What to Look for in a Trolley Sleeve Travel Backpack

Traveling with your backpack and also taking a piece of wheeled luggage? Make the journey easier with a backpack that has an integrated trolley sleeve. This ingenious feature makes it a breeze to navigate through crowded airports, city streets, and hotel lobbies. Say goodbye to hassle and hello to ease with a trolley sleeve.

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Knack Trolley Sleeve

Have you ever had the nightmare of trying to lug multiple bags around a busy airport? It's such a hassle, especially when you're already juggling your suitcase and trying to make your way to the gate. But imagine you could effortlessly glide through the crowd with your backpack secured to your wheeled luggage. Quickly grab your boarding pass and passport without missing a beat, and make your way to paradise without any hassle. It might sound too good to be true, but with a backpack equipped with a trolley sleeve, you can make this vision a reality.

Are backpack trolley sleeves truly that big of a deal? Drama aside, yes, they are. This simple, ingenious feature makes traveling and commuting a breeze, adding extra comfort and more convenience to any trip. 


What are Trolley Sleeves?

Trolley sleeves (or luggage sleeves) are a design feature of travel backpacks that use a sleeve or strap to allow the bag to slip securely over the handle of a wheeled suitcase. These sleeves range from simple straps to full sheaths that cover the whole back of the backpack. They can detach from the backpack or can be integrated into the bag’s construction. 

Trolley sleeves make it simple to attach your travel backpack to your rolling luggage, consolidating your travel gear so your movements are more streamlined, and you can flow through crowded airports, city streets, and hotel lobbies as naturally as a leaf floats downstream. 


Knack Trolley Sleeve


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Why Backpacks with Trolley Sleeves are a Traveler’s Best Friend

A travel backpack with a trolley sleeve is a modern traveler’s best friend. With so many items to keep track of – phone, boarding pass, passport, you name it – your hands must be free from carrying cumbersome bags. Though a backpack does the trick, it is important to choose one that distributes weight properly. Knack Packs are designed to be ergonomic and distribute weight to the hips, close to your back, and away from your shoulders. This makes wearing your backpack comfortable during your entire travel experience, whether you’re in the airport, running to catch a train, walking through cities, or traversing rockier terrain. 

Knack Packs are unique hybrid everyday and travel backpacks with a hidden suitcase compartment that is easily expanded for trips and can be zipped away to become an everyday backpack while exploring your destination. While Knack was designed so you can work and travel with just one bag, sometimes you need the space of wheeled luggage. In those situations, travel backpacks, like the Knack Pack, that have integrated trolley sleeves allow you to securely attach your indispensable backpack to your luggage so you can carry both through the airport easily.

So, we know that backpacks with trolley sleeves can be used for travel to go over the handle of a wheeled luggage, but what else are they useful for? If you’re a commuter, you can slip your backpack over the handle of a cart, trolley, or rolling case, taking up less room on public transportation – or just making things oh-so convenient for you. 


What to Look for When Buying a Travel Backpack with a Trolley Sleeve

The best backpack with a trolley sleeve will have some key features that you need to look for:

  1. Trolley Sleeve Compatibility: Check your luggage! What is the length and width of your wheeled luggage telescoping handle versus the measurements of the trolley sleeve? Make sure the sleeve is big enough (and remember that, since it’s a soft bag, when you pack your travel backpack to the brim, it makes the sleeve tighter)
  2. Size, Capacity, and Organization: The best backpack with a luggage sleeve will fit your airline’s carry on standards. For a carry-on, you’ll want a travel backpack that is under 45 liters, with 25-40 liters being the sweet spot. It should have plenty of organization for your essentials, so you have easy access to anything you need.
  3. Material Quality: Choose a backpack made from high-quality and durable materials like nylon, canvas, or polyester. The fabric should also be water-resistant or waterproof so that your belongings are protected no matter what the weather decides to be.
  4. Comfort: Most backpacks have some form of padding in their straps, but the best travel backpacks have closed cell foam padding (such as EPE, EVA, and PE foams). These slightly firmer straps have more durability and “bounce-back” memory than open cell foams (PU). 
  5. Style: The best travel backpack with a trolley sleeve will fit your personal style and have you blending into the local crowd at your destination. Nobody wants to play the part of the tourist, and a travel backpack like the Knack Pack, which is designed for work and travel, is a great fit for today’s travelers.


Knack Trolley Sleeve


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Knack as Your Everything Travel Backpack

Knack’s trolley sleeve is integrated into the back panel of all our backpacks (and Convertible Duffel), and easily slips over the handle of the wheeled luggage you already own.

Knack Packs' patent-pending expandable suitcase compartment makes our 2-in-1 backpacks the perfect carry-on companion (and all bags meet TSA guidelines). If you’re looking for a laptop backpack with a trolley sleeve, Knack Packs have you covered. Sizes can house anywhere from a 13” laptop up to a 17” laptop.

When you want to take a day trip around your destination, simply zip away the expandable compartment and use it as your around-town backpack. Back home, it can be used as your everyday laptop backpack. The backpack compartment has plenty of organizational pockets to keep your essentials ready to grab – and out of the bottomless abyss of the main compartment.

Knack Packs have durable, waterproof and stain-resistant materials, so even if you do have to put your bag on the ground at the airport, you don’t need to worry about it getting dirty. It’s also extremely easy to clean, inside and out.


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Now That You Know, You Can’t Unknow


Knack Trolley Sleeve

If you’ve never traveled using a backpack with a trolley sleeve, then you know how awkward it can be to travel with multiple bags. Now that you know of the trolley sleeve’s existence, your better travel lifestyle awaits you, and it can begin now, with your own trolley sleeve-equipped backpack.



What is a trolley sleeve on a backpack?

A trolley strap or trolley sleeve is a feature located on the back of the backpack or bag that allows you to slip it over the handle of a wheeled suitcase or trolley. 

What is a trolley sleeve used for?

The purpose of a trolley sleeve is to make traveling with multiple bags easier by attaching your backpack to your luggage, allowing you to keep your hands free.

How do you keep your bag on top of your luggage?

A good trolley sleeve keeps your bag secure on top of your luggage as soon as you slide it on. Once you do, the weight will distribute on the top of the suitcase and you’re good to go.

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