Knack Backpack is an “Epic Business Bag” says Chase Reeves

Here at Knack Bags HQ, we get really excited whenever a review of the Knack Pack comes through. Whether it’s a Knackpacker sharing a review on our Facebook page or their blog, to getting tagged in an Instagram post – we share the link to the entire team and cheer every time.

So, when we saw Chase Reeves share a review of the Knack Pack, we were really excited. Chase is a thought leader when it comes to bag reviews and design, and his reviews are incredibly in-depth, most running over 40 minutes!

Chase Reeves reviewed the medium and large Knack Pack for his YouTube Channel

We posted a recap of the first half of Chase’s review on our blog here, and now it’s time to share the second half.   

If you’re more into YouTube than a recap blog post, you can watch his video review here. But fair warning – Chase is actually hilarious, so be sure to avoid drinking any liquids while watching. No one wants to clean a spit take off of their screen!

Medium Knackpack or Large Knackpack?

“The bag comes in two sizes,” shares Chase. “The medium holds a 15” laptop, and the large holds up to a 17” laptop.” 

Chase liked packing “as a minimalist” in the medium Knack Pack, but could see using the larger Knack Pack for equipment or for longer trips. “I could easily fit 2 wool sweaters [in the main compartment] on the large bag” says Chase.

Chase Reeves reviewing the quality of fabrics and construction of the Knack Pack

The medium sized Knack Backpack fits 2-3 outfits, and the large Knack Pack fits 3-4. If you want to fit more clothes, you can also snag some compressible packing cubes to fit more.

As for looks, both bags look balanced on his frame. “I’m not a tall guy,” shares Chase. “I’m 5’10”, and the large bag, as a daily carry bag, does not look too big – at all!”

Compressible Packing Cubes

Chase travels full-time with his family right now, so packing smart is a must (especially with kids!). "These compress down the middle with a zipper," says Chase, "and they hold quite a bit!"

Chase used the Knack Bags packing cubes to show the difference in bag sizes. There are various combinations of packing cubes, and we created a handy guide here to help you decide what set to go with!

Easy Access For Carryon Traveling

One of the best parts of the review was when Chase talked about overall bag design. “This bag has great organization,” he shared. “It has excellent external access, and you can easily access things while traveling.” No more unpacking your whole bag to find one thing.

If you choose to expand the luggage compartment for traveling, “you can easily access the rest of your stuff in the front compartment.”

Chase also pointed out that the front compartment doesn’t “fall all the way open” when unzipped. Your stuff stays put, and you still have easy access to everything. Chase keeps everything from a wireless keyboard to his over ear headphones in the compartment.

Regular Bag & Travel Backpack in One

And the best part? “I don’t have to unpack my day bag and transfer all the stuff over to a travel backpack. I leave my daily stuff in, and expand the back compartment to add items for travel.” Chase just adds his clothes, packing cubes and toiletries to the luggage compartment, and he’s good to go.

Chase Reeves reviewing the expandable luggage compartment on the Knack Pack backpack

The One Bag That Fits In Wherever You Go

Towards the end of the review, Chase really honed in on how the Knack Pack has been designed for a #OneBagLIfe – fitting in a variety of places. “You can take it hiking or to do outdoorsy stuff. It’ll also be at home in the metro areas. If you’re a business person with a real job, this is a great bag for the office” that can also be used elsewhere.

Finally: “What has it been like to actually use the Knack bag?”

“I have like 50 bags,” says Chase with a smile. “And this is a really nice bag that I actually use.”

Thanks for a great review, Chase! Be sure to follow Chase on Instagram and Twitter, and you can watch his review of the Knack Pack on his YouTube channel here.

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