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Packing for a workout, be it at the gym, at the park or your local outdoor track, requires a good amount of planning.  There’s nothing worse than arriving to work out, only to realize you forgot something critical like socks or your pre-workout powder.

Thanks to the Knack Expandable Backpack, you can easily pack for both work and your workout with just one bag.  Knackpackers keep their tech and professional items in the main compartment, and use the separate, expandable compartment to pack their gym items.  “The Knack Design Team designed two compartments for just this reason,” says Knack CEO and founder, Chad Mellen.  “We wanted to keep our sweaty gym clothes separate from our laptop and work items.”

Because there are so many different ways to use the Knack Pack as a gym bag, we’ve shared reviews from Knackpackers below:

Best laptop backpack that's also a gym bag

Anthony of Biking Punk - Biking to Work

Biking to work is a great way to fit a workout into a busy day.  Anthony, a blogger behind “Biking Punk,” recently reviewed the Knack Pack as a bag he uses to bike with – carrying his work clothes to change into when he gets to the office.

I haven’t used the subway or public transit in over 100 days! Biking everywhere in NYC means carrying everything on your back. If you are like me and don’t pack light, check out Knack Bags to get there and back.”

If you plan on using your Knack Pack as a commuter laptop bag, make sure to pack the heaviest items at the bottom of the bag, for better stability!

Best Backpack for Biking to Work - Laptop Bag for Commuters

Dr. Jena - Live Core Strong

Dr. Jena is a physical therapist and blogger at LiveCoreStrong.  Last year, she wrote an in-depth review of her Knack Pack as a work bag, diaper bag and gym bag, here.

Here’s some of what Jena had to say: “When I go to the gym, I don’t need to carry my diaper bag and a gym bag, because I am able to fit it all into the Knack Pack. The hidden suitcase compartment is deep enough to fit 2-3 outfits, shoes, toiletries and anything else personal you might need for the gym. There’s a secret water bottle compartment on the side that doesn’t take up any space from other compartments.

The other day when I went to the gym for a quick workout, I was able to put all my stuff in a completely separate compartment from my kids’ stuff. I didn’t have to worry about crumbs from my kids’ crackers getting into my phone. My water bottle was securely separated from the rest of my items in the bag, which reassured me that water would not spill out into the other compartments.

When I need to change out my clothes, I can quickly go to the compartment where everything is nicely folded and secure with no possibility that my blouse will get stains from one of my kids’ wayward markers!”

Best Backpack for Mom Workout - Live Core Strong

Gio – Working Out with The Knack Pack

In addition to his full-time job, Gio also runs a non-profit – making his schedule packed.  He uses his Knack Pack to pack for his day, keeping his workout clothes in the separate, expandable compartment.

From Gio: “There’s a compartment for everything. Whether I’m packing my laptop up for work or heading to the gym, there’s a spot for everything to fit AND be secure. When you have a Knack Bag, it’s the only bag you need. I’m looking forward to taking this bag on my next travel adventure which I’ll be off to soon!”

Best Laptop Backpack That Doubles as Workout Bag

The Knack Pack: Laptop for The Gym & Work

With the Knack Pack, you can easily work from anywhere – using a hotspot from your local park, and then heading to the climbing gym or tennis court for a workout.  Below, we’ve shared some key design features that make the Knack Pack ideal for both the gym and work, eliminating the need to carry multiple bags.

Eliminate Scent & Kill Germs

Our custom-designed lining brightens up your day and ensures things never get lost in your bag. And our special antimicrobial treatment helps to keep everything fresh even when you’ve packed dirty or sweaty clothes. We even help you understand how to clean your Knack Backpack

Antimicrobial lining in Knack Pack Laptop Backpack for Workouts

Stay Dry

Biking or walking in the rain?  While we don’t recommend swimming with your Knack Pack, our specially coated exterior fabric and reverse coil zippers help keep your belongings dry in all types of weather.

Water REsistant Laptop Backpack.png

Pack Workout Gear

Depending on your workout, you may need to pack a lot of items: change of clothes, shoes, gear, toiletries, etc.  Not sure which size of Knack Pack will fit all everything?  Check out the comparison chart.

Share Your Workout

What’s your go-to workout?  Share your tips and favorite ways to raise your heart rate in the comments below!