Professional Laptop Backpack for the New 16" Macbook Pro

Earlier this year, Apple released the 16 inch MacBook Pro. Knackpackers were really excited about the release, and we received a lot of questions about what size of Knack Pack would fit the new MacBook.

The Series 2 - Best Laptop Backpack for 16” MacBook Pro

We recently released the Series 2 Knack Pack laptop backpack, to rave reviews! When designing the Series 2, the Knack Design Team made sure to design the laptop pocket to easily fit the 16” MacBook Pro. 

Padded Laptop Sleeve - Professional Laptop Backpack

A MacBook laptop is an investment, and it’s important to protect it! We hear you, so we designed the Series 2 Knack Pack with a side-zip padded laptop pocket, featuring a suspended bottom for extra safety for when you put the bag down on the ground. 

Extra Features for Mobile Workers

In addition to protecting your 16” MacBook Pro, the Series 2 Knack Pack is also packed with great features for the mobile professional. The laptop bag has a hidden water bottle pocket that helps maintain the sleek aesthetic of the bag and ensure that you don’t look like a hiker.  

In addition, the Series 2 laptop backpack has a side handle, making it easy for you to carry the laptop backpack how you want. You can also slide the bag over the handle of your wheeled luggage, so you can go easily from the office to the airport or train station.

Check Out All the Features

We could go on and on about all the features of the Series 2 in this post, but it makes the most sense for you to check out the laptop backpack HERE. Questions about features, or want to order more than one? Drop us a line at

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