A Look Back at 2022: Knack’s Biggest Year Yet!

What a year it’s been! From new product launches and updates to building an incredible community of Knackpackers, 2022 has been nothing short of exciting. 

After two years of uncertainty and quarantine, we were determined to make 2022 the best year yet for Knackpackers. Reading each and every review and taking all comments and suggestions into consideration, we spent months researching and testing materials and new designs to create the best work, travel and everyday carry backpacks and accessories for your One Bag Life. 

Let’s take a look back at all that was new in 2022.

New Products in 2022

Limited-Edition Spring Collection

Knack Bag best work travel everyday carry backpack

Starting the year off with a bang, we were thrilled to add a splash of color to our top-selling Medium Series 2 Knack Pack. Following a survey of our Knackpackers, the clear winners, Iceberg Green and Blue Iris were introduced as a very limited-edition 2022 Spring Collection. And, after much anticipation, it didn’t take long for these beautiful colors to sell out.

Expandable Sling Bag

Knack Bag best work travel everyday carry backpack

It’s no secret that sling bags have become all the rage in recent years, with many people opting for this style over a traditional shoulder bag. After hearing from a number of Knackpackers, we focused on designing a sling bag that would fit into a One Bag lifestyle. 

"Our customers repeatedly told us that today's slings are either too big for them to carry every day or they are too small to carry what they need in their bags. So, after a year of development, we solved this problem by letting the wearer decide the size of their Sling by integrating our patent-pending expansion technology into the bag."

Chad Mellen, Knack Founder and CEO

In the early summer of 2022, we launched Knack’s lightweight Expandable Sling Bag as an effortless way to carry your daily essentials.  Designed to easily expand from 6 liters to 10 liters it uses the high-quality materials of our Series 2 Knack Packs. We couldn’t have been more excited about the launch and it was clear our Knackpackers shared our enthusiasm. 

“The Sling Bag is a lifesaver! It's not bulky, has 2 great compartments, and light to carry. Truly recommend it!”

- Johnny (CA, United States)

The Duuude Crew, a product review blog, tested the Knack Expandable Sling Bag in a hectic and challenging environment: Disneyland. Here is what they had to say about the experience in a situation that required constant interaction with the bag.

"The Sling was perfect for packing light on the trip, easy to take on and off rides, accessible no matter which way we carried it, and was so lightweight it felt like we had nothing on our backs all day. The Expandable Sling was a perfect travel companion."

Read the full Expandable Sling review from the Duuude Crew here.

New Series 2 Color - Alloy Gray

Knack Bag best work travel everyday carry backpack

In the summer of 2022, we introduced a new color option for our Medium Series 2 Knack Pack that has quickly gained popularity among Knackpackers. Alloy Gray brings a fresh and modern look to the Series 2 lineup. Later in the year, we added it to our Large Series 2 collection creating a second option for this best-seller. 

The Convertible Duffel

Knack Bag best work travel everyday carry backpack

Knackpackers are constantly encouraging us to develop great new products to help them live a One Bag life. After extending Knack’s multi-function, One Bag concept to Slings in the Spring, we brought it to the duffel category with the launch of the one-of-a-kind Convertible Duffel 

Expanding the Knack collection to duffels was a huge step for us, so before taking the leap, we once again reached out to Knackpackers and asked them to reserve this bag to be sure that it actually would help them live a One Bag life. The response was overwhelmingly positive so we began production during the summer.

With the capacity of a duffel and the function of a work backpack, this one-of-a-kind bag easily transitions from an everyday, professional laptop backpack to a 40 L travel duffel. That’s large enough to fit a week's worth of clothing and still fit in the overhead on most commercial jets! 

Since the shipping date in November, we have been swarmed with rave reviews for the Convertible Duffel. 

"I have had a Series 1 Knack bag for 2+ years, and it has been great! So when Knack offered the Duffel bag, I ordered one right away. It arrived a couple of weeks ago, and the reality has lived up to my expectations. Thanks, Knack!"

- Christopher R (Wellesley, MA)

Backpackies, an online blog covering the latest trends and styles in backpacks, bags and everyday carry, was the first to publish a review of our new Convertible Duffel. And we have to say, it made us blush a little:

“After all is said and done the Knack Convertible Duffel is a beast of a travel bag with some great features that just aren’t found in other travel backpacks. It’s versatile enough that it really might be the only travel bag you’ll need. We recommend it for frequent flyers or business travelers who need a bag they can count on for short and long trips alike.”

See the full review by Backpackies here

Travel Sets

Knack Bag best work travel everyday carry backpack

Taking our Knack Packs to the next level, in the winter of 2022 we launched our new collection of Knack Pack Travel Sets. We paired our best-selling travel accessories with our best-selling  2-in-1, work and travel Knack Packs to create unique travel sets at a special value price. 

Limited-Edition Holiday Collection

Knack Bag best work travel everyday carry backpack

Much like the start of the year, we wanted to end 2022 full of color - dropping our one-of-a-kind, Series 2 Limited Edition Knack Packs just in time for the holidays. After consulting our design team (as well as you, our Knackpackers, through an email survey), we added Adobe Orange and Brick Red to the Medium Series 2 lineup. With Knack's patent-pending, expandable travel compartment, great everyday organization, and separate padded laptop pocket, these Limited Edition bags are the definition of one-of-a-kind. 

