The Best Backpack for Traveling With Tech

Did you know that Knack is a great backpack for tech? The Knack team is fully remote so we, like all mobile workers, we travel with a lot of gadgets, and we know first-hand that packing tech is one of the most stressful parts of traveling. It’s never fun to worry about our laptop getting jostled at the airport, or untangling a mess of wires and chargers when our phones are running low on battery.

When we originally designed our Knack Packs, we had our fellow techies in mind, so we insisted on dedicated pockets to keep electronics safe and organized. Since we want you to enjoy the journey, even when you carry an office-worth of laptops, we're sharing some tips on how to pack tech in a Knack Pack to help you experience more carefree travel. 

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A tech backpack so you never ever worry about your laptop

If you’re a frequent flyer, you’ve experienced the hassle of frantically digging your laptop out at the security checkpoint. But TSA is a breeze when your laptop is packed in your Knack Pack’s separate, zippered side-entry laptop sleeve, which lets you slip your laptop in and out of your Knack with ease. 

Knack’s laptop sleeve also serves as a protective case for your computer. The foam padding and a sling bottom shield your laptop from the knocks and drops that are bound to happen over the course of your travels. You won’t worry when your Knack falls off a seat at the airport or gets dropped in the security line. 

If you’re like us, you sometimes have to travel with more than one laptop. While Knack has one laptop sleeve, the unexpanded travel compartment can serve as a secondary laptop sleeve that accommodates multiple laptops.

“[Knack] has a hidden expandable compartment to turn it into the best carry-on bag imaginable - enough to pack 2-3 changes of clothes or 2-3 extra electronic devices!” - Shay Ravacchioli.

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A backpack for tech that keeps wires tangle-free

Is there anything worse than working through a knot of tangled USB cords - particularly when your phone’s about to die and you need your mobile boarding pass ASAP? The Knack team has certainly been there, so we made sure that every Knack Pack has a space for keeping wires, batteries and chargers organized. 

In Knack Series 1, the outer bottom pocket is outfitted with elastic loops that are perfect for separating smaller USB, micro-USB, and USB-C cables. We recommend that you also keep charging bricks and adapters in this pocket, so that they’re easy to access even when your Knack is stored under a bus or airplane seat. 

“I like the cable garage at the bottom of the bag. Keeps my laptop charger out of the way and in its own place.” - Daniel L.

Knack series 1 charger compartment

Knack Series 2 is equally excellent at organizing wires for travel. The only difference is that in the Series 2, cables and charging bricks are stored in the main compartment’s bottom-zip pocket. 

“The pouch at the bottom is great for cables and charging cords” - Marc M. 

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Here are a few other tips for organizing wires for travel:

  • Label USB, micro-USB, USB-C, and adapter cords.
  • Use a Knack zip cord pouch for storing laptop bricks and cables. 

A backpack for traveling with tablets

We love to have our tablets with us, but their glass screens can scratch and break. For this reason, Knack Packs have a microfleece-lined pocket against the back panel of the main compartment in Series 1, and in the organization panel of the Series 2. 

This special pocket keeps tablets standing up against the bag’s compartment wall, so they’re easy to access and they don’t get crushed by your other belongings. And keep in mind that other flat and delicate electronics - like wireless keyboards - are also great candidates for this pocket. 

And speaking of glass, we’ve also got your phone covered. Every Knack Pack has an easy-access, microfleece-lined pocket that’s awesome for storing your phone (or other glass items, like sunglasses). 

microfleece lined knack

A tech backpack that keeps track of the little things

Camera batteries, flash drives, tablet pens, hard drives, USB sticks, SD cards, and headphones… these little devices tend to get lost when we’re traveling, and it’s no fun to search for them in a dark, crowded backpack compartment. But Knack’s signature orange and white patterned lining makes it way easier to actually see inside your bag. As one Knackpacker put it:

“The contrast fabric makes seeing what I need to find easy. My other bag was all black in the pockets, and I lost time rummaging for that battery or pen that was in the depths of a pocket. The Knack’s white lining means things are easy to locate quickly”  - Chris P. 

We also put zippered mesh pockets in the main compartments of Knack Packs, so that you can keep these little devices organized, separated, and on full display. And if you require more storage, Knack’s medium packing cube can be used for organizing even more tech odds and ends. 

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A backpack that keeps your tech dry

We all know that water and electronics don’t mix. Knack Packs keep everything dry, so you’ll have peace of mind should you get caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella. With water-resistant fabric and reverse double-coil zippers, your Knack Pack keeps water water it belongs: away from your tech. 

“It started to rain and I'm proud to say the few minutes it was outside did not damage any of the things inside the bag (no water through).”  - Shannon S.

Of course, internal water bottle spills are another concern for travelers. But Knack’s bottle compartment is totally separate from the internal, tech-storage compartments. Your tech is protected from spills on the inside and on the outside. 

Whether you’re traveling long distances for business trips, or just to and from the office, Knack Packs are backpacks that keep your tech safe and organized. Compare Knack Packs side-by-side here. 

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