Best Laptop Backpack for Healthcare Professionals

We launched Knack with the idea that if we could make it easier for people to carry all the things they need for work, play and travel in one bag, then they would get out and experience the world more frequently. Although a lot of us have been stuck at home for the past year and haven’t used our Knacks as much as we would like, we’re happy to hear that Knack Packs continue to make life easier for one group of Knackpackers who still go into work every day: Healthcare Professionals.

Backpack for healthcare professionals

Today, we’re sharing how doctors, dentists, nurses, and medical students have found their Knack Packs to be really helpful during the past year.

A Knack for Doctors

During the height of the pandemic, we spoke with Dr. Nicholas Ward, the Associate Director of the Medical Intensive Care Unit at Rhode Island Hospital and an assistant professor of medicine at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University.

Backpack for doctors

While he frequently used his Knack Pack for travel pre-pandemic, he now loves it for work. Dr. Ward told us “If I’m taking it to work, then the main compartment holds files and other materials. It’s nice, because I can also pack my scrubs and shoes in the travel compartment. Having a change of clothes is essential.”

Read our full interview with Dr. Ward here.

A Knack for Medical School Students

We also heard from medical students who told us how useful their Knack Packs were during this challenging year at school.

Backpack for medical students

Cindy Yang, a medical student in Boston, wrote to tell us that “I love all the pockets for sure. I feel like a good backpack definitely makes a huge difference on these long shifts.”

Laptop Backpack for Medical Students

And Marie Vu, a medical student in Texas, let us know that “The Knack Pack is definitely a go-to for medical professionals!! This everyday bag allows me to easily fit all the things I need (stethoscope, class notes, laptop) to conquer the day. 

I really like the separate sleeve for my laptop! I would definitely recommend this bag as a med school essential item.”

A Knack for Dentists

Unlike hospitals, many dental practices were forced to close during parts of the pandemic.  But we heard from a number of dentists regarding how their Knack Packs made life easier once they began to see patients again.

Laptop backpack for dentists

Dr. Lori Gruskin, a dentist in Florida, told us that her Knack Pack goes with her everywhere: from work to the gym to running errands.

Backpack for dentists

And Dr. Sean Lan, an active duty dentist in the US Air Force, put his Knack Pack to the test as he retired his old 52 liter backpack. He loved his Knack’s durability, organization and ability to fit a ton of stuff including his “laptop, laptop charger, pen, pencil, flat Tupperware (gotta eat), planner, external hard drive, USB 3.0 Charger, iPhone charger, pen light, Maxwell's Quick Ref, disposable gloves (in case of medical emergency in public), water bottle, Bluetooth headphones, dental loupes and light, small screwdriver, and last but not least extra socks”.

A Knack for Dental Students

Like their peers in medical school, we heard from many dental school students about how Knack made their time at school this past year just a bit easier.

Backpacks for dental students

We posted a detailed interview with Tyler Duford, a dental student at the University of Michigan. She told us that her Knack Pack “is my ultimate day bag because it eliminates my need to bring multiple bags. There are so many compartments that allow me to fit all of my necessities with me in one simple bag! These compartments also help me stay organized throughout my day. Everything has its own designated area and I’m OBSESSED.”

You can read about Tyler and her experiences at dental school here.

Laptop backpacks for dental students

Another dental school student who wrote us was Cole Herzik. He told us that “As a dental student, I have lots of supplies to carry back and forth between simulation clinic and my apartment… not to mention figuring out where then to stow away my laptop and electronics.  The Knack Pack allows me to keep all the things I need both handy and organized.”

A Knack for Nurses

Finally, we wanted to share comments from a group of healthcare professionals who have long loved Knack: nurses.

Backpack for nurses

One of our favorite reviews from a healthcare professional came from registered nurse Holly Brace.  Here’s a snippet of what she had to say about her Knack Pack:

“As a nurse, I’m constantly on the go. Early mornings and late evenings are part of the job! It’s easy to get disorganized. Thankfully, I have my Knack Pack to keep me organized. It’s big enough to fit all of my nursing supplies - folders, my stethoscope, pens and markers, laptop, even an extra pair of scrubs if mine get soiled at work (which happens all too often). Yet, it’s also lightweight and practical. I pack it the night before work so I’m ready to roll out the door in the morning.”

Laptop backpack for nurses

Jenna Karel, a registered nurse in Detroit, reflected on how her Knack Pack makes her long days at work just a bit easier. She said “TWELVE-HOUR shifts as a nurse can be rough, but with @knackbags you can pack everything you need, all in ONE bag.”

Finally, from registered nurse Robb Huhn, we heard:  “I am a flight nurse in the Air Force and take frequent overnight trips... prior to this bag, I had two choices: 1. mix clothing and equipment in one large compartment, or take two small bags; however, thanks to the Knack Large Expandable Backpack I can pack a change of clothes... a spare flight suit... and all the paperwork/equipment I need to complete my mission. This is the best "flight bag" I have used!”

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to healthcare professionals all over the country for keeping us safe this past year. They truly went above and beyond the call of duty.

All of us here at Knack are happy that our bags played a small role in helping to make healthcare professionals’ lives simpler and easier during these challenging times.

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