurse working the front line of this pandemic. While others sleep, she carries on serving her community and being a true warrior against this virus.
Misty P
She is a hard worker and has helped in Detroit During the COVID crisis, she is also a Veteran. Always willing to help wherever needed!!!
Mitchell S
My husband, Mitchell Schmargon, is a 27 year-old nurse in New York City. He works in Memorial Sloan Kettering in Manhattan and when COVID-19 issued a statement asking for nurses, doctors, and health professionals to volunteer, he applied without hesitation. Although I was apprehensive, he reassured me that this is what he was meant to do. He now works in New York Presbyterian - Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, dealing with Covid-19 patients and even volunteering to FaceTime their family members. He came home from work the other day and told me, "today I told my patient's wife that we would do anything to make sure they are reunited, we prayed together on FaceTime with her husband and I know he will recover." He puts his life on the line every single day for his patients, and that is what makes him a great nurse and an amazing human.
MJ is a nurse at our local nursing home, Alden Court. She looked after my partner for three months while he was recovering from major heart surgery. She even helped us get settled in at home after he was discharged. She is now working with a small team caring for patients with COVID-19. Her husband is a local policeman so their family is front line, first responders all the way. She's the mother of two boys - one who is active in the Coast Guard and another about to start at the Coast Guard Academy. Talk about a family that gives back!!
Molly B
Molly goes above and beyond on her shifts and volunteers for overtime shifts to work on COVID units. So Brave and compassionate.
Molly D
3 nieces all work in ICU at Ochner Hospital in NO,La. all of them have little ones at home. These 3 nurses have continued to be there for these patients & the patients families. There biggest challenge is holding it together for the patients that die on their watch.
Molly J
Molly is a psych nurse at Rush University Medical Center Emergency Room. She loves what she does and is great at caring for people during a mental health crisis, which at this time is a lot of people!
mona p
Mona Patel who is a Wonder Woman in my life she is my better half and I love her to death has been an acute med surge RN since 2008. She works at the VA medical center night shift alongside COVID-19 patients. She is holding our community together by risking her own life and serving our veterans who are ill and need the most help and are vulnerable. I am so proud to nominate her as a front line RN because her role inspires a lot people, her work ethics and she puts themselves first no matter even if it’s a life or death situation.
Monica V
My wife and I are both nurses, she went back to school after raising our 4 children and earned her degree. She works at the only level 1 trauma center in our region.
Monica D
This is my daughter. She is a nurse working on the Covid unit at ascension hospital in Rochester Michigan! She doesn’t complain and she is a caring a genuine nurse!
monica o
Hello, I would like to nominate my mom as a frontline hero. She is a caring, dedicated and empathetic nurse currently working on the frontline. While nurse should have all these qualities, my mom always goes above for her patients. One such example is her taking one of patient’s clothes to wash and iron because they were unable too. Even now with the covid crisis, she still continue to ensure that her patients hospital experience is the best experience it can be. No hospital visit is ever fun, but by doing a little bit more than required, she is able to turn her patients hospital experience into a pleasant one. Please consider my nominee for your gift, it would be a big surprise and thank you for her. Thank you for reading my nomination.
Monica o
Hello, I would like to nominate Monica Ortiz as a frontline hero. She is a caring, dedicated and empathetic nurse currently working on the frontline. While nurse should have all these qualities, Monica always goes above for her patients. One such example is her taking one of patient’s clothes to wash and iron because they were unable too. Even now with the covid crisis, she still continue to ensure that her patients hospital experience is the best experience it can be. No hospital visit is ever fun, but by doing a little bit more than required, she is able to turn her patients hospital experiene into a pleasant one. Please consider my nominee for your bag, it would be a big surprise and thank you for her. Thank you for reading my nomination.
Mortricia C
Omg where do i begin, this woman gets to work and hour early just to prepare for the day she is the only nurse our doctor has so she see's and come in contact with every patient we see we don't have a lab tech she is our lab tech and Medical assistant so she wears multiple hats in the office she make sure our patients are comfortable in any area she thinks so much of our patients and not of herself she loves what she does and she shows it in every way and everything she does for our office and patients
Myla S
She is hardworking and dedicated nurse. Even with this crisis, she is giving her best to take care of critically ill patient ,support them and their families emotionally and spiritually. She is a charge/staff nurse in the ICU.
Nadine is an extraordinary nurse. He goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure his patients receive the upmost level of care. He is a team player, always willing to lend an extra hand to his fellow coworkers.
Nadine C
Nadine has always been a positive and uplifting force in my life, she is an amazing human being and friend. I have no doubt that it extends to her patients.
Nafeesa f
She is really hardworking girl and in this bless month instead of praying hard .. she is serving all covid patients.
Nafeesa F
She is my lovely daughter. It’s hard for me to see my daughter working front line with COVID Patients. But, I am very proud of her as she stands as our Hero. Working long hours and coming home so tired in the month of fasting (Ramadan). As she fasts she continues to work so hard. She definitely deserves the hard earned gift.
Nafeesa is working in a covid tent from 9 to 9 o’clock . She is fasting , observing Ramadan fasting . By the time goes home and takes shower , breaks her fast is like 10::00 pm . Next day she should be at work Morning 9:00 again . So I nominate Nafeesa as it’s not easy wearing protective gear for 12 hours and fast .
Nafeesa is working in a covid tent from 9 to 9 o’clock . She is fasting , observing Ramadan fasting . By the time goes home and takes shower , breaks her fast is like 10::00 pm . Next day she should be at work Morning 9:00 again . So I nominate Nafeesa as it’s not easy wearing protective gear for 12 hours and fast .
Nafeesa F
I believe Nafeesa deserves something special and although this knackbag won't be enough to compensate for the service she is providing to our community while risking her own life. It would definitely put smile on her face and I would do anything to see that beautiful smile of hers again. She is a Nurse Practitioner who was helping our community and was working at a Community Clinic until recently due to COVID-19 she was asked to help out at the COVID-19 assessment center at Markham Stouffville Hospital. As a family we were concerned for her wellbeing when we learnt that she was asked be in direct contact with COVID-19 patients and we tried to talk her out of accepting this new role due to the shortage of PPE's. Her response to us was ""Guys, think of me as a soldier. I have to go to protect the lives of the people I care and win this battle against COVID-19"". It's been over two months that my family and I haven't been able to hug my sister due to the social distancing rule and precautions. Especially since she's in direct contact with COVID-19 patients. Hence, my sister Nafeesa Fatima truly deserves to smile again when she receives this knackbag.
Nafeesa F
My sister is a nurse working front-line with COVID patients in the hospital. She has not been able to see us her family for months especially in the month of Ramadan. She wants to keep us safe by maintaining a distance. She comes home feeling tired from working a lot. Sometimes the shifts are unpredictable. She is a true Hero!
Naomi H
My sister from another mister! Naomi is an angel! She’s an immigrant who put herself through college, went back for her nursing bachelors, and then completed her nurse practitioner program. She works on the floor at UCSF and constantly gives the best of her sharp mind and kind heart to everyone.
Natalia D
Natalia is a awesome nurse and human being. She works at 3 different hospitals right now and strives to be the best nurse she can at each location. She works with pediatrics and neonates. She is an incredible nurse.
Natalia D
She is a nurse currently working at 3 hospitals and her main job is with Yale monitoring and treating the state's sickest children with respiratory illnesses specifically.
Natalie V
My wife is a nurse that not only takes care of patients but staff. She has been working at the jail for over 10 years, and for 10 years she has treated them like patients, and not like their crimes.
Natalie B
She is a nurse if 20 year experience and has closely working tirelessly with covid19 patients from the beginning to save her patients. She works at St. John’s episcopal hospital critical care unit.
Natalie Z
Natalie has gone above and beyond for the greater good of the people.
Natasha S
Natasha is a nurse practitioner at a busy urgent care that is now transitioned into a covid testing site. She has been working long hours and days to provide care to patients amid this outbreak
Natasha P
Nominating myself because I'm an ICU nurse working directly with positive Covid-19 patients and patients at risk of exposure awaiting test results in the ICU and Novel Disease Unit at a Level 1 trauma center in SC. As a nurse caring for patients, it is an honor to work on the front lines, pick up additional shifts, and provide frequent updates to families unable to visit due mandated state restrictions/quarantining/social distancing. In doing so, with patient & families' approval, I have taken the initiative to allow the families and patient an opportunity to briefly video chat using the patient's phone as a way to somewhat feel their physical presence, hearing their kind words, prayers of healing, love and support during these difficult times ensuring them they are not alone. It's the little things that bring these patients gratitude and uplift their spirits. We are all in this together, fighting this pandemic!
Natasha P
Nominating myself because I'm an ICU nurse working directly with positive Covid-19 patients and patients at risk of exposure awaiting test results in the ICU and Novel Disease Unit at a Level 1 trauma center in SC. As a nurse caring for patients, it is an honor to work on the front lines, pick up additional shifts, and provide frequent updates to families unable to visit due mandated state restrictions/quarantining/social distancing. In doing so, with patient & families' approval, I have taken the initiative to allow the families and patient an opportunity to briefly video chat using the patient's phone as a way to somewhat feel their physical presence, hearing their kind words, prayers of healing, love and support during these difficult times ensuring them they are not alone. It's the little things that bring these patients gratitude and uplift their spirits. We are all in this together, fighting this pandemic!
