Introducing the Knack Pack 2.0

Starting almost immediately after we launched Knack last November, Knackpackers around the world began sending us their experiences on how they live their #OneBagLife.

Knackpackers sent photos and reviews as well as emailing and posting pictures of the Knack Pack on a journey to Antarctica, using it for daily commutes on the New York subway, and taking it to professional conferences as well as to college.  The Knack team looked at each photo, read each review and discussed each emailed comment to help direct the development of our newest version of the Knack Pack.

The newest Knack Pack will be available soon!

Over 40 Design Changes

Knackpacker feedback inspired 40 changes in our Knack Pack, from changes in construction and pocket depth to adding a trolley sleeve.   

Below, we’ve detailed the Top 10 enhancements:

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Design Development #10:  RFID Blocking Technology

The Knack Pack is designed to work as both a daily carry bag when unexpanded and as a travel backpack using the hidden expandable luggage compartment.

Whether commuting to the office or traveling overseas, security is a concern for all Knackpackers. So we’ve added RFID blocking technology to the front triangle pocket, protecting credit cards and passports with RFID chips from illicit skimming whenever you’re away from home.

RIFD Blocking Technology for a Travel Laptop Backpack

Design Development #9:  Removing D-Rings

The first version of the Knack Pack had D-rings at the end of straps, which were designed to make it easier to grab shoulder straps on the Knack Pack to adjust the bag to fit your frame.

However, the annoyance of the D-rings hitting things outweighed the benefit – so we eliminated them!

Design Development #8:  Deeper Top Pocket (for Sunglasses, etc)

Version 1.0 of the Knack Pack had an easy-access front top pocket for your sunglasses or other small items.  Knackpackers loved how easy this pocket made it to keep track of their sunglasses, but asked that it be a bit deeper to hold other things besides glasses.

Design updates to Knack Pack

Design Development #7:  Redesigned Business Card Pockets

Inside of the front triangle pocket, there is a space for business cards.  The Knack design team made sure to include this detail in our first bag because no one likes to have to dig through their bag to find their business cards!

In our newest version, we changed the construction of the business card pockets and made them deeper so cards now stay in the pocket better and are easier to access (while still leaving enough room so that the cards can be seen upon opening the bag).

Design Development #6:  Shoulder Strap Keeper

When we launched Knack, it was important to make sure that the bag’s shoulder straps adjusted for the size and height of the user. But smaller Knackpackers found that the webbing strap at the end of the shoulder strap could be pretty long and “dangled.”

To keep the bag looking neat and professional, we’ve added a simple elastic band around each shoulder strap that keeps the strap webbing from dangling.

Design Development #5:  Lockable Zippers on Main Compartment and Suitcase Compartment

One of the most frequent questions we received over the past 10 months was how to lock the main compartments of the Knack Pack.

While the zipper sliders on the original Knack Pack could be locked with a cable lock, we’ve added true lockable zipper sliders on Version 2.0 to allow for all types of locks to be used to secure the main compartment and the travel compartment.

Lockable zippers travel backpack expandable

Design Development #4:  Removable Sternum Strap

When reviewing design feedback from Knackpackers, we found the sternum strap to be quite polarizing – Knackpackers either love it or want to get rid of it!  Some Knackpackers use it on a daily basis, while others do not and find the “dangling sternum strap” annoying.

We’ve now made the sternum strap removable, making the bag work (and look!) better for both types of Knackpackers.

New features for Knack Pack

Design Development #3:  Trolley Sleeve

The Knack Pack is designed so that travelers don’t need a carryon rolling suitcase – but for long trips, some Knackpackers found they wanted to use their Knack Pack with a large rolling suitcase.  Our new trolley sleeve (or “luggage pass through”) makes it easier to put your Knack Pack on top of any rolling suitcase. It’s completely hidden behind the memory foam back panel so you won’t notice it when you’re not traveling!

Design Development #2:  More Colors!

Version 1.0 of the Knack Pack came in 4 colors, with 2 colors (Loden Green and Orange) available for a limited time.

We get questions on a daily basis asking about these colors (and potential new colors), and we’re excited to be releasing Version 2.0 of the Knack Pack with several new colors. Stay tuned for details on what colors will be available, as we’re sharing that info later this week!

Design Development #1:  Small Knack Pack

Based on literally thousands of emails and hundreds of comments on social media, Knackpackers can’t wait for a small Knack Pack.  So after almost a year of development, we’re really excited to finally announce the launch of the Small Knack Pack. This new bag will work well as a daily carry for those who don’t pack a lot of items, as well as those with smaller frames.

Small Knack Pack Coming Soon

Other Notable Design Updates

  • Added anti-microbial treatment to the fabric lining
  • Improved key leash hardware quality and made the key leash removable
  • Eliminated webbing keeper straps in the travel compartment and redesigned the clothing retention system
  • Numerous construction changes to improve ease of opening and closing

Ready to Order?

Version 2.0 of the Knack Pack (including the Small Knack Pack!) will be available to order soon.  Email subscribers will be notified first, so be sure to join our email list here.

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