Expert Opinions On Knack Expandable Backpack For Business Travel

After a year of empty airports and even emptier conference rooms, business travel is making a comeback. In a recent poll conducted by Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), 66% of respondents said that their company has plans to resume domestic business travel in the near future. 

Whether or not you enjoy the exciting chaos of navigating airports and meeting new people in new places, a super functional backpack will help you get back into the rhythm of travelling for business. 

We’ve designed every Knack Pack with cool features that can streamline even the most hectic work trips. But don’t take our word for it - this week we’re rounding up what the experts think about using Knack Packs for business travel.

Knack for business travel

Chase Reeves - Epic Business Travel Backpack

As a full-time traveler and connoisseur of bags, Chase is always on the lookout for “thoughtful designers out there making meaningful products that create ease and joy in our lives as we work and play.” 

Creating ease and joy is exactly what we designed Knack Packs to do, so we asked Chase to review our bags. What’s his take on Knack Packs?

“Knack enables a professional minimalism like no other bag I’ve ever seen before.”

Chase actually made comprehensive and very enthusiastic video reviews of the Series 1 and the Series 2. In both reviews, he has good things to say about the fabric:

“Robust, durable, water resistant. Still looks good after getting beat up - which is important when you’re trying to wear the bag with a suit.” 

Fabric was a very important element for us to get right when we were designing Knack Packs. We ended up with a custom fabric that’s both professional looking, but extremely durable. It’s critical that professionals can confidently bring their Knack into a meeting, even after a long day of business travel. 

Check out Chase’s reviews of the Series 1 and the Series 2 - they’re some of our favorites!

Travel After Five - Medium Expandable Knack Pack

Michelle is a traveling consultant who shares all sorts of practical tips for business travel - from product reviews to after-work city exploration guides. She’s an authority on traveling for business, and on having fun doing it. 

Since Knack Packs are designed to make work and play easier, we sent her a Medium Knack Pack Series 1 to try out on one of her business trips. She loved that the bag looked sleek and professional, even on her smaller frame: 

“A lot of expandable bags tend to look too chunky, but I was surprised how sleek the Knack Pack looks when the expandable compartment is zipped up....I would not hesitate to take this backpack to work.” 

But her favorite features are the pockets, which gives her a place to put all of the stuff she brings on a standard business trip. Nobody wants to lose stuff when traveling - especially on a business trip when you’re trying to leave a good impression on your colleagues and clients.

“I am a huge fan of the built-in pockets and having a place for everything. The main compartment of the Medium Expandable Knack Pack has lots of organization pockets for tablets, keys, headphones, and anything else you can think of.”

Travel After Five Knack Pack

Carryology - Knack Bags Expandable Knack Pack Review

As the name implies, Carryology reviews a lot of bags. The team at Carryology used the Series 1 Knack Pack extensively for two months - bringing it to work, speaking engagements, and volunteer trips. 

The ultimate takeaway from Carryology is that Knack Packs are adaptable and functional for business travel and everyday use. Or as they put it:

“[Knack’s] for those who want a bag that doesn’t scream for attention, but subtly suggests they’re professionals who appreciate good design. It’s for the minimalist who wants to one-bag travel but longs for adaptability.” 

From traveling, to scheduled meetings, and then to impromptu after-work adventures in the destination city, business travelers need to be adaptable. Knack’s One Bag carry lets you maximize your adventures, connect with more colleagues, and make the whole trip easier overall.  

Professional knack pack for business travel

Could you use a Knack Pack for your work trips? You can see all colors and styles of expandable, business-travel-ready backpacks here.

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