The Best Backpack for Teachers (and Students) A Guide | Blog

The school year has begun, which means it’s the season of new calculators, pencils and backpacks.

Due to the new season, the Knack team has been getting questions via email and social media like:

  • Do K-12 teachers use the Knack Backpack
  • Is the Knack Pack a good fit for teachers?
  • I coach our [sport] team after school, will the Knack Pack hold up?

We love hearing from potential Knackpackers, so we’ve shared this handy buying guide to better answer your back-to-school questions!

Knack Pack is a professional bag for teachers

Want to read a review from a current teacher?  Read this interview with Robert, a Knackpacker and math teacher.

Professional Laptop Bag for Teachers

Teachers need to bring quite a few things to school, so using a backpack makes sense.  However, teachers don’t want a bag that looks like they bought it in the same aisle as their students.  

The Knack Backpack uses suiting inspired fabric, that gives the bag a sleek and professional look. Teachers can use it for professional conferences and continued education events, as well as a daily carry bag for the classroom.

Some key features:

  • Intentional Pocket Design:  The Knack Pack has assorted pockets, designed to keep your bag organized and items easy to find.  The top pocket can be used for your sunglasses and cell phone, and the zippable water bottle pocket is a favorite for teachers who know how important it is to stay hydrated!
  • Replace Your Laptop Case:  Quite a few educators have a laptop sleeve for the computer that they then put in their work bag.  The Knack Pack has a separate sleeve for your laptop, replacing that extra bag and making it easier to pack for the day.   
  • Key Leash:  Keep track of your classroom (and non-school) keys with the interior key leash.

Athletic Coaches Utilize the Expandable Compartment

Teachers who are also coaches find themselves packing a “teacher bag” and “coach bag.”  It’s easy to forget necessary items (or an actual bag!) when headed to school in the early morning.  

Knack Pack workout backpack and everyday carry

The Knack Pack replaces the need for multiple bags.  Pack your workout or coaching gear in the expandable luggage compartment, keeping those items separate from your classroom items.  No need to juggle multiple bags when heading out to the field after school.

And, because this section is compressible, athletic coaches can flatten it on non-practice days.

Which Size of Knack Pack Should a Teacher Get?

The Medium Sized Knack Pack is our most popular bag, carrying 2-3 changes of clothes and regular daily carry items.  If you bring a lot of items to school (taking multiple trips from your car), you’ll probably want to get the Large Knack Pack.

You can view the comparison chart here.  

(And just in case you order the wrong size, we cover return shipping as part of the Knack hassle-free return policy.)

A Bag for Life – Not Just the Classroom

The Knack Pack is designed to help people live a #OneBagLife.  While it’s a great professional backpack for teachers, it can also be used for travel and weekend use.  You can see how current Knackpackers use their Knack Pack on our dedicated customer review page.

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