Natasha B
my mom is an ICU nurse. She has been a nurse for 25 years and has been committed to providing kind and passionate care to every one of her patients. She has cared for infants, prenatal moms, premature babies, children of all ages, adults, elderly patients, mental health affected patients, patients having heart attacks, patients in the operating room, and cancer patients. She has been dedicated to her love of her profession and everything that is grassroots purpose has stood for. She is my rock, and has inspired me to become a doctor. Healthcare is in our blood now, and it's because of her.
Nathaniel V
I would like to nominate Nate due to his outstanding ability to unconsciously lead, teach, and perform as a registered nurse. Being the critical care float pool entails floating to every intensive care unit (ICU) depending on where the need in the hospital is. This means no matter what, Nate is placed on the unit that is likely the most short-staffed and the busiest. During these times I have spoken with Nate daily about the pressure, knowledge, energy, emotions, and hardship that he endures during his time at work. Although he will never tell you this I feel he deserves this thanks. The ability to unconsciously perform your job, without seeking recognition or praise and still performing to the highest capabilities is something to applaud. I admire Nate and hope that if he does not win, at least someone will know what he is doing to protect us from the deadly COVID19 virus. Thank you for your generosity and opportunity to thank my dear friend. Best regards, Matthew Ising Clinical Nurse II Pediatric Oncology, Hematology, and Bone Marrow Transplant Memorial Sloan Kettering
Nestor A
I nominate Nestor Andrés Terreros for hero’s with out a cape. Nestor is a Patient care tech. that works in the EmergencyRoom With covid-19 pacientes In Hackensack Meridian Hospital In New Jersey. He is an exemplary health worker that works the night shifts that helps the the community stay safe and healthy. He has joined the many health care workers against covid-19. He is my hero because he is helping his community. He is selfless and dedicated he is also a wonderful son that supports he’s parents during this pandemic as well as loving fiancé to me. Nestor has been working more that 40 hours in a week during the pandemic sacrificing time and energy for his country. He has also postponed many importante dates in life like many American like traveling to Texas for our wedding date to stop the spread of covid-19. He is a great example for our community, he is a wonderful son and he is a loving future husband these are the many reasons why I nominate Nestor Andrés Terreros .
Nga L
Nga is my coworker, and she is the best. If you are a patient, she's the nurse you want to have. She is also selfless in her personal life, always taking care of her friends, family, and coworkers.
Nichole E
She is a Registered Nurse dedicated for the healing of the patients through providing excellent and compassionate care.
Nicky N
My big sister is a pediatric intensive care unit nurse. She loves kids at heart, but with the pandemic she is being sent to adult ICUs to help with the overflow of patients due to COVID19. Her favorite part of the day is coming home to spend time with her dog, which she cannot even do now since she has moved out to keep us safe.
Nico has been working so hard during this crazy time. He has been caring for COVID patients and patients affected by COVID all while pursuing his masters degree in psychiatric/ mental health nurse practitioner. He is compassionate and truly loves what he does.
Nicole G
Nicole is a first time travel nurse who left her home in TN to fight covid in NJ. She has three dogs at home and loves the outdoors!
Nicole C
She is wonderful with her patients. She treats them all like there her family and goes over and beyond her job. She cares more than anyone would ever know about each and everyone of her patients.
Nicole N
She works so hard for her patients. She has worked every day since COVID-19 for Urology.
Nicole G
Nicole is a nurse that truly exemplifies Florence Nightingale’s values. She is caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, and her patients are lucky to have her!
I am currently an adult covid + nurse. prior to this pandemic, I am a inpatient pediatric nurse. Going from taking care of children of all illness to taking care of adults is challenging. I miss my primary oncology patients. Holding my adult patients hands is my way of providing comfort during this difficult and challenging time has been the only thing i can do to ease their fears.
Nicole d
My daughter decided to take on a new job at Johns Hopkins in the PICU during the COVID-19. She's working hard with the rest of the nurses in the frontlines.
Nicole F
My sister, Nicole Forman, graduated from nursing school in May 2019 and started working as an RN in September 2020 in an ICU at Stony Brook University Hospital on Long Island, NY. She was just off orientation and just starting to work on her own when the pandemic began. She is now treating COVID patients in one of the many COVID ICUs at the hospital.
Nicole R
I love how dedicated she is to the cause. Even when I told her to quit because we just had a new baby boy, she didn’t.
Nicole S
Nicole is such a caring, loving, hard-working, RN. She is our grand daughter and we are so proud of her dedication to her patients.
Nicole S
She is a cardiac intensive care nurse in Florida with a 4 month old son and her husband is in the Coast Guard. She has be be strong on three fronts. For her hospital, for her new born baby and for her husband's career all while staying strong enough to get through this covid-19 pandemic.
Nicolette K
Nikki is a new graduate nurse in the ER who started her journey during a worldwide pandemic. She has been resilient, brave, and compassionate with her care to her patients during this struggling time. Not only has she been finding her footing being her first year, but she is doing so with curve balls coming from every direction; never once letting a smile leave her face (even under the mask)!
Nikita P
Nikita works in a small hospital taking care of children with medical problems, During these times she never complains goes in and does her job, and is always is available to take over any nurse that calls in sick. she has a contagious smile that makes other smiles.
Nikkole K
She works in the Nursery and NICU, crosstraining so she can be used wherever she is needed. She works nights, so 6pm-6am, then is a mother to an active 18 month old, and 3 months pregnant. She is dedicated and always one to be counted on.
Nisha G
Dedicated RN
Nishi J
Working in the ER in Long Island, NY. Managing the nurses during shift and working her shift with the covid-19 patients. Making sure they are getting the proper care.
Noah B
He is my father, he has to work a lot of overtime and he’s risking getting sick to help others.
Noah P
Noah is a hospice care nurse. He does a great job of walking with patients and their families through the last moments of life. One thing that makes him special is his sense of humor. It really helps put his patients at ease. A few weeks ago, Noah volunteered to be the Covid-19 nurse for his company and now treats all the patients who have or are suspected to have Covid-19. He did this so that other nurses who are older and at greater risk for Covid don't have to risk exposure to the illness.
Nora V
Nora is by far the most selfless nurse I've ever had the chance to meet. She works incredibly hard and gives everything she has without ever asking for anything in return. Even during some extremely challenging circumstances, she has a smile on her face. Being a Cardiac Cath Lab RN, she sees patients that are enduring some of the hardest times of their lives. Of course she has a job to do, but she takes the time soothe babies, sing to Grandmas, and talk through things with Mothers and Fathers. And at the end of the day, she would choose to do all of it for free, because she knows being a nurse is her calling. If the world had more people like Nora, it would be a much better place.
Noreen R
This is for my sister Noreen Rafiq,who's working long hours as all other first responders; there's not enough we can do to show gratitude. She's not only working as a dedicated frontline hospital staff but is also caretaker for our elderly mom who's disabled, she gives so much to others without wanting something in return; always the glue that holds our family together.
Norma M
My mom has been a nurse for over 30 years, she is currently a renal transplant coordinator. She hasn’t missed a day of work since the stay at home order was initiated . She is very dedicated .
Norman L
He is the most caring and compassionate father, husband, son, brother, friend, and nurse I have had the pleasure of knowing.
Oana D
Oana is a new RN on a telemetry unit at a hospital in San Antonio. Oana was assigned to work on COVID unit, and is often the only human interaction patients have all day. Although she enjoys her calling as a new nurse, she carries the emotional baggage of protecting her two toddlers from the virus, especially when seeing headlines that show increasing numbers of medical staff contracting the virus. She wasn't able to celebrate our 4 year anniversary a few days ago, so I want to nominate her to let her know that she is appreciated for everything she does for our family and community.
Olivia C
Olivia is an amazing RN as well as a person! She has a sweet heart and has been nothing but loyal and has done a phenomenal job representing Triage while on assignment! She started bringing her dad with her on assignment to explore new places and are currently in WY! This RN never complains and looks at the bright side of every situation! Olivia TOTALLY deserves and would be so appreciative of a little extra something like this to go out and explore/travel!!
Orla B
Ms. Brandos was born and raised in Ireland and came to this country at age 17. She went to nursing school on her own, achieved a Masters degree and a PhD in Nursing while raising two kids. Presently she is the Chief Nursing Officer at Newport Hospital, a Nurse Magnet surveyor, officer in the National Organization of Nursing Leadership, and pending president of the RI chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives. Her achievements and her intense focus on patient care are truly remarkable.
Paige M
She's my wife and mother to our daughter
Pamela H
as labor and delivery nurse, they also take care covid patients. sometimes it is an emergency situation that the team has to run into a patient’s room, as fast as they can to save both mom and baby that are showing abnormal tracings on the monitor.
