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At Knack, we get a lot of really great questions – and reviews! – via our customer support line.  In the last month, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about whether or not the Medium Knack Pack will fit the new 16” MacBook Pro.

The Medium Sized Knack Laptop Backpack was designed to fit up to a 15” laptop or tablet, and people worry that their new laptop won’t fit in the Medium Knack Pack!

So, does the Medium Sized Knack Backpack hold a 16” MacBook Pro?

Our answer: Yes – with a note!

Medium Knack Pack with Laptop Sleeve

Snug Fit for 16" MacBook Pro

The 16” MacBook Pro does fit in the separate zipped laptop compartment on the Medium Knack Pack, but it will be a snug fit for your new Medium Knack Pack laptop backpack.  

Main Compartment Option

Some Knackpackers prefer to put their laptop in the tablet pocket of the main compartment, using the zippable side pocket for important folders or documents.  If you need to pack multiple computers or tablets, this is also a great option.

Tablet sleeve Knack Pack Laptop Backpack

Upgrade to a Large Knack Pack!

The Large Sized Knack Laptop Backpack is 2.5” taller than the Medium, and it is designed to fit laptops up to 18 inches.  It fits a good deal more (perfect for weekend trips!) in the expandable compartment, and weighs only 5 more ounces than the Medium Knack Pack.  More details on the differences between the Medium and Large Knack Pack can be found on our comparison page.

Which size of Knack Pack is right for me?

Test It Out!

We gladly offer a 30-day trial period, which means you are more than welcome to order a Knack Pack and see how it works for the items you carry on a daily basis. If you're not satisfied by day 30, you can return your Knack for free with no questions asked, even if you've traveled around the world with it.  (Details here!)

Do you have any other questions about ordering a Knack Pack? Our customer service team can be reached via email (, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.  You can also check the review page of our website, to see what other customers think of their Knack Pack!

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