Cleaning Your Knack Pack

The Knack Backpack is a versatile expandable backpack that can be used in a variety of situations.  You can pack it as a daily carry for your commute, and also use the expandable compartment to pack for the gym or a weekend trip. 

Because your Knack Pack will go (almost) everywhere you go, an unexpected spill may happen. Maybe your Knack Pack gets dirty while traveling or you accidentally spill some coffee on it.  

Below, we’ve shared info on how the Knack Pack is stain resistant, as well as care instructions for your bag.

Water Resistant Backpack

Did you know that the Knack design team designed a custom fabric for the Knack Pack?   The fabric has a PU undercoating to make the fabric more resilient against abrasion, punctures and tears, as well as to make it water-resistant.  At the very end of the fabric creation process, we coat the exterior of the fabric with a light wax to give your backpack a softer hand and resistance to dust and dirt.

If an accident does happen, here’s what to do:

Spill on Knack Pack

Cleaning Your Knack Pack 

The Knack fabric is very durable and dirt-resistant. You should clean your Knack laptop backpack or cube using a damp cloth. Do not machine wash your Knack Pack backpack, as that would remove the coating that helps give it strength, resilience, and water-resistance.

If there is a dirt spot that won’t come out with a damp cloth, use a fabric spot cleaner. 

Sticky Issues

For tough spots like chewing gum, we tested several methods. We found the best method started by removing excess gum with the dull side of a dinner knife.  We followed this by rubbing the area with a clean cloth dipped in olive oil. The olive oil does leave a spot, but this can be cleaned with a small amount of  dish detergent on a damp cloth rubbed over the area until clean. Let the area dry, and your Knack Pack should be good as new. 

Again, you want to limit the use of cleaning products, be it olive oil or detergents.  Stick with mild detergents to keep your back pack’s feel and resistance to dust and dirt as great as the day you bought it.  

Clean a spill on your Knack Pack

Spilled on the Bag Lining?

Did something spill inside of your Knack Pack, making the lining dirty or sticky?  You can use detergent on our liner fabric. My best advice is to wipe up any extra syrup you can with a damp cloth. Then take a clean damp cloth and put a little bit of dishwashing detergent (such as Dawn or Palmolive) on the cloth and wipe over the spill.

Then wipe/blot with damp cloth. Continue this process until you the fabric no longer feels sticky or soapy. If you don’t have time to let it air dry you can use a hair dryer.  (If you do use a hair dryer, don’t leave it unattended to blow hot air on the bag!)

Spilled on lining of Knack Pack

Do Not Dry Clean!

 We don’t recommend having your bag dry cleaned as often the products and methods they use can take off the treatment that keeps your bag water and stain resistant.  

Do you have questions about cleaning your Knack Pack?  Feel free to reach out via email, by writing

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