Patricia G
Patricia is a hard worker and give all to our community. She works a 12 hrs a day at a covid testing center in Pennsylvania.
Patricia P
Patti is a Trauma certifued nurse who now cares for our nation's Veterans. During this pandemic her unit cares for all positive COVID19 patients. She has also trained to be a research nurse collecting specimens, when not on her schedule, to provide information for future medications and knowledge about this disease. She leaves the house every day excited with a smile to greet her coworkers and patients. Her heart is bigger than most as sge rarely says NO if asked to work OT when her unit needs help. Then she comes home and still soends tume with her two daughters wuth whom she has made a home, as she us a single mom. The best part is she always tells us that nursing is her love and she will go in every day to care for people.
patricia A
I would like to nominate Patricia she is very kind and hardworking. She works at Houston Methodist continuing care hospital as a certified nurse assistant and loves what she do especially when it comes to the care of covid'19 patients!!
Patricia S
My nominee has been working with mothers and their infants in labor and delivery as a nurse for 20 + years. She works tirelessly day in and out. After all these years she still has a passion for what she does and brings that with her everyday. I am proud to call her my mom.
Paul H
My husband,Paul, is a frontline worker in the Critical Care Unit at our regional hospital and works providing intensive care for critically ill COVID 19 patients. He works extremely long hours and puts himself at risk every day that he goes to work. He cares for his patients as if they are his own family. Especially during this time when people aren’t allowed to come and see their families due to new hospital regulations. He is the only link that families have to their loved ones. In addition to working his long shifts he has self quarantined in a hotel away from us, but he never complains and he seems to draw from an endless well of strength. He inspires me every day and my little one and I feel his absence from our home acutely.
Paula B
works full time as a nurse taking care of patients
Paula r
She kind and the best person to be cool with
Paula M
Ms. Matthews works as a RN manager at Mobile Infirmary Medical Center. She has been a nurse for 24 years. Not only does she serve as a nurse she serves as an educator to new nurses. Ms. Matthews goes above and beyond for her staff and her patients not only in the time of need but every day. She teaches that nursing is caring and giving a part of yourself to better mankind.
Paula R
Paula Matthews has been faithfully employed at Mobile Infirmary Medical Center since 2003. She started her career as a staff nurse and was promoted to charge nurse, team leader, and has managed the vascular urology unit for the last 8 years. Her interest always lies with the patients at the center of her care and attention. Not only does she show care and concern with the patients, but also with the staff she manages. Paula has a dedication to excellent service. As a manager she sets a superb example to all of her Nursing Team by personally making daily rounds that have purpose. She Knows every one of the patients on her unit. At any time you can find patients and family members that know this manager by name I believe that to be very inspiring, and it speaks volumes to her work ethic. Patients, families and staff TRUST Paula and know that she will make sure her staff provides care of the highest standard. I can write a book about Paula, she was my manger and remains my mentor. Thanks for Reading.
Paula M
She’s the best person for any patients. She have great best side manners. She’s a caring person on the clock and off the clock.
Paula M
She was my grandfather's nurse. He only had couple weeks to live and she made it wonderful. I really like to thank her....
Paula M
Paula works as an RN Manager at Mobile Infirmary hospital. During this pandemic, despite having a underlying health condition, she has gone above and beyond to assist her staff and the facility. She has helped to staff several floors of the hospital to help prevent a nursing shortage by sending her employees to other areas to work. In addition, she has managed to homeschool 2 school-aged children and keep them current in their academics. Ms. Matthews answers her phone regardless of the hour and even on her off days! Ms. Matthews has been a powerful resource for new medical professionals in training including CNAs, LPNs, and RNs. She has also been instrumental in hiring new staff members to help prevent a nursing shortage as well. Ms. Matthews is always positive, always wearing a smile, and is beyond helpful. More importantly, during these trying times, she is consistently available. For these reasons and more Paula Matthews should be nominated as a candidate to receive a Knack Bag.
pawanjit J
My wife, she’s a respiratory therapist. she fight on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic alongside hundreds of thousands of health care workers. We haven’t seen our 2 girls (age 2 &4) for about 2 months now. We sent them to live with relatives in order to keep them safe.
Peter J
He takes care of everyone around him, even after a long day at work. He pays attention to every detail invested into making someone better.
Phuong N
she works at urgent care stabbing all the covid patients every day
prabhavathi b
she is the one of the nurses in my neighbourhood and helps people
Prisca O
When Covid 19 first hit our hospital thus a state facility, most of the staff became infected but our charge remained at work. She took charge of the unit and the whole building. Around 100 Psychriatic patients. She is also the pioneer of our Covid unit a new unit that admitted all positive cases in our facility. She took charge without being delegated the responsibility. Always smiled as we the staff thought it was the end. Sometimes, she got pulled to other building but never did she refuse. She made us proud. I know their pay isn’t much but am proud of her approach especially during the crisis era.
Priya M
Priya works I. A hospital with COVID positive patients. She works all day and gets tired at the end of the day. she is very helpful and loves what she do. She is my hero.
Rachael B
I’ve known her since we were kids and watched her struggle to get where she is, and I’m so proud of her!
Rachael B
We became friends at college when we were studying for nursing. Now she is working on a Covid floor outside of Chicago.
Rachel W
Rachel is on the vascular access team at Lurie Children's Hospital in downtown Chicago. Sadly, she had to post-pone her wedding due to COVID-19. She is a loving and caring sister, daughter, and fiance. She loves her job and wouldn't trade it for the world.
Hi! I wanted to nominate my sister ER Nurse Rachel Friedman for your giveaway. She has been working the front lines for the past few weeks in one of the busiest hospitals in New York! She’s amazing and truly has not taken a break since this virus started! She goes above and beyond for all her patients, and has been an invaluable source of help not just for her hospital, but volunteering to make herself available to all our friends, family, and community as a whole! I just want to have a chance to show her how much we all love her and appreciate her courage, strength, and perseverance through these difficult times! Thank you so much!
Rachel A
Most caring and compassion person who cares about her patients and does everything to make sure they get the best care.
Rachel B
Absolutely one of the most disciplined and hard-working nurse i know. Incredible maturity and stamina.
Raina K
She is so dedicated and my hero!
Raina K
My sister Raina is a nurse in a Covid unit in a New York hospital, the center of the storm. She can't hug her husband and kids at night when she gets home, for fear of getting them sick. She chooses this sacrifice for the lives of her patients every day. She doesn't complain, and she doesn't want to quit. She continues to save lives day after day, while putting herself in harm's way. She is truly selfless.
Raina C
Raina has been a nurse for almost ten years. She is working at the only level 1 trauma center in Las Vegas. Raina worked triage for the shooting that occurred in Vegas a few years ago. She is a driven, brilliant nurse who puts her patients before her own well being. I have seen Raina sacrifice so much, both physically and mentally, for her job. She has just applied to grad school in order to pursue her passion even further and to help even more people. She is the most caring and giving individual I have ever had the privilege of calling friend.
Rajvinder k
I’m nominating myself. I’m a nurse and nurse practitioner. Although I’m not in the front line as other brave nurses, I provide end of life care services to our vulnerable population such as elderly, unfortunate cancer patients and some pediatric patients.
Randi B
Rn works very hard always furthering her education and applying that knowledge to her job
Rebecca E
She's not only a great nurse but a great mom who is selfless.
Rebecca D
Rebecca loves her job and cares deeply about her patients. She is always up for an adventure and is staring to travel the world.
Rebecca D
The nominee (my sister) graduated at the top of her class, and she graduated early in order to lend a helping hand in the managing the Covid-19 outbreak. Her first week on the job was last week, during which she lost her first-ever patient to the virus. It wasn’t until a week after she began that she finally had a patient that survived. Like all nurses, she could really use something to uplift her. Thanks, Knack, for looking out for our civil servants.
My wife is on the front lines protecting our family from this threat.
Rebekah D
My wife Becky is an amazing nurse and Mom. She is currently 7 months pregnant and going strong as a charge nurse on her hospitals designated Covid19 floor. She not only does an excellent job work patients and her nurses, she is also amazing at taking care of people emotionally as well. She is just an awesome nurse!
Reena M
Working in the OR during this crazy pandemic. although she is also 7 months pregnant she shows up everyday on the frontlines and puts herself out there to help her patients!
Regan N
She is an Southern girl in the heart of NYC. She specializes in critical care Cardiac Respiratory. As NY Presbyterian geared up for COVID 19 Regan trained others on how to treat patients on a ventilator to improve quality of care at NYP in NYC. She worked 14 hour shifts 5-6 days a week when needed and never thought twice about helping others.
regina n
she is a registered nurse working in urgent care
The most caring, smiling, kind nurse I have ever met with knowledge and skills she has what an amazing nurse.
Reina c
She cares more about her family and patients than she cares for herself. She is the epitome of selflessness.
Reina C
She is working tirelessly as a Cardiac ICU nurse and a frontline Covid-19 worker at a large hospital in Connecticut. Her entire unit is Covid patients and she is an amazing caring nurse. She is also a mother to 3 beautiful boys.
