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Golf pros and enthusiasts generally have a favorite golf course or two near their home, as well as a driving range they prefer. Traveling to the course is pretty easy by car, just load up your golf bag in the back and head out!

Golfer packs his clubs in his car trunk

But traveling as a golfer by airplane is another matter.  Golf bags are pretty large and cumbersome, and going through check-in can be a pain. There’s usually a separate (and sometimes hard to find) bag drop-off area, and getting through the airport with your luggage and your golf bag is no easy feat.

Golfers Travel with a Lot of Stuff

Golfers often find themselves traveling with their golf bag, a work bag with their tech (laptop, tablets, etc) and a carryon suitcase with their clothes and toiletries. 

Three bags for a weekend golf trip?  That’s way too many.

The Knack Pack was designed to replace the need for multiple bags.  And, while the Knack Pack can’t carry your clubs, it can replace your work bag and suitcase.

Golfers review the Knack Pack Business Backpack

We were curious as to whether the Knack Pack would work for golfers. We sent a Knack Pack to two popular golf review and news sites, Plugged in Golf and Niche Golf, and here’s what they had to say:

Review:  Packing Golf Clothes & Tech

“The main compartment is large enough for a pair of golf spikes and a few hats, while the garment section will keep all your polos and golf shorts folded neatly,” shares Zack Buechner of Plugged in Golf.  “I was especially fond of the direct access laptop/iPad pocket. Many of my other backpacks or travel bags have the computer pocket inside of another compartment which is a hassle when you only have a few minutes to check email.”

Marc Heyman of Niche Golf also appreciated the organization of the Knack Pack.  “The first thing I noticed about the Knack Back was that it had a surprising 8 individual compartments (my Callaway has only 3). Each of these compartments is sized differently, which makes the bag very practical for toting almost anything within reason,” he shares.

Medium Knack Pack packed for a weekend golf trip

Review:  Sleek Design for Business & Travel

Thanks to the suiting inspired design of the Knack Pack, the Knack Pack fits in at the office or at the airport.  The expandable luggage compartment makes it easy to pack for a three-day weekend (where you’ll spend most of the time on the course).  The Knack Backpack easily goes from travel bag to work bag, saving closet space.

Says Marc, “If you need a great backpack for travel, the golf course or to take to a meeting, the Knack Pack backpacks are great backpacks and a very helpful travel companion.”

Packing for a weekend golf trip

How Much Can You Pack?

Both Marc and Zach decided to review the Medium Sized Knack Backpack, as their golf trips are usually over a weekend.  If you’re not sure what size of Knack Pack will work best for you, the Knack team has created this comparison chart to help you decide. This page on how to Shop our Backpacks by Laptop Size will also be a great help.

Key points to consider:

  • The large sized backpack holds a 17” laptop, and the medium a 15” laptop.
  • The medium sized backpack can fit under the seat in front of you on commercial jets, but a large (that’s been expanded) may need to go in an overhead bin.
  • If you’re packing multiple pairs of shoes, you’ll likely want to go with the large.

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