The AH-HA Moment: What Makes Knack Backpacks Unique

I've showed Knack backpacks to hundreds of people since I started this journey. While there are always exceptions, it's been remarkable to me how similar the responses have been to the backpack when I put it in front of them.

Usually, it goes like this. I always start talking about how great One Bag Life is for me. Then I review my own experience with two-bag living and I start to see a glimmer of understanding in their eyes. They nod appreciatively when I put one of our backpacks in their hands and they feel our tailored-clothing inspired fabric, touch our custom-designed zipper pullers and discover the backpack's handy pockets and organization features. The "AH-HA" moment is now right around the corner...

I take back the backpack and start talking about how great it is to be able to travel with your work backpack and not have your underwear next to your folders. Then I unzip the hidden packing compartment, expand it and open the suitcase lid. Invariably, I hear a "Wow!". The "AH-HA" moment is at hand.  Now they truly understand the beauty of One Bag Life and how to live it.

We'd love you to have your own "AH-HA" moment with Knack. Try us out and see for yourself how great One Bag Life can be.

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