Social Distancing & Golfing: 5 Tips for a Great Game

A lot of Knackpackers love to golf,  and we’ve had golfing bloggers review the Knack Pack as a great backpack for golfers.  People are able to easily pack up their laptop and phone in their Knack Pack, easily going from "work mode" to "golf mode"!

Golf is a great sport, combining strategy and relaxation.  Seeing Knackpackes talk about getting back to the golf course, we decided to write a post with tips to help you be more safe while on the fairway.

WARNING:  Public activities aren’t recommended for all geographic areas.  To see safety precautions and advisories for your country, or city and state, check the website of your state health department and this website.

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Pre-Work:  Call Your Club or Golf Course

While golf is a great sport during the age of social distancing, it’s important that your club or course have extra measures in place for the safety of players.  Many courses have enacted scheduling rules, adjusted their courses (no ball washers, rakes in sand traps, etc) to ensure social distancing.  

Be sure to call ahead to make sure that these measures are in place, as well as to find out about any new developments you may not be aware of!

Tip #1:  Go Solo

Golfing with friends is a great activity, but it can be hard to ensure proper distance when out on the course.  If you plan on going golfing, go solo to avoid spreading germs to friends or a caddie.

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Tip #2:  Bring Hand Sanitizer

You’re going to feel a bit silly, but it’s important to sanitize your hands after removing flagsticks or touching surfaces.  Set a reminder in your phone to sanitize your hands frequently, so you don’t forget!

Tip #3:  Wipe Down Your Golf Cart

While your golf course or club may be wiping down golf carts after use, we can’t guarantee how good of a job they do.  Because of this, we recommend bringing aerosol disinfectant or wipes.  Be sure to get the dashboard, keys, steering wheel and handles!

It’s also a good idea to drive separately from other golfers!

Parked golf carts

Tip #4:  Elbow Bumps Instead of High Fives

It feels a little cheesy, but bumping elbows instead of shaking hands is a great way to avoid passing germs.

Tip #5:  Go Virtual!

If it’s not safe for you to go out to the course, consider trying virtual golfing! Says Knack Team member, Scott, "The 18 Birdies app lets you track all of your stats on your phone and keeps the data stored so you don’t need to write anything down. The Golf Genius app has replaced physical scorecards in any tournament and players can enter their scores into the app, this has also become super popular in the last 6 months."

In addition, there are a variety of companies out there that offer equipment and setup, making it easy to connect with other golfers from home.  Here’s a roundup of the top virtual golf simulators to check out.

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Where do you golf?

Where are your favorite golf courses?  Share your recommendations in the comments below!

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