IT Professional & Men's Style Blogger Matt Hartman

The Knack team loves learning about how different Knackpackers use their Knack Pack®.  Today, we’re sharing the work and experience of Matt Hartman, an IT professional and men’s style blogger.

Wearing a Lot of Hats

“I’m a family man with a full-time blog, and I also have a demanding corporate job,” shares Matt, “and I’m constantly moving.”  Matt leads an IT team at a large corporation, and morning starts early.

Mens Style Blogger Reviews the Knack Pack as an Everyday Carry Bag

“Usually I get up at around 5AM,” he says, “to publish content for the blog.”  After that, he and his family get ready for the day, and Matt heads into the office.

“I work in IT, and as you can imagine I have a lot of tech gear I have to carry.  And, since I work at a large company, I have to do a LOT of walking between buildings.”  Having the right bag to carry all of his stuff is incredibly important – which is where the Knack Pack comes in.

Using His Knack Pack at The Office

Matt likes that everything stays organized in his expanding Knack Pack, thanks to the different compartments and pockets.  “I like to keep my phone in the top pocket for easy access. I keep my business cards in the front pocket, along with my pens, for easy access,” he shares.

Professional work backpack with expandable luggage compartment

His headphones and cords go in the main compartment, and the expandable luggage compartment is sometimes used to carry extra hardware.

“My days are usually around 10 hours or so, and the Knack Laptop Backpack comfortably sits on my shoulders,” he explains.  “It sits on my back easily, and also is designed with ventilation – making sure my back doesn’t get sweaty as I walk around a lot in the summer!”

Business Travel Every Month

Matt travels frequently for work, around one week every month.  “I've been going mostly to New York, but later this year I’ll have international travel.” 

For his domestic travel, the Knack Pack has been a great carryon bag for flights.  “I like that everything is organized so I can find it easily on the plane, and the medium size fits under the seat in front of me easily,” he shares.

Expandable compartment for packing clothes and hardware

Family Travel & Day Trips

On the weekends, Matt likes to take his family on day trips.  “We usually travel on the weekends as a family. One weekend it could be going to local activities in my hometown or taking the children to the community pool or an event.”

“The Knack Pack easily holds jackets, snacks and our camera to capture memories of our outings,” he shares.

Business Casual Style Advice

Replacing Bags - #OneBagLife

Matt used to have to sort through bags and repack based on where he was going.  “I had a bag for work items, a gym bag, a bag for the children's stuff and then a bag for traveling,” he shares. “And that’s just my bags, that doesn’t include bags my wife or the kids needed!”

The versatility of the Knack Backpack has come in handy, especially how it goes easily from weekend family trips to the office.  “The Knack Pack is a versatile bag that looks great at the airport, in a meeting or when hanging out with my family. We’ve been able to save on storage space now that we have a bag that fits multiple functions,” he shares. This helps show how the Knack Backpack is the best travel backpack for men.


Are you looking for an everyday carry bag that is also an expandable travel backpack?  Check out the comparison chart to see what size of Knack Pack works for you!

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