Introducing the New Knack Packing Cubes

One of the things Knackpackers LOVE is unpacking easily when arriving at their destination and Knack Packing Cubes really help.  From quick business trips to summer road trips, being able to quickly take out a few packing cubes – then hide away their Knack Pack’s expandable luggage compartment – means easier organization and easier travel.  Each of the Knack Cubes has a hidden expansion zipper that allows them to expand or compress by over 60%, making it easier to fit all of your items in your Knack Pack – no extra luggage required!

Below, we’ve explained the key features of our three expandable packing cubes, designed to help you organize your day-to-day as well as travel!

Large Packing Cube

Key Design Feature:  See Through Mesh Panels

No one likes searching through a bag, which is why all Knack Packing Cubes have a top lid made with a see-through mesh panel.  You’ll easily be able to identify everything in the insert, without having to empty it and repack.

Knack Packing Cubes

Medium Packing Cube

The Medium Packing Cube is perfect for toiletries, electronic cords, accessories or socks/underwear/tees.  A quick tip for all our packing cubes: roll your clothing, instead of folding, to maximize space!

Medium Packing Cube - Packed T-Shirts

Large Packing Cube

The Large Packing Cube can be used to pack entire outfits, as well as organize other items you need to pack.  

Both the Medium and Large Packing Cubes have attached handles, to make it easier to pack and unpack as you travel.

<< Want tips on how to more effectively pack an organized Knack Backpack?>>

Knack Bags Packing Cube

New Packing Insert

The Knack Packing Insert was designed for our most popular size, the Medium Knack Pack.  Our team matched up the Knack Packing Insert specs to this bag perfectly, making it easily slide in and out. From Knackpacker design feedback, we realized that most people pack and unpack their Knack Pack on a bed – and want to be able to unpack quickly!

Expandable Packing Insert from Knack Bags in Knack Pack

The new Knack Packing Insert makes it so you can easily load it up, and then place it in a drawer or closet shelf without having to completely unpack it and put your things in strange drawers /shelves.

The Packing Insert lightweight, yet durable, you can easily expand it by more than 60% and bring back more than you packed. 

Pack For The Perfect Weekend or 2-Day Trip

From user testing, we’ve found that Knackpackers mostly use the Packing Insert to pack for a 2-day business trip or weekend getaway (this may change depending on the season since packing for a summer weekend trip down the coast versus a winter business meeting to Boston requires a different setup).

Knack Pack Travel Backpack - One Bag Travel 

Easy Backpack Organization: Packing Cube Bundles

One of the most common questions we receive from Knackpackers is “What packing cubes will fit in my Knack Pack?”

We understand the desire to maximize space and packing capability, which is why we offer Cube Bundles!  These bundles are organized by size of Knack Pack (Large, Medium, and Small), making it easy to efficiently pack up and go.

Cube Packing Bundles Knack Bags

Cube Bundle Options

  • Large Knack Pack
    • 1 Large Cube & 2 Medium Cubes
    • 4 Medium Cubes
  • Medium Knack Pack
    • 2 Large Cubes
    • 3 Medium Cubes
  • Small Knack Pack
    • 1 Medium Cube & 1 Large Cube

Compressible Packing Cubes - Knack Bags

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