New Knack Accessories | Removable Sternum Strap & others

Along with the release of the Knack 2.0 Expandable Backpack, we’ve also added some new accessories.  Below, we’ve explained the design behind each of these accessories, and how they help you get out the door more quickly to, you know, live a #OneBagLIfe!

New Accessory: Zip Cord Pouch ($10)

Over the last year, we’ve received requests for a zip cord pouch, made out of the same material as the mesh pockets in the Knack Pack.

This cord pouch was designed to hold USBs, charger cords, charger bricks and other small electronics that tend to fall to the bottom of your bag. The zip cord pouch will help Knackpackers keep their electronic accessories in one place but to be able to carry all of the accessories.

This zip-top pouch, made of our soft, see-through, monofilament mesh is the perfect carry-all to keep your cords, chargers, USBs and other electronic gear neatly organized. As an extra bonus, we designed it to fit perfectly in your Knack Pack’s front battery/charger pocket.

New Accessory:  Removable Sternum Strap ($8)

Making the sternum strap removable was one of the big updates we made to the Knack 2.0.  We decided to make the strap removable because many Knackpackers didn’t use it frequently and didn’t like the look or feel of it dangling down when it wasn’t snapped closed.  

Now that it’s removable, Knackpackers can get the best of both worlds: use it when the pack is packed out to help distribute weight and take it off for everyday when the pack is light.

New Accessory:  Key Leash (48)

The first Knack Pack had a key leash, but it was sewn into the bag.  For the Knack 2.0, we’ve made the key leash removable, making it easier to get into your home or unlock your bike for the ride home.

Knack Water Bottle ($24)

One of the most-loved Knack features is the zippable water bottle pocket.   We knew that Knackpackers would want a water bottle designed to fit this pocket perfectly! Our design team debated for a long time about the type of water bottle to offer. We finally decided on this one because of its premium quality mixed with the unique look of the corkscrew top.

Green Seas Travel Candle ($10)

The Knack team knows how stressful travel can be (one of us always seems to be at an airport!), which is why we were excited to release the Green Seas Travel Candle.
This small and portable candle is easy to pack, and can be lit after a long day of meetings at your Airbnb or hotel.  The Knack Green Seas Travel Candle has approximately 5 hours of burn time.

What Products Would You Like to See From Knack?

We have a number of new products and accessories in development, and we’d love to hear what travel or everyday accessory you’re looking for.  Share design feedback in the comments below, or send us a DM on Instagram!


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