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Knackpacker feedback has helped us design the best small everyday carry backpack - and now we need your help to get it launched. Read on to learn why the Small Series 2 might be the right bag for you and the role you can play in bringing it to market.

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small laptop backpack

Our core mission at Knack is to get everyone to live a One Bag Life so it’s easier to get out and experience the world. And the secret sauce to coming up with new and innovative One Bag solutions is to incorporate feedback from passionate Knackpackers - who put our designs to the test every day - into our design and development process. 

So when Knackpackers told us that they wanted a small, everyday backpack that could fit a 15.6” laptop (the most popular size in the US) and have ample space for a quick business trip or a weekend away, we realized that we had to get to work and create this bag.  

We went back to the drawing board and reimagined our sleek Series 2 Knack Pack with a totally redesigned main compartment and laptop pocket. The result is the new Small Knack Pack; an amazing, lightweight everyday laptop backpack, which also doubles as a travel bag for those short trips of a night or two.  

Table of Contents

  • Why we made the Small Series 2
  • Who will love the Small Series 2
  • Launching the Small Series 2

Why a Small Series 2?

When it comes to most small backpacks, the only good thing about them is their size. Otherwise, they generally lack the pockets, materials, and features that would make anybody want to use them as a go-to bag for work and travel. We told our design team there were two “must-haves’ in our new bag:

small laptop backpack

A small, lightweight everyday backpack that fits a big laptop

Knackpackers were loud and clear that they wanted a compact companion that could carry all their daily must-haves for work and everyday, and look good while doing it. By taking the clean, minimal design and organizational features of the Series 2 and applying it to a smaller bag, we created a backpack with the portability and convenience for those who prefer to only bring the basics with them everyday. Here’s what we put in it:

  • 16” internal, padded laptop pocket - To fit such a sizable laptop pocket into a small backpack, we moved the separate side laptop pocket found on all current Series 2 backpacks to the inside main compartment. This easy-access pocket is padded and suspended from the bottom of the bag for protection and can fit up to a 16” MacBook® Pro. 
  • Mesh and organization pockets - The S2 Small’s roomy main compartment and front organization compartment features various mesh and quick-access pockets which you can dedicate to all the stuff that you don’t want to fall to the bottom of your bag. Think headphones, cables, chargers, batteries. 
  • Hidden water bottle pocket - Rather than having to forgo a normal-sized water bottle as you’d typically have to do with a small backpack, the Small S2 has a separate, side zip water bottle pocket built to hold a 24 ounce HydroFlask®. Although it is externally accessed, the water bottle pocket is hidden so you won’t look like a hiker.
  • Professional design - With a clean and minimal exterior, the Small S2 will look good just about anywhere you take it. And because it holds its shape like a champ, you don’t have to worry about walking into a business meeting with a weirdly bulging bag, even if you load it to the brim. 

A small, lightweight overnight backpack for short trips

small laptop backpack

In 2023, 26% of all business trips are only one day long, and 27% of leisure trips are shorter than two days. When an inevitable quick business trip or weekend getaway gets on your calendar, your S2 Small transforms from your everyday backpack into a fantastic travel backpack with just a quick zip. But back at home base, that same zipper changes your travel backpack to a functional everyday carry bag. Here’s how the Small S2 works as a travel bag:

  • A hidden expandable suitcase compartment - Knack’s secret sauce is our patent-pending suitcase compartment that adds 10 roomy liters of space, bringing the bag’s expanded capacity to 27 liters total. Travelers can use this dedicated space for 1-2 days worth of  clothes and overnight stuff and never have to worry about mixing underwear and toiletries with work things. 
  • Carry on size - Even when expanded, the Small S2 fits beneath the seat in front of you on almost all airlines, so you can access all of your stuff and never have to worry about a lack of overhead bin space. Plus, the shoulder straps tuck away to ensure straps aren’t dangling into the aisle. 
  • Security  - The S2 Small features a secret, hidden pocket for your wallet, an RFID-blocking pocket to prevent credit card skimming, and lockable zippers to add a layer of security to any travel plans. 

We used the same extra-durable, lightweight S2 materials for the Small that we use on all Series 2 bags: custom-developed, durable water-resistant, stain-resistant, hi-twist nylon body fabric, water-resistant YKK zippers, and custom-designed zinc alloy pullers. It’ll look good as new even after drags, drops, and spills. 

You’ll love the Small Series 2 if…

small laptop backpack

You want a lightweight, versatile everyday carry bag 

At only 2 pounds and 6 ounces, there’s no unnecessary weight to hold you back; rather, the weight you carry in your Small S2 is entirely up to you and your essentials. If you can get away with just your laptop, chargers, water bottle and gym clothes, then you’re set for a streamlined day around the city. But you can pack more when you need it - like extra snacks and a blanket for a spontaneous park picnic.

You’re an on-the-go professional

If you tend to take shorter overnight business trips, the expandable suitcase compartment easily fits a couple day’s worth of clothes. And once the suitcase compartment is zipped up, you have a lightweight, professional backpack for hopping around to business meetings. 

If you’re a jet-setting minimalist

For the minimalist packers who love the freedom of walking onto a plane last minute because you can fit everything under the seat in front of you, the Small S2 will complement your lifestyle with it’s smaller, lightweight, and carry-on friendly form. And because it’s multipurpose, you don’t have to bring a second daypack for sightseeing jaunts.

If you have a smaller frame

If you are more petite, the Medium or Large Knack Packs may feel too big for you. But we understand that you still may carry a larger laptop than most small backpacks can fit. The Small S2 bridges the gap with a compact size that accommodates your bigger laptop needs.  

Help Us Launch the Small Series 2

small laptop backpack

We have the design and the prototype, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to launching a Knack Pack. Before we commit to manufacturing the Small Series 2, we want to know that our community really wants this bag. So we’ve used Knackpacker feedback in the design process, and now we’re asking Knackpackers to help us gauge their interest by placing a reservation for the amazing new bag.

How does it work? If we get 100 reservations by August 4th, we’ll place a production order for the Small Series 2. And if we don’t, we’ll fully refund your reservation. We hope that our community is as excited about this bag as we are - so we’ve made 70 of the bags available at the special price of $169.99 (we will launch the bag in December to the public at $225). 

If you think that this bag is for you, then head to our launch page to make your reservation, and help us bring the Small Series 2 to life!

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