2020 Nurse Nominee Winners | Knack Pack Gifting to Healthcare Heroes

Last November, we wrote a blog post about nurses who love Knack Backpacks. Recently, after weeks of reading about the sacrifices that nurses are making during the COVID-19 crisis, we thought it may be nice to show that Knack loves nurses back.

Knack Bags Nurse Gifting Program

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Last week, during National Nurses Week, we asked Knackpackers to send us stories about nurses who they thought might enjoy a new Knack Pack. As our small way of saying “thank you”, we randomly selected one nurse’s story each day and sent them a new Knack Pack. Congratulations and thank you to the nurses who will receive a free Knack Pack from us: 

Eryn J.

“The unbelievable Eryn is an ICU nurse in Los Angeles an epicenter of Covid-19 And at 32 years old shouldn't have to deal with death on a daily basis. It's crushing her spirit. She is the MOST caring compassionate person to EVERYONE, and an awesome nurse who always goes the extra mile for her patients (with patience haha) and is one of the loveliest people I've ever met in my life. She cared for my father when he was dying in the hospice and rubbed lotion all over him while he was on morphine and had no idea but that's who she is. She is well deserving of much more than just a knack pack during this health crisis. (Although it IS a great thing you're doing).”

Janica B.

“The best nurse I’ve ever worked with. She takes her time with my care. Janica is not afraid to go above or beyond the call of duty for her patients. She’s on the frontlines and in the background playing a huge role in the care of her patients.”

Beka W. 

“She is a wonderful nurse and deserves to be pampered! She works so hard for her patients every day!”

Cherise S.

“A new mother and hard working registered nurse devoted to both her family and her patients. This would be an awesome Mother’s Day gift.”

Ming L. 

“Ming is a ICU RN in NYC helping kick Covid-19's ass every day . She is the hardest worker who always does everything and more for her patients, co-workers and friends. She is still self-isolating from family and friends and will continue to do so until it's safe. She is a true hero.”

Jhoana M.

“Jhoana is one of the kindest, sweetest, funniest and hardest working nurses I know. She always puts her team and patients first, making sure that everyone is taken care of. Covid-19 has had a hard impact on her and our team. She is working overtime to cover shifts when staffing has been low or when patient load has been heavy. She has hardly had any break for herself nor can she spend much time with her family. I believe she deserves all the treats in the world!”

Meredith F.

“Meredith is my manager. We are advice nurses. Meredith has the biggest heart and puts everyone before her. She has thrown us luncheons out of her own pocket to keep the morale up and is available by phone 24/7. She is keeping my spirits up during this crazy time! (:”

Read All Of The Stories

We were blown away by the stories people sent in.  After receiving over 1,000 amazing submissions, we really wanted to share the stories we received with you.  Take a moment to scroll through them; we promise that you will be uplifted by what you read.

Do You Want to Give a Bag to a Deserving Nurse Nominee?

We were so touched by these stories, the Knack team decided to increase the number of Knack Packs we gave away. Although our Knack Pack giveaway has ended, you can fund a Knack gift certificate to your hero. Email us at support@knackbags.com with the name and story of the nurse who you would like to recognize.  We will send you further information on how you can fund a Knack gift certificate to your hero.

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