Need a Corporate Gift Idea? Backpacks are the Answer

The old saying of "success has many fathers" couldn't be truer when it comes to successful companies. Employees, clients, customers, suppliers, contractors, and business partners all play a key role in helping your company prosper. Taking a moment to send a thoughtful, high-quality gift is a simple and easy way to express your appreciation. And in our opinion, there’s no better gift than a well-designed, laptop backpack with your company’s logo. 

What Is Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is the practice of sending an employee, client or prospect a gift to connect and/or strengthen the relationship between your company and the recipient. These gifts can be sent in the form of a physical gift such as a branded item, care package, or a non-physical item like a digital gift card or experience. But, keep in mind, a bad gift will leave just as much of an impression as a great one. Gone are the days of fruit baskets and paperweights that end up in the trash days after receiving them. To make a great impression, give a useful and interesting gift that will raise eyebrows. Like a high-quality branded backpack.


Knack Bags corporate gifts

Why Corporate Gifting Is Important

Sending a thoughtful corporate gift to employees promotes a strong company culture and helps keep them motivated and engaged. Thanking customers with a corporate gift deepens your relationship with them and shows how much you appreciate their support. A timely corporate gift that recognizes everything vendors, contractors, and other suppliers do for you may be the thing that gets your business prioritized over others if you may need a favor one day. Finally, who doesn’t love to be on the receiving end of a gift? (We sure do!)

According to industry sources, 51% of all corporate gifts are given during the holiday period, 34% are given to customers to show appreciation, and 27% are given to drive employee recruiting, appreciation, or a major milestone. Additionally, there are a number of other gifting occasions that sends a powerful message of community while creating brand awareness:

Year-Round Gifting Occasions

  • Celebrate the accomplishments of a team member, client, or investor
  • Say thank you 
  • Make a big announcement 
  • A farewell gift to employees

Types of Corporate Gifts

While just about anything can be given as a corporate gift, according to PPAI, the most popular items are:

  • Apparel (28% of all corporate gift-giving)
  • Drinkware (10%)
  • Bags/Travel Bags/Travel Accessories (7%)
  • Writing Instruments (7%)

But regardless of the category, the one thing that almost every corporate gift has in common is that it is customized with the logo of the company that is giving the gift. And the one thing that the top four corporate gift categories have in common is that they are items that can be used every day. The key reason for these four categories’ popularity is that putting your logo on a product that the recipient actually uses drives increased awareness and appreciation for your company.

Knack Bags corporate gifts

Why Backpacks Make A Great Corporate Gift

Of the top four corporate gift categories, none provide the frequency of use or the ability to really show off your logo as the bag category. And within the bag category, backpacks are probably the ideal corporate gift.

Top Reasons Why Custom Logo Backpacks are Ideal Corporate Gifts

  • They are used everyday
  • They last and aren’t thrown away
  • They are really useful
  • They provide lots of options for customization with your logo


Knack Bags corporate gifts

Not only does a well-designed, professional backpack leave a great impression on employees and clients, it will also make their lives easier. Giving a lasting gift that saves them time is a great way to show how much you value them and their contribution.

At Knack, we have designed a 2-in-1, professional expandable laptop backpack with a patent-pending, hidden suitcase compartment that is perfect for office, everyday, and travel use. It’s One Bag that does it all and will be used by a corporate gift recipient all the time. Listen to why one business owner chose Knack branded backpacks for his employees:

“It is not something that merely sits on our employees’ shelves or in a closet. Our employees were excited to get them, and its utility and design aesthetic have made it easy for all of us to adopt it as our daily commuter, personal or business travel bag, and day pack.” 

-Ted (Providence, RI)

What Makes Knack Backpacks A Great Corporate Gift

A personalized Knack Pack creates a brand experience that employees, partners, and customers can carry year-round. Whether heading to the office, the beach, or a weekend away, Knack makes carrying laptops, travel essentials, and everyday items a breeze. Read below to find out what makes Knack the most superior backpack out there.

Knack Pack expandable backpack

Expandable Suitcase Compartment

Our patent-pending, hidden expansion suitcase compartment is the secret that makes Knack Pack the perfect professional One Bag Life backpack. Simply unzip and expand the separate travel compartment to get up to 50% more carrying capacity; that’s enough room to back 2-3 days worth of clothing. 

Organizational Pockets

Each Knack Pack is full of easy-access organizational pockets that keep you efficient and productive.  We’ve designed pockets to hold everything from your passport, pens, chargers, and business cards to a stealth water bottle pocket that only you will know is there.  

Separate Laptop Pocket

An independent, side-access, padded laptop pocket will keep your laptop secure while still being easy to access. Not sure what size of Knack Pack you need for your laptop? We’ve made it easy for you to shop by laptop size here.   

Safe and Secure

Relax knowing that Knack’s lockable zippers and RFID-blocking lining will inhibit malicious RFID chip skimming while your belongings stay safe and sound. 

Keep it Fresh

Treated with stain-and-liquid-resistant coatings, the exterior of your Knack Pack will stay dry and clean day in and day out. Additionally, Knack’s antimicrobial interior lining prevents mold, mildew, and bad smells and makes it easy to find things!


Knack Corporate Gift Solution

Whether you’re looking for ten executive gifts, a hundred client gifts, or a thousand customized bags for employees, Knack custom-branded backpacks are the perfect solution. We work with a high-quality embroiderer to ensure that your company logo looks perfect on an expandable Knack Pack. Embroidered logos include up to 15 colors and create a precise, professional, and long-lasting look.

“Giving your associates a customized, well-designed, quality-constructed Knack Pack shows you value your employee. You see them participating in your organization, moving the needle, and growing with the team. Our Knack Pack will last from an entry-level position to associate to partner...from mailroom to boardroom.”

  • Rachel (Knack Customer Service)

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