Remona W
She's wonderful and has served for 38 years wholeheartedly. She loves caring and gives her last to encourage others She works long hours and often beyond assigned hours to get tasks completed. Rarely to never has she been justly recognized or rewarded.She spends her own money to see that people get what they need. She goes to work early and leaves late without complaining. She has withstood a lot of challenges and obstacles during her career. Please help us to celebrate her.
Renée B
Working the frontlines during the covid-19 pandemic, putting herself in harms way to do her job, and help her patients every day.... with a smile!
Renah C
my wife in a RN like many that's devotes her time and risks the everything to care for others during this time of need. She is my hero!
Renee S
very hard working nurse
Reycheal C
She is a labor and delivery nurse. She has always been taking excellent care of moms and babies in her unit.
Rivka N
Rivka has been working on the front lines in NYC. She has been going to the hospital on her days off to help out.
Robert W
I'd like to give a ’shout out’ to all the nurses but especially Robert Wheat who has worked tirelessly to take care of extremely sick patients with COVID. He has put himself on the very frontline and done so with such enthusiasm and a sense of team spirit. Watching him take care of these truly sick patients and work so well as a team has been one of the good things to come out of such a difficult time. He deserves all the recognition in the world for what he's doing, and he should know his efforts are appreciated!!
Robin w
M fiancé accepter her first job as a graduate nurse during this pandemic. In her free time she makes and donated over 100 masks. She works hard an I’m so proud of her!
Robin H
Robin is my NP at the oncology clinic. I get treatment every two weeks. In February, my flu got worse and I emailed her my concerns. She had be come into clinic that day, did a viral work up and got me a chest CT. Good news, only pneumonia. She saved me from having to go to the ER! She is truly amazing!
Rocky O
Rocky always has a positive attitude, even in these times, and is always willing to help and educate those in need.
Ronnie B
She is my mom and role model. She takes care of her staff and Dialysis patients daily.
Rory C
I run an after school program and Rory's son, Lucas attends our program. After COVID -19 hit, our business lost 80% of its income. Rory was so kind as to donate her last tuition payment to our team to pay their bills. At a time where she is under an incredible amount of stress caring for her patients, she took the time to support others in a really big way. She has an amazing heart and I would love for her to be recognized for that!
Rose T
Has been helping out boost staffing as a nurse in Manorcare Nursing homes where most of the redidents are covid19 patients.
Rose A
Rose Ann is an awesome, hardworking, puts her heart in her work individual. She has been working the frontlines and is taking care of covid patients in North Dakota. Her family is in California and she was supposed to come visit us before the pandemic happened. She’s been working long hours with no family around.
Rosemary H
she's such a hard worker and holding her head up high going into her covid unit every shift.
Ross L
My husband Ross has been working as an ICU nurse on the front lines of COVID-19. We both work at Novant Health in a small coastal town of Brunswick County, NC. Ross has worked as an exercise physiologist, as a CNA, a CNA 2, and now a registered nurse. During COVID, he has also been finishing up his BSN and is scheduled to apply for his nurse practitioner in August. He said he needs to help more. I’m not sure how he balances it all but he does and he is my nurse, my husband, and my healthcare hero.
Rossy d
During covid she has been working nonstop for the sake of her patients
Rowena P
Rowena is a truly hard working nurse working the COVID ward in Honolulu, HI. We are grateful for her service and the service of all essential workers during this extremely difficult time.
Roxanne B
She is working in a nursing home with Covid19 Patients.
Ruben C
Ruben is a devoted nurse, and a hard worker.
Rylee M
Rylee is a first year registered nurse, what a welcome to the profession! She works in Labor & Delivery, supporting new and experienced mamas on their journey. She has always had a passion for helping others & keeping them healthy and safe.
Sabah E
Sabah is an ICU nurse that has been working during this epidemic saving lives. She is very hard worker and she loves helping people.
She’s a hard worker and deserves all the recognition. She has put herself on the line to help in the pandemic
Samantha A
Brave RN on a COVID unit in NJ. Very passionate about what she does
Samantha P
Hard worker who is COMPLETELY dedicated to her patients and career.
Samantha F
She is a labor and delivery nurse working with COVID patients everyday. She is always so caring and smiling no matter the circumstances.
Samantha m
Sam, is so dedicated to her patients at Miriam Hospital. She is always going to extra mile and is always learning. She continually wants to learn more so she can help her patients more!
Sami D
Sami has been a great support throughout the past 4 years and is always willing to help others. She loves the experience of getting to know he patients and their family. I’ve never met someone so loyal to always trying to give the best care.
Samson A
This nurses has been working in the hard hit ICU floor with COVID 19 patients for the past two months. He endangered himself and his family but still remains committed to giving his best care for his patients.
Sandra J
She is a hardworker, always putting her patients safe.
Sandra O
She is a hard worker and cares for all her patients. She has been a nurse for 23 yrs.
Sandra B
Sandy is an incredible, dedicated and kind nurse. She has left her family and nursing position in St. Paul, Minnesota to join the incredible heroes and heroines in New Jersey. Sandy heard there was a need and didn’t think twice about going to do what she does best in another state far from home. This is why I’m nominating this fabulous nurse. Thank you.
Sara s
She comes in everyday with a smile and willingly. Willing to help her staff. No one is inferior to her no matter their position. She makes us laugh when we want to cry about what’s going on around us.
Sara R
This pretty lady came to our facility with no prior OR skills as her previous employment was as a PACU nurse. When she first started she was given the task of learning how to circulate for Neuro cases which can be one of the more difficult things to learn right off the bat as so much is involved in the preparation. Despite her nerves and apprehension she has certainly learned to be one of the best circulating nurses in our facility and I absolutely appreciate having her as my circulator when I scrub Neuro cases. Miss Sara has come a long way!
Sara is a fairly new nurse and was thrown into the thick of it with this pandemic. She has done such a good job taking care of her patients with an incredibly high risk of exposure to herself due to her hospitals sever lack of PPEs. But, like a true nurse, she selflessly continues to work every single shift regardless of the treat to her own personal safely. She advocates for her patients to the doctors and prays for her patients when there’s nothing else that can be done for them. If I were to contract COVID-19 and be in critical condition, Sara is exactly who I would want taking care of me.
Sara T
Sara has worked in cardiac rehab for several years. Once Vanderbilt started having COVID testing sites she volunteered to work the tents working 12 hour shifts with an amazingly positive attitude.
Sara is my daughter and is on the front line working outside on the street as a nurse for Northwestern Memorial Hospital in a hotbed of Covid-19 patients.Although she lives downstairs from me I have not seen her in the last 2 months.
Sara B
My nominee is very special to me, shes my wife. A person who has been there for me throughout all of my battles, is now fighting on the front lines and helping others fight there battle with COVID-19. She works inside a retirement community where she has been an employee for almost 10 years now. As soon as the pandemic hit, there was no hesitation that she would risk it all to give back to these folks. So with that I say, hats of and salute to all of those men and women who stand on the front lines and who are risking it all to help fight this tragic disease. Thank you for giving back to these folks as well.
Sarah T
Sarah is a very good ICU nurse during the height of the pandemic at the epicenter of New York. She went above and beyond to take care of her very sick patients
Sarah P
She's been working steady in the emergency department as a nurse caring for COVID patients and doing such a great job. She takes care of her patients and then comes home and home schools her kids and cares for her family.
Sarah H
Sarah is a nurse who is working with oncology patients through this difficult time. Sarah is a wonderful nurse and fights for her patients everyday. As draining and exhausting work can be, she makes sure her patients come first and stands up for their needs.
Sarah A
My sister is an absolute rockstar. She has been nursing for four years, and is leading her hospital in the COVID-19 unit.
Sarah T
Sarah is a registered nurse who was moved into the covid screening tents. She has worked long hard and extra hours. She has picked up shifts for other nurses who do not want to work the frontlines. Sarah truly has a passionate for helping others. This would be amazing if she got this and I couldn't find anyone more deserving.
Sarah D
Selfless, talented and dedicated RN and former volunteer EMT-CC. Always willing to help someone in need.
Sarah V
My wife is working 40 hours a week as a nurse but when she heard they needed volunteers in the COVID ICU she volunteered to work extra shifts right away. She is working an extra two shifts per week which is above and beyond her current work. She really cares for all the patients and thinks everyone deserves great care. I am sure this backpack would be useful to her for going back and forth to work with all of her belongings. She is one of a kind.
Sarah M
This girl was my best friend all through nursing school. She moved hours away from her family so she could work her dream job as an RN.
Sarah F
Sarah is my daughter and a young nurse who started to work @ Greenwich Hosp. a year ago. She always willing to help and comfort the new mother to be, as she works 12 hrs night shift 3 times a week. She is wonderful for her young age. Way to go Sarah
" "
Sarah F
Sarah works the night shift from 7:00PM thru 7:00AM (12hrs shift). She is a nurse in the Maternity and Delivery Dept. She is always there for the new Mom to be in this difficult time. Sarah graduated from Sacred Heart University in 2019.
