Your everyday commute plus trips to the gym? Yep, we have a size for that. Working from a coffee shop one day with an overnight trip the next day? Yep, we have a size for that too.

Small Backpacks (1-2 Outfits)

Our small backpacks are the perfect size for work and play every day. Need more room for gym clothes or an extra outfit? Just unzip and expand the hidden suitcase compartment and pack it up. Compare Sizes

Medium Backpacks (2-3 Outfits)

Our medium backpacks are do-it all bags. Unexpanded, they are great for everyday, around-town carrying. Ready to travel? Expand the patent-pending, hidden suitcase compartment and pack what you need for a couple of days on the road. Compare Sizes

Large Backpacks (3+ Outfits)

Go ahead, throw in whatever you want. If you’re a “just-in-case” type of person, our large backpacks are the perfect solution. With a spacious everyday compartment and a separate roomy, expandable packing compartment, large Knack Packs have the capacity for whatever you want to bring. And, just in case you want to bring them on a plane, we designed them to fit in the overhead compartment. Compare Sizes


We created Knack Packs to be the one bag that you can take with you almost anywhere. Whether its one of our small backpacks for carrying to work or one of our large backpacks to carry to Europe, our line-up will fit your needs like a glove. While we offer our small, medium and large backpacks in a number of colors and materials, they all have an organized everyday section, a padded laptop pocket and a hidden, expandable packing compartment for clothes.