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What Makes the Best Work Backpack?

When designing the the Knack Expandable Work Backpack, the Knack Design team knew it had one particularly important choice to make: they had to make sure the Knack Pack would fit in just as well at a high-stakes board meeting as in a casual co-working space. Mission accomplished! Knack work backpacks combine the look and feel of a professional work backpack with a backpack that you can take almost anywhere... and for several days, too!

To help illustrate what makes the best work backpack, we collected real-life reviews from Knackpackers outlining their favorite work backpack features including:

  • Lots of Organization Pockets
  • Plenty of Space
  • Great for Commuting
  • Works as a Mobile Office
  • Can Be Used for Work and Travel

Check out the reviews below from Knackpackers highlighting the things about their Knack Pack that makes it a great work backpack.  

Lots of Organization Pockets

Based in Canada, Dr. Muffaqam Shah leads a busy professional life.  He opted for the Large Knack Backpack in Savile Gray, utilizing the expandable luggage compartment when he needs flexibility to deal with his dynamic days.

Says Dr. Shah, “As a medical professional, my days tend to be long and filled with the unexpected.  This bag is unlike any other that I’ve used in the past. There are numerous storage options with sleek & concealed compartments ranging from but not limited to: laptop/tablet slots, a hidden away water bottle pocket, a completely waterproof body fabric, and multiple spacious sections with intuitive organizing capabilities - just to name a few.”⠀

Best work backpack at an airport

Plenty of Space

Jacquie Wortley is a website designer who often travels for business and client meetings, so she opted for the Large Knack Pack in Savile Gray.  Says Jacquie, “I’ve always been into backpacks over purses. They hold more things. And most importantly, you can dance while wearing them.”

On quick trips, Jacquie is able to fit her laptop and charger, winter boots, a change of clothes, her six step skincare routine and toiletries in her Knack Pack.  

Woman with best work backpack

Great for Commuting

As a fashion consultant living in Long Island, NY, Adrian Sulit often has to commute into Manhattan for meetings.  Says Adrian, “Everyday commuting can definitely be a struggle especially if you have a lot to lug around, but that doesn’t have to be the case! Keeping your goods organized is important and @knackbags kept that in mind when designing this bag! I love that it has a hidden pocket for my water bottle, and a fleece lined pocket for my sunglasses!⁣”

Best work backpack with commuter

Adrian can easily go from public transportation to his destination in all types of weather, arriving looking professional and put together.

Pictured is Adrian wearing the Medium Knack Backpack in Sangria Red.

Fashion work backpack

Works as a Mobile Office

Katrina Nguyen is a busy realtor located in Denver, CO, and she uses her Knack Pack to store a mobile office for her times on the road.  Says Katrina, “I carry my Knack Pack around everywhere. It allows me to carry my entire office with me so I can take care of my clients no matter where I am. I’m now more efficient and organized.”

Katrina selected the Small Knack Backpack in Savile Gray.

Woman with best work backpack

Can Be Used for Work and Travel

Alex Sundstrom is a busy marketing coordinator at an international nonprofit in Houston, Texas. She needed a work backpack that would work for the office, as well as be able to stand up to a lot of international travel.

Says Alex,  “Fun fact: I am always running around doing a million things. Remote marketing work at my fave coffee shops, traveling to Latin America for photography, early morning weight lifting, photo shoots on the fly.

I’m always filling a million bags and losing things. UNTIL I got this AMAZING business backpack.


Alex uses the Large Knack Backpack in Stealth Black.

Big and tall woman with work backpack

Other Key Features of a Work Backpack

We’ve designed our Knack Pack work backpacks with some other really important features:

Charger Organization  

Tired of your laptop charger getting tangled in your work backpack?  The bottom pocket of the Knack Pack makes it so you can easily access all those cords, chargers, adapters, batteries and USB sticks that you can’t live without – keeping them neatly packed away instead of rolling around in the bottom of your bag.

Laptop charger organized in work backpack


Business Cards Organization

Ever been at a networking event and struggled to find your card while chatting? The Knack Pack has specially designed pockets in the front of the bag, making it easy to find your cards, continuing the conversation without pause.

Organized business cards in work backpack


A Place for Your Water Bottle

Tired of forgetting your water bottle?  We’ve designed a sleek and hidden side pocket in all our work backpacks that holds up to a 17oz S'well® or 24 oz Hydro Flask® water bottle.  

work backpack with hidden water bottle pocket


Test Out the Knack Pack Work Backpack

Ready to organize your professional life with the Knack Pack work backpack?  Choose from a variety of colors. Our backpacks are perfect as personalized corporate laptop backpacks, as well. 

Available colors and fabrics for Knack Pack Business Backpack

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