Sato R
She is an amazing nurse working in a county jail providing care for an already vulnerable underserved population.
Scott g
Scott is my brother on his third assignment with Covid patients. He is currently in NJ. He is an amazing caring nurse who cares so deeply and also finds time to touch base with all of us at home. I want him to know he is loved and people are thankful which is very hard when so many people are going against cdc recommendation
She is kind, flexible and always willing to jump in and help where the hospital has needed her. She has covered others shifts so her coworkers can protect themselves and their vulnerable families. She’s also floated to other units to help units in need during covid. She has also volunteered her time and self toward covid antibody research.
Shaif Y
Shaif is a great nurse who put others before himself.
Shaka D
Very caring for her residents loves what she does everyday and is very kind hearted.
Shaleem S
He's a nurse in Covid ICU and my husband and the father of two little kids
Shameika M
Shameika is wonderful and caring person.The passion, dedication, and respect that she has as a nurse while caring for her patients is what drives her to go above and beyond her duties. She feels so compelling to help others, she made the decision to leave her family of 8 in Virginia, and go risk her life by working on the front lines in New York City. She is currently assigned to a long term health care facility in Brooklyn, New York. We send her our love and prayers as she is out there doing what she was born to do.
Shanah A
Shanah is my wife and have been selfless and responsive during this entire epidemic. When the hospital she worked has was running low on PPE, she went out of her way to find suitable equipment to provide her fellow nurses. She also choose to take on travel nursing for 21 straight days to help those affected in New Orleans. She has done a phenomenal job being an inspiration to others in this profession and we’re grateful to have her in our lives.
Shane B
Shane works as an ER RN in Las Vegas. He has chosen to go to New York to help out in one of the hardest hit areas. Shane is an amazing nurse that always puts others first. Shane started his career in the military. Then he worked in the frontlines as a paramedic. Now he is fighting to save people in the ER as he trains to become a nurse practitioner. He deserves to be rewarded.
Shanna M
Shanna is a nurse in a hospital currently experiencing a COVID-19 surge. During this time, she was notified that her application to commission into the US Army was accepted, but that she wouldn’t be able to have a traditional ceremony due to COVID. Her hospitals Chief Medical Officer heard this and coordinated for a social-distance commissioning ceremony to be performed right at the hospital! It was an amazingly positive event that brought some hope and joy in the midst of chaos.
Shannel G
Shannel has been working in the additions field for 10 years. She is kind, compassionate and only wants to best for her clients. The long hours worked, at least 12 hours 6 days per week, show her dedication to her clients and the nursing field
Shannon is an ENDO nurse. When covid 19 hit the metro Detroit area, she didn’t hesitate and volunteered to help out and be deployed to the make shift ICUs we had in the hospital. She worked more than required and dedicated herself to help those in need. She has become my hero
Shannon T
My sister is a nurse in Colorado Springs. She is an infection specialist for her group of hospitals. She has been trying to help connect families with their dying loved ones. At the same time she has a brand new baby and a husband who is in the military in charge of disinter relief. She will tell me things like today I had a husband and wife die within hours of each other and she is so sad. She is working more and being paid less. But she loves her job. She loves being an essential worker nShe could use a nice new bag.
Sharaya D
She a young Woman who has been in Nursing for about 2 years. She very good at work and the patients adore her. She goes out her way to be a Team player.
Sharee S
Sharee Sinkler is a nurse in Brooklyn, NY working on an all COVID unit.
HARD WORKING ICU NURSE in the frontline taking care of Covid patients & comes home to be a FULL TIME MOM.
Sharon L
She is a no nonsense patient-centered registered nurse with 42 years experience who works in the emergency room at Wellstar South hospital in Atlanta Ga.
Sharon C
This Nurse has shown me through about what a better person I can be. Shee always helping out snd supporting the community.
Shauna is a RN who has worked in long-term care facilities for over 30 years. She is a hard-working, dedicated, no-nonsense kind of nurse. In April she contracted Covid-19 and after she recovered, returned to work to take care of residents.
My Mom currently working Covid19 outpatient testing in NM , she deserves so much as she provides for her family and fighting everyday challenges . Thanks for honoring healthcare and first responders .
sheeba g
She is a pediatric ICU nurse caring for the sick children tirelessly.
Shelley S
Juggles life with 5 kids and gets up for work with a giant smile.
Shelly G
She is always calm, cool, collected, and friendly. A great nurse!
Shelly D
Shelly is such a superb person. She works long hours and picks up extras shifts while caring for a disabled husband on her own. She is an inspiration to me and countless others. She became a nurse to better take care of her husband who suffered a brain aneurism. It's a very difficult life and she manages to keep everything in perspective. We love her and applaud her spirit. I wish more people had her energy and heart.
Shelly k
She is working in New York hospitals right now. She travelled from Indiana to New York just to help with covid 19
Shemika B
Shemika is a hard worker who is willing to go over and beyond to help out. During this pandemic she has worker extra shifts to make sure her unit is staffed. She is always jumping in to help everyone in need and hasn't complained about a thing. She is so deserving.
Shenique H
So my sister is an Emergency Room in a busy level one trauma hospital . She is a breast cancer survivor and has secondary problems as a result of the grueling chemotherapy she got in the past. What impresses me about her is that she went to work even doing overtime risking her own health . She recently completed her Psychiatric Mental Health NP but has not transitioned into her new role because she wanted to be on the frontline. Nursing is engraved in her DNA. When I inquire about her fear of being on the frontline, her reply is “I was born to do this .” She is my hero and I am proud of her.
Shenique H
So my sister is an Emergency Room in a busy level one trauma hospital . She is a breast cancer survivor and has secondary problems as a result of the grueling chemotherapy she got in the past. What impresses me about her is that she went to work even doing overtime risking her own health . She recently completed her Psychiatric Mental Health NP but has not transitioned into her new role because she wanted to be on the frontline. Nursing is engraved in her DNA. When I inquire about her fear of being on the frontline, her reply is “I was born to do this .” She is my hero and I am proud of her.
Shenique H
So my sister is an Emergency Room in a busy level one trauma hospital . She is a breast cancer survivor and has secondary problems as a result of the grueling chemotherapy she got in the past. What impresses me about her is that she went to work even doing overtime risking her own health . She recently completed her Psychiatric Mental Health NP but has not transitioned into her new role because she wanted to be on the frontline. Nursing is engraved in her DNA. When I inquire about her fear of being on the frontline, her reply is “I was born to do this .” She is my hero and I am proud of her.
She's passionate, caring, team oriented, determined, & motivated. She has an amazing level of optimism and a radiant personality to brighten the days for others during this time of great uncertainty.
Sherin E
She’s my fiancé, she worked in the covid unit this yr, she got sick from covid 19. Once she recovered and cleared to work she went back to the covid unit. One week into being back her grandmother who raised her passed away from covid. She stayed strong and organized the funeral for her family. We were supposed to get married on July 4th but we had to postpone till next yr. She’s been going through it this yr but still goes to work with a smile so hopefully this can add to that smile.
She is a Covid nurse taking care of Covid patients at this time. She goes above and beyond to take care of patients on this pandemic crisis especially that the hospital does not allow visitors at this time. She hold the hands of the sick and prayed for them.
Sheryl H
Sheryl is a hard working RN. She’s been caring for sick patients plus making masks for the entire hospital that she works for.
Shirley a
I nominate my wife she is my hero!! She is a Rn who is working on frontline!! She is always ready for work with smile and positive attitude!!
Shirley G
She is selfless nurse taking care of COVID-19 patients all while going to school to get her masters as the same time at NYU
Shirley G
She is a selfless nurse working hard to take care of COVID-19 patients
Sholanda l
She at healthcare facility with people with disabilities. Everyday is a new day of trying to find a way to get them to understand what’s going on in the world.
shuli p
saw that you were donating packs to these great ppl that are on the front lines. want to thank you for that initiative. it is so important to show the world how much we value people putting their lives on the line and going daily to take care of our world! my mom works so hard each day she goes to the hospital, putting her and our family at risk! she gives emotional ( as well as physical) support to her patients bringing a baby into this world during these very challenging times. thank you so much! stay healthy!
Sicily O
My mom has missed her birthday and celebrated Mother’s Day, she always comes home feeling defeated from the extra requirements of her job but recharges every night by praying and having an optimistic attitude in the morning to be ready to help patients.
Sincleia works at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington DC. She is an ICU nurse and her unit is the main COVID-19 ICU. She works long shifts several days a week, picking up overtime to try to help with this pandemic. She has seen things that she says she will never forget, and she often comes home crying feeling sad and frustrated with this whole situation. She has been putting her health and life at risk to care for COVID-19 patients. She goes above and beyond for those patients and her colleagues - and she does it with LOVE. She is definitely a HERO.