Upgrades and Enhancements

Knack Bag best work travel everyday carry backpack

We value the feedback of our Knackpackers and strive continuously to enhance their experience. Taking each comment and suggestion into consideration, 2022 saw some big changes to the Series 1 Large - a perennial favorite with Knackpackers. From redesigned shoulder straps for added comfort to improved zipper function across the bag, this Knack Pack is the culmination of four years of testing, development, and Knackpacker input. And since this is the biggest Knack Pack, perfect for both 17" laptops and 3-5 days of travel, we also added discrete loops for an optional, removable, padded Waist Strap that comfortably transfers your load from your back to your hips.

2022 Reviews - Publications

2022 saw Knack featured in lots of incredible publications and blogs. Here are a few of our favorites:  

"Don't judge the Medium Expandable Knack Pack on the relatively small size impression, because this pack is basically the inflating frog neck bubble of bags."

- GQ

“Best Travel Backpack” 

- Forbes 



"The Knack Series 1 is not only great for travel, but also carrying computers, accessories and cords to and from work."

- US News

“Knack goes above and beyond with designing their travel bags around airline size requirements so that you can stay compliant no matter how you decide to carry the bag.”

- Backpackies

"Our new favorite business travel backpack is the Knack Bag. This bag rises to the top in a crowded field of One-Bag-Lifers."

- C Boarding Group

“It’s a fabulous bag. It offers a ton of protection with padded everything, lots of organization with various compartments and related features, and even the medium size, fully packed, fits most carry-on guidelines (even on smaller commuter planes).”

- The Professional Hobo

“The small-size Knack Bag has a thoughtful size that many commuters and day trippers will find handy. You could fit your gym gear in its inner cavity, while storing headphones, charger plugs and random items (travel-sized toiletries, keys, accessories) in its handy mesh pockets. Specifically for travel, it’s designed to fit both in overhead airplane compartments and under airplane seats.”

- Half Half Travel

“Designed to transition between your urban pursuits and your next vacay, the Series 2: Medium Expandable Knack Pack is a versatile, reliable option; it can be carried as a tote or briefcase thanks to its stowable shoulder straps and leather-trimmed top and side carry handles. But where this bag really shines is in its internal organization.”

- Travel Away

Want to see Knack in action? Check out these fantastic reviews on YouTube:

Large Laptop Backpacks

Chase Reeves - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSbmDKwEGeo 

Knack Convertible Duffel Backpack Quick Review

Backpackies - https://youtu.be/rNfyqQl0XfM

One bag travel with knack bags

It’s the Kelly’s - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXZmII2ll3w

This Backpack Expands into a Small Luggage

BeatTheBush DIY - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taXYjvDAdM4

2022 Reviews - Knackpackers

Knack Bag best work travel everyday carry backpack

We love receiving and reading reviews from our Knackpackers. Take a look at some of our favorites from this year:

“I have waited for the perfect backpack and I've found it. This is the right size for general everyday carry and expands if needed. Carries everything I need and then some and if very comfortable to wear. Padding is great, quality is great and worth every penny. I've looked at several and none of them were as good as this. You will love it!”

- Bobby W (GA, United States) Series 2: Medium Expandable Knack Pack

“A pocket for every purpose provides a way through your pack without unpacking the whole darned thing. It’s space and weight efficient. It allows me to use it for work—traveling or a day at work. Great weekender. . Exceeded my expectations.”

- Mark O. (IL, United States) Series 1: Large Expandable Knack Pack

“I took this bag on a trip to Scotland, and it worked beautifully on the plane and while driving around. The best part was while I was half asleep on the dark plane, I could still find exactly what I needed without turning on a light because everything was so organized. I knew precisely where to go, and where to put things back.”

- Whitney D (OR, United States)  Series 1: Medium Expandable Knack Pack

“Its organization system is excellent, allowing me to easily and quickly access things even in a cramped plane, and has allowed me to more efficiently manage all of the cords and technology I carry on trips. It was quite rainy while we were traveling, and all of our stuff stayed totally dry in the bag while wandering around all day, and the pack was comfortable to wear all day long. Overall, it was an amazing first experience, and I'm so excited for years worth of travel with this bag!”

- Greg M, Series 2: Large Expandable Knack Pack

“Very well made, looks terrific, the inside bright fabric makes it easy to find things and it's very comfortable. Loved mine so much I bought one for my husband for Christmas.”

- Janet (FL, United States) Series 1: Large Expandable Knack Pack

“This bag is amazing. I genuinely spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out the perfect bag for me and this one meets all those requirements. Do you like a bag that holds everything in place magically even though it's not 'tied down' within each pocket? This does it. Don't ask me how, it just does.”

- Nikhil N, (Georgia, United States) Series 2: Medium Expandable Knack Pack

Looking Back and Moving Forward

Although the outside world has had its fair share of challenges, 2022 also brought some unexpected perks. For many, the shift to remote work opened up a world of possibilities as business and travel moved back into full swing. With the freedom to set our own schedules and the convenience of being able to work from anywhere, we were able to indulge in more leisure and business travel than ever before. And although we may have started the year not knowing what would be in store, it definitely didn't disappoint.

As we welcome 2023, we’re raising our virtual glasses and toasting to all the Knackpackers who enjoyed One Bag Living in 2022. Here's to a fantastic year filled with the best journeys, the happiest memories, and, of course, the perfect Knack Pack by your side.

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