Women Who Say “YES!!” to Traveling Solo

Probably in thanks to both pop culture (shoutout to Elizabeth Gilbert’s, Eat Pray Love) and the rise of the remote workforce – women are traveling more than men, and they’re also increasingly traveling solo (source: Solo Traveler World).

A new Trafalgar survey of USA women gives insight into why more women are traveling:  86% of women state that they are not afraid to travel regardless of what is going on in the world today; 73% of women feel that travel has made them stronger; and 69% of women draw inspiration from travel (source: Insider Traveler Report).

To celebrate the rise of women travelers (both solo and those who go together), we’ve shared some of our favorite Knackpacker posts with tips for women travelers:

Azi - Avoid Gate Checking Your Bag

Azi has long been a proponent of only traveling with a carry-on, even for international travel.  “I always travel with only a carry on,” she shares, “even when I travel overseas for a few weeks.”

Azi was still able to pack everything she needs for a trip, saying, that the Knack Travel Backpack “literally fits EVERYTHING in it, I fit at least 5 outfits, laptop, makeup bag, and other stuff.” We agree that our Knack Backpacks are the Best Travel Backpacks for Women.

Aziz @Sparkles.N.Roses reviews her Knack Pack for international travel

No more space in the overhead bins? No worries. The Knack Travel Backpack fits under the seat in front of you, saving you from gate checking your bag – and avoiding the issues that comes with lost luggage.

Travel Takeaway:  Carryon suitcases can be gate checked and can result in you waiting who knows how long at baggage claim (or a lost bag).  By using a travel bag that fits under the seat in front of you, you can avoid gate checking your bag.


Jenn Truman - Urban Backpacking

Sometimes adventurous travelers need to keep all of their belongings with them. This can happen if you’re taking a red eye, and have 8+ hours until you can check-in at your hotel. Other times, it’s because you’re staying in hostels, couchsurfing or taking a daytrip.

Carrying a lot of stuff can be a killer on your back muscles, but the Knack backpack was designed with ergonomics in mind!

Jen Truman using her Knack Pack for a weekend getaway with her husband in FloridaJen Truman using her large Knack Pack in Florida

It’s super comfy since the shoulder straps are padded,” shares Jen Truman. “Recently, my husband and I spent the day at the Tampa Riverwalk and I carried this large backpack the entire day! Total logged walking for the day 6.4 miles!”

Travel Takeaway:  Travel shouldn’t hurt!  Make sure to wear comfy shoes if you’re going to be walking long distances, and ensure that your travel bag is designed to be worn for long periods!


Renata Oliver - Bring More than One Pair of Shoes!

Minimalist travel bloggers advise bringing one pair of shoes, but this doesn’t fit with everyone’s travel style.  Wearing walking shoes to a nice dinner? No, thank you!

Renata Olive uses her large Knack Backpack to fit all the things she needs for a trip, saying, “I can pack multiple outfits and pairs of shoes in the different size compartments without the bag being too bulky.”

Renata Oliver packs multiple pairs of shoes in her large Knack Pack

Travel Takeaway:  While some clothing pieces can be used for multiple environments, avoid looking like a tourist by bringing appropriate shoes for the occasion.  


Vivanne Marie - From Carry On Bag to Day Bag

While a carryon backpack definitely helps you get all of your stuff to your destination, it’s often too big and cumbersome to carry stuff for day trips after you’ve unpacked.  

But not the Knack Backpack.

Vivianne explains: “The BEST part is that it’s expandable and it turns from a backpack to a full size carry on, and it also comes in different sizes so I could pick the best one for me.”  After unpacking her clothes and toiletries, Vivianne compressed the luggage compartment, making the Knack Pack perfect for sightseeing and souvenir shopping.

Vivianne Marie rocking her expanded large Knack Pack for a hike

Travel Takeaway:  You don’t need to carry around a big (and mostly empty) travel backpack for day use while traveling.  Multipurpose items will help you travel easier – with less stuff!


Mariama Hutson - Carryon Backpack for Frugal Travel

Earlier this year, Mariama Hutson took a beautiful trip to the Dominican Republic.  She brought a checked bag and her Knack Pack, because she was worried all of her clothes wouldn’t fit in her large Knack Pack.

Turns out, Mariama didn’t need her checked bag, and was able to put all of her belongings into her Knack Pack – avoiding checked baggage fees.

Mariama Hutson - Carryon Backpack for Frugal Travel

Travel Takeaway: Spend your money on travel experiences, not checking your bags.  

Bonus:  Compressible Packing Cubes

Want to bring additional outfits, but you’re worried about space?  We’ve got you! The Knack Bags Packing Cubes keep everything organized, and are also compressible using a handy zipper.  The large packing cube compresses by 60%, freeing up quite a bit of space!

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed the tips above and see how the Knack Backpack is the best travel backpack for women.

FYI, we did shorten quotes from these travelers to make the blog post easier to read.  If you'd like to share your Knackpacker story on our blog, drop us a line!