Sini V
She is a very hard working and dedicated ICU nurse helping the covid patients during this pandemic
Smriti M
She is an ICU Registered Nurse at Maple Grove Hospital, MN. She has been working hard taking care of the COVID-19 patients to provide them with quality care and making them comfortable in the end stage if needed. She works overnight 12 hours shift and takes care of the family with a 2.5 year old boy at home. She makes sure her patients and family are safe.
Sneha J
My sister Sneha is a Registered Nurse working directly with COVID patients in NYC. She is sometimes the only person the patients get to interact with because of visitor restrictions.
Sofia B
My wife is not just an amazing mother to our 10 month old son, she is an amazing Nurse. I truly believe that God called her to be a Nurse. She works with our country's heroes ,"her Vets" as she calls them. She will go above and beyond to help these guys and gals. In my and son's and "her vet's" eyes, she is the best nurse there could ever be. She deserves the recognition she never asks for.
Sonia L
I am nominating my mother who is a nurse working on the frontline taking care of covid positive patients. She comes home tired every night only having time for dinner and then sleeping to wake up early and restart her routine. I wish I could give her anything to bring joy into this time she's in right now. I wish joy could find its way into a lot of the nurses right now. it's a hard time, but we will get through it.
Sonia T
She’s beyond being just a nurse! Mother of three! Sonia should be a retired nurse at this point of life. But no she’s working with patients with COVID -19 on a daily bases to help them live! Her life is in jeopardy daily and the high possibility of bringing it home to her husband and family! Beyond the call of duty -️
Sonja P
My wife is an RN working a Covid unit In Michigan. She works tirelessly to care for her patients for 13 hour shifts then comes home to take care of our family.
Sonya D
Sonya has spent her life helping others here and in many other countries. Her passion and love is contagious!!!! When the need comes the one of the first to say yes.
Soochan L
Works tirelessly as a ICU nurse caring for COVID-19 patients.
Sophia Z
Sophia is a nurse at Fairfax Hospital in northern Virginia. She is an incredible young woman who balances caring for 2 young twin baby girls with helping deliver babies at the hospital. What an incredible role model!
Stacey P
My wife is a nurse anesthetist at RWJUH. She is dedicated, works all different shifts and always has a positive attitude. She is a great mom to our 3 children and has been working incredibly hard during the covid 19 pandemic.
Stacey R
I would like to nominate Stacey Randolph as a hero without a cape. Stacey is working on the frontlines a nurse caring for Covid-19 patients at Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Stacey’s sister passed away in a nursing facility in early April 2020 after battling complications from a stroke. Unfortunately, due to Stacey’s exposure to coronavirus patients, she was not permitted to enter the nursing facility and be by her dying sister’s side. This was extremely hard since Stacey had been her main caregiver for the past two years. In addition to working long hours at Memorial Regional, Stacey is an instructor to nursing students at Rappahannock Community College. Stacey also manages to find time for her wife and friends too. She has always been a supportive friend who frequently checks in with me to ask how life as a new firefighter is going. I graduated from the Henrico County Fire Academy at the end of February 2020 and began my new career as a first responder just at Covid-19 was ramping up. Her passion to care for others will always be evident and whether or not she is recognized, Stacey will always be a hero without a cape to me and many others out there. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share a small part of her story with you.
Stacey G
She has been working non stop through the pandemic and has been a rock
Stacey C
Nominating...myself! I'm a hardworking nurse in Alaska who loves to travel and explore. I'd love a Knack Pack!!!
Working tirelessly daily so her co workers can have time at home to work. Coming into work fail working with oncology patients. Has not taken any time off during this crisis
Stacie S
Stacie has the ability to see the good in everyone, and every situation. She is a great nurse, mentor, and support person for everyone on our unit. She is most deserving of this.
Stacie V
Stacie is a very hard worker and has so much compassion for patients and coworkers. She will step in to help in anyway she can!
Stacy V
She is an amazing nurse that works hard and takes care of her patients very selflessly whether they have covid or not. She stepped up and worked with covid positive patients without complaint.
Stefanie D
mama of 3 on the front lines as a nurse practitioner :)
Stephanie Z
She is an ICU nurse taking care of some of the sickest COVID-19 patients at this time - those who are on life support, from ventilators to ECMO (heart and lung machines), picking up multiple shifts in the multiple ICUs per week. She takes excellent care of her patients, even braiding their hair and maintaining their dignity, holding their hands and putting their families on speaker phone or FaceTime to sooth them during this difficult time.
Stephanie n
Helping Covid 19 patients and put her self and her family under a big risk
Stephanie D
Great Nurse that is also a foster mother for vulnerable children in LAS VEGAS. Very caring, warm and willing to do anything for anyone in need!
Stephanie U
Stephanie is an ER nurse fighting in the frontlines. After her shift, she goes out with a group of nurses to support the community with posters and cheering. She is a single mother of 2 boys who wait for her to come home every work day. She is a super hero in my eyes and I am honored and proud to be her cousin!
Stephanie G
My wife is an ICU nurse at Johns Hopkins. Her team has been working so hard during this pandemic. I have lost my job so she is taking care of our family as well as all the COVID pts. With homeschooling after she works night shifts we are so thankful for her. I would love to have someone put a smile on her face.
Stephanie G
I work with Steph in a busy Er in NJ. She always has a back back full of supplies with her as her work bag. She is obsessed with backpacks. I would love to see her win one if your knack bags that she could wear around the ER at work!
Stephanie B
Goes above and beyond. Helpful, caring and loving.
Stephanie D
My wife is a 20 year nurse working on the frontlines of an ER in Las Vegas. She is working tirelessly to help others while maintaining her distance to keep our family safe.
Stephanie D
I would like to nominate my sister. She is an ER nurse working at the Dignity health care system in Henderson, NV the Las Vegas area. She is working on the frontlines of the Covid-19 crisis right now. She has been working as an ER nurse for many years helping save lives everyday. I’m proud to have such an amazing sister!
Sudeshna D
Sudeshna is a very loving and caring Pediatric nurse. She has been trying to take on extra shifts than whats needed in order to ensure the patients in her unit get the care and her colleagues are not overworked. She is very empathetic and there are times when she comes home in tears due to the cases she sees at work and its too much for her emotionally to handle. Her career is definitely something that someone like me could not do or handle.
My girlfriend is a nurse and during this trying time, she is commuting to work close to 6 days a week to risk her own safety for us all. I appreciate and respect her tenacity.
Sue W
ICU trauma nurse. She single handily researched and cared for her brother in law who contracted COVID 19 and was on a ventilator for days. He has since returned home! Sue has spent the last 30+ years caring for our sickest population
Sukhjeet S
She goes above and beyond for all her patients! When COVID came in she stepped up and took charge. She dives into challenges no matter how difficult. She keeps her colleagues laughing and keeps a positive vibe in the workplace.
Susan K
Mother of 4 and widow-she would give the shirt on her back to nearly anyone in need. She works long hours and days giving her all with every patient she encounters. She is an inspiration to the community and deserves this more than anyone.
Susan S
Very hard working and caring nurse.
Susan O
Susan is a compassionate Registered Nurse that puts her patients needs first. She goes to work everyday with a positive attitude and a smile. Susan works on the frontline with Covid patients and she does not worry about herself. She is a beautiful and heroic nurse!
Susan K
As a pediatric nurse, Susan transferred to working with older patients with Covid during this pandemic. Her selflessness is inspiring.
Susan k
My daughter is a pediatric nurse who had to start taking care of adult covid patients when her unit became covid with no prior orientation and experience. From long shifts with no breaks to crying over sick patients. She got through it and provided the best care to those patients
Susan M
She is on the front lines providing needed supplies to healthcare, and emergency responders. She is risking her welfare, and force to socially distance from our family while she continues helping.
Suzanne S
Suzanne has been an RN for almost 20 years. She has 4 children and 2 grandchildren. She always puts her family and the hospital first. She is one of the first RNs to fill in for a shift if needed and always willing to help others.
Svitlana H
Svitlana has been an outstanding nurse for more than 15 years now. With multiple recognitions and endless positive feedback from the patients she has a reputation of the most beloved, professional and hard working nurse in the unit. She was asked to join ICU unit to support the battle against COVID-19 since her experience is an extremely valuable tool during this hard time. For all her tireless work and care She deserves all the recognition she can get.
Sydney P
Following my 22 weeks in the hospital and rehabilitation following my heart transplant 6.5 years ago, I met many wonderful and caring nurses. Sydney was the standout because of her caring, patience, and both emotional and physical insight. Today she is working as a traveling nurse stationed in Denver and really on the front lines of fighting COVID19. She and many of the other competent nurses taught that nurses are the real healers in health care. At not even 30 yrs old, she has the maturity of those twice her age.
She is so caring and aspires to be the best she came be to her patients.
working currently on the Frontline fighting to save lives and stay healthy for my patients in my care.
Tammy F
My sister is an emergency room nurse and has been floating to make shift ICU units. She graduated with her NP from Hofstra during the height of the pandemic. my family has not seen her since march because she refuses to risk our health, she gives 100% to her patients and her hospital and she deserves so much in return.
