From the Founder: New Colors & Limited Edition Leather

Earlier this week, we revealed a bunch of exciting updates here at Knack.  Today, I wanted to pull back the curtain a bit and share how the Knack design team decided on the new colors and materials for our most recent bags.

Choosing New Knack Pack Colors - Fall Style

About a year ago, we started looking at the colors that were going to be popular in men’s and women’s apparel this fall to get our initial inspiration.  Then, we took this direction and bounced it against the color suggestions and requests that we received from Knackpackers.  

To decide on our final colors, last March we sent out a survey to Knackpackers through email and on social media.  Hundreds of Knackpackers voted on the colors they liked best and their top preferences were clear: Indigo Blue and Sangria Red. So we started to work with our fabric mill on bringing these colors to life in our unique 1200 denier fabric.

Colors for Knack Pack

Our New Colors Look and Perform Great

Once we had sample yardage of the new colors, we began putting the colors through the ringer to ensure that they would perform in the real world. We conducted several tests such as dry and wet crock tests (to make sure the color doesn’t rub off on clothes and skin) and light fastness tests (to make sure the color stands up to sunlight).

(Learn more about the design and construction of the fabrics used for the Knack Pack, and you can learn about caring for your Knack Pack.)

Knack Pack Laptop Bag for Work and Business Trips

When Will We Release Them?

Both Version 2.0 Medium and Small Knack Packs will be available in Indigo Blue and Sangria Red.  Our email subscribers will be the first to know when the new bags will be in stock (sign up here).

Special Materials - Limited Edition Leather

In addition to offering the Knack Pack in more colors, we’re thrilled to introduce the latest version of the Medium bag in a new, lightweight, durable napa leather.

Since well before we shipped our first bag, I wanted to offer a leather Knack Pack.  Unfortunately, factories kept telling us that our bag was too complex to be made in leather.  We were repeatedly told it would be too heavy, it would be too expensive and it couldn’t offer the same function.  

In spite of all the negativity, we kept searching for a manufacturing partner that not only had the skill to make our bag in leather, but who also had relationships with tanneries so that the leather we used would be strong, lightweight and still natural.  When we finally found someone that fit the bill, we kicked off the development project immediately. 

What Leather to Use?

During development, we reviewed dozens of different types of leather for weight, performance and look before we settled on our current full grain napa leather.  The leather we chose is both light and durable, creating a really special bag that is not only beautiful but works well.

Because our new bag is made out of natural, unpainted leather, there will be differences in grain across the bag which are not defects.  Also, over time, it is normal for the bag to show the scratches and wear that tell the stories of all the places you’ve taken your Knack Pack.

I can’t wait until Knackpackers get to enjoy the experience of One Bag Life with our great new colors and our great new leather Knack Pack.

<< The leather Knack Pack will be available to order in a few days.  Sign up for our email list to learn when it becomes available.>>

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