Best Backpack for Nurses & Medical Students

We really enjoy seeing social media posts from Knackpackers, where you share how you use the Knack Pack expandable backpacks to get out the door more quickly and go after your goals.

Posts from nurses and medical student Knackpackers has recently caught our attention, and we’ve been really impressed by their passion for a #OneBagLife: 

A nurse work bag for nurses and medical students.

Best carry on backpack for nurses

These driven Knackpackers need a nurse work bag that also works in a variety of settings, and they need to be organized throughout the day. We’ve loved reading reviews from these Knackpackers! Below, we’ve shared what medical students and nurses have to say about the Knack Pack:

Medical bags for nurses: Holly Grace, RN, BSN

Holly is a nurse located in the Nashville area, who also shares some pretty funny nursing memes on TikTok. Here is what Holly had to say about her Knack Pack:

“As a nurse, I’m constantly on the go. Early mornings and late evenings are part of the job! It’s easy to get disorganized. Thankfully, I have my Knack Pack to keep me organized. It’s big enough to fit all of my nursing supplies - folders, my stethoscope, pens and markers, laptop, even an extra pair of scrubs if mine get soiled at work (which happens all too often). 

Yet, it’s also lightweight and practical. I pack it the night before work so I’m ready to roll out the door in the morning.

As a healthcare professional, I highly recommend this bag.”

Holly chose a Medium Knack Pack in Savile Gray.

Backpack for Nurses

Best Bags For Nurses: Marie, Medical Student at UT Austin

Being a medical student is tough, and every moment counts. Here’s what Marie, a first-year medical student, had to say about her Knack Pack:

“The Knack Pack is definitely a go-to for medical professionals!! This everyday bag allows me to easily fit all the things I need (stethoscope, class notes, laptop) to conquer the day. 

I really like the separate sleeve for my laptop! I would definitely recommend this bag as a med school essential item.” 

Nurses love that Knack Packs have multiple pockets that keep all of the stuff in their nurse bag organized. 

Marie opted for a Large Knack Pack in Savile Gray.

Medical student laptop bag

Additional Reviews from Medical Professionals

From Robb Huhn:  “I am a flight nurse in the Air Force and take frequent overnight trips... prior to this bag, I had two choices: 1. mix clothing and equipment in one large compartment, or take two small bags; however, thanks to the Knack Large Expandable Backpack I can pack a change of clothes... a spare flight suit... and all the paperwork/equipment I need to complete my mission. This is the best "flight bag" I have used!”

best backpack for nurses

The Best Work Backpack for Medical Professionals

Medical professionals often find themselves packing multiple bags for the day. A bag for food and snacks for a long shift, a change of clothes, extra scrubs, tech, etc. 

Packing multiple bags often means that these professionals get to the hospital or clinic and realize that they’ve accidentally left a bag at home. Here’s how Knackpackers who work as doctors, nurses, lab techs, etc, pack their Knack Packs:

  • Expandable Compartment: This is generally where people pack their scrubs or a change of clothes. Every Knack Pack comes with a laundry bag, helping you keep dirty scrubs separate.
  • Main Compartment: This is where med students keep their books, over-the-ear headphones, etc. Non-students may keep books or other materials they use for breaks in this compartment. It’s also a great place to store Tupperware with prepared meals, and more medical supplies. 
  • Top Pocket: This pocket is great for storing glasses and an extra contact case, should your eyes get irritated during the day.
  • Front Triangle Pocket: Sometimes called the “snack pocket,” this easy-to-access pocket is perfect for storing quick snacks like nuts or jerky for a busy shift.
  • Zippable Water Bottle Pocket:  Medical professionals are constantly on-the-go, and it’s important to stay hydrated.  The zippable water bottle pocket easily holds a reusable water bottle or thermos.
  • Water resistant fabric: The exterior fabric is water resistant to protect the contents from accidental spills and even from bad weather. 
  • Removable shoulder straps: The shoulder straps on Knack Packs tuck away, which prevents anything from dangling and creating a tripping hazard at work. 
  • Laptop compartment: Nurses often bring an laptop to work, and Knack Pack's independent, zippered laptop pocket keeps their laptops safe and easy-to-access. 

What is the best backpack for nursing students?

The best backpack for nursing students should be able to hold everything that a graduated nurse needs to take with them on a shift, but should also have room for the textbooks, notepads, and other school supplies that you need to take with you to nursing school. Because of this, a good school bag for nursing students should be load-tested to hold a lot of weight.

Why do nurses need backpacks?

Nurses work long hours, and their job can be both mentally and physically demanding. Nurses need a backpack so that they can carry everything that they need for a long shift with them to work. And a backpack is the best type of back for a nurse; backpacks are versatile and easy to carry, and they can have great organization capabilities. 

Ready to Try Out a Knack Pack?

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Note: Marie and Holly both received a Knack Pack to review, and we asked them to share their honest thoughts on social media.

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