She is always caring for others selflessly and wholeheartedly without hesitation. She is working on the Frontline fighting the Covid19 virus for her patients and families and she forgets about herself often.
Tammy K
She gives her heart and soul to making other's lives better. She works tirelessly and laughs through the most difficult of times.
Tammy M
She’s an extremely compassionate, hard working, caring person in general, nurse specifically. A wonderful mom, daughter & sister who always goes out of her way to show others how much she values them. Currently she attends to cancer patients & they all genuinely love her as they do family. She’s a role model through and through. Thank you for considering my sister!
Tanesha N
I currently volunteered to be a designated COVID ICU nurse during the pandemic at Northside Hospital. I am responsible for assisting with intubation when patients are found in respiratory arrest, managing the life support machine with the respiratory therapist, draw blood and evaluate for treatment, monitor heart, lung, kidney, liver function, administer and titrate critical drips, interpret arterial blood gases, provide emotional support to patients and families who are separated at this time. All the while, i am providing my own self care to remain healthy and safe.
Tania S
Tania is a smart, compassionate, and selfless nurse that I work with. We are working very hard on the Covid positive unit in our hospital. Tania always has a positive attitude and cares deeply for her patients and coworkers.
Tanisa D
She is my daughter and has come along way to be the person she is today. She struggled in school but managed to get her GED and get thru college to be a great nurse! I love her and she is truly amazing!
Tanya B
My mom is a Nurse manager who puts not only her patients but her nurses first. She is always on the frontline and frequently steps in when her nurses need help.
Tanya S
I’d like to nominate myself. I am a Critical Care Registered Nurse, working tirelessly in the ICU of a small, non-profit hospital here in Norfolk, VA. We are caring for COVID positive patients and our city’s sickest, most medically and critically fragile people on a daily basis.
Tara M
My mom is a nurse who has worked in the same nursing home for 30+ years. She treats her patients as family with dignity and love. During the time of covid-19 she is sacrificing her own health to treat patients who have tested positive with so much compassion. She is someone to be admired.
tara w
pediatric nurse on the frontlines at a major childrens hospital
Tasha P
Tasha is very caring, she come to work and make sure everyone is taking care of, she go over and beyond her expectations, everyone loves her.
Tasha M
Works 12.5 to 16 hours shifts, heart of gold, mother, wife, farmer. Out going loves being out doors.
Tashi N
Tashi has been working in the emergency room in New York and seen so much death and despair over the past months and had worked so hard and tirelessly to show up every day and continue to provide her patients with the best care.
Taylon p
He is a prior service army medic who deployed twice. Got out of the army to go to school and become a certified nurse. He his now working at a hospital full time while going to school full time.
Taylor s
board certified adult geriatric primary care nurse practitioner , certified and registered in Pennsylvania working in a crisis level Covid facility in Philadelphia, since March 24, 5 days a week 8 hours a day and self quarantined in basement while not working
Taylor N
Taylor is a wonderful person who is always thinking about others. She has been a nurse in the cardio department and just recently decided to further her education and become a CRNA (anesthesia nurse).
Teagan C
She is a 2017 nursing school graduate. She works in a busy Boston OR. While the OR was closed. She has been helping in many different areas of the hospital. Including a Covid ICU. This is not quite what she expected when she graduated. I am very proud of her bravery and courage.
Tenzin K
She is working in Elmhurst hospital NY. She was working tirelessly to help patient recover from illnesses. She breaks down sometimes but stood strongly to help those in need. I am really proud of her. She said she will do whatever she can to save lives of people who are suffering. She is still working hard and will continue to work.
Teresa M
She is a nurse in the emergency department in a rural hospital. I've had people she has taken care of come up to me and tell me how much she makes them feel safe and secure.
Teresa C
32 years of experience. Critical Care Float Nurse in a suburban New York hospital. She works in the ICU and ER to care for the sickest patients.
Teri W
Teri is a super Nurse and has been inspirational to all who know and work with her.Being on the frontline during The current pandemic is scary but she perseveres and comes home every night exhausted but never complains because she is dedicated to her profession.I nominate her for a Knack Sack
Terri S
She has been working two jobs with only three days off for the month of May. She is always thinking of others and offering her help where she can. In addition to helping others, she is raising her children and helping her elderly parents whom live with her.
Terrigene A
She is the best nurse out there, she had been working in the medical field for over 25 years. Terrigene takes pride and care in all her patients. She puts their care before hers.
Thanhan T
Got sick with Covid-19; recovered and got back out to care for the sick.
Theresa S
My wife works at a covid designated hospital and she works 6 12 hour shifts a week. She is the most caring person that I have ever met and I would love the opportunity to surprise her.
Theresa Y
She is a mom, a friend, a nurse. An exceptional nurse, and she was in Washington State during the COVID Crisis, and now she is back, smiling and working as always!! I am lucky to count her as a friend.
Therese z
Everyday Therese is able to put a smile on those around her no matter what’s going on within our unit.
Thomas H
Thomas is the ultimate caring professional that goes out of his way to make his patients comforted, feel at home and look forward to getting better. He also extends his effort to make the patient's families feel positive and reassured. Many times, Thomas' patients tell him how much his care has been a big part of their recovery and made their hospital experience a good one.
Thomas H
Tom's been working with COVID patients who also have Cancer here in NYC. He's a fantastic guy with a caring heart.
Tiara S
My daughter is so awesome, she puts her health aside to care for others.
Tiffany B
My daughter, Tiffany has been working as an ER RN since 2017. I have seen her work with the first wave of coronavirus patients at her hospital in March. After each shift, she comes home a new, but stronger woman. She tells me about seeing the fear in her patients' eyes before intubation, crying and praying with her patients as they feel short of breath, pushing aside her own needs (eating, taking a break, drinking water, using the bathroom - during work), in order to be there for her critical patients. I've seen Tiffany mature as an excellent critical care RN in these past 3 months. I'm so proud of what she has accomplished, and how she remains resilient despite this difficult time.
Tiffany L
Works tirelessly as a med-surg nurse caring for COVID-19 patients.
Tiffany R
She just recently put her life and career as nurse practitioner on hold to respond to the call to go to New York City to help in the frontlines. She has been working as an ICU nurse in metro hospital. She works 7 days a week 12-16 hour days for FEMA. She does this all without complaining and with compassion for all her patients. She is truly the most selfless person I know!
Tiffany T
My daughter is a nurse in an ICU in Boston. She has been working tirelessly - at least 60 hours a week for the past couple months. She cares so much about her patients. She wanted to go to NYC to help in the hospitals there but felt guilty leaving her already understaffed unit here. She loves to travel and would be so grateful for the gift.
Tiffany J
Tiffany is the hardest working person i know. Shes always so helpful and treats everyone with respect. She not only spends countless hours working she finds the time to be a great mother,friend,and daughter
Tina S
Tina has been a Regular Nurse for over 27 years. She has been nominated nurse of the year as well. Tina is kind, caring & compassionate. She has worked on the COVID specific at Sharp Hospital. Tina also works at Rady Children’s Hospital as well. She is a blood donor & volunteers at her son’s high school James Madison High School. Tina always has a positive attitude & goes above & beyond to help others.
Tina F
Went to NYC to help fight COVID. She’s my mom and I think she’s pretty awesome.
Tina C
Amazing and compassionate nurse
Tomilola O
Tonua G
She is a very devoted nurse. Treats EVERY patient with lots of care and respect. Always going out of her way to help patients that can't afford their meds or get to the next doctors appointment. There isn't a month gone by with out one of her patients send a small bouquet of fresh flowers or a Thank you card. Also as a team member she would never ask someone to do something if wasn't planning in helping.
Tonya S
My wife is an amazing person. She is a RN at a local hospital and her unit was one of the units selected to care for COVID patients. Although she was afraid in the beginning, she has embraced this opportunity and humbly provides the best care to these patients I am extremely proud of her.
Tonya b
She’s a very humble and caring person. She not only traveled to another state to work Covid19 she left behind her kids.Tonya is currently in the midst of a divorce but she stated instead of allowing the hurt and disappointment to hold her down. She would go help others. I would love to see you brighten her day. Thanks so much
Tracey C
My wife is a nurse at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan. She is extremely dedicated and has had to work extra and do things outside of her normal job. She never complains and is happy to do her part.
Tracey N
My wife Tracey is a specialty nurse at a major city hospital here in St Louis. Her job is much like any first responder, except she responds within the hospital. In other words, she is the nurse other nurses call when they need help with a sick patient. She is often working in conjunction with doctors and surgeons who look to her for her expertise and value her medical recommendations. She has saved so many lives over the years I have lost count. She has the ability to float to different areas of the hospital such as the ER, ICU, Psychiatric units, and medical wards. Her strength and drive always leave me in awe. She works so hard every day and does her best for her patients and coworkers and always is ready to go above and beyond when needed. She is one of a kind. She is also a bag lover for sure and has always loved the bags that Knack makes. She would be so ecstatic to be selected for this giveaway and few are more deserving. Alex
Tracy K
Tracy is a very diligent and careful nurse who serves her patients quietly and efficiently, I have ran into people that she has taken care of in the community and her patients know her name and speak kindly of her work. She is a kind and loving caretaker.
Tricia C
Tricia works in infectious diseases and has been working in the front lines testing in all weather conditions. Some days, it’s so hot that she struggles with keeping hydrated because it is a long process for her to take off the PPE to just drink water. Outside of those hours, she’s constantly scheduling Zoom calls with her friends and family. She’s the type that loves to give to those around her and bring us all together on fun trips.
Trista b
She is a single mom of 2 who sacrificed her two kids growing up by working and going to school full time. She has always been compassionate and has always had the heart to help others. It took her years and many hoops to jump through to get her RN, but she never gave up. She goes above and beyond for her patients (ex: an elderly woman was depressed with dementia. Trista took her phone in and sat with the patient. She asked the patient what her favorite songs were. They listened to the patients favorite songs, while my daughter held her hand)
Tucker C
Tucker is my niece, and I am also a nurse. Tucker is a brand new nurse graduate of OU. Unfortunately, like all of the other graduates, she was unable to celebrate the completion of her nursing degree in the traditional way. A Knack would sure add to the fun of celebrating.
Tysha C
My nominee is a RN working in an Assisted Living working with the elderly population during this COVID-19 pandemic. What makes her special to me is, she's my mom.
Tzirel L
Tzirel has been a wonderful nurse in the ICU for the last 5 years and has really stepped up to the challenge during these trying times of the pandemic. Working on the frontlines of covid19 has showed us what a true hero is!
Umar A
He works as a Nurse's Aide in NYC. He also recently graduated Nursing school and will continue the fight as a Registered Nurse in this Pandemic.
Uroosa F
My sister is an amazing caring nurse. She is always going out of her way for her patients
Ushma G
Very compassionate and goes above and beyond for patients and staff
Val G
She truly cares about each patient she sees
Valkyrie I
Valkyrie is a Neonatal ICU nurse during this fight against COVID working at NYUs hotspot hospital in Mineola. Her hospital has been hit hard and she’s been taking care of infants who are born with COVID her attitude and her drive is inspirational. I wish I could do more to show her how much her family and friends appreciate her
Vanessa T
I am nominating my mom for being the best nurse I know. She works hard all day to come home and help us with our homework, cook, clean up just to get up the next day and do it again. I commend her for protecting herself at work so that we can all be safe at home. Love u mom.
Venecia V
Venecia Velez is a hard working dedicated NA at SUNY Downstate Hospital in Brooklyn. She started her full time position right at the onset of the Corona Virus. She is passionate, driven, and fearless and truly committed to her job. And she takes every precaution to protect her family as well. She is so giving! She works tirelessly for her patients. She has good energy about her and people who are ill needs a Nurse who is supportive. Currently I want to nominate her because she doesn’t have a locker at work as she is a newbie. She still tied her belongings in bags. I’m sure she would appreciate one of these precious bags. Thank you!
Venice F
My sister who works at UC Davis E.R. Not once I heard her complain. She’s always on top of everything helping her patients. She’s ver compassion and caring. She loves being a nurse from the day she sworn. I remembered she said it’s my duty and honor to help, serve people this is my life. Working day and nights she deserves the best.
Victor c
He cares for between 1300 and 2300 patients depending on a day screens for covid-19 and provides care for patients. Call so he'll see them on video or the monitor in order to provide at home Care's for the veterans are the United States
Very hard working and been on the front lines with covid-19 patients since March, working her butt off in the ICU
Victoria G
I would like to nominate a health care hero, Victoria Godfroy. She is a RN at a local hospital working with Covid19 patients since the beginning of March. And this young lady is immune compromised herself having MS (multiple Sclerosis). When her nursing manager asked her if she would like to switch floors to be on a non-covid floor. she responded "No, this is why I became a nurse to help the sick". She is truly a HERO! Please consider her.
Victoria H
Victoria is an Oncology Nurse who works frontline at Princess Margaret Cancer Care Centre, UHN. She's been redeployed to one of the Long Term Care home in Toronto to help the most vulnerable. She has reported to her duty with enthusiasm and cared for all the residents with great care and empathy.
Victoria H
Victoria Hudak works on the front lines at NY Presbyterian Hospital and cannot go home to visit her parents for fear of spreading the virus. She’s young, hard working and dedicated and deserves more.
Victoria E
She is an ICU nurse who selflessly traveled from Florida to Boston to help with the COVID surge when asked.
Victoria E
Incredible, selfless ICU nurse who traveled from Florida to Boston to help with the COVID surge.
Virginia N
My daughter hasn't been afraid to step away from her family to provide the care for those who need her more. She is truly an inspiration!
Virginia D
She has been a nurse for over 25 years and selflessly dedicated herself to this career. She risked her own health taking care of COVID-19 patients and unfortunately contracted the virus herself. However, this has not stopped her and when she is cleared, she plans on going back to help save the lives of even more people.
Wendy A
My daughter is an OR nurse normally, since Covid 19 hit she has been reasigned to triaging Covid patients. She loves being a nurse and helping her community!! -️
Wendy R
She is so strong and selfless in providing care to her patients. True example of going beyond the expected to accommodate patients in care and making sure they have a smooth transition home. Makes herself available to guide and help team members to make sure they are not falling behind.
Wendy s
One of the most hardest working nurses I know. Loves her job of 24 years and absolutely loves her patients. One of the best!
Wendy M
My mom has been working long hard hours during this time. She is hardworking and dedicated. She treats her patients as if they are her own family members.
Wendy B
Wendy is an amazing nurse here in Seattle for over 20 years. She is a compassionate, caring hospice nurse who has helped many families in their time of needs. Recently retired, she has come back to work to assist with the covid 19 crisis.
Wendy T
I am nominating my mom who is a registered nurse. She is such a hard worker, and came from Vietnam many years ago for a better life for herself without knowing anything about the country or even English. She put herself through college and worked her way up to becoming a nurse! She is an amazing mother and an amazing nurse.
Whitney M
Whitney loves her boys, her husband and her family. You would never think with the commitment she has made to serve her patients that she has two young boys that look into her eyes every morning wondering if mommy will get sick. But she pushes through because she is committed to the commitment to be there due every patient and their families.
will h
will is an amazing nurse, working on the front lines of the pandemic, tested positive for COVID-19 himself and once recovered returned back to work to assist his patients
William C
My husband is working tirelessly to care for his COVID 19 patients everyday
Yana B
She is a committed ER/Trauma nurse working on the Frontline of this pandemic. Literally. The stories she tells about what she deals with on a daily basis definitely make her stronger and beautiful all around. With every story there is compassion and emotions involved. And sometimes, frustration. What makes her special is her love for what she does. She is definitely appreciated!
Yang k
Yazmine D
My wife goes into work knowing what she will face and goes in with a smile because she loves what she does. She doesn’t only just take care of patients she builds relationships with them and the parents of the children she takes care of just adore her.
Yeidy s
She’s my wife and a school nurse. She’s not working in school right now cause schools are closed so she volunteered at a local care center for seniors citizens.
Yves W
Mr Watermann is a very caring and wonderful nurse. As a nurse of over 30 years he devoted his career caring for the elderly. He cares for a lot of COVID 19 elderly patients and helped some of them recovered. He himself caught the symptoms of COVID and couldnot wait to return to care for the elderly with COVID. He brings a smile daily to his patients and gives them new hope of life, I am proud to nominate him as a healthcare hero.
She is a registered nurse fighting covid in the heart of NYC.
Zarah D
Great ER Nurse!
Zarina B
I’ve known Zarina since we were kids. Her mother was a nurse, her sister is a nurse, in fact, most of her family is in healthcare. She decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a nurse. Sadly, while Zarina was in nursing school, her mother passed away after a long drawn out battle with cancer. She carries on her mother’s legacy, treating patients, and generally being one of the best people I know.
Zarina B
I’ve known Zarina since we were kids. Her mother was a nurse, her sister is a nurse, in fact, most of her family is in healthcare. She decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a nurse. Sadly, while Zarina was in nursing school, her mother passed away after a long drawn out battle with cancer. She carries on her mother’s legacy, treating patients, and generally being one of the best people I know.
Zarina B
I’ve known Zarina since we were kids. Her mother was a nurse, her sister is a nurse, in fact, most of her family is in healthcare. She decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a nurse. Sadly, while Zarina was in nursing school, her mother passed away after a long drawn out battle with cancer. She carries on her mother’s legacy, treating patients, and generally being one of the best people I know.
Zarina B
I’ve known Zarina since we were kids. Her mother was a nurse, her sister is a nurse, in fact, most of her family is in healthcare. She decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a nurse. Sadly, while Zarina was in nursing school, her mother passed away after a long drawn out battle with cancer. She carries on her mother’s legacy, treating patients, and generally being one of the best people I know.
Zuri S
Zuri worked full time as an LPN for the last year while going to school full time for her RN. She survived nursing school during a pandemic.
She is a supervisor who is a strong patient advocate. She demonstrates a level of excellence.