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Teachers need backpacks that can comfortably hold binders, laptops, personal items, and all of their other heavy and bulky school supplies. But teachers are working professionals, and they don’t necessarily want to wear a backpack that looks like they bought it in the same aisle that their students bought theirs in.

Knack Pack is a professional bag for teachers

What is the best backpack for teachers?

We frequently hear from teachers how much they love using their Knack Packs for school. Because next week is Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re sharing a handy backpack-buying guide for teachers, and also highlighting specifically what teachers love about their Knack Packs.

What features are most important in a teacher backpack?

Teachers need a backpack that is both functional and stylish. This is how we accomplished both with the Knack Pack:

Lots of pockets - Knack packs have lots of pockets to keep the big and little things organized and easy to find. The top pocket can be used for sunglasses and cell phone, and the zippable water bottle pockets is a favorite for teachers who know how important it is to stay hydrated!

Expandable compartment for extra space - Teachers sometimes have to carry heavy loads of homework and binders, and the expandable compartment gives them the room to do that. 

Laptop pocket - Knack’s padded, sling-bottom, side-access laptop pocket lets teachers easily access their laptop without digging into the rest of their bag. 

Padded, s-curve shoulder straps - Load-tested and ergonomic straps help teachers shoulder a heavy load, but still keep them comfortable. 

Suiting-inspired fabric - The professional fabric distinguishes a Knack Pack from a typical student backpack. 

A clean exterior look - Clean lines and suiting-inspired fabric distinguishes a Knack Pack from a typical student backpack. 

Water-resistant fabric - Teachers can keep their all their tech and papers safe and dry from sudden rainstorms. 

Quality hardware - With YKK zippers and duraflex buckles, broken hardware won’t have teachers running late for class. 

Researching the best teacher backpack

Robert is a math teacher from Kentucky, who spent months shopping and comparing different backpacks before he found the Knack Pack (he chose the Medium Series 1). As the coach of an academic team and robotics club, Robert needed extra space for all of the supplies for the extracurricular activities. 

“We teach during the day. And then we have after-school programs, as well as attending school games and activities.” 

Even though Robert stays busy with school, he’s an avid traveler and likes to be able to use his backpack for travel whenever he gets the chance. “I really like the expandable travel compartment,” he says. “I can unzip the bag and use it for trips, and then compress it for day-to-day life.” 

While most teachers have to use two bags, Robert just needs one!

Athletic coaches utilize the expandable travel compartment

Teachers who are also coaches often find themselves needing a “teacher bag” and a “coach bag”. It’s easy to forget necessary items when headed to school in the early morning. 

Knack Pack replaces the need for multiple bags. Teachers can pack their workout or coaching gear in the expandable luggage compartment, keeping those items separate from classroom items. And because this extra space is compressible, teachers can flatten it for a slim-line backpack even on non-practice days. 

Coach, teacher, and avid Knackpacker  Anthony Stone has described Knack as the Swiss Army Knife of bags - it can do everything, and it’s always there when you need it. 

“Knack Packs are the most versatile bags on the market. I can go straight from teaching school to the airport and have all of my electronic devices to teach and clothes for a weekend business trip in one convenient bag. I speak from experience since I travel a lot running football camps all over the world, the Knack Packs are high quality and hold up extremely well.”

Knack Pack workout backpack and everyday carry

The Knack Pack replaces the need for multiple bags.  Pack your workout or coaching gear in the expandable luggage compartment, keeping those items separate from your classroom items.  No need to juggle multiple bags when heading out to the field after school.

And, because this section is compressible, athletic coaches can flatten it on non-practice days.

What size of backpack is best for teachers?

The Medium Knack Pack is our most popular backpack, as it holds a 15” laptop and is the just-right size for holding all of your everyday carry stuff. That said, if you have a particularly long day with extracurricular activities (or just after-school appointments), the large Knack Pack has a whopping 45 liters of carry space when expanded. 

Not sure which one is right for you? Check out this helpful comparison chart.

(And just in case you order the wrong size, we cover return shipping as part of the Knack hassle-free return policy.)

A Bag for Life – Not Just the Classroom

The Knack Pack is designed to help people live a #OneBagLife.  While it’s a great professional backpack for teachers, it can also be used for travel. You can check out how current Knackpackers use their Knack Pack on our dedicated customer review page.

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