Introducing the Small Knack Pack

Knackpackers have been asking for a Small Knack Pack for months, and it will be available to order in a few days.  Below, we’ve shared insights on how the Small Knack Pack was designed and tested.  

Acting on Customer Feedback

The newest version of the Knack has 40 design updates, many of which were inspired by feedback from Knackpackers.  From a trolley sleeve (also called a "luggage pass through"), to lockable zippers to changes in pockets – the Knack 2.0 has been through a lot of usability tests!

And, just like the addition of the trolley sleeve and deeper pockets to all sizes, the development of the Small Knack Pack was really pushed by the Knackpacker community.

Comparison of Knack Packs

Initially, the Knack design team thought of launching a super large version of the Knack Pack exclusively for travel, but Knackpackers convinced us (through your thousands of emails and social posts) that they really wanted a smaller, around-town version of Knack.

Deciding on Specs for the Small Knack Pack

The size of our backpacks is dictated by both the size of the computers that they can carry in the padded computer pocket as well as the number of changes of clothes that can fit in the expandable travel compartment. For example, our Medium and Large Knack Packs fit a 15” and 17” laptop respectively and can carry 2-3 and 3-4 changes of clothes respectively. 

Small Knack Pack Specs

We wanted the Small Knack Pack to give you another choice, so we designed it to fit fit a 13” computer and carry at least one change of clothes. It’s perfect for a quick overnight trip or as an every day professional laptop backpack.  

Here are the need-to-know specs:

Pack Dimensions (LxWxD):

Expanded: 17"x12"x9"

Unexpanded: 17"x12"x5"


Expanded: 29 Liters

Unexpanded: 16 Liters

Weight: 2 pounds 4 ounces

Our Favorite Feature of the Small Knack Pack

If you don’t travel much, this is a great around-town bag that holds everything you need for work as well as your gym clothes (we even added antimicrobial lining to keep your bag fresh even with those sweaty items).

Ready to order your Small Knack Pack?  It hasn’t launched quite yet, so be sure to subscribe to our email list to learn when it is available.  Email subscribers learn of new product releases first.

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