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Knackpackers lead busy professional lives! We are inspired on a daily basis by the Knackpackers who are dedicated teachers, IT executives, physical therapists, as well as leaders in the music industry.

This week we’re spotlighting another group of highly motivated Knackpackers: real estate agents.

Below, we’ve shared how the Knack Pack and a #OneBagLife has helped real estate agents, as well as real reviews from Knackpackers who are professionals in the industry.

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Constantly On The Go

Real estate agents are constantly on the go, from meeting with prospective clients, touring homes, hosting open houses and pulling late nights (and early mornings) to file paperwork ASAP for their clients.

Being on the move throughout the day means that many agents have to pack a “mobile office” as they go, often making calls and doing deals from their car.  

Best backpack for real estate agents

Looking Professional is a Must

Real estate agents need to look professional, but often times a leather briefcase puts off the wrong impression – and it simply cannot hold all the paperwork, brochures and tech the modern real estate agent needs on a daily basis. This is where real estate professionals need a leather expandable backpack.

High end professional leather laptop backpack

The Best Professional Bag for Real Estate Agents

The Knack Pack is an expandable leather laptop backpack, designed to seamlessly blend into a variety of professional environments – whether you’re listing a multi-million dollar penthouse in Manhattan or a beach cottage in San Diego.

Key Features:

  • The exterior fabric on the Knack Pack utilizes moisture repellent technology, keeping your tech and paperwork dry while traveling to tour various properties

  • The expandable luggage compartment is perfect for packing for the gym, or can be used to pack extra materials for an open house - or bring a celebratory bottle of champagne to a client who just purchased property

  • Keep your business card handy and at the ready thanks to the front triangle pocket, allowing you to seamlessly share your contact information with other agents and potential clients

Backpack with pocket for sunglasses

Real Reviews from Real Estate Agents

We sent a few Knack Packs to real estate agents from around the USA in exchange for honest reviews and feedback.

Here’s what they had to say:

Kayla Rosado - World Class Realty

Kayla Rosado is a real estate agent with World Class Realty, a real estate brokerage focusing on multi-family and single family homes in the Virginia Beach and Suffolk area.

Says Kayla,  “[My Knack Pack has] a separate compartment to store my laptop and paperwork. It’s a great choice for anyone who requires quality material and carries a ton of stuff (like me) to go show houses. I'm loving this unique bag!"

Kayla uses the Large Knack Pack in Savile Gray.

Professional laptop backpack for organized real estate agents

Katrina Nguyen - Madison & Co Properties

Katrina Nguyen is a Broker Associate in Denver, Colorado, with Madison & Co Properties.  Says Katrina about her Knack Pack, “Being a realtor means I have to be ready for anything that comes my way. That’s why I carry my Knack backpack around everywhere. It allows me to carry my entire office with me so I can take care of my clients no matter where I am. I’m now more efficient and organized.”

Katrina opted for the Small Knack Pack in Savile Gray.

Real estate agent with Knack Pack

Loida Velasquez - Real Estate Agent & Consultant in Caifornia

Loida Velasquez is a real estate in California, who also offers training and consulting for real estate agents looking to grow their respective businesses.  She recently shared a review of her Knack Pack on YouTube!

“I carry a lot of stuff!  My folders, my computer, my iPad, etc.  Usually with other backpacks it looks bulky, because I’m carrying my entire life!”



Loida then showed just how much she’s able to pack in her Knack Pack, taking out her iPad, planner, seller sheets, folders, pens, stylus for her iPad, laptop, lead inquiries, etc.

Loida keeps all of that in her Knack Small Expandable Backpack!

Which Size of Knack Pack Should You Get?

There are 3 sizes of Knack Expandable Backpacks, each designed to hold a different amount of items.  The main factor that will help you choose your Knack Pack is the size of your laptop.  Check out the comparison chart here to make the best choice for you.

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