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Today on the One Bag Blog, we're sharing reviews from people who use the Knack Pack for everything from traveling the world to heading down to the local track for a workout.  We've sent Knack Packs to reviewers all over the US and Canada, asking for honest feedback and comments.

Check out our most recent reviews below, and be sure to reach out to with any questions.  We love getting specific questions, and we make sure to take the time to answer every question fully.

Alright, let's get started! 

Working Remotely & Traveling with Your Knack Pack

Our first review comes from Detail Oriented Traveler, who used the Knack Pack while working remotely and traveling.  Working remotely from the road can be hard, but the Knack Pack made it much easier.

"I cannot say enough amazing things about how well this backpack has held up as well as its use for work. I grab it to work from friends’ homes and pack in swimwear for dips in the pool after. It truly is the perfect bag to travel while working remotely."

Read the post by clicking here.

Working on the road - laptop backpack

One Bag Travel Review - 52 Perfect Days

Many Knackpackers had to cancel vacations altogether in 2020, or plan a remote vacation in the woods.  In this blog post review on 52 Perfect Days, travel blogger, Alexa Meisler, reviewed the Large Knack Pack as a travel bag for her trip to Lafayette, Louisiana for Mardi Gras.

In the post, Alexa shares that she's definitely an over-packer.  In her review, she tells how she packed her Knack Pack for 5 days.  "Some days were beautiful and warm and some felt like winter. This meant I would need clothes for a variety of weather: rain, wind, cold and warm," she shares.

Alexa loved her Large Knack Pack, noting how versatile it is for #OneBagTravel, "The bag expands beyond belief which is incredible for packing for the entire trip. Once you arrive at your destination and unpack, you can zip up all the zippers and it becomes a great bag for sightseeing."

Read the full review here!

52perfectdays travel blogger review of Large Knack Pack


Chill Things - Men's Products & Fashion Review

Chill Things is, well, a chill website. The Chill Things team reviews products in a no-nonsense way.  Chill Things reviewed our popular Medium Expandable Knack Pack Backpack – and they gave it a thumbs up!

"The medium size seems to be the most like a regular sized backpack and the most versatile in our opinion. No need to bring a separate bag for the gym when heading into work. Just pack it all, including your laptop. We also found that at the fully expanded setting, we were able to fit a few changes of clothes and an extra pair of shoes for our weekend trip with the guys."

Read the full review here.

Review of Mens Professional Laptop Backpack - one bag life

Expandable Laptop Backpack Review - CBoarding Group

Looking to live a One Bag Life?  CBoarding Group shared an excellent review of how the Knack Pack works for travel lovers, saying "The chief benefit of this design approach (which I love) is that it really fits nicely into storage compartments like under your seat in an airplane (see pic, below) and in the overhead bin."

The CBoarding Group team took the Knack Pack on two trips.  You can read the full review here.

Review of the Knack Pack Laptop Backpack

Durable Laptop Backpack Review - Hayk Saakian

On his blog, Hayk Saakian did a comprehensive review of the Knack Pack as both an everyday professional backpack and a travel bag.

He paid special attention to the durability and quality of the Knack Pack, saying, "On the toughness side, the Medium Expandable Knack Pack is ... resistant to water while durable enough that you can bring it with you during the roughest of trips."

Read the full review here.

Review of the Laptop Knack Pack Backpack

Best Laptop Backpack Review - UrAvgConsumer

Earlier this summer, Judner of UrAvgConsumer reviewed the Knack Pack on his YouTube channel.  Judner is "Just your average guy who loves tech and giving his opinions on it."

In his review of the Knack Pack, Judner noted that the Knack Pack can be used as both a briefcase and a travel bag, all depending on how you want to use your bag.  Judner loved all of the pockets saying, "There's compartments on compartments on compartments!"

Watch the review here.

UrAVgConsumer Review of Laptop Backpack Suitcase the Knack Pack

Mobile Office & Work From Anywhere - Chase Reeves

Chase Reeves is a popular and zany (yes, zany) YouTuber who reviews everything from barefoot shoes to laptop backpacks.

Recently, Chase created a video explaining how to pack a "Mobile Office."  In 2020, many of us have gone from working in a cubicle or open office (no thanks!) to working from home – to now working from anywhere.  From our backyard to hot spotting in the front seat on a road trip, we're taking our work with us.  

It can be hard to know what one needs to pack (2 pairs of headphones are a must, advises Chase), and Chase shares his tips for products and packing here.

Chase Reeves Review of Knack Pack Laptop Bag - Mobile Office Kit

Reviews from Customers

We get that having real people review a product makes it a lot easier to find the right product, which is also why we have a whole section of our website dedicated to real customer reviews.  You can see what customers think of the Knack Pack laptop backpack (sorted by bag size), here.

Review of the Large Knack Pack Laptop Backpack

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