The Knack Sling Bag Reviews Are Here!

Over the years, we've been fortunate that Knackpackers have been very generous with providing feedback regarding their Knack products. We've used their input to continually improve our bags so they provide an even better One Bag Life experience for you.

We find feedback on recently introduced products particularly helpful. Since we just launched the new Expandable Sling Bag a month ago, we got very excited when we saw some really interesting third party reviews quickly pop-up. We thought that any Knackpacker contemplating taking the Sling plunge (and even some who may think a Sling isn't for them) may find these reviews insightful.

So, who are the reviewers and what do they think of the Expandable Sling Bag?

  • The Duuude Crew - A team of gear enthusiasts dedicated to finding, testing, and sharing the coolest gear, gadgets, backpacks, sling bags, apparel, and tech.
  • One Bag Travels - A YouTube channel run by Geoff that features and reviews backpacks, sling bags, duffle bags, and other travel gear.
  • Backpackies - A blog covering the latest trends and styles in backpacks, sling bags, and everyday carry.

The Duuude Crew Takes The Sling on a Trip

A baseball cap, a wallet, and sunglasses are on top of a Knack Sling bag Slin

The Duuude Crew tested the Knack Expandable Sling Bag in a hectic and challenging environment that required constant interaction with the bag: Disneyland. So how did it go? Did the Knack Sling Bag live up to the Duuude Crew's (and Mickey's) standards? Here's what they said:

"The Sling was perfect for packing light on the trip, easy to take on and off rides, accessible no matter which way we carried it, and was so lightweight it felt like we had nothing on our backs all day. The Expandable Sling was a perfect travel companion."

Read their full review.

One Bag Travels Goes Wild with The Sling

On the other hand, Geoff from One Bag Travels did a thorough feature-by-feature review and even took the Knack Expandable Sling Bag for a quick stroll through the wilderness and doused it with water from a hose to test its water resistance. Pretty hardcore! See what Geoff said below:

"Knack makes high-quality gear. They use good materials and hardware and are well-constructed."

A Knack Sling being doused with water

It looks like water and the wild got nothing on the Knack Sling Bag.

Watch the full review.

The Sling Makes Backpackies' List 

Backpackies published two "best of" listicles that included the Knack Expandable Sling Bag. Our new Sling is first in the Best Sling Bags Category and second in the list of the Best One Strap Backpacks for School! Well done!

Check out the full listicles below:


If you've been looking for a minimalist every day bag, or if you just need a convenient travel bag that is always by your side, these reviews will help you make the right decision. And if you're one of those people who thinks a Sling may not be right for them, these reviews may help change your mind.   

As always, if you have any thoughts or comments about this article, we'd love to see them so please leave them below.

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