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We have had an awesome year at Knack, and it’s all thanks to a passionate community of Knackpackers who love their Knack Pack backpacks!  Knackpackers have been such vocal fans that we’ve gotten a lot of positive reviews in the press.

Below, we’ve shared a roundup of our favorite reviews and mentions.  We can’t wait to see what 2020 holds!

The Gadgeteer Review - Knack Pack as a Weekend Bag

Review of Knack Pack Laptop Backpack from The Gadgeteer

The Gadgeteer is a website that reviews “the latest smartphones, gadgets and geek toys.”

Gadgeteer writer, Ryan Chapman, wrote a great review of the Knack Pack, discussing how he uses it for work and for school.  Ryan talked about how he packed his Knack Pack for school (and where he puts his Nintendo Switch), and shared how he used his Knack Pack to pack for a weekend away:

“Now let’s talk about the suitcase compartment of the Knack Pack. On a normal school day, I don’t really use this section, but it is so hidden away that I never notice it when opening zippers. When I stayed for a weekend at my sister’s, I used this bag solely for my suitcase. I had enough room for two pairs of clothes, my Switch and accessories, cords, laptop, toiletry bag, and a twin fleece blanket. This made it packed to the brim, but I was very pleased that it fit everything, zipped up easily, and felt comfortable wearing back and forth to the car.”

Thank you for a great review!

Gear Hungry Review - Knack Pack as a Professional Backpack

Gear Hungry review of the Knack Pack

Gear Hungry is an independent online magazine, that’s “focused on one thing:  digging up the best gear for guys from all corners of the internet.”

Gear Hungry writer, Jordan Carter, wrote a review of the Knack Pack in Savile Gray.  He focused his review on using the Knack Pack as a professional backpack, saying, “It's design. makes it a worthy travel companion and a partner in many of life's greatest adventures.  It's for the office worker who has an adventurous streak.”

Thanks for the love!

Carryology - Knack Bags Expandable Knack Pack Review

This article was written by travel writer and adventurer, Jovanni Bello. He did an excellent job of reviewing the Knack Pack for different types of travelers and users, and we loved all the photos used.

"First and foremost, you can take this bag just about anywhere. The Knack’s aesthetics mold it to a myriad of scenarios. In the time I was reviewing it, I was in professional settings, construction sites, the beach, on a cruise, on hikes, at museums, walking around the city, and on vacation and getaways."

Carryology Knack PAck review of a business traveler

NYFW Photographer, Lydia Hudgens - Best Backpack for Street Photographers

We sent Lydia Hudens, a NY photographer and style influencer, a Knack Pack to test and review for Instagram and YouTube.  Her verdict?  

“I used it during #NYFW & it was a lifesaver, allowing me to change on location while shooting both content & carry additional layers (needed during that snowstorm!) while outside documenting street style all week long. For photographers & influencers alike, I highly recommend.”



Ideas for Mens Gifts for Valentine's Day

In February, Julia Webb wrote a really helpful piece titled, “Thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts for the men in your life.”  In it, she lists gifts that are both practical and will continue to use past February.  We were excited to see the Large Expandable Knack Pack in Savile Gray make the list.


Chase Reeves - "Epic Business Backpack"

Chase Reeves Recommended Business Backpack

Chase Reeves is the one of the top reviewers of backpacks and men’s products (and probably the most entertaining).  His review of the Medium and Large Knack Packs was thorough, and it was very helpful for people who travel a lot or live a remote work lifestyle with their families.

We highlighted the key takeaways from these videos on our blog (Part 1 here, and Part 2 here), and you can also watch the review here

Fodor’s Travel Review - Carryon Backpack

Travel carryon backpack for laptop and clothes

For over 80 years, Fodor’s Travel has been a trusted resource offering expert travel advice for every stage of a traveler’s trip.  They offer guidebooks, great tips on social media and have a robust website with lots of great info and travel tips.

Managing editor, Rachael Levitt, took her Knack Pack on a weekend trip to San Francisco.  Here’s what she had to say:

“I don’t want my luggage to scream ‘I’M STAYING AT A HOSTEL IN AMSTERDAM,’ and almost as importantly, I don’t want back problems as a result of lugging everything around. The Knack Pack provides me with the superficial superiority I crave but not at the expense of my aged body, and probably most importantly, more than fits in all the stuff I’d need for a sack-styled vacay.”

Rachel’s review made us actually laugh out loud.  Thank you for your kind words!

Carryology Review - Knack Pack 2.0 Review

Review of Knack 2.0 an expandable laptop backpack

Carryology is a website dedicated to, well, everything you can carry!  “When we started, there wasn’t really a broadly accepted term for bags, wallets, cases, luggage, and all the products we use to carry our things. To us, this is ‘carry’.  Essentially, we’re here to discover, discuss and disseminate new and better ways to carry.”

The Carryology team wrote a fantastic review of the Knack 2.0, detailing many of the updates made to the backpack:

The original pack had a top pocket designed for quick access to glasses. Now the updated design offers a deeper top pocket that still holds sunglasses well while also accommodating other items too.

To enhance functionality further, the updated design also deepens the interior lid mesh pocket, increasing storage flexibility.”

Travel Awaits - Luxury Gift Guide

Luxury Gifts for Travelers over 50

Travel Awaits is a site geared for travelers over 50 looking to cross items off of their bucket list.  They included the Leather Knack Pack in their "Luxury Gift Guide," saying:

"Those with discerning taste will appreciate this Knack Pack backpack by Knack Bags made with full-grain Napa leather. This classy piece isn’t your typical backpack. From the metal finishings to the padded computer pocket, this item says luxury all the way. There’s even a pocket for your favorite pair of shades." 

Carryology - Best Travel Backpacks

Carryology reviews expandable laptop backpack

In addition to writing about the Knack Pack 2.0, Carryology also included Knack in their roundup of reader favorites!

From reader Giuseppe Salemme:

“I’m loving it so far and using it for the office, gym and travel. The expandability is awesome and I love the pocket layout (the hideable water bottle pocket is killer)."


Men’s Journal Review - Business Casual Professional Laptop Bag

Men's Business Casual Backpack review from Men's Journal

We spent a long time perfecting the suiting-inspired fabric for the Knack Pack, so we were excited to have a men’s style magazine review it.

Men’s Journal writer, Jon Langston, had this to say about the Knack 2.0:

“If you’ve ever dreamed of a backpack that was perfect for everyday carry, but could also expand to hold enough gear and clothes for a weekend, and look sharp enough to use for business meetings, interviews, etc., the Knack Pack 2.0”

Live Core Strong - One Bag Lifestyle For Fitness Moms 

We've shared a number of posts about parents using the Knack Pack, and we loved Jena Bradley's review of her Knack Pack on her blog, Live Core Strong.  Jena shared how she lived a #OneBagLife by replacing a diaper bag, suitcase and gym bag – all with her Knack Pack!

"For me, I love how the bag can be separated into two completely different bags. The front main compartment I love as a diaper bag and the back expandable compartment is perfect for my own personal items, specifically for the gym."

Busy mom reviews the Knack Pack as a diaper bag and gym bag

Jen on a Jet Plane - Professional Travel Backpack

Popular travel blogger reviews carryon bag backpack

Jen is one of the most trusted travel bloggers out there, and we sent her a Medium Knack Pack in Sangria Red to take with her to travel to speak at TEDx!  She wrote an in-depth review on packing the Knack Pack for business travel:

“I am proud to say I am officially a member of the one bag life club. Knack has designed a bag that’s elegant without being ostentatious, which is important to me as a traveler. I want to look like a successful entrepreneur, but I also don’t want to attract unwanted attention. This bag accomplishes that.”

MASHTIPS - Gifts for Travel Lovers

16 Gifts for Travel Lovers

MASHTIPS included us on a roundup titled, "16 Best Gifts for Travelers & Outdoor Lovers" along with brands like SpyFinder and iClever.

"The normal layout gives you 17-liter capacity useful for the daily commute. But with the expanded compartment, you get 30 liters of space useful for travel purposes. Also, its rather custom, durable and comes with water-resistant fabric. So its gonna suit those harsh hitchhikes and road trips quite well."

The World Pursuit - Best Travel Backpack

Cameron and Natasha of The World Pursuit wrote an in-depth review of the Knack Pack for their international travel blog.  The took their Knack Pack on a trip to Asia, in which they visited the cities of Hong Kong, Osaka, Singapore, Kyoto, and the Philippines.

The World Pursuit travel blog reviews the Knack Pack Expandable Backpack

The World Pursuit also included the Knack Pack in their roundup, "Best Travel Backpacks For Europe in Summer 2020."


Life with Caitlyn - Best Backpack for a Young Professional

We sent software engineer, Caitlyn, a Knack Pack to try and review.  Here's what she had to say:

"The amount of storage in this backpack is INSANE. 

There are three main compartments. These are the triangle portion in the front, the main compartment, and the expandable suitcase. Yes, I said expandable.

The triangle portion is legit one of the most ingenious designs I’ve ever seen. It’s such easy access for things like pencils, chapstick, passports, SD cards, debit cards, IDs and other small important items that usually get lost in bags."

Backpack for young professionals going to their first job

Ready for 2020!

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