The Best Backpack for 13" Laptops

For many mobile workers, portability is far more important than screen size when it comes to the tech they carry. We designed the Small Knack Pack with a sleeve that holds a 13” laptop or smaller, for those that like or need to go light on the tech. 

If you have a 13” laptop, you might’ve realized that most laptop backpacks are designed for much larger screens, which leaves you with unnecessary space and weight to carry around. But laptop backpacks with smaller sleeves are too small - they don’t have room for all of your other stuff.

Best backpack for 13" laptops

The Best Backpack for 13" Laptops

The Small Knack Pack allows you to safely carry your tech - no matter how small the screen - but still has room for all the other stuff you need to bring with you throughout the day. Some of the Small Knack’s tech-friendly features include:

  • A padded, side-entry 13" laptop compartment with a sling bottom.
  • A microfleece-lined tablet or e-reader compartment.
  • Mesh pockets for easily finding headphones or smaller electronics.
  • A cable garage on the S1 for easy access to charging cords.

But the Small Knack also has ingenious features that let you carry your other stuff:

  • A spacious main compartment with antimicrobial lining. 
  • A separate, expandable travel compartment that adds 12 liters of carrying capacity.
  • Designated pockets for little items that you need regularly.

The Small Knack is the best backpack for people who want to go light on the tech, but still live a One Bag Life.

A backpack for mobile workers who don't need much tech

Many mobile workers don’t have desk jobs, but still need to carry a tablet or small laptop along with their other work gear. And these mobile workers who move around a lot have to be extra sure that their tech is well protected.

A 13" laptop backpack for nurses

Nurses, for example, need a small 13” laptop for filling out charts and medical records. But the Small Knack also has room for all of the other stuff necessary for a shift, as attested by nurse Holly Grace.

It’s big enough to fit all of my nursing supplies - folders, my stethoscope, pens and markers, laptop, even an extra pair of scrubs if mine get soiled at work (which happens all too often).”

Nurses particularly appreciate Knack’s multiple spacious compartments, which lets them separate their dirty scrubs from their clean scrubs. 

Read more about what makes the best nurse shift bag here. 

The Small Knack Pack’s sling bottom and foam back panel ensure that nurse laptops - and the laptops of other mobile workers - are protected from accidental drops and bumps.

A laptop backpack for nurses

A laptop backpack for people who simply don't want big screens

Like the Small Knack, small computers can pack a punch. The idea that the bigger the screen, the better, is fading away thanks to new processing technology that gives smaller laptops amazing performance. Lots of people simply don’t need or want big laptops anymore, and we designed the Small Knack accordingly.

A backpack for competitive gamers

A surprising set of people that are trading out big screens for small screens are gamers, who need travel-friendly laptops for competitive gaming. And whether they’re using Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro with the M1 chip, or a 13-inch HP Envy with Nvidia’s MX250 graphics card, portability and performance are no longer mutually exclusive. 

Gamers love the Small Knack Pack because it fits and protects their 13” laptops, but the spacious main compartment also has room for all of their other critical gaming equipment - like the controllers, console, and headsets. And even in the Small Knack, they can put a couple days worth of clothes in the expandable suitcase compartment.

"I used an INSIGNIA Nintendo Switch Lite Travel Case for electronics and it fit perfectly in the bottom 'charger' pocket"

Knack expandable suitcase compartment

What if I want the Small Knack but I have a bigger laptop?

Some people love the compact size of the Small Knack, but their laptop is too big to fit in the 13” laptop sleeve. If this sounds like you, then you can consider packing your laptop in the suitcase compartment - but make sure that you keep your laptop in its case. 

Read about how to carry multiple laptops in your Knack Pack.

Of course, you may want to consider getting a Medium or a Large Knack Pack instead, which have larger laptop sleeves.

  • Medium Knack Pack - Holds 15" laptops.
  • Large Knack Pack - Holds 17" laptops.

What if I don't carry a laptop at all?

If you don’t carry a laptop, the Small Knack’s 13” laptop sleeve makes for excellent document storage. Because it has a side opening, it’s extremely easy to sort and access papers and folders. If you carry a lot of folders, binders, or paper documents, the spacious main compartment also lets you sort and organize your documents. 


For nurses, mobile workers, anyone that loves the portability of a 13” laptop, and anyone who likes to go lighter on the tech, the Small Knack Pack is the most compact and lightweight everyday carry backpacks on the market. Check out all of the Small Knack Packs here

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