Knack Backpack is an “Epic Business Bag” says Chase Reeves

If you’re a bag or backpack design nerd, chances are that you’ve seen some of Chase Reeves bag reviews on YouTube.  Chase is uber-passionate about bags, so much so that he’s been reviewing them for five years on his YouTube channel.

Says Chase on his website, “You see, bags enable your life… they equip you. For some they need to be equipped for a day hike in the city they live in. For others, they need to be equipped for a multi-month trip.”

Chase Reeves reviewed the medium and large Knack Pack for his YouTube Channel

We were pretty stoked when Chase reached out and asked to review the Knack expandable laptop backpack on YouTube.  Chase knows bags, and we knew he’d be able to talk about specific design features – with his own kooky and comedic spin.  Seriously, Chase had the entire Knack team literally laughing out loud with this review.

So, we sent Chase both a medium sized backpack and a large expanding backpack, as well as our compressible packing cubes for him to try.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Slick” Design

Chase started out the video by showing an expanded vs compressed Knack Pack, and he was a real fan of the design saying, “This bag seriously enables a kind of professional minimal travel, like no other bag I've seen so far.  Most other bags are a little casual, and this thing is slick.”

Chase Reeves reviewing the quality of fabrics and construction of the Knack Pack

Later on in the video, Chase continues talking about the backpack aesthetics, saying, "It doesn't scream 'Elon Musk' from the future, hipster cafe or from the future.  It's kind of Kenneth Cole. It says, 'I might make money. Ask me about the stock market.' This was designed so it doesn't look super out of place with a suit or sport coat."

Chase also took his bag on outdoor adventures in Tahoe, and found that it fit in well as an outdoor bag.  “I was surprised by how durable the outer fabric was. It’s both dirt and water resistant. I had this out in the snow and rain with no problem, and I’ve wiped off things with a wet towel.”

Pocket Review

The Knack Backpack was designed with multiple pockets, making storing and finding things in your bag much easier.  

Top Pocket

Chase shared that he puts his glasses case in the top pocket, but also could’ve put his glasses in with no case – thanks to the felt lining.  “You've got a quick access at the top for important items,” he says, “I put my sunglasses in there.”

Front Compartment

Next, Chase reviewed the main backpack compartment.  Where you’d store headphones, notebooks, etc. Chase calls this compartment the “front dump pocket,” saying, “I got a lot of feelings about this pocket.  Perfect for pens and business cards, sticky notes and stuff. All you executive-types will use this. All I keep in there is my trail mix. Because I need snacks to stave off ‘the hangers.’”

Snacks are super important, Chase!

Chase Reeves front compartment review

Water Bottle Compartment

Chase finished with the water bottle compartment, noting how ‘hideable’ it is.  “It's also got a killer water bottle pocket.” Chase fit a pretty large water bottle in there (which he traded with his son to preserve household harmony).

While this pocket holds a variety of water bottles, we’ve designed one to fit with the Knack Pack aesthetic, which you can check out here.

From Daily Use to Travel

Our favorite point in the review was when Chase shared how his Knack Pack helps him get out into the world faster.  Having to pack and repack multiple bags keeps people from living their best life! Says Chase, “I don't have to unpack my daily bag to get in travel mode.  I can just unzip the expandable compartment. And now I can pack all of my packing cubes, jacket and toiletries straight into this bag. Without unpacking and packing into a bag. It's already with me. Enabling this kind of hybrid travel is really interesting.”

Chase Reeves reviewing the expandable luggage compartment on the Knack Pack backpack

Thanks for the great review, Chase!  Be sure to check out his video on YouTube, and his website, BagWorks.Co.

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FTC Notice:  Chase Reeves was gifted Knack Pack products for his review.