How To Wear A Sling Bag

So, you are on the hunt for the perfect everyday bag that is light, durable, versatile, and hip. You want a bag that you can carry on the subway or bring on a short photo walk around the city or hold your tech gear and some gym clothes if you decide to work on your quads after nailing your presentation at work. Thankfully, there’s a bag that’s become really popular over the past couple of years that can do all of these things, and all of us at Knack cannot recommend it enough. Introducing the sling bag! 

Sling bags are the bags of the moment right now. In fact, Travel + Leisure Magazine called it a "must-have accessory right now.” Conde Nast Traveler echoed this endorsement in their May edition.

So, now that you know why everyone is raving about this great everyday accessory, it's time to answer the most important question: How to wear a sling bag. And we are here to provide you with suggestions:

  • Across the Back- most professional
  • Across the Front - easiest access
  • Around the Waist - most convenient
  • Over One Shoulder - most unique

Across the  Back

This is the most conventional way of wearing a sling bag. It's comfortable and gives you the freedom to move about. It is also perfect for commuters, cyclists, skateboarders, rollerbladers, hikers, and creative professionals bringing minimal tech gadgets. Since it is the method most like carrying a backpack, we also think it is the most accepted way to carry your sling to work every day.

a man and a woman wearing their knack sling bags across their backs


Across the Front

This way of wearing a sling bag is the most stylish. This trend started among hip urban professionals in New York City and quickly spread worldwide. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Kanye West, Rihanna, Duane Wade, A$AP Rocky, and Liam Payne have all worn their sling bags like this. Carrying a sling bag across the front means that all your belongings are with hands’ reach at all times.

A man and a woman wearing their knack sling bags across their chest.

Around the Waist

If wearing a sling bag across the back is the most comfortable, wearing it around the waist is the most convenient, not to mention the safest, especially if you are traveling in places teeming with tourists. Wearing a sling bag around your waist allows you to access your most important items like face masks, hand sanitizers, smartphones, prescription glasses, passports, and COVID vaccination cards at all times.

A woman and a man wearing their knack sling bags around their waists.

Why the Knack Sling Bag

After many requests from our One Bag Life Community members, we decided to create a sling bag that matches the quality of our Knack Packs. It took us over a year to design and develop the Knack Expandable Sling Bag and we hope you’ll be happy with the results. We took the features from our successful Knack Pack Series 2 backpack collection that you said you like best and brought them to our first everyday carry bag that is not a backpack:

  • Spacious front compartment with organization pockets
  • Separate, patent-pending, expandable back compartment that can hold workout gear, your lunch and your tablet or notebook
  • Adjustable strap to wear the Sling how you want: across your back, across your front, or around your waist.
  • Lockable zippers
  • Custom-developed, durable, and water-resistant 420D nylon body fabric
  • Antimicrobial lining to keep away mold and mildew if the inside of your Sling gets wet
  • Lightweight and cool spacer-mesh back panel
  • YKK™ water-resistant, reverse coil zippers with custom-designed pullers

The Knack Sling Bag is effortless to carry. It's light, durable, and can hold 6 liters unexpanded and 10 liters expanded. That's a lot of space for everything you need for the day. Playing a DJ gig after work? Not a problem! You can carry your everyday items in the front and expand the back section for your headphones, laptop, and change of clothes in there. Rehearsing a play after a full day at work? The Knack Sling Bag can hold your scripts and some light props too! 

So there you go! We hope you found our tips on how to wear a sling bag helpful so you can rock your sling bag anytime, anywhere. If you want to try a Knack Sling and see how it looks and works for you, no problem and no worries! We offer free shipping and 30-day, no-questions-asked returns. So, go and swing that sling! 

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