The Best Backpack for Weekend Travelers

At Knack, we’re big believers in the work-hard, play-hard mindset - which is why we designed Knack to be the perfect backpack for weekend travelers. We can’t always take luxurious week-long vacations. But with our Knack Packs, we can squeeze every bit of fun and relaxation out of trips that are sandwiched between workdays. 

Knackpacker weekend

So what makes Knack the perfect weekend backpack?

You don’t have to haul two bags with you on a weekend trip

Before we introduced Knack Pack as the world’s first expandable backpack, you had to haul two bags with you - even on short weekend trips. You would need an everyday carry bag for daily adventures, and another bag for your overnight stuff. 

But in a Knack Pack, you can keep all of your overnight stuff in the expandable compartment. When you get to your destination, just remove the overnight stuff and collapse the suitcase compartment, leaving you with an everyday backpack. 

“For weekend travel I unzip and expand the back of the bag and in addition to everything I carry daily, I can now carry toiletries and 2 change of clothes. The bag is surprisingly comfortable to wear even when fully loaded.” - Raj, Series 1 Medium

Just how much room does the expandable suitcase compartment add?

Series 1 Small: an additional 12L or room for 1-2 outfits

Series 1 Medium: an additional 12L or room for  2-3 outfits

Series 2 Medium: an additional 11L or room for 2-3 outfits

Series 1 Large: an additional 16L or or room for  3-4 outfits

Knack suitcase compartment for weekend travel

Your stuff is safe no matter what the weekend throws at you.

When it comes to weekend bags, you don’t want to skimp on quality. Knack Packs are built strong, so that your weekend won’t get ruined by a broken backpack. Even when a Knack Pack is stuffed full, there’s no need to worry about a burst seam or a broken zipper. In fact, Knack Packs go through extensive quality tests, including:

  • Handle and strap jerk testing with a 40 pound load, ensuring that handles and straps will never separate. 
  • Clamp-pull testing on the YKK water-resistant zipper tabs.
  • In-line and final product quality inspection.

(In the off-chance that something does happen, we have a 30 day, no-questions-asked return policy)

I really like that it is very streamlined as I am in a lot of airports and there is nothing swinging around. There was attention to the materials that they used to make this bag as well. It is strong and is very comfortable to wear.” - Michael H. Medium Series 1

Along with the solid build, a thoughtful design means that your stuff is protected too. 

  • Water-resistant fabric and reverse double-coil zippers keep your things dry when you get caught in the rain.
  • Your laptop is safe in the separate, padded laptop sleeve with a sling bottom that protects from accidental drops. 
  • The antimicrobial lining keeps clothes from getting moldy in damp conditions. 

Weekend travelers need a backpack that lets them just go. Here’s how one Knackpacker uses his Knack Pack to get the most out of his weekends:

Knackpacker Spotlight: A Backpack for Weekend Warriors

Johnny is a front-end programmer at a tech startup in DC. Although he works 9-5 weekdays, he always manages to squeeze in a weekend trip - no matter how unplanned.

“I don’t always know what my weekend is going to look like, but I always know that I’m going to go somewhere. That’s why my Knack is so great, I just keep my work stuff in the backpack and put my overnight stuff in the expandable compartment. I can take out my clothes when I get to wherever I’m going, and use my Knack as a day bag.” 

On any given weekend, Johnny might find himself on a train to New York, at a remote getaway with his girlfriend, or on a camping trip in the Adirondacks. He usually packs in a hurry, so it’s important to have a backpack that makes organization easy.

“I’m the least organized person in the world, but I’m constantly on the move. When I only have 10 minutes to pack for a weekend, the last thing I want to do is figure out how I’m going to separate everything in my bag. My Knack has so many pockets that everything just has a place.“

Knackpacker on the weekend

Just last month, Johnny took a bus to Montreal for a long weekend. Even though it’s a 20 hour trip both ways, he only needed one bag.

“When I’m on the bus, I don’t want to go digging through my backpack every time I want to find something. I keep snacks in the main pocket, chargers in the bottom compartment, and clothes in the suitcase area.”

Since tedious packing doesn’t slow Johnny down anymore, he has found himself more inclined to go on weekend trips. When you only have a couple of days, every little bit makes a difference.

“I used to dread getting all my stuff together, and I used to always feel like I was forgetting something. Now I can throw everything in my Knack and go!

We’re thrilled that Knack Packs help Johnny travel often, in spite of his busy schedule. 

As a two-in-one backpack, Knack Packs can carry everything you need for a couple of weekend nights, but still leave you with a versatile and lightweight backpack for daytime adventures. Do you have any weekend trips planned? Check out our Knack Pack comparison chart to figure out which Knack Pack is the perfect one for your weekend